June Ipsy Glam Bag

We’ve gone back to meh with Ipsy. When I see the spoilers for each month, I’m disappointed because I know I’m not going to get any one of the really great ones. I’m holding out for….hope that they’ll finally send me the good stuff?

This is the bag this month:

It’s fine-it’s not blowing me away, but it’s cute. It’s a pleather texture with a hot pink lining.

The first product I received is the Makeup Forever Hydrating Primer:

I was sort of excited about this because Makeup Forever is a decent brand. But…

The primer is really really thin. It’s not primer-y at all, it pretty much disappears when you rub it into your skin. I like a primer that feels like a primer. It’s got a very light scent, but just wasn’t for me.

Next, I received Pixie Glow Tonic:

I actually have this exact size-it’s a nice toner, I’m not mad at it.

Also, 2 Biobelle Perfect Radiance Unicorn Glow sheet masks with Chocolate, Mulberry, and Honey:

I have not used these yet-to be honest, I forgot I had them. I got this bag almost 2 weeks ago, and, well-I’ve gotta get on that. But 2 masks is nice.

I received a Luxie eyeshadow brush:

It’s nice-the bristles are flat, so it’ll be perfect for packing on product. I’m always down for brushes, do this is a win.

And lastly, Doucce Lip Stain:

I like it-it looks like a lipstick but when applied it’s definitely more of a lip stain. The color is way nicer on the lips than swatched. But again-more lip products. Every single month with the lip products. I don’t get it.

So there it is, June’s Ipsy Glam Bag. I’m underwhelmed, but it’s not the worst I’ve gotten. We’ll see what next month brings!

Talk soon Lovelies



July Boxycharm Spoiler

As I mentioned in a previous post, Julys Boxy will include 2 skincare items. The first is a Farmacy Vitamin C Mask:

The next is Boxy favorite Dr Brandt, with their Baggage No More Eye Depuffing Gel:

This little gem retails for 42$, so not very cheap. The Farmacy mask retails for 38$. The box will also include either an eyeshadow palette from Crown Brushes or the Ready, Set, Mist spray from tarte.

Check back for more spoilers as they’re revealed!

Talk soon, Lovelies


June Boxycharm Review

This is one of my favorite boxes yet-I’m really happy with it. Only one of the items is meh for me-let’s do this.

First? Luxie 3 Piece Flawless Complexion

Includes the Precision Foundation Brush, Tapered Highlighting Face Brush, and Duo Fiber Powder Brush. I really like Luxie brushes, and these do not disappoint. They retail for 42$.


Jonteblu Waterproof Eyelining Pencil:

I got the brown shade-it’s fine. I mean, it’s an eyeliner pencil. I didn’t have any brown so it’s good. Retails for 5$.


Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

I was super excited for this, everyone raves about the smell, and it didn’t disappoint. It smells deeeeelish.

It’s also a nice cream. Not too greasy, absorbs nicely, and leaves skin pretty soft. This itty bitty travel size jar retails for 10$ though, that’s a lot.


Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

I love the Ofra formula, and it smells amazing, so I was not at all upset to receive this. It’s a new shade called Verona-

I like it-a lot. Retails for 21$. Ofra liquid lipsticks are REALLY good, if you don’t have one you’re missing out.


Battington Silk Lashes in Monroe

I LOVE the packaging on these. It’s got a magnetic closure, and the box is just so cute.

I love the way they’re set up in the box as well. These seem like really, really good lashes and I feel like if you take good care of them, they’ll last a while.


Last, but in no way least, my favorite thing this month-the Alamar Cosmetics Reina del Caribe eyeshadow palette-

Unfortunately one of my pans cane shattered-I emailed Boxy and they’ll replace it next month. I’ll live. These are so pretty and so different from anything I have. I’ve seen several really cute looks done with this palette and I’m excited to try it. Swatches:

The shimmers are SO beautiful and are pigmented AF. This is just one pass down my arm and I didn’t have to dig in the pan (ahem, Jaclyn Hill-I saw you jamming your finger in your new shadows WAY hard 😒) and the payoff is stunning.

I’d heard the mattes’ pigment was crappy-but I didn’t find that at all in the finger swatches. The dark brown is patchy because the shadow was broken so getting an even coating on my finger was difficult. The others were great-but we’ll see how it performs on the eyes. This retails for 28$.

And there it is-June’s Boxycharm. 6 items this month, and the value of the box is 134$-dang.

Talk soon, Lovelies


Boxycharm UPGRADE?

In the fall, Boxycharm will be offering current subscribers an upgrade option. For a little more $ per month, the upgrade is a box with more items with a higher value. I am SO signing up.

A spoiler as well-

One of the skin care items will be this-Farmacy Bright On Massage-Activated Vitamin C Mask with Echinacea GreenEnvy:

This retails for 38$. And that seems like a lot of money to me.

That it for now!

Talk soon Lovelies


July Boxycharm Spoilers!

I know most of us haven’t even gotten our June boxes, myself included, but I can’t pass up a good spoiler!

