Racist Beauty Gurus, The Tea Is HAWT!

Ok-I don’t know how many of you follow YouTube influencers or not, but I’m pretty sure you’ll know who I’m talking about.

This week, Shane Dawson did a very revealing and emotional series with Jeffree Star, where Jeffree revealed a traumatic past, and explained more in detail the situation behind his infamous “N word” use, and apologized profusely explaining that 13 yrs ago, he was in a dark dark place, and trying to be as outrageous and shocking as possible. The video also showed what he actually said, v what people SAY he said. Point is-I don’t think he’s racist, seeing everything explained with video proof shows how the whole thing got exaggerated.

His ex-friends, Laura Lee, Manny MUA, Nikita Dragun and Gabriel Zamora apparently couldn’t stand the positive attention he was getting, and Gabriel tweeted this:

It was quickly deleted, but not before MAJOR backlash. Gabriel went on a HUGE twitter rant about how he’s so anti-racism and “you don’t see the real Jeffree, I do and he’s racist…” blah blah blah. Then, this happened.

He might have wanted to check on that word. So-he’s a complete hypocrite, and appears to use the word after all.

It got worse.

Oh, Laura Lee Laura Lee. This is GROSS. It got so bad, she took her twitter down for a while (probably to scrub it). I’m actually surprised and mostly disappointed in her. Although I’m not sure why. I just know that this is the month Boxycharm is including her palette in every single box-they can’t be too thrilled with her. I may chuck my palette in all honesty.

So they tried to kick Jeffree Star when he was down, and sone kind of karmic sorcery happened where it backfired. Manny MUA is losing thousands of subscribers, Gabriel looks like a hypocrite, Laura is revealed as a real racist-only Nikita Dragun has escaped a karmic thrashing. The week is young though.

Laura Lee is radio silent. She says she’s going to address it in full eventually. I’m not sure if I’m interested.


Talk soon Lovelies



If You Hate 90 Day Fiance? You’re Needed….

A reality TV author I’m acquainted with is looking for people who tried to watch the 90 Day Fiance series and either hated it, or started watching and doesn’t any more. If that’s you…contact her thru her socials. She might interview you 😁

IG: @Shirasgotthescoop

Twitter: @shiraweiss

She’s established-has written for HuffPost, among others and is really, really nice. Help a girl out?

Talk soon Lovelies


Bethenny Frankel’s on/off Boyfriend Dennis Has Passed Away

Dennis Shields, Bethenny ‘s on/off boyfriend, who was most recently mentioned on a recent RHONY episode when she called him to send her a plane, was found dead in Trump Tower from a suspected overdose.

Bethenny met Dennis in high school 30 years ago when he met and married her high school friend-they later reconnected thru mutual friends as he was going thru a divorce.

Dennis was 51 years old.

Just so sad. Addiction is the great equalizer-it cares not who you are, who you know, and what you have. Love and light to Bethenny and Dennis’ family and friends.

Talk soon Lovelies


A Housewife Divorce, And A Wedding

Former RHOC cast member Lizzie Rosvek has served her husband with divorce papers. The couple split once before a few years ago but reconciled-Lizzie pulled the plug for good a few days ago. I liked Lizzie-that’s too bad.

Then, on the other side of the country, former RHONJ cast member Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter, Ashley Holmes, married her baby-daddy in the NYC clerks office today:

Ashley and Jacqueline had a horrible relationship for a while-Ashley was kind of bratty, but I thought Chris and Jacqueline were total assholes, throwing her out of the house to live in AZ with family with like, 8 hours notice-that’s traumatic for a kid, to have their stability and HOME torn out from underneath them. Ashley was pretty young too, still in high school I think. I felt like Jacqueline handled Ashley’s quite normal (and sort of on the milder side, in comparison) teenage rebellion selfishly, over dramatically, and overall badly. Ashley seems no worse for wear though-she’s got a 1 yr old son and I’m sure Chris is thrilled that she’s no longer his problem.

Remember when she yanked Danielle’s weave out? 😬🤭 violence is never the answer, kids. But I admit, Danielle had something coming, it just wasn’t great that Ashley served it up.

Anyway-best of luck to the happy couple!

Talk soon Lovelies


September Boxycharm Spoiler..

I know, it’s only early August, right? But I’m down for a good spoiler whenever.

The first September spoiler will be in all Boxycharm and Boxyluxe boxes…

From Pretty Vulgar, the Nightingale Eyeshadow Palette…

This retails for 35$. Boxy has had quite a few Pretty Vulgar products-we’ve has a liquid lipstick, a blush, and a gel eyeliner. The products are decent quality too, I’m curious to see how the palette performs.

