A Patient Hubs, And Some Numbers

This is husbandly dedication. I bought a charcoal/volcanic ash facial peel mask thing and I wanted to try it out on hubs.


Best. Sport. Ever. Not only did he let me put it on him, he let me take a pic. He was grossed out by it going on, amused by peeling it off but overall could not care less. 😉

On a different note-we are at 1.4 million views. MILLION. Damn y’all, thats only in 6 mos!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you all, and am so grateful.

Also, I tried out one of the Biobelle masks from Boxycharm-first I used the Dr Brandt microdermabrasion, then the “I Woke Up Like This” mask-it’s really really nice. Not sticky, smells awesome. It’s a go, not a no.

That’s all I got for now-working on the next Prison Diaries chapter-it’s coming SOON.

Talk soon Lovelies

Sunday Funny

Ok-so I was watching a show in ID, I don’t remember what it was, but they were interviewing a cop about a case. This image was in the background-I did a double take, rewound, and paused so I could take a picture because….well, see for yourselves.


Does anyone else see what I see?


Happy Fathers Day to the Dad’s who read, and husbands/dads of my readers ❤️❤️

Talk soon Lovelies

Update::: below is what I saw 😂


What can I say? I’m glad some of y’all said a joint because I couldn’t figure out what it was SUPPOSED to be!

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle “Wrote” a Book. Yawn.

I’m putting “wrote” in quotations because I’m not so sure Jenelle has ever even read a book, and you know someone ghost wrote this POS. It’s an autobiography-she’s 25-but I suppose it could be said she’s lived a lot of life in these 25 years. I mean, 6 or 7 arrests, 3 kids with 3 baby daddys (she always ends up hating the BD, just sayin) a big huge “custody battle) with Babs that she lost THANK GOD, a mystery illness that was brought on by her birth control, come to find out (she didn’t like that discovery-she was thinking more along the lines of MS, Lyme-nope, just hormonal).

I won’t be reading this garbage. I saw a snippet in DM glamourizing the father that abandoned her and to this day wants nothing to do with her-Babs did all the hard work AND raises her son, but the ungrateful little simp still shits all over her mother-the one who was THERE.

I’m not a Jenelle fan and never will be. She continues to act like a selfish entitled brat with zero insight and is one of the most immature, neglectful, ignorant mothers on the show.

How do I really feel? 😂
DM link below:


Talk soon Lovelies

Baby Got Back


I’m not body shaming, fat shaming, or anything shaming, let’s be clear. I’m posting this because as a woman with body issues (I mean, what woman doesn’t have body insecurities, at least one, right?) I have mixed feelings about this article. On one hand, KKW is not the norm, she’s had plastic surgery galore and surgically enhanced her body up the wazoo, and promotes an utterly unrealistic image to the rest of the world. Am I glad to see cottage cheese on her ass? Yep. Am I a jerk for it? Maybe.

She doesn’t look real. Her hips and ass are not even human proportions any more. She won’t cop to the work she’s had (obvious lipo and implants) which is really unfair but ultimately her prerogative.

Should I be giving her kudos for walking along the beach in a zillion dollar bikini without the benefit of airbrushing or photoshop? That feels weird. I’m not a KKW fan, Jenner fan, or any Kardashian fan. I think Kris would sell one of her daughters souls for fame and fortune if she hasn’t already. I think they’re all vapid, self absorbed, and useless. If I HAD to be trapped in a room with one? Kourtney I guess? I won’t support Kylie Cosmetics, and don’t watch any of their shows and wouldn’t be caught dead in their merch. Anyway. Rant over. Sorry.

Talk soon, Lovelies