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A good friend of mine just started her first blog-it’s a beauty blog, and she does tutorials-her skills are out of this world, she’s super talented, and an amazing friend. Give it a look-see and maybe a follow-you won’t be disappointed 💕

Lilac Petals Beauty

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Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Palette Review

I’ve generally not been a huge fan of Too Faced eyeshadow palettes-I had the Sweet Peach, it smelled great but I never used it, so off to my daughter it went. I do have the Natural Love palette which is 30 pans-it has come in handy, and I do like it. I’ve also got the smaller Natural Eyes palette which I’ve used frequently. However, none of the newer releases spoke to me. The Gingerbread Spice really didn’t at first glance. Then-it started selling out. I got to wondering why? Is it really that great? FOMO set in. HSN offered the palette with the Melted Matte lipstick in Gingerbread Girl for 60$-and I could spread it over 4 15$ payments. Done and done-15$ a month hurts a whole lot less than 60$ at once. So here we are.

The packaging is the typical Too Faced metal component, just like the peach and chocolate bar palettes. It’s sturdy, that’s for sure. It is Limited Edition so will probably only be around for the holidays.

This looks like your usual Too Faced color story as well-they always stick a random bright color in there for good measure or something.

It’s supposed to smell like Gingerbread Spice but to me it doesn’t at all-it smells more like dessert or cupcakes. Definitely no ginger, nutmeg, or cinnamon smells. It’s still good though, not overwhelming like the Sweet Peach palette could be.

Time for swatches-some of the shades don’t swatch well, but they do perform well on the eye. This is the usual L to R (down to up) swatching I usually do.

Powdered Sugar, Spiked Eggnog, Gumdrop, Gingerbread, Warm & Toasty, Ooo Burn!

Powdered Sugar is a good base shadow, or brow highlight, Warm & Toasty is gorgeous on the lid, I didn’t even need to spray my brush.

Frostbite Me!, Lookie At My Cookie, Spice Is Nice, Oh Snap!, Bake It TIL You Make It, Spice Of Life

Frostbite Me! is very disappointing-it’s crumbly, and doesn’t perform anything close to what it looks like in the pan, even spraying the brush. Spice Is Nice is a great transition shade, Oh Snap is a matte, but does have some sparkle to it.

Sugar Daddy, Figgy Pudding, Hot Toddy, Reindeer Paws, Gingerbread Latte, Spiced Rum

Hot Toddy is more of a plum/copper shade but for some reason is looking more orange in the photo-it’s soft so be careful, if you dig in too hard, it’s crumbly. Reindeer Paws is another matte with a little sparkle in it-not too much, but it’s there.

Here’s a photo of Reindeer Paws with flash, you can see what I mean-

And video with flash:

I used it yesterday-Warm & Toasty on the kid, Gingerbread Latte and Gingerbread in the crease, Spiced Rum in the outer corner, and Frostbite Me! as inner corner highlight which sucked so I did Spiked Eggnog instead, and Powdered Sugar on the browbone-Figgy Pudding and Spiced Rum on the lower lid.

There are really a ton of combos and looks you can get out of this palette-I’m glad I fell victim to FOMO this time, for sure.

The Too Faced Gingerbread Spice palette retails for 49$ an you can find it at:



Too Faced

HSN (palette/lippie set)

It’s sold out on most sites, but it pops back up in stock fairly frequently.


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Kim Zolciak’s Got Photoshop Skillllzz

Oh, Kim. Wig. Kim. She wants to be famous SO badly, instead of stalking Kardashian’s on IG and leaving Stan comments constantly, she’s now all about the photoshop.

I wrote a post a while back about Kim photoshopping her 4 yr old daughters nose to be smaller and behind to be rounder-and yet-it continues.

Her latest photoshop atrocity is brought to you by an IG account called Wigzncigs (hilarious) which is clearly not a fan account-

She made Kaia’s waist smaller and legs thinner, and Kane’s ear smaller. Below is an overlap showing the difference (you’ll probably have to click on it)

Overlap of Kaia and Kane

It’s sick. It’s really, honestly sick.

From IG account thegoodthebadandthefake, you can see how she thinned out her 4 year old daughters waist. I don’t even have words.

The older ones aren’t immune-here is 16 year old Ariana looking like 2 completely different people once her mother got thru with her:

That’s courtesy again of the IG account thegoodthebadandthefake -they’ve got a treasure trove of Kim’s photoshopping adventures.

Ariana, Kim’s 16 year old daughter (like, just 16 this month) is following in her mother and sister’s plastic footsteps.

