November BoxyCharm

It’s Boxycharm time!! There are some hits, some mehs, and some outright garbage.

Side note:

People are bugging out here in CT because the first (wimpy) snow is headed in this afternoon-but I welcome it. I’d much rather snow than 99 degrees with 98% humidity. Makeup melts off in that weather. No thanks.

Anyway, back to the box. The first item is Bodyography Brush Cleaner. It’s supposed to clean and disinfect them-you spray some on your brush, then wipe it on a paper towel til it wipes clean. It’s fine-nothing exciting, it’s useful. Retails for 12$.

Next, the Luxie Luminous Eye Set. It’s 4 eyeshadow brushes-looks like a pencil brush, blending brush, angled blender, and angled pencil brush? Not quite sure what the last one is.

They’re cute-gold, sparkly handles, which is different from the usual pink you see with Luxie. I really like Luxie brushes, and I can never ever have too many, so issa yes from me.

This 4 brush set retails for 21$.

Now, for the duds. I don’t know why Boxycharm continues to work with Jontebleu-their eyeliners are absolutely horrible. They’re wood pencil liners, which aren’t my favorite, but some are ok-these are NOT. The Jontebleu Glittering Star Eyeliner works in theory, not in practice.

The pigment sucks-if you try to put it in your waterline-just don’t. It hurts, and barely shows up.

I can’t describe to you how hard I had to press on my hand to get that payoff. Awful. This retails for 5$, but I wouldn’t pay .05 for it.

Last month, Boxycharm sent me an item that they’d sent me a few months earlier so they emailed me and said they’d send me an extra item for my trouble. And guess what they sent me?

A gray Jontebleu Eyeliner. Uh-thanks? It’s going in the trash.

I had to press SO hard, I actually hurt my hand to get this much color. Suck, sucky, suck. Seriously? That’s my extra item?

The CoverFX Glitter Drops in the shade Nova, however, are a win.

I’ve tried the Shimmer Veil, the Custom Enhancer Drops, and now these. The latter 2 I like-the Shimmer Veil not so much.

This is glitter, make no mistake, but it’s not at all chunky. It’s a pretty good shade with silver, pinky glitters-it can be used on your face as a highlighter, eyes as a shadow, mix it into foundation, or as an all over body shimmer.

These are Limited Edition for the holidays, so hold on to them-they retail for 44$.

Finally, an eyeshadow palette from Ace Beauté.

I wasn’t overly excited because I’ve never heard of this brand, and that can be a crapshoot. But this palette is PRETTY.

It’s warm palette number 457 this year, but they work, so…

I was shocked at how pigmented and creamy these shadows are. I wasn’t expecting much, to be honest, but wow.

Usual swatch method-bottom of the arm up-

Jasmine, Clove, Myrtle, Cinnamon

Patchouli, Rose, Poppy, Primerose (did they mean Primrose?)

Jasmine, Myrtle, and Primerose are shimmers, Clove, Cinnamon, and Patchouli are mattes, and Rose is a satin. I like that they have a satin finish shadow, and the mattes are pigmented AF. This retails for 24.99$, but in my opinion they could sell it for more and get away with it because the quality is that good.

And that’s it-November’s Boxycharm. Total value is 112$. Pretty decent! I’m waiting impatiently for Ipsy-I upgraded to the Glam Bag Plus, and it hasn’t shipped yet. I’m pretty stoked for that though.

How was your Boxy?

Talk soon Lovelies



Sephora/Ulta Haul Oct

I got these things a few weeks ago but I’m just getting to posting it now-sorry y’all. It’s been a busy few weeks. So here we go!

I sorta don’t love Morphe, I’ll be totally honest. I made an exception, however.

The Morphe Setting Spray is really, really good. The spray is perfect-not aggressive and not super perfume-y. I’m a fan, despite it being Morphe. I mean, if it’s good, it’s good.

I had never seen or heard of these until that day in Ulta. The Metallic Heat Metallic Eyeshadow is a limited edition, holiday 2018 release which explains that-

These absolutely knocked my socks off. The pigmentation is absolutely stunning-one swipe and they’re opaque, blinding, and beautiful. They’re reasonably priced-12$ for the 3.

The copper is called Fuego, the champagne is Flare, and the olive green is Ignite. I’m seriously thrilled with these and glad I discovered them.