In July, you’ll receive either:

Crown Brush Eyeshadow palette

Or tarte setting spray:

The setting spray is 25$, I havent found a price on the palette. It’s new, only being released Fri, I believe. I do know I’d rather the setting spray 🤞🏻.

Also, we’ll be getting 2 skin care items, which really floats my boat.

Watch this space for more spoilers!

Talk soon Lovelies


Someone In NJ Has Been Busy…

RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice has been a busy lady-

Her new thing is bodybuilding, apparently, and she competed in the NPV South Jersey Bodybuilding Championships yesterday, June 9, 2018.

She looks insanely good-now, her hue/shade leaves a little to be desired in my opinion? A little too blond and a lot too orange Oompa Loompa, but her abs are SICK.

Her brother, sister in law, and Delores Catania were there to cheer her on.

Thoughts? I KNOW y’all have done great ones 😆

DM article at end of post/

Talk soon, lovelies



Random Vent

Ok. I’m annoyed. Well-probably a little more than annoyed.

My 19 year old had oral surgery yesterday afternoon, and it was pretty extensive-he had a canine exposure, which is that his adult canine tooth never erupted, so they had to go in, remove a good chunk of his hard palate, find the adult tooth hiding in his jaw. Then add an appliance to it that will slowly pull it down. They had to shave bone and he’s got 18 sutures in his mouth.

The whole thing took 3 hours-he had no sedation, just lidocaine and marcaine-if I had it to do over I’d probably ask them to give him nitros or sedation if no other option. It was a long, painful procedure for him. He also bled a lot more than was expected.

We finally get ready to leave and the surgeon tells me she’s going to call in a rx for ibuprofen 800mg. I’m thinking, “well-ok, I get they’re cracking down on pain meds-but this was a hell of a procedure” so I said “I feel like he had some pretty extensive work done, do you think ibuprofen will manage his pain ok for the first 24-36 hours?” She seemed almost nervous, definitely flustered-but still super friendly and said “oh he’ll be fine, he’ll be fine.”


At around 8pm, by the time the numbing had worn off, my kid was misssseraaable. I gave him ibuprofen with acetaminophen in between-no. Not cutting it. And I’m kicking myself because I KNEW it wasn’t going to be enough-I mean, tooth extraction, huge chunk of gum removed, bone shaving, 18 sutures…come on, Allie, you know better than that. Not to mention people get one tooth pulled and walk out with a weeks worth of narcotic pain meds.

I called the on call Dr who just plain would not call back-thank GOD my mother in law is an APRN, because she took one look at him and could see how miserable he was, and took care of an rx for him. I just don’t think it should have come to that-I don’t know what this oral surgeons deal was, and I get drug seekers and overprescribing are problems. But sometimes it is medically appropriate to rx pain control. He’s opiate naive so you know what? 3-5 Tylenol 3 would have gotten him thru the first 24-36 hours, and it’s a schedule 3 for cripes sake. But no.

So-I called the on call dentist again this morning, because I wanted them to prescribe my son appropriate pain control. I explained his procedure-the dentist says “oh yes, I can definitely help him”-I’m like thank you so much, I really appreciate it…yeah, no. Naproxen. Are. You. Serious. This place is going to hear it from me.

My MIL (APRN) was giving him a half of a pill at a time-and I was trying to take the responsibility off of her shoulders and put it where it belonged. Thank god for my MIL. I probably would have had to bring him to the ED for a non ED issue, take up resources for something that should have been done when we left the office.

It just sucked-seeing my child in such obvious distress. It gets that mom blood pumping and you’ve GOT to fix it.

I know this is long and drawn out, but I’m still mad that he was mishandled like this. He’s never had any sort of rx in his life, so it’s not like they had to CYA. I get there’s an opiate problem, but it’s also a problem when you can’t be properly prescribed anything for legitimate, post op pain control.


Bringing him some sherbet now 😉😁

Thanks for reading.

Talk soon, Lovelies


Another loss today after the suicide of Kate Spade-Anthony Bourdain, frequent guest on Top Chef, author, and chef has died at age 61, apparently of suicide.

This is the second high profile suicide this week-and it makes me sad that they felt this was their only option. Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain seemingly had it all-fame, fortune, fans but you never really know the depths of another persons despair.

They both left behind children, Kate Spade a 13 yr old daughter, Anthony Bourdain an 11 year old daughter, and it’s heartbreaking the burden and legacy that their parents chose for them to bear. It didn’t have to be that way, you know?

Hopefully they both found the peace that they were unable to find on this earth.

Talk soon Lovelies


She Said Yes, We Ask “Whyyyy?”

So, long-suffering Brittany Cartwright and perpetual cad Jax Taylor are finally engaged. That’s a big rock, y’all, and I have just a few, pressing questions.

1) How the HELL did Jax afford that ring?

2) How many times will the engagement be called off before they walk down the aisle?

3) Can Jax REALLY be faithful?

I know, I’m a parade pisser, sorrrray.

Congrats to the happy couple. ❤️💍🤵👰🏼

Talk soon, Lovelies