November Boxycharm Spoilers!

I know it’s early but I’m already seeing some awesome spoilers for November’s Boxycharm. Y’all ready?

CoverFX Illuminating Setting Spray

A great setting spray from one of my favorite brands. I’m thrilled to see CoverFX in Boxycharm!! This retails for 31$.

Winky Luxe Kitten Palette

I think this is gorgeous. Hopefully it’s pigmented too-it reminds me somewhat of Laura Lee’s palette and the Colourpop She palette. Retails for 25$.

So far, November is looking like a great Boxycharm month!! More spoilers as I get them ❤️

Talk soon, Lovelies



Laura Lee & Cats Pajamas-Breaking Down the Hype

If you’ve been on YouTube or IG in the past week, you’ve seen that YouTuber and influencer Laura Lee has a new makeup line, with her first item, an eyeshadow palette called “Cat Pajamas” launching on Fri the 13th.

Laura has been getting dragged on some corners of the internet, mainly for her price point which is 40$ for this palette. 40$. 40! That’s what you pay for a high end palette-ABH, Tarte, etc…well known and respected brands. I think personally that’s a bit high for a 10 pan first product from a brand new line. That said, it’s going to sell-she’s got millions and millions of subs that are happy to give her their money.

The other thing. It’s a pretty palette, no doubt. But it’s nothing we haven’t seen on repeat the past 6 months or so.

The packaging. It’s completely schizophrenic. The palette is called Cats Pajamas, but it’s covered in glitter with a rose on the cover, and roses all over the mirror. There’s one tiny cat on the spine, I believe. There’s just a whole lot going on, and none of it’s cohesive.

She might have done better to release lippies or maybe a blush set first? Then see if 40$ for an eye palette wasn’t too….uh…ambitious? I was intrigued but I’m not going to buy it. Not for 40$. I mean, the ABH Modern Ren palette is 42$ for 14 pans and it’s awesome quality. Laura’s is more expensive? Why? What about it is so much better? Rhetorical questions but you gotta wonder. I’m not an influencer by ANY stretch of the imagination, but I am most definitely a consumer.

Not for nothing, you can’t really go by the reviews, because so far the only reviewers have been her friends.

That said, I’m sure she worked really hard in it and poured a lot of energy into making it. I’ve been a fan for a long time, I subscribe to her channel, hell, I can sing the subscribe song so I’m far from a hater and I don’t mean to sound like I don’t wish her well-I do-but as a consumer who spends quite a chunk of $ on cosmetics, I have to say some of this.



Cats Pajamas releases on Friday, October 13, 2017 on and retails for 40$.



How do you feel about influencers starting their own makeup lines?

Talk soon Lovelies


Colourpop Haul!

It has been a makeup filled week, guys. Even I’m like woah.

The entire haul ended up costing around 35$ I think? They offer free shipping over 30$. I ordered on Monday and it got here Saturday.

I got my hands on the No Filter Concealer!! Ive been dying to try since it launched-I bought the shade Fair Neutral-if you’re not sure if your shade the website does offer a shade matcher.

Here’s a swatch-the doe foot applicator is thin and there’s not much to it, FYI.

The formula is a medium consistency I’d say, and is pretty full coverage. My holy grail is tarte Shape Tape and in my opinion nothing compares, but this is a good product. It retails for 6$.

Next, I went for the Super Shock Shadow Foursome in Zingara. I was looking for some good fall colors, and this fit the bill. They’re soft, creamy, and Pig.Ment.Ed.

Swatched from top to bottom:

Seeker, Elixir, Paradox, and Jinxie. This foursome retails for 18$.

Colourpop has some incredible highlighters-the first one I ever bought was Flexitarian, which is a classic now. I sent my daughter one and in photos her highlight is screamingly gorgeous. I’d heard great things about the shade Wisp, so gave it a go-

It’s supposedly a dupe for one of the Becca highlighters, the shade is escaping me right now though. It’s a creamy, soft texture, almost cream to powder I’d say.

SO pretty. No glitter, just shimmer, and such a pretty champagne color. The Super Shock Highlighters retail for 8$.