We hit Sephora next-and that was a success as well.

I’ve been hearing rave after rave about the new Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb in How Many Carats? and really had to investigate. The Sephora employee did her job well, because she added to the FOMO factor so I HAD to get it. But look at the packaging, even:

I mean…

The actual product packaging is to die for as well:’

Fenty Beauty knows what’s up. I gotta give them that.

I had the Killawatt Highlighter in Trophy Wife (I say had because I gave it away-I hadn’t used it in months, and I wanted her to go to a good home where she’d get some use) and that formula is very, very different from this one-this one being better in my opinion. Trophy Wife is more chunky glitter, and has a little drier texture. The Diamond Bomb is softer, less chunkiness.

The application is a bit more sheer than I expected-it can be used alone or as a topper (I put it on top of Colourpop’s Flexatarian and holy cat’s). Alone it’s buildable yet a beautiful, shiny, shimmery sheen with even light application.

If you’re looking for opacity this is not your girl. If you’re looking for a versatile, ethereal, shimmery look? Look no further.

Huda Beauty Obsessions Precious Stone Collection: Ruby

This one was kind of neat-it wasn’t part of the Huda display at Sephora. They had Topaz, Emerald and Amethyst out-Sapphire and Ruby were in the back and were sort of a secret, I guess? The saleswoman said they had them in the back but weren’t supposed to (whatever that means) so she brought out Ruby and Sapphire. They were both STUNNING, but Ruby spoke to me louder. I didn’t have anything like Sapphire in my collection so I was torn-but it worked out since Colourpop came out with a collab with Bretman Rock that’s a blue palette. And pretty. And coming to my house. 😜

Huda has really nice shadows-if you’ve never tried them, they’re high quality for the most part and this little guy is no exception. They’re soft and buttery, pigment is great, and they’re easy to work with.


None of the shades have names-nothing I could find anyway. So I’m starting with the top row.

The last shade in the middle row is a black-ish shade with gold shimmer in it-it almost looks dark green but it’s not. The first shade in the bottom row is a satin formula-it’s very different from the mattes and shimmers.

October Boxycharm!o

I was ready to be disappointed with this month’s box because 1) last month was BoxyLuxe, and how do you top that and 2) it looked like the products were meh. But-I’ve been surprised.

I’m going to start with the “meh” and work up to the “yeah!”. Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks. I got these a few months ago and didn’t like them then. Passing them on to my best friend.

*I did get an email from Boxycharm apologizing for including a product I’ve previously received, and said next month I’ll get an extra item in my Boxycharm.

These 3 under eye masks retail for 13$.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara

I hate IT Cosmetics and I hate this mascara. I’ve gotten this in countless Ipsy, Sephora Play, and from Ulta for my bday gift. I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now. This will be given away too-retails for 24$.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Crucifix

It’s way darker than it photographed here, I actually like the shade-it’s s really dark chocolate brown.

It’s better than the shade my sneak peek told me I was getting, that’s a plus. I’m not overly in love with KVD as a brand though, a little problematic. I’ve got to say though, in all fairness, this is a fantastic formula. This lipstick retails for 20$.

BrioGeo Don’t Despair Repair Moisture Leave In Mask-I’m glad for this, my hair could use the moisture and this is a great brand. There’s 2 ounces, and retails for 16$.

Last, the star of the box. Pur Midnight Masquerade Palette

This is far more beautiful than I had anticipated. The left side has blush, bronzer, and highlighter and the right has 6 eyeshadows.

Face side

Eye side

The face side has 2 blushes to choose from-the darker one is called Reveal, the more salmon/pink is called Hidden Secret, the bronzer is Enchantment, the highlighter is Twilight. Swatched from left to right Hidden Secret, Reveal, Enchantment, Twilight:

The blushes have a definite sheen to them as does the bronzer, so if you’re a matte blush/bronze person, you might not love it. I do though-I’m all about a sheen-y blush lately.

The shadows are pretty pigmented as well, but there’s only one matte shade. You might need to dip into another palette if you’re looking for a lighter transition shade. Or just use the face side. Top row swatched left to right: Exposed, Sneak Peek, Showtime

Mask Off, Disguise, 12AM

Showtime, the blue shimmer, is gorgeous. I love that shade-12AM is more of a dark gray shimmer than a black in my opinion. This beauty retails for 38$, and this is probably one of the best Pur palettes we’ve gotten.

