On A Mission

I’ve been trying to pick up the NYX Angel Veil Primer-I sent hubs to Target, no dice. I checked CVS and Walmart, no dice. I know it’s at Ulta but I’ve been lazy, guys. No other excuse. He’s got an appointment today right down the street from Ulta-he’s going in, unaccompanied, with a written description, to get my primer and some tarte Shape Tape. That’s a keeper, guys. I haven’t met many men that would go into Ulta without their wives/girlfriends and buy makeup. Not because it’s not masculine or because it’s homophobic (truth be told there are probs a few that would see it that way) but because they’ve got zero interest, have no desire to ask where anything is or wander the aisles and see it as the 8th ring of hell.

I’m definitely keeping him around.

Talk soon Lovelies


Giveaway Review

Baseball and Books received her giveaway prizes today and was awesome to write a first impression/review for them. See-people really do win on Tattletales 😜

The following is by Baseball and Books:

The Tarte Tartiest Tease:

It’s super smooth going on and smells really good. A bit like chocolate. I can’t wait to wear it and play with blending it with other colors!

The colors are super pretty. Swatched on my arm from the wrist up are: Whisper, Crush, Heartbreaker, Wink, First Kiss, BFF.

Next, the highlighter. I got the Rose Gold Lights. The container is a little difficult to open which is a little annoying, and it smells a bit like plastic, but that could be from the container.

Swatched on my arm it looks really pretty. I’ve never really used a highlighter before so hopefully I’ll like it.

Removing both was easy-you’ll definitely need a eye makeup remover for the shadows, water didn’t really work unless I scrubbed. The highlighter came off with water, which worried me a little about its staying power when I wear it.


Thank you to B&B for taking the time to swatch, photograph, and write!

Talk soon Lovelies