July Boxycharm Spoilers **UPDATE*


They’re already spilling the July Boxycharm Spoilers, and the first one is a beaut.

The first spoiler is:

Boxycharm x blinc Electric Eyes Eyeshadow Palette-retails for 45$.
I love it-and this alone more than pays for the monthly sub fee!
I will update this as more spoilers are revealed.

Thanks to DupeThat for the image/info.


We’ve got a second spoiler!
July’s Boxycharm will also have Bare Minerals Prep Step-a primer with 50 SPF, and retails for 30$.

Thanks to My Subscription Addiction for the info.

Keep checking-I’ll post as they come in.

Talk soon, Lovelies

Sephora Play! June Review

My Sephora Play! bag came earlier this week and I’m just getting to it now. I actually had a busy week, come to think of if it. So let’s jump right in to things, shall we?

This month has the usual drawstring bag, last month they switched it up but went back to the usual for June.


The first item we have is First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

Holy moly that’s a long name. It’s a glowing, slightly luminizing primer. I used it yesterday, and I have to say after 4 hours my makeup was splotching between my brows and on my forehead. So it didn’t really make my makeup last. At all. However, as a moisturizer it’s fine, a light coconut scent.
Another primer, Benefit The POREfessional.

I’ve used this before, wasn’t my most favorite ever in the world? But it’s decent.
Here we have OUAI Rose Gold Hair and Body Oil

It contains rose hip oil, shea oil, and absinthium oil. A light rise scent-it was nice in my hair, not heavy and helped smooth it out. Also nice on the skin. It comes in a spray pump, which I like.
Next is IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel

This is supposed to help you get beachy hair, it’s supposed to separate strands for that perfectly tousled bedhead-at-the-beach look. I tried it and it did seem to separate strands, it’s got a fresh scent as well that’s not overpowering.
Last but certainly not least is Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade K-Dub.

It’s sort of a bright fuschia-pinky color but it’s not garish. I was really looking forward to trying this too, I don’t have any of her liquid lips and I’ve heard good things.

I do like it. It’s not streaky, it’s unscented, and it’s nice. I’m just not going to store it next to my Jeffree Star liquid lip 😳😛😱

So that’s it-the June Sephora Play-I’m happy with it, some things I would have normally never tried and some things I wanted to. All in all? Pretty decent!!

Talk soon Lovelies

June Ipsy Glam Bag!!

My June Ipsy bag came today, to be honest, I’m a little meh over it. Only 1 full size item (I got spoiled with 3 full sized items last month) and one of the items I’ve already received in a Sephora bag previously. But that’s the risk you take when you have 3 subs, right? 😁

So on with it.

The bag is cute this month, and the inside is nicely lined with black fabric. I like it more than I thought I would.


The first item is the hey honey Uncover Detoxifying Mud Mask (this was my requested item).

It’s not overly fragranced, in fact smells like every mud mask I’ve ever used. I’m looking forward to trying it-I’ll let y’all know the results.

Next up is the Makeup Forever Aqua XL Eye Pencil. It’s long-lasting and waterproof, I did get one in my Sephora Play in March. I liked it just fine, but I didn’t feel like it went on as smoothly as some others I have.

Peek Makeup Black Eye Primer

I cannot get the lid off of this to save my life. It’s supposed to be a black Primer for smoky Eye looks and dark eye looks, which is actually a really great idea. If I could open it, I’d tell you more. I’m gonna have to have hubs take care of it when he gets home.
Next, some pūr mascara.

It’s mascara. What can I say. I haven’t tried it yet, but when I do, you’ll know!
Last, but not least-the only full-size item-Margaret Dabbs London nail polish in Green DayLily.

I am ALWAYS down for some nail polish-one of my favorite things to get in subs-but this color isn’t my favorite. I feel like Ipsy is always sending me blues and greens. This particular brand retails for 14$, so already more than paid for the monthly subscription.

Oh, and this is the theme for the month:


So there you have it!! The mascara didn’t wow me, I already have the eyeliner, and the nail polish didn’t knock my socks off. But the black primer is neat, and I asked for the mask, so that’s that!

Talk soon Lovelies

June Boxycharm Full Spoilers!

Don’t read if you want to be surprised-I ruin my surprise every month because I can’t stand the suspense.

You already know about the Real Her palettes and the Ofra liquid lipsticks.

All subscribers will also receive either a Luxie Rose Gold Pro Precision tapered face brush-retails at 24$


Aesthetica Pro Series Tapered Highlight and blending brush-retails at 21$.

These are awesome brushes for highlighting and under eye setting powder, FYI.

The rest of the spoilers are:

Artist Couture Diamond Powder in Illuminati-it looks to be a loose powder highlight. Not blinding though, something you can use for a body shimmer as well. Retails for 27$.

Biobelle Beauty Secret Mask-a sheet mask. Retails for 5$.

There may be variations in the last 2, but there you have it!

What are you looking forward to in your June Boxycharm?

Talk soon Lovelies

May Sephora Play! Review

I got this a few days ago but have been alternating between busy and lazy, so finally here we go. There were a few variations of this subscription that went out, and out of those there was 1 that I REALLLLLY wanted, and guess what? The makeup gods listened.

Last month everything came in a drawstring bag, this month is a sturdy plastic envelope type thingy. I like it-it’s different.
First product I grabbed is from Grande Lips, a hydrating lip plumper. It says instant plump within 3-5 minutes, and if you apply it every night before bed your lips will be 15% plumper. Mmhmm. It applies like a Gloss, and feels like menthol on my lips? Not burning-just-tingling maybe. It’s not uncomfortable just weird. My lips look the same too.