Ariana at 14

Ariana at 15/16

You already know she and wig are denying any work. But come on.

She was the kid I had hope for. Ariana is smart-really smart-and while her sister couldn’t be bothered with going to class, she was thinking about college, Ivy League. Now she’s barely 16 with probable lip injections, extensions, and looking as plastic as her mother. That’s not to say she’s any less intelligent, but it is to say her priorities might have shifted. Kim seems to teach her daughters that their worth is in their appearance, so…

And then there’s Brielle, who at 21 looks 48, and has whittled her nose down to nothing:

Brielle before:

Brielle after:

I ALWAYS have my nips out at baby showers-don’t you?

The moral of the story is, don’t be like Kim. Brielle was a cute, pretty, healthy teenager and at 21 she looks like a 45 year old divorcee cougar, and Ariana isn’t far behind. It’s not too late for Kaia, although at 4 yrs old her mother is photoshopping a rounder behind onto her. My daughter is 23 and I would never be ok with her altering her features. She’s tattooed and pierced as it is and I told her I didn’t make her myself to have all of those extra holes on her face.

Finally-why the HELL does Kroy co-sign this? He’s ok with her photoshopping his preschool children’s bodies? Kroy? Hello????

Oh wait-Kim’s not around and she’s got his balls in her purse. Duh.

I’m sure this isn’t the end of the Kim/photoshop saga. Stay tuned.

Talk soon Lovelies


Misc Mixture Haul

Over the past few weeks I’ve accumulated a bunch of various makeup items that are really good and worthy of a post and if you can get your hands on them, you should. They’re mostly drugstore with some Too Faced thrown in. Let’s get into it, shall we? I’ll do it by brand.

Wet N Wild

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Loose Highlighter in Written in the Stars:

Sorta messy, I have to admit-if you don’t open it carefully, it’s a sparkle disaster. Pretty shade though-

Once it’s on your face it can be built up to a much more blinding effect. I apply it on top of Makeup Geek Starlight and WOW. You can find this at Walmart or Target for 6.99$.

Wet n Wild You’re Dragon Me Down Limited Edition ColorIcon Bronzer

Very, very cool with the dragon imprinted-it almost makes me not want to use it. I actually totally forgot I had this until I saw something about it online. Oops.

It’s not as dark on the skin as it is in the pan. If you can find this, because I hear they’re difficult to find, they’re 3.99$.

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Bar in Platinum

I love this. It also came in gold, bronze, and rose gold, and is limited edition.

Why is the packaging so thick, you ask?

Because she’s got a mirror!

It slides out very easily-pretty nifty too.

The Star is swatched first, then the light part. It’s not chalky at ALL, and can be built up to a pretty decent shine. I’ve layered it on top of Flexitarian, and holy moly.

Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit lipstick

This is the shade Redlings-a metallic dark wine red-it’s VERY similar to Jeffree Star’s No Tea No Shade:

The Jeffree lipstick is on the bottom, it’s a bit darker with more plum to it. The Wet n Wild has a strange applicator, it’s shaped a little differently, and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.


Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in On The Cusp

From the Kathleenlights zodiac collection:

It’s got the dark blue packaging and is the usual Super Shock Cheek formula we all love.

It reminds me of Wisp now that I think about it-

Definitely similar-maybe a teensy bit deeper..


Where’s the difference, really. Betcha can’t tell. Wisp is on the bottom, On The Cusp on top. But, errr, they look the same.

Colourpop x Kathleenlights Supernova Shadow in Constellation

Its a sparkly gold shade, very pretty-

This one is very similar to the Supernova shade Walk Of Fame:

Walk of Fame is a bit darker with more a more copper feel-but they’re pretty close. They’re so pretty-

Here’s my ish-I always forget that I have these. I have 4 Supershock Shadows and forget all the time to use them.


Maybelline FitMe Loose Finishing Powder in 05 Fair

This shit is AMAZING. I’ve heard it was good from a million people but I was kind of being a makeup snob so just wasn’t going to try it. It’s 4.77$ at Walmart so I thought “what the hell, I’ll get it”.

This Powder is just as good if not better than my Laura Mercier, Too Faced, or Colourpop. It’s AMAZING. If you’ve never tried it, do it.

Too Faced

Melted Liquid lipstick in Chihuahua

This is way more brown-ish nude than the pink packaging suggests, it dries down but isn’t transfer proof. You get the typical Too Faced sponge tip applicator as well:

Too Faced Melted Chocolate lipstick in Chocolate Honey

This light brown gloss smells like chocolate. Not sticky or gluey.

