Sephora Play! June Review

My Sephora Play! bag came earlier this week and I’m just getting to it now. I actually had a busy week, come to think of if it. So let’s jump right in to things, shall we?

This month has the usual drawstring bag, last month they switched it up but went back to the usual for June.


The first item we have is First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

Holy moly that’s a long name. It’s a glowing, slightly luminizing primer. I used it yesterday, and I have to say after 4 hours my makeup was splotching between my brows and on my forehead. So it didn’t really make my makeup last. At all. However, as a moisturizer it’s fine, a light coconut scent.
Another primer, Benefit The POREfessional.

I’ve used this before, wasn’t my most favorite ever in the world? But it’s decent.
Here we have OUAI Rose Gold Hair and Body Oil

It contains rose hip oil, shea oil, and absinthium oil. A light rise scent-it was nice in my hair, not heavy and helped smooth it out. Also nice on the skin. It comes in a spray pump, which I like.
Next is IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel

This is supposed to help you get beachy hair, it’s supposed to separate strands for that perfectly tousled bedhead-at-the-beach look. I tried it and it did seem to separate strands, it’s got a fresh scent as well that’s not overpowering.
Last but certainly not least is Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade K-Dub.

It’s sort of a bright fuschia-pinky color but it’s not garish. I was really looking forward to trying this too, I don’t have any of her liquid lips and I’ve heard good things.

I do like it. It’s not streaky, it’s unscented, and it’s nice. I’m just not