Boxycharm Brand Spoilers!

Here are some brands that will be in Boxycharm subscriptions in September thru December 2017!!




-more tarte

-Dr Brandt

The last Dr Brandt was the microdermabrasion that retails for 80$-I love it and use it 3x a week, faithfully.

CoverFX is one of my favorite brands, they have the most amazing setting powder.

What do you think about these brands being in your Boxycharm?

Talk soon Lovelies


August Ipsy Glam Bag


As you can see, I got a gold bag instead of the usual pink bag this month….interesting….

It’s a new program Ipsy is launching-its called Ipsy Cash, and it’s a beauty rewards program where you get literal cash back for every purchase you make, either in a paper check or to your PayPal. There’s a catalogue type thing with all sorts of beauty products, and it explains how the rewards program works. I’m sure everyone will eventually get it.


So any way, the theme for the month is “Good Vibes Only”. There are 3 different Glam bag styles this month, this is the one I got:


It’s cute-it’s a faux leather feel, the inside is lined with a purple fabric.

My first item this month:
A True Spring Green Tea Watery Calming Cream

It’s got a nice light scent, and isn’t heavy or great. The bottle says “Heritage in France, Rediscovered in Korea”. I’m not sure what that means.

Next we have Derma E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum with Hyaluronic Acid:

It’s got sort of an orange-y scent, and I’ve never used a Serum so I’ll let you know 😉

Next, an SL MissGlam x Ipsy precise blending brush. This was the item I had requested for the month as well-


It’s cute! Nice teal color, the bristles are soft-seems like a nice little brush, plus I am always down for some new brushes.

I’ve got the Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara in Big Is The New Black


Sorry about the flash-dumb iPhone decided it was very necessary. What sucks is that my lashes suck so bad that even the best mascara on the planet does not help them. I can’t really tell a fabulous one from a shitty one because my lashes are just that puny, thin, and sparse. My lower lashes dont exist. Life is hard, y’all.

Last but not least, Seraphine Botanicals Liquid Coal Waterproof Liquid Liner in black, obvie-

This is full size and retails for 22$. It’s actually a really nice pen liner. I find these much easier than the wand liners.


It’s got a great fine line, easy to maneuver.

And there you have it! I’m pleased with this month’s bag. I’ve been subscribing to Ipsy since January and in the past 6 months, they have REALLY stepped it up. Love them.


Talk soon, Lovelies

Coming Soon To A Sephora, Ulta, or Walgreens Near You

This fall is bringing a TON of new brands to various stores, and they are mighty exciting, Lovelies.

First, new at Sephora this fall you will see:

Tom Ford Beauty
Moon Juice

And the highly anticipated makeup line from Rihanna, Fenty Beauty, hits Sephora shelves Sept. 18.

I am THRILLED to see ColourPop in Sephora. Y’all know how I feel about ColourPop.

Ulta will be bringing you:

Frank Body
Dose of Colors

And Memebox, makers of Disco Kitten Diamond Peel-off Mask, which is so sold out, its nearly impossible to get. They have several other must have products, but Disco Kitten is probably the most recognized.

And lastly, the brands you’ll be seeing on Walgreens shelves this fall:

Sleek MakeUP-usually found in the U.K., this affordable and pretty awesome brand has been slowly creeping over to our shores. They have to die for highlighting palettes.

NYX- I thought NYX was at Walgreens but it’s definitely not. But not for long!

There you have it, Lovelies. It’s going to be an amazing fall.

Talk soon, Lovelies


The Lies! The Lies…


Let me preface this with saying this is a post about the NRA-

So the NRA just called for hubs-he’s a member and a licensed gun owner. They wanted donations-which is fine, do yo’ thang, it’s the American way.

But don’t lie.

They said “Did you know that Wayne LaPierre fought to have the Obama law overturned barring SSDI recipients from gun ownership?”


The law is regarding people with known mental illnesses or those who have been deemed mentally incapacitated in handling their own affairs being subject to stricter background checks when purchasing a firearm.

That’s a far cry from “if you’re on SSDI you can’t have a gun”.

Then it was some BS about carrying over state lines, it wasn’t true whatever she said-but it was such a glaring example of how lobbies twist truths and just blatantly lie. Crazy to me. Luckily hubs is up on all of the current laws so knew what he was talking about and kinda went head to head with her.

Things these days, guys. Scary AF. North Korea, etc. scary. I’m not going on an anti Trump rant-I’ll just say we expect to hear insane violent nonsense rhetoric from the crazy lunatic in charge over there. We DONT expect to hear the same from our end.

I’m scared. I think there’s good cause to be.

Ok. Rant over. I had to get it out.

Talk soon, Lovelies


September Boxycharm Spoiler & Aug Update


As I think I mentioned before, Boxycharm subs will include Eyeshadow palettes in all boxes thru December. The September box will have the Pür Cosmetics Soirée Diaries Eyeshadow Palette retailing for 34$.


It looks gorgeous-a really pretty neutral/nude palette that any skin shade can use. Sorta reminds me of the Carli Bybel one.

August boxes do have some variations. While all boxes include the tarte palette, the royal and langnickle brushes, and the pür cosmetics lashes, these are some of the variants you may receive.

BellaPierre Gel Eyeliner in Ebony


Gel eyeliner, who can’t use a new eyeliner, right? This retails for 15$.

The Beauty Crop GRLPWR Liquid Lip in Date Night-



Another nice nude. Can I just say that I own a Beauty Crop liquid lip and they smell SO GOOD. Retails for 15$.

And there you have it!!

Thank you to My Subscription Addiction for the info.

Talk soon Lovelies


August Boxycharm Full Spoilers


It a good one, guys.