The grand total value for this month is 111$. Not too shabby.

Talk Soon Lovelies


October Ipsy Glam Bag Review

It’s that time again-the October Ipsy Glam Bag is here! I’m a teensy but salty, I want the Glam Bag Plus, but I haven’t even been given the option to waitlist for it. I don’t know what the method they’re using to put people on it, but I know that I’m not.

Anyhoo-lets get to the bag. This month’s Glam Bag is cute-it’s a rd faux leather with a black satin lining:

It’s interesting, it’s got a masquerade theme, and so does Boxycharm. Hmm..

The first item is a primer by Yensa, a new brand launched this month by Jennifer Yen. Jennifer is a former Power Ranger, seriously, who first got into the beauty business with her company Purlisse.

It’s a nice primer-it’s not heavy or silicone-y, it’s definitely got a skin care feel to it.

Next, a Dry Texturizing Spray by Oribe

What I get from the description is that it acts like a dry shampoo as well as a texturizer. It’s got an aggressive spray though, whew-it smells like hairspray. Nothing shocking.

One of my faves, an eyeshadow blending brush-I can never go wrong with a brush.

This one is fancy, y’all-the little jewels in there? Sheeesh! It’s by SLMissGlam, and it’s called the Lilac Sparkle Eye Blender, and it retails for about 19$.

We’ve got a bronzer from the Balm:

From their Take Home The Bronze collection, this one is in Oliver.

I like the Balm, and bronzers, so it’s a win.

This one surprised me. Pleasantly.

Yes! A little mini tarte Shape Tape! Whoda thunk? I already have a ton of shape tape so I’ll probably give it to someone else. It’s in the shade Fair Neutral-this is a score. Thanks, Ipsy..

This is by far one of the best Ipsy bags I’ve had-they must have felt my frustration. Consider Ipsy redeemed 😜

What was in your bag?

Talk soon Lovelies


Gross, Weird, And I Gotta Have It.

I was browsing instagram because I was bored and came across this IG for “Glitter Slimes”. I’m one of those people that finds videos of makeup being poured satisfying, gooey mixtures being mixed fascinating and doughy concoctions being kneaded oddly compelling. Then….I found this.

Oh. My. Satisfying. God. 

On their IG they have wondrous videos of people mushing this stuff and when I found out I CAN BUY MY OWN?!?!

I’m there. Tuesday at 3pm. I don’t even care which one.

They’re scented slimes, basically, probably made with borax. I’m so excited, people. 

Yours in strangeness, always-

Talk soon Lovelies 


LONG Overdue IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review

I’ve had this palette for MONTHS and I’m obviously slacking, because I’m just now blabbing about it. Which is a shame because I LUURVE this palette.

Firstly, it is all matte, no shimmers which is a really nice change. I don’t need to glitter ALL the time, and this is perfect for daytime looks.

Let me talk about the packaging which is awesome. It’s almost a faux soft leather, and has a magnetic closure which is great. It’s puffy as well, and feels essspensive. 

Now for the shades:

There are some gorgeous pinks and purples, some on the pastel side, but buildable. They’re all beautifully blendable as well, and not a lot of fallout. 

Now, swatches:

That’s the top row, the colors are from L to R: Sheer Koy, Soft Light, Warmth, Soulful, Mocha, Violet, Midnight, and Noir. 

Now, the bottom row:

Again from L to R: Love, Sunrise, Sunset, All Heart, Java, Iconic, and Transforming Pearl (a great brow bone highlight).

This palette retails for 42$ and if you’re looking for a great matte palette that can give you subdued pastel or dramatic smokey looks, this is It. Ha-get it? See what I did? 

Talk soon Lovelies 


Birthday Schmirthday

I figured I’d share this, just because it’s not really a big deal, it’s part of who I am, I’m certainly not ashamed, and it just is.