Iconic London

Iconic London Prep, Set, and Glow

Before you shake her

After you shake her. Then you get that pearlized, swirly look. You’ve GOT to shake this well before you use it, obviously-it does have a fairly strong perfume-y scent. It doesn’t leave any glitter behind, but a really pretty luminosity. It’s not cheap, but it’s good.

Iconic London Illuminator in Shine

I love the frosted glass-the applicator is a dropper, and you can add it to foundation, or use on its own. The shade is a pretty pink-ish.

I got this by redeeming my Charms in the Boxycharm shop-it was 42 charms (42$) and free shipping! I still have over 100 dollars in charms, just waiting for some good skincare to be in the shop.

For free? Not bad.

And there you have it-my miscellaneous haul items. No flops at all, so I’m pretty happy!

Talk soon Lovelies


I Don’t Want To Say “I Knew It!” And Maybe Clearing Up Title Confusion 👑

Unless you’ve been asleep or under a rock, you’ve heard that Meghan and Harry are having a Royal Baby-I’m SO EXCITED!

Yesterday I tweeted this-

And the reason? Her last 2 outfits. First was Princess Eugenie’s wedding:

It was a little sus, but maybe she was chilly. It happens. But then they arrived in Australia yesterday, and this happened:

Strategically placed folders (why would she be carrying folders?) and all black clothing with a billowy coat. That sealed it.

The baby is due in Spring 2019, if it’s March she’s about 4 months, if it’s April she’s about 3. I’m leaning more towards closer to 4, as they traditionally wait until after 12 weeks to announce pregnancies. Either way, they got right to it after the wedding! She’s 37, so they kind of had to.

Unless the Queen issues a Letters Patent, as she did for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Baby Sussex will “only” have the title Lord or Lady Mountbatten-Windsor. A Letters Patent is a decree issued by George V in 1917 stating that only children of male direct heirs will have Royal titles. The Queen can issue her own as she did for Prince William and Princess Catherine. Had she not, Charlotte and Louis wouldn’t have had the HRH styling or the Prince or Princess title. George would have been Prince regardless, as he’s heir to the Throne. Princess Ann declined the Letters Patent for her children, and their father declined an Earldom, so Peter and Zara have no titles. So confusing, right? I know way too much about this. It’s not normal.

Do you think that Harry and Meghan will want the HRH and Prince/Princess title for their children?

It’s happy news in a time it’s sorely needed.

Talk soon Lovelies!


October Boxycharm!

I was ready to be disappointed with this month’s box because 1) last month was BoxyLuxe, and how do you top that and 2) it looked like the products were meh. But-I’ve been surprised.

I’m going to start with the “meh” and work up to the “yeah!”. Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks. I got these a few months ago and didn’t like them then. Passing them on to my best friend.

*I did get an email from Boxycharm apologizing for including a product I’ve previously received, and said next month I’ll get an extra item in my Boxycharm.

These 3 under eye masks retail for 13$.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara

I hate IT Cosmetics and I hate this mascara. I’ve gotten this in countless Ipsy, Sephora Play, and from Ulta for my bday gift. I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now. This will be given away too-retails for 24$.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Crucifix

It’s way darker than it photographed here, I actually like the shade-it’s s really dark chocolate brown.

It’s better than the shade my sneak peek told me I was getting, that’s a plus. I’m not overly in love with KVD as a brand though, a little problematic. I’ve got to say though, in all fairness, this is a fantastic formula. This lipstick retails for 20$.

BrioGeo Don’t Despair Repair Moisture Leave In Mask-I’m glad for this, my hair could use the moisture and this is a great brand. There’s 2 ounces, and retails for 16$.

Last, the star of the box. Pur Midnight Masquerade Palette

This is far more beautiful than I had anticipated. The left side has blush, bronzer, and highlighter and the right has 6 eyeshadows.

Face side

Eye side

The face side has 2 blushes to choose from-the darker one is called Reveal, the more salmon/pink is called Hidden Secret, the bronzer is Enchantment, the highlighter is Twilight. Swatched from left to right Hidden Secret, Reveal, Enchantment, Twilight:

The blushes have a definite sheen to them as does the bronzer, so if you’re a matte blush/bronze person, you might not love it. I do though-I’m all about a sheen-y blush lately.

The shadows are pretty pigmented as well, but there’s only one matte shade. You might need to dip into another palette if you’re looking for a lighter transition shade. Or just use the face side. Top row swatched left to right: Exposed, Sneak Peek, Showtime

Mask Off, Disguise, 12AM

Showtime, the blue shimmer, is gorgeous. I love that shade-12AM is more of a dark gray shimmer than a black in my opinion. This beauty retails for 38$, and this is probably one of the best Pur palettes we’ve gotten.