I’ll rehash the ones you know about:

The tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow palette. This one will be in all boxes, retail value 36$.


Royal and Langnickel brush set. Also in all boxes. I *believe this is the actual set. If it is, it retails for 19.99$.


Pūr Cosmetics eyelashes. There are 2 variations (no idea if these are them-this is just for examples sake) and will be in all boxes. Retail price 14$.


Aloette Face Paint Lip and Cheek Tint. This is a possible variant item and retails for 35$.


Last but not least, Adesse New York nail polish in Suzannemi. This is also a possible variant item-I’ve received this brand a few times in boxes and it’s GREAT. Retails for 18$.


So that’s that, y’all. I’m excited about the palette and the brushes.


Talk Soon Lovelies

Showing Off

Sorry I’ve been MIA the past few days, y’all-my kids are running me ragged. (Yanno, the ones I don’t have? 😳)

Today is my daughter Emily’s 22nd birthday and I have to show off for a few-

She’s been stubborn since she was in the womb-due on July 17, born on August 1, she had to be ordered out by the OB/GYN, but once she came and I looked into those big beautiful brown eyes, my world was never the same. She’s my firstborn, so we learned this whole mom/child thing together. She was a patient student and wise teacher. I’ve never loved so purely and intensely, and she changed my life to everything good.


She has grown into a strong, beautiful, intelligent woman with ferocious beliefs-she is a vegan who is passionate about animal rights, equal rights for LGBTQ, she’s a feminist, and staunchly anti-racism. She doesn’t bend for anything and will stand up against anyone that isn’t being fair or decent. I am so immensely proud to be her mother, and absolutely beaming over the person she is. I’d love to take a little credit for it, but she’s been incredible since day 1.


1 hour old with Daddy


4 weeks


1 year


2 years


With her baby


My finest creation (one of 5)


I love you, Emmaloo, to the moon and the stars and back again.

Momma xo ❤️

Princess Diana


With the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death upon us, there are a LOT of specials commemorating her life on television right now. I, for one, will be watching every single one.

Last night HBO aired “Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy” which features her sons reminiscing about their time with her. On July 31 TLC is airing a special, and O believe ABC is as well on the 31 (I have to double check on that one).

As a little girl I was obsessed with anything Diana and the Royal Family. I woke up at 5am on July 28, 1981 just like millions of others did to watch a young girl become a Princess and the whole fairy tale unfold. Unfortunately, the fairy tale had cracks we didn’t see and ended too soon. I know probably way more than I should about the history of the Family from Victoria up. When Diana died, it was surreal and the true end of a special era. I was grown with my own children by then but the 10 yr old girl in me was crushed.

So enough about that. If you get a chance to watch the HBO special, do. It was so nice to see her boys and the obvious influence she still has on them today. They are definitely her finest accomplishment.

Talk soon Lovelies

ColourPop Is Stepping It UP


Now anyone who knows me or has read here for a second knows that ColourPop is one of my all-time favorite makeup brands, and they’ve endeared themselves to me even more, if possible. This week, they announced their first ever first into the face makeup game with the launch of a concealer:


It’s called the No Filter Concealer, and I believe will be priced at 6$. SIX DOLLARS. No word on a release date, but you know I’ll be watching.

They’ve also started their first ever nail polish line:



The polishes were released back in late Jun/early July, and sell for 6$ a bottle. I’m dying to try them out, y’all know me and my nail polish.

ColourPop for me, is such a fantastic brand because it is SO affordable but not garbage. Yes-some of the Ultra Matte lippies are really drying, I admit. Not all though, but the Ultra Satin and Ultra Gloss are some bomb formulas. My first ever highlighter was Flexitarian from them and it’s still a favorite.

Another exciting release is a highlighter palette:


It’s their first pressed powder highlighting palette-it comes with 6 shades, and retails for 18$.

Swatches from


So there you go, some kinda neat news from all that glitters-

Talk soon Lovelies


Something’s Cookin’ & DragCon 2017

RuPaul’s DragCon will be in NYC on Sep 9-10 this year….and and and

I wanna go SO BAD!!! 😩😩😩

Tix for the 9th are actually NOT BAD-40$ (well, it’d be 80$ because I can’t go alone) and I had mentioned to hubs that I’d have to find someone to go with me….he said he’d go 😳!!! Which is great, I just figured he’d be bored to tears. This is the draw for me: meet and greets!!! Jeffree Star, Laura Lee, and Manny MUA among others are having meet and greets, there’s going to be makeup, drag-what’s not to love?!?

It’s going to be a huge maybe though. I’ve got my daughters 22nd birthday and hubs’ bday next month, (mine is September but meh) we bought an SUV so now we’ve got truck payments and insurance sooooo the freewheelin’ days of makeup hauls are going to be far and few. Adulting is hard, y’all. I’ll keep ya’ll posted though, because if I’m able to swing it I’ll be live blogging it so essentially bringing you all along. I’ve got some big and exciting changes for the blog happening soon-I think you Lovelies will really like what I’ve been working on. It’s a surprise obvie-but you’ll all know before September. It’s really really really going to be awesome.

You all mean the world to me-lurkers, readers, commenters-and I’m so thankful you stuck by me through this crazy ass ride we’ve been on. I do the monthly giveaways to try and thank you for your support and if I could give each and every one of you a gift and hug, I would. Your support has truly been so appreciated and amazing. I’m excited for the new chapter for the blog that’s coming soon ❤️

So I’ll keep everyone posted on the odds if me getting to DragCon 2017. If I can go, I’ll be thrilled, if not, there’s next year.

Love you guys!

Talk soon, Lovelies