Talk soon Lovelies-


Ulta Trip, Teeny Haul, Some Wants..Needs…

I took an unplanned trip to Ulta today-I needed a felt tip eyeliner and I’ve been wanting to try the Makeup Revolution concealer, what better day than today, right?

While there, I wanted to dip into the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette, see if she’s all she’s hyped up to be, and the Dose Of Colors IluvSarahii palette caught my eye. First: Norvina-

It’s a little chunky due to the tester being jacked UP, but you get the drift. It’s really, really pretty-the matters are pigmennnnnted. It’s on my short list now.

The Dose Of Colors display was right across from Norvina and the tester was either new or ignored but it was in pretty good shape:

That black glitter shade was something else-just gorgeous. The green was insane. The black did make a mess though-the finger I used to swatch it got black everywhere. Regardless, it’s a beauty. She’s 35$ which is sort of a lot for only 6 pans so I’d have to think about it-maybe if I used my points.

Anyway-here’s what I bought.

My NYX Epic Ink Liner-this is a repeat buy-it’s an awesome felt tip eyeliner, easy to use and precise. At 8.99$ it’s pretty darn affordable, too.

Makeup Revolution Concealer-this was the lightest shade they had, it’s C1-and not very light IMO.

It’s got a nice big doe foot applicator like tarte shape tape, which I like. See what I mean about the shade not being super light? I can definitely make it work though. This was only 7$ too, so.

I found a few great sales, surprisingly-

I’ve heard good things about this Urban Decay Makeup Melt makeup remover. Normally 12$, I bagged it for 6$. Or I could just sit outside for 5 minutes and have the sun do it for free. 🤷🏼‍♀️

An Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in the shade Moon Jelly-it’s a cool iridescent purpley/pinky clear gloss. It will great alone or as a topper.

She’s normally 16$, I got her for 8$.

Last, never least, a Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lip:

I’m digging this purple, and guess what would be a great gloss topper? A-ha!!! This was 3.99$ marked down to 1.99$. Even if I end up hating it, it was 2$. No harm no foul.

That was my exciting trip to Ulta-it wasn’t really that exciting, but it was fun. 😉

Talk soon Lovelies


New! BoxyLuxe From Boxycharm!!!

Coming this fall!

For an extra 28.99$, you’ll get, in addition to your monthly Boxycharm, a quarterly BoxyLuxe which you’ll receive every March, June, September, and December. BoxyLuxe is basically Boxy on steroids-it’s bigger, worth at least 300$, and more luxury brands included.

I’m ALL over that.

You have to be a subscriber to Boxycharm in order to get BoxyLuxe. It’s coming this fall-and to get notifications, spoilers, and more info, sign up at the link below!


RHONY Post Mortem: Ship Happens

Is this the episode with the infamous boat ride where they “almost died”? I haven’t seen it yet obviously, so I’m not sure how much is real and how much is hysteria, so we shall see.

It’s the morning after Dorinda lost her drunken shit on Lu-Lu is Dead Sea salty over it, starts babbling about being the Countess, uses Lady Gaga and Queen Latifah as examples. Carole remind her that those are stage names 🤭😂.

Dorinda is still on a rager-she’s NOT sorry, and still pissed. She stuck by Lu thru everything, dammit. I wonder if she’s still drunk. Bethenny butts in-big mistake-Dorinda ain’t having it, B. Eventually everyone gets into it over who should stay out of it. For once? Sonja is the most rational. That’s scary. Bethenny takes the opportunity to lash out at Carole out of nowhere, it seems to be her most favorite thing right now. She informs Carole that she can tell that Carole “does not like me and do not wanna be friends.” Carole is like whaaaa..where is this coming from. Bethenny again makes it all about Bethenny, and is climbing back up in the cross. I’m really over Bethenny nit picking. She’s crazed. Carole suggests canceling the boat ride-if they only listened.

Bethenny CAN NOT DROP IT. She needs to back off and chill. Ramona is making sense.

Carole gets Lu and Dorinda to talk quietly. The hug it out. I’m glad. Dorinda is always sorry the morning after, isn’t she. Dorinda feels that Lu judged her drinking-but I think that’s Dorinda’s guilty conscience. Wait-maybe they’re not making up. I’m confused. Ok yes, they’re ok. Jeez.

Bethenny is STILL going on and on and on about Carole. In front of Carole. She’s obsessed. This is pathological now. Everyone is pretty incredulous. Bethenny tries to make it seem like she’d have said all of that to Carole’s face so it worked out that she overheard. Bullshit. Awkward. Bethenny says that she’s freaking out because she’s never had a super close friendship cool off. Personally? I think she’s bugging out because she can’t control the situation. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Oooo-they’re going on the infamous boat ride!

It’s a fairly large boat/yacht it seems. Carole and Bethenny hug it out. For now. The sea looks pretty calm. Sonja is drunk. Lu looks pretty incredible in her bikini-dang. They get to a private island.