I’m adopted-I was placed with my parents at 5 months old, and was in foster care from birth. I even had a different name-Katharine Heather Wood-until my parents changed it. I’ve always known, it was never a secret, and I was always told how special being adopted was, so it was a non issue. I have a sister (who is my parents biological child-she’s 2 years younger. It always seems to work that way, parents can’t get pregnant then boom-surprise!) and as kids, we’d argue and bicker like most siblings do. If she was either really pissed or really angry she’d bust out with “well at least I’m not ADOPTED!!!” That never bothered or hurt me, it was in fact, a gift because there was no quicker or deeper trouble for her by my mom than whipping out the adoption card. So I’d cash that gift in, tell on her, then be extremely satisfied that she was now grounded. She only used that one maybe twice. 

I’ve been asked often if I ever intend to look for my “birth mother”. The complete answer is no. My mother is my mother, period. The journey she took to get there doesn’t matter to me. We’ve had a complicated relationship as mothers and daughters do, but she’s my mom. She nursed me when I was sick, taught me many things, held me when I hurt, and was there my whole life. I don’t need to look any further. 

I didn’t discover the circumstances of my birth until I was 18. I was abandoned at birth-not born in a hospital, and left on the forest floor for hours until 2 young girls riding their bikes down a dirt path in a desolate part of town found me. According to newspaper reports I was wrapped in a bloodstained green sheet with my umbilical cord still attached. I was estimated to be 12 hours old. The responding police officer didn’t wait for an ambulance-he drove me to St Mary’s hospital in his patrol car. After a hospital stay I was placed with a foster family, and the rest is history.

For some reason that didn’t really bother me too much. Sure, I was angry-like, who does that?  It wasn’t until I had my first child that it hit me. Just looking at my helpless, vulnerable newborn I couldn’t help but think “what the actual fuck was wrong with her?” I’ve heard it all-she was probably young and scared, etc etc and I accepted that for a while, until I didn’t. I felt no matter how young and scared there were a million other options than the damn woods where I would have surely died had those girls not found me. 

Then came the birthday dread. I hated my birthday. Despised it. If I could ignore it, even better. It made me uncomfortable, it made me cringe, and I just wanted to skip it every year. I’m not sure why, even-because I’m here. I won. She didn’t erase me. Maybe because someone hated me that much at minutes old, that was her decision, to leave me in the dirt and cold? 

But I got over it-I don’t dread Sep 29 every year any more. I don’t exactly go all out-but I don’t want to stay in bed all day. I still don’t have much empathy for whoever she is, but I don’t actively care, either. So no, i don’t want to find my “birth mother”. I’d have nothing to say. Why doesn’t matter to me anymore. It’s not who or what I am, a foundling. It’s just a small slice of my history, kind of interesting even.

So there you have it. 

I did try and find the police officers that responded-the one who drove me to the hospital passed away in 2010, and the other? Still working on it. I have 2 newspaper articles about me being found. It’s at the very least, interesting. 😉

Talk soon, Lovelies 


Too Faced Peaches & Cream Collection 

It’s heeeeere.

The Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection has dropped, and I’m drooling. 

The collection consists of foundation, an eyeshadow palette, primer, bronzer, blush, highlighter, matte lipsticks, setting powder, and setting spray-all infused with peach and sweet fig cream. I know a lot of people have peach exhaustion, and I get it. But, my Too Faced Sweet Peach palette is one of my favorites, and I’d love to see if they pulled this off. 

The eyeshadow palette is all mattes:

The collection has a bronzer that looks like a latticed pie, and I’ve heard good things about it. The blush, bronzer, and highlight not so much.

I absolutely want the foundation though. It smells like peach 🍑 

Now, I absolutely agree that Too Faced has over saturated the market with subpar palettes lately, so I hope this sort of redeems them. This collection is sold exclusively at Sephora and on Which is good for me, because I’m hoping the fam gives me sephora gift cards for the old birthday on Friday. 🤞


Talk soon Lovelies 


RHONY Engagement Update

Anna Rothschild is denying reports that she’s engaged to prolific dater Tom D’Agostino….yet.  She says the ring was a “gift” but hasn’t said from whom-and get this-she’s friends with Luann. Well, was. I can’t see them friends now.
Anna Rothschild is a PR exec, and is not descended from the banking Rothschild family-but she’s got a colorful past. In 2014 she was dating a 30 year old Princeton grad (she was 49) and he murdered his father.


I feel like she might be a mess. 

Talk soon, Lovelies