Another newer item is the Pressed Powder Highlighters. They come in a cute compact with a mirror, also retailing for 8$.


It’s sort of similar to Wisp, but it’s actually darker, which doesn’t really translate in the lighting. It can also be used as a bronzer-but it’s too light for me. This shade is called Total Package.

They had a sale on nail polish, and that’s another Colourpop product I’ve been wanting to try, and they were on sale so I grabbed 2-

They usually retail for 6$ but on sale for 3$.

This iridescent yellow/pinky/green is called I Wand It That Way. Now you’re singing Backstreet Boys, aren’t you? 😂

A pale lavender called First Wings First. You can wear them alone, or the iridescent over the lavender.

And that does it for my Colourpop haul! Honestly not bad for under 40$, and I really think Colourpop is good quality with an even better price point.

Talk soon Lovelies


Little Sephora Haul ❤️


For my birthday, I was generously given some Sephora gift cards (thank you-you know who you are❤️) and did me a little shoppin’. I actually had the Fenty Beauty Foundation in my cart, and by the time I went to check out and put the gift card info in? Sold out. Wtf. S’ok. Next time.

Even better, it was delivered on a Sunday-it came vis LaserShip, and I’ve heard horror stories about them, but no issues yesterday. On with the makeup!

The other foundation I wanted to try was the stuff from the new peach line from Too Faced-

D173FFA0-B202-427F-B55E-C711D4BE9604It has a pump, and I was expecting a stronger fragrance from it, but it’s a very light, sort of sweet smell-more sweet fig, less peach. This foundation retails for 32$.

It’s probably in the thinner side consistency wise, but not watery at all. I’m in the shade Porcelain, and it seems to be a good match.

Next, since this is literally all over IG and the internet, I really wanted to try the Huda Beauty Lip Strobes-

7320D05B-3D5A-4EB8-B031-7486805E52DEI LOVE the packaging. The gloss itself is thick but not goopy, and it’s not sticky when applied. This is the shade Angelic.

The doe foot applicator is cool-angled and really makes for accurate application. The formula is gorgeous-you can wear it alone or as a topper as well. These retail for 18$. She’s got a ton of shades too-all really pretty.

Last, I’ve been really really REALLY wanting to try the Farsali Unicirn Essence and the Rose Gold Elixir but for 54$?? That was just an awful lot of money to try something. Luckily for me Sephora started selling minis of both! You get 0.34 ounces for 20$, which for me was far easier to swallow than 54$.

1B4EA599-499B-4979-A05C-7580B235E60DIt smells GOOD, not heavy or overpowering though which is nice. You can use it as a primer (which seemingly all the you tubers and IG chicks seem to do, letting it run down their faces like purple tears. You won’t see me doing that. Dumb.) or you can use it as a night time serum, or to enhance your highlighter.

Here are the drops alone, then rubbed into the skin. There are little flecks if gold, and when rubbed in there’s a slight luminosity. I like it, actually, it’s not glitter and not like, gleaming to outer space.

Now for the freebies!

My birthday gift-

336D7549-0D73-4242-B68B-617D85071D5CYou all know how much I love Caudalie, and I’m excited to try the serum. It’s funny, I just got into serums a month or 2 ago and now I have like, 5.

I used some of my points for this-Urban Decay Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid-E5796D20-B71E-4DBA-B8B8-6E4F5406ACFD.jpegIt’s pretty tiny, but whatevs. It was only 100 points. I haven’t had much luck with UD highlighting products-I had one of the powder highlight palettes and hated it, pure glitter, zero pigment. I gave it away. So I’m hoping this is better.

8B073500-7815-4162-85A5-98881EA12452The swatch looks promising-we’ll see how it performs on the face.

Thats all for Sephora!

Talk soon Lovelies


Ulta Mini-Haul!

My sister in law took my shopping at Ulta today for my birthday, then out to lunch. We had a really nice time-and here are the fruits of my labor 😜

BB25159E-48AC-4010-9FF5-238A78F4DFC8I got the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, Too Facrd Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder, and Skinfood Egg White Pore Perfecting Foam-I got this in my Ipsy bag and loved it so much, I bought some.