The island is pretty fancy. There’s a lot of booze. Carole and Lu put a (dead?) crab on Ramona. She thinks it’s a spider. Sonja has reached new levels of nasty pig-she’s stretching her bikini out to flash her boobs, butt, and uterus (because believe me, she showed it all) and we learn she keeps the tags on her WORN bathing suits so she can get top dollar at consignment. So beware, if you buy Sonja’s bathing suit, you may get more than you bargained for with the bottoms.

The water looks lovely-turquoise and clear-beautiful. Dorinda is off on her own a little, feeling guilty for losing it in Lu. As predicted. Bethenny comforts her, which is nice to see.

Sonja is just so gross when she’s drunk. It’s beyond cringey, really.

Lu forgives Dorinda. It’s funny that Lu can now see what an alcohol problem might look like tho. Not haha funny, ironic funny.

Tinsley remarks on Carole wearing a scarf under her hat, and Carole says she got it from her mother in law. Well-Bethenny can’t have THAT, and makes a shitty comment under her breath. Why, B? Why do you have to be so….bitchy?

Lunch is going well. Sea looks calm. Ramona is grilling Tinsley about her future. Ooo-I see waves.

Lu is practicing her cabaret. Ugh not this song. There’s talk of beat boxing-I’m uncomfortable. The manager is ending the party because the sea is getting “choppy”.

Here we go.

A producer is hurrying Luann onto the boat-she has to leave her lost cell phone behind. The “coast guard” called and said they had to leave right then because the sea comes to life every day at 3pm.

Sonja is screaming at Tinsley for bringing them out on the boat, Tinsley says the choppy sea is normal. Sonja is carrying on, pees herself (note to whoever buys that swimsuit) and throws a dress she peed on at Tinsley. Why isn’t Sonja married? She’s the epitome of class and grace, I don’t know why some hedge fund guy or investor hasn’t scooped her up. 😒

Carole is getting seasick-the boat is going up and down up and down. Table and chairs are flying, they’re looking for life jackets. They’re taking on water and there’s smoke. Ooo-now an alarm is going off. Sonja is acting like a maniac. The crew stops filming.

They’re back safe and sound. Everyone is fine. The anchor dropped due to the rough seas, the captain cut the rope to the anchor, setting the boat free. I know the women blamed production and said the boat was shoddy and the boat crew spoke no English (youre in Columbia, people, English isn’t the prevalent language) but I feel like it wasn’t intentional-seas get rough, no one planned on or expected all of that to happen, and everyone is ok. Does there have to be blame and fault?

Anyway. It’s a subdued breakfast. The night before they went out dancing and drinking. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Dorinda has diarrhea-she must be the one that got the parasite and had to wear a diaper home. Or Ramona? Or Sonja. Luann? I guess we only know Bethenny and Tinsley were ok.

Ramona is bossing the resort staff around, forcing them to pack her stuff. There’s a shit smear on the ground-gross. Luann shit the bed.

Next week: Firm bowel movements. Tinsley feels responsible for the bad trip. Dorinda and Lu still aren’t ok. Sonja brings her new shoe collection to Ramona’s skin care launch.

Talk soon Lovelies


RHOC-A Little Late, But I’m Here.

If I ever had any doubt about Vicki it’s gone. The fact she called Michael from the CAR after Kelly threw her out (rightfully so) shows she’s still a slithery snake. Girl bye. Even Tamra agrees with Kelly. Didn’t someone warn Kelly that Vicki would screw her over? 🤔 Shannon and Tamra, perhaps?

Vicki is wearing a stupid oversized sombrero to go to Mexico. She looks stupid. Tamra discusses the Kelly thing with Vicki-if Vicki doesn’t get it, she’s never going to.

Vicki Shannon and Tamra are off to Mexico-I don’t think I need to even see it to recap-there’s a lot of drunken antics that 50-something women doing makes them look dumb, Vicki Whoo Hoos a bunch and does her “dumb blond clueless” act too much, and they talk shit about the ones not there. How’d I do?

Oh NOOO. Vicki leaves Kelly an apology message, Kelly plays it for her 12 year old daughter. Oh no no-gross. Kelly goes on and on the her kid about it. This is a train wreck. Whyyyyyy is she involving Jolie? Who, by the way, has the best advice ever. This is a bad bad dynamic. Oh Kelly.

The 2 new chicks who’s names I can’t really remember right now are hanging out, and they’re a little boring. Stroller jogging? This is a class? The lawyer one cannot handle her kids. I might like the non lawyer chick. We’ll see.

Mexico. Oh look-Tamra and Vicki are drinking on the plane. Shannon is meeting them with patron and a bad sombrero. Oh-3 bad sombreros. I’m sure they’re all drunk. Yep. They’re falling down. I can’t. Vicki may have already wet her pants.