I really wanted this-Milk Makeup Blur Stick. It’s a matte blurring stick meant to minimize pores and fine lines. Use it as a primer.

Next is Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask. You’re supposed to apply to shampooed hair, comb through, and rinse after 10-15 min. It’s got a rare rainforest grown rahua nut oil on it, which supposedly Amazonian tribes have used in their long, luxurious locks. I had received the Marc Anthony Deep Repair Mask in a previous sub and it SUCKED. This one smells like eucalyptus maybe? Not fruity or beach. I can’t put my finger on it.

I wanted this too-Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. It’s teeny weeny but the glass jar is neat. It’s got French pink clay and pomegranate enzymes. It smells fresh-like the usual face mask smell. It’s so cute! (Translation-small)

Last, but not least-I didn’t know how much I wanted this until I got it-trèStique Highlight and Multi-Purpose Stick in Maldives Luminescent. It’s a gel highlighter stick in a champagne pink shimmer. I think it’s so pretty-

When I saw this I thought ooooo I really want to try that. Here’s a swatch:

Isn’t that pretty? It’s not glittery, definitely more of a subtle sheen. I like the pencil application, it’s different.

So that’s my May Sephora Play! bag, I’m super happy with it actually. Thoughts?

Talk Soon Lovelies


My May Boxycharm

I was happier than I thought I would be-here we go!

The theme this month is “Makeup Is Art”. True story.

First, I’ve got a round contour paddle brush from Crown Pro. TBH I’ll be using this for foundation. It comes with a cover, which is nice. The bristles are SO SOFT. Totally can’t wait to try this. Retails for $24.99. Score!

Next, we have Convertible Brow by The Browgal-it’s a powder/pomade duo that dry is a powder, wet is a pomade. You can mix the colors to get a perfect match. I’m pretty dedicated to my brow pencil but I’ll give this a whirl. Retail price is $35.

It does come with a Brow Brush, also from The Browngal. It’s double ended with a spoolie on one end, angled brow brush on the other. Retails for $14.

I’ve got a Contour Palette from IBY Beauty-let me just say I’m so happy I got this-the other option that’s in some Boxycharms (you got either or) was a cream Contour palette which only retailed for $12. This one is $40, I’m greedy. It’s got 3 highlight and 3 contour shades. I didn’t really bother swatching because I feel like matte contour is matte contour. The highlights, however, are minimal with the shimmer and quite chalky. Not obsessed.

Last but in no way least, the product I’ve been coveting-Liquid Glow by Temptu. It’s a limited edition collab between Temptu and Boxycharm. I believe Temptu’s main focus is airbrushing, this is their first hand-applied product. WARNING-there’s a stopper type thing in the top so DONT squeeze hard or it’s going to explode. It’s really pretty, sort of a champagne rose-gold, you can add it to your foundation or moisturizer or use it on its own. It’s not blinding but more of a subtle glow. Retail is $29.50.


So there you have it, May Boxycharm. The total retail value for this box is $143.49. Dayum-that’s amazing, Boxycharm!!! I don’t know how they do it but keep on.

Talk soon Lovelies


Stitch Fix Subscription

Stitch Fix Logo

How many of you have tired it or are subscribers? I decided that I am tired of my boring old clothes and I needed new, cute stuff, so my coworker sent me a referral code, and I signed up! My first box is scheduled for June 1.

For those who might not know, Stitch Fix is a subscription box where they send you clothes, shoes, jewelry. You choose your size, the styles/colors/cost, and a stylist puts together the box for you. There are 5 items in each box, and there’s a $20 styling fee each time you are sent a box. If you choose to keep the items, you pay for what you keep, minus the $20 (it serves as a credit if you purchase stuff) and if you buy everything in the box, you get an additional 25% off the total. Whatever you don’t want, you just send back. There’s no shipping fee in either direction.

You can sign up to receive a box as frequently as you’d like. I chose quarterly, but if I want more, I can schedule it sooner.

Take a look and see if it’s something you’d like: https://www.stitchfix.com/

I have a referral code if anyone wants it, but if you just want to sign up without it, that’s fine too.

I’ll be sure to post the items when I receive them on or around June 1.



Ipsy Glam Bag March 2017

I like this bag soooooo much more than February. Tons. It’s a peachy pink with black texturing on one side, and the top folds over. You can use it glam bag sized or unfold it and it’s bigger.

I’ve got a sample sized First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Moisturizer. It doesn’t have strong fragrance, light, not greasy.

Marc Anthony (is it JLo’s Marc Anthony? Does he have a hair care line? Yo no se.) Deep Repair Conditioning Treatment with Aloe Vera and Jasmine. I haven’t used it yet-decent size at 1.69 fl. oz. but the second ingredient is cetyl alcohol, third is cetearyl alcohol and fifth is stearyl alcohol. So. We’ll see.

I was able to select one of my items for my March bag and I picked some Tarte Tartiest lip paint. The one I got is in Rosè, I swatched it yesterday when I got it? Like a dot? I’ve showered, done dishes 4 times and used hand lotion-swatch is still there, guys. I’ll do a fresh on right below the old one.

Here’s the tiny Tartiest:

Hmmm. The Tarte swatch on top, the Boxycharm lipstick on the bottom.

Methinks they’re the same. Oh well.

Next a blending brush from Skone:

It’s nice-it’s a brush. I love brushes, so yeah.

Last but not least, a blush from the company Dirty Little Secret. This one is in Kitty Pink.

Ooo it swatches a weird orange-y pink. I’ll have to see what it looks like on my face.

And there ya have it! Ipsy for March. I’m definitely happier with this than the Feb one.

Send me your variations if you have them!

Talk soon Lovelies