The reveal:


It’s really quite pretty, I can see why it’s so popular and considered a must-have.

Ulta has stepped up their sample game in a big way-they must have finally caught on to Sephora’s game, because I got this ABH sample:

Its kind of in a random order, but it’s a dipbrow sample with 4 shades and a cute, tiny applicator and an ABH lip gloss. Right??? It came in this cute little drawstring bag, even. I think the shade of the gloss is called Vintage-here’s a swatch-


They were giving away a free Laura Gellar Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in the shade Diamond Dust with every purchase and I wanted to get my hands on that puppy. It’s small, but I don’t care.

Its an iridescent pinky-gold, you cant tell at all by the pic holding it but the swatch shows the iridescence. I like it actually.

But I’m not done! More samples!

67D5BF0C-CB21-4BAF-B59F-87C5B9964BAASome Clarins Anti-Aging cream-I can use that for sure-

D94C6FDB-E02A-42BC-BEBE-FC7AE34CA34FGarnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Moisturizer-I’ve been wanting to try this, actually, so I’m glad I got it.

Last but not least-Lancôme mascara. I’ve been getting a metric shit ton of mascara lately-my Ulta bday gift was Clinique mascara (gave it to my sister in law) and I’m getting tarte mascara in my Ipsy this month. Weird.

This ends my Ulta haul 😉 I’ve got a Sephora and colourpop one coming, so be on the lookout 💕


Talk soon, Lovelies



Love and light to Las Vegas.
It would seem to me, that it’s not radical Muslims we need to be immediately afraid of, but angry white men with access to guns. 

When does this end?

Talk soon Lovelies


In Not So Shocking News..

RHOC Kelly Dodd has filed for divorce from her husband of 11years, Michael. Her quote-“Our marriage is over-I’m outta there! We’ve had problems for years and I’ve had enough! I’m done with our marriage!” Well. That’s eloquent. None of that we respect each other and will remain friends and committed to raising our daughter crap. 

Apparently the police were called to the house 6 times in 3 days this July. Temper, temper.

Are we surprised though? 

Links below:

RHOC Star Kelly Dodd Divorcing Husband Michael Dodd: ‘Our Marriage Is Over’

Talk soon Lovelies 


Gross, Weird, And I Gotta Have It.

I was browsing instagram because I was bored and came across this IG for “Glitter Slimes”. I’m one of those people that finds videos of makeup being poured satisfying, gooey mixtures being mixed fascinating and doughy concoctions being kneaded oddly compelling. Then….I found this.

Oh. My. Satisfying. God. 

On their IG they have wondrous videos of people mushing this stuff and when I found out I CAN BUY MY OWN?!?!

I’m there. Tuesday at 3pm. I don’t even care which one.

They’re scented slimes, basically, probably made with borax. I’m so excited, people. 

Yours in strangeness, always-

Talk soon Lovelies 


LONG Overdue IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette Review

I’ve had this palette for MONTHS and I’m obviously slacking, because I’m just now blabbing about it. Which is a shame because I LUURVE this palette.

Firstly, it is all matte, no shimmers which is a really nice change. I don’t need to glitter ALL the time, and this is perfect for daytime looks.

Let me talk about the packaging which is awesome. It’s almost a faux soft leather, and has a magnetic closure which is great. It’s puffy as well, and feels essspensive. 

Now for the shades:

There are some gorgeous pinks and purples, some on the pastel side, but buildable. They’re all beautifully blendable as well, and not a lot of fallout. 

Now, swatches:

That’s the top row, the colors are from L to R: Sheer Koy, Soft Light, Warmth, Soulful, Mocha, Violet, Midnight, and Noir. 

Now, the bottom row:

Again from L to R: Love, Sunrise, Sunset, All Heart, Java, Iconic, and Transforming Pearl (a great brow bone highlight).

This palette retails for 42$ and if you’re looking for a great matte palette that can give you subdued pastel or dramatic smokey looks, this is It. Ha-get it? See what I did? 

Talk soon Lovelies