The 3 amigas get to the resort. In big ugly sombreros. Still drinking. The sunset is pretty. More drinking. They’re going out. Shannon is speaking bad Spanish. Oh Jesus are they going to Andale? Good grief. Tamra is getting felt up by a waitress with a whistle. It’s crowded, they’re dancing on the bar-this is not my idea of a good time. It looks awful. Tamra’s naked boobs come out. Lord help me, it’s worse than predicted. They’re staggering back to the hotel now. Oh-food detour. They are so drunk. Gross. I might even FF-Tamra is getting deep, so I’m done. Brooks is coming up-ugh. More drunken shenanigans in the hotel suite. Tamra gets out of the hot tub naked and busts her ass. First Shannon squawks about being fat. Literally, squawking. Shannon comes out in her spanx-I can’t take much more.

The next day. Every one is hung over in matching pajamas. Tamra broke her foot falling on her ass, by the way. They’re counting their shots-15.

Back in OC, it’s one of the new ladies. Yawn.

Tamra is in a wheelchair which seems a bit extra, and 2 of them trying to get Tamra down the stairs. Of course, they made a spectacle-not to mention the stupid, STUPID trucker hats Tamra and Vicki are wearing. Shannon brings up the Kelly sitch, Vicki tells it but making herself the victim-of course. Annnnd gets defensive. Shannon tries to explain it from Kelly’s perspective but Vicki is too self centered.

Tamra broken foot is ruining Vicki’s good time. She’s on pain meds, sleeping, so it’s only Shannon and Vicki tequila tasting. The last one 4 yrs ago was a disaster. They’re tasting tequila and Vicki has to keep doing a stupid tongue thing. Oh! They’re getting drunk. Shannon is yelling. Non stop. Now Shannon gets weepy and sentimental, crying about David. Sigh. Vicki still looks weird-her face/lips..something.

Next week-Tamras broken foot, Gina adjusts to CA, Vicki tries to apologize.

Brands I’m Boycotting and Why…

Listen, I’m under no illusion that any of these brands will miss my business. But in good conscience I can’t buy from them which is a bummer, because at least 2 of them have some good stuff.


The odds of me giving Kim Kardashian or her family a cent of my money is laughable to begin with, but they sunk to a whole new level of gross. Kim was filmed with Kendall and Khloe on her IG stories showing off her weight loss and basking in comments about how scary skinny and anorexic she looks. Her response? “Oh my god thank you!!” She’s got daughters and nieces and that’s her message? Not to mention the millions of young girls that (puke) idolize her. So until she cleans up get soul and pretties up her inside? Canceled.


Huda has really been stepping in it lately. Aside from accusations of racism and homophobia which are bad enough, she stole a marketing campaign from the indie beauty brand, Beauty Bakerie. Now, if y’all have been with me from the beginning you KNOW I’m a Beauty Bakerie fan, and the baked goods theme is their entire company. See below:

Cashmere Nicole, the founder of Beauty Bakerie was a single teen mom on welfare. She pulled herself up by the boot straps to start Beauty Bakerie in 2011, and shortly after was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent a double mastectomy, chemo, radiation, took care of her child AND kept Beauty Bakerie going. The bakery theme has been the entire brand concept since day 1.

Enter Huda Kattan. She claims it’s just a coincidence that the campaigns look so similar (I mean-down to the WISKS, y’all) and she’s never heard of Beauty Bakerie. Mmm-ok. She gave some weak explanation of how she thought of “Easy Bake” and the marketing campaign. She never mentions B.B., and the entire thing was i sincere and bullshit. I’m not even going to mention Huda’s racist history and the fact that the founder of Beauty Bakerie is African American. With that-Huda Beauty is canceled.


Oh Kat. Kay’s always been edgy and all that, but she’s gone over the goth edge. She just got married (wearing all red, down to red horns/antlers on her head. Not my aesthetic but whatever floats your boat) and is pregnant with her first child, a boy. That’s all happy news and well and good-about a month ago she made an IG post announcing she would not be vaccinating her son because the vaccines aren’t vegan. 😳 say whaaa? To each their own, live and let live. She was just SO ill informed and downright ignorant…so, Kat-you mean to tell me that every drop of ink in your skin is vegan? Her post was aggressive and confrontational, and she did the typical “it’s our personal business and I’m being attacked” well, dummy, you posted your own personal business on your IG that has millions of followers. What did she expect? I’m personally not down with the anti-vax movement, I find most (not all, but most) to be fairly uneducated about herd immunity and the dangers. I digress. Because she’s spreading falsehoods and myths, Kat Von D is canceled. It sucks too because I was going to get her tattoo liner. Sigh.

There’s my list and reasons. Who would you add and why?

Talk soon Lovelies