The grand total value for this month is 111$. Not too shabby.

Talk Soon Lovelies


October Ipsy Glam Bag Review

It’s that time again-the October Ipsy Glam Bag is here! I’m a teensy but salty, I want the Glam Bag Plus, but I haven’t even been given the option to waitlist for it. I don’t know what the method they’re using to put people on it, but I know that I’m not.

Anyhoo-lets get to the bag. This month’s Glam Bag is cute-it’s a rd faux leather with a black satin lining:

It’s interesting, it’s got a masquerade theme, and so does Boxycharm. Hmm..

The first item is a primer by Yensa, a new brand launched this month by Jennifer Yen. Jennifer is a former Power Ranger, seriously, who first got into the beauty business with her company Purlisse.

It’s a nice primer-it’s not heavy or silicone-y, it’s definitely got a skin care feel to it.

Next, a Dry Texturizing Spray by Oribe

What I get from the description is that it acts like a dry shampoo as well as a texturizer. It’s got an aggressive spray though, whew-it smells like hairspray. Nothing shocking.

One of my faves, an eyeshadow blending brush-I can never go wrong with a brush.

This one is fancy, y’all-the little jewels in there? Sheeesh! It’s by SLMissGlam, and it’s called the Lilac Sparkle Eye Blender, and it retails for about 19$.

We’ve got a bronzer from the Balm:

From their Take Home The Bronze collection, this one is in Oliver.

I like the Balm, and bronzers, so it’s a win.

This one surprised me. Pleasantly.

Yes! A little mini tarte Shape Tape! Whoda thunk? I already have a ton of shape tape so I’ll probably give it to someone else. It’s in the shade Fair Neutral-this is a score. Thanks, Ipsy..

This is by far one of the best Ipsy bags I’ve had-they must have felt my frustration. Consider Ipsy redeemed 😜

What was in your bag?

Talk soon Lovelies


Tati v Kiki: The YouTube Drama

The latest YouTube Beauty Guru dramz includes Tati “GlamLifeGuru” Westbrook v Kylie “Kiki Chanel” Dennison and the Emily Noel x Makeup Revolution palette. Phew.

It started back on when Tati posted a video using all Makeup Revolution makeup on Oct 2-

Tati’s Full Face of Makeup Revolution

A lot of people gave her heat for giving the Emily Edit Wants palette a not-so-glowing review. People felt she wasn’t fair, had a bias towards the company going in to the video, and applied the eyeshadow in a sort of less than usual way. I agree with that opinion. She appears to not be a MUR fan right from the start and in my opinion applied the eyeshadow haphazardly, just not how you’d usually apply it. People were so irate, she had to turn off the comments. Remember that.

Enter Kiki Chanel. She’s a smaller channel-about 180k subscribers, and she has an “Emergency Review” series where she’ll jump on if she disagrees with something going on, applies whatever palette, and explains why she disagrees. On Oct 2, she did such a video in response to Tati’s. It’s linked below.

Kiki Chanel’s Emergency Review Emily Edit Wants

If you watch it, she’s not vicious towards Tati, doesn’t attack her, just disagrees.

You’d think that was the end of it, right? Wrong. On Oct 12, Tati uploaded a sort of response video to the whole Emily thing, and in this she shreds Kiki Chanel. She comes for her in every way you can, and she makes it personal. See below:

Tati’s Not Being Quiet Anymore

Is she forgetting that before Kylie posted her Emergency Review, people were so upset about Tati’s unfair treatment of Emily she had to shut the comments down? This is a dog whistle video, and she’s sic-ing her followers on Kylie.

Well-Kiki isn’t taking it either!

My Apology To Tati Westbrook

You go, Kylie.

I’d be furious too. Kylie is a 23 year old small YouTuber, and Tati is a behemoth in the YouTube world with almost 5 million followers. She got that bent over someone disagreeing that she had to try and ruin this girl’s career? Her life? Because you know all of Tati’s sycophants are finding her info and harassing her, and Tati knew damn well that would happen.

I feel like if Tati was really THAT upset, she should have reached out privately instead of dissecting, shaming, and bullying this girl.

She might have felt some kind of way, and I get it-she got a lot of heat for that. But it’s not Kylie’s fault. I’m so disappointed in Tati, that video goes against everything she claims to stand for and she should pull it. It’s embarrassing. She probably IS fed up with criticism and negative comments-but that’s part of YouTube and her job. Did attacking and bullying a smaller channel make her feel better? Bet not.


Talk soon Lovelies


Juicy and Deportation

**its been 5 years since I had experience with this-things may have changed, and my memory isn’t perfect but you’ll get the idea.**

If anyone had any questions or even cared about the whole Juicy/Detainer/Removal process, here’s what I know. I “helped” my ex go back to his home country, so I’m familiar with the whole shebang.

Once Juicy completes his federal sentence, ICE has 48 hours to take custody of him. Once they do, he’ll most likely be transferred to a Federal ICE holding facility. Bail with an ICE detainer is tricky-but in Juicy’s case, it doesn’t matter. He’s not getting it.

If you’ve committed a crime of Moral Turpitude, detention is mandatory until removal proceedings are over. Some crimes that fall under the Crime of Moral Turpitude are: fraud against revenue or other gov functions, mail and wire fraud, and tax evasion. Sadly, for Juicy anyway, those are his convictions. So he’s going to have to get comfy in his new digs, he’s not going anywhere.

He’ll get an NTA, which is a notice to appear before an immigration judge, basically laying out his what his native country is, why he’s deportable, and his crimes. He then gets another hearing where he can argue his case for staying. Saying that he’s got children and it’s not fair to separate them will not work, so don’t even bother. It’s at this hearing that people ask for Asylum if applicable. This is where he’s screwed, because of the Moral Turpitude, his convictions, etc. The law is clear.

Once he’s ordered removed, and he will be, the US has 90 days to get him out. They usually do it within 15-30 days. There’s no warning-he’ll be put on a plane with no first class, shackled and in belly chains until released in Italy, where he can call Tree.

It’s not complicated, especially with his convictions. He’s literally just wasting money fighting it.

I’m a little over all of the “broken hearts” and sad faces from RHONJ cast members over his deportation. Dude-you has 40 yearrrs to become a citizen. You didn’t have to commit crimes-especially when it would jeopardize living in this country. He’s NOT the victim, and this is his own damn fault.

Talk soon Lovelies


Another Royal Wedding

There was another Royal Wedding this morning on a much smaller scale than the last one-Princess Eugenie, daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York married Jack Brooksbank at the Chapel in Windsor Castle this morning-the same place we saw The Duke and Duchess of Sussex marry a few months ago.

It felt more high society wedding than Royal Wedding, except of course the Queen and fam were there.

Princess Eugenie wore a dress by Peter Pilotto, and borrowed the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara from the Queen.

As a child, Eugenie had an operation to correct scoliosis, so she intentionally skipped the veil so that her scar was visible. It was her way of saying scars are beautiful, flaws are acceptable. Nice touch, actually, especially for a Princess.

Her older sister, Princess Beatrice, was her maid of honor-skipping the traditional Maid of Honor type dress, she wore a blue Ralph and Russo.

The bridal party was Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Mia Tindall (Princess Ann’s granddaughter-Zara and Mike Tindall’s daughter) Theodora Williams (Robbie Williams’ daughter) Isla and Savannah Phillips (Princess Ann’s granddaughters, Peter and Autumn Phillips’ daughters) Maud Windsor (Eugenie’s goddaughter) and Louis de Givenchy (friend).

Prince George, Savannah Phillips, Princess Charlotte

Sarah, Duchess of York wore a dress by Emma Louise Design, and was carrying a brown Manolo Blahnik handbag that was carried by er mother, Susan Barrantes at Sarah’s own wedding in 1986 to Prince Andrew.

She should have planned ahead for the armpit issue. Eeek.

97 year old Prince Philip was there, looking dapper as always, at the Queen’s side. The Duke of Edinburgh, below, with the Queen and the Prince of Wales.

Her father, Prince Andrew walked her down the aisle, of course-

Her parents are still close, and actually still live together at Royal Lodge. It was the Queen Mother’s residence until her death in 2002, and the Duke of York moved in with both daughters in 2004, with Sarah moving there in 2008.

The Duchess of Sussex wore a navy blue dress and coat by Givenchy.

Not very form fitting that we can see, is it? 🤞🏻

The Duchess of Cambridge wore fuchsia Alexander McQueen-

Above with Sophie, Countess of Wessex, her son James, Viscount Severn, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex.

It wasn’t as formal as Harry and Meghan’s-Eugenie isn’t as high up in line for the throne so she can get away with that-but it was a really beautiful wedding all the same.

There were a lot of famous faces in the chapel-Cara DeLevigne, Ellie Goulding, Demi Moore, Liv Tyler, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss-it was windy as heck so a lot of fascinators and hats were flying as well. Oops.

And there we have it.

Talk soon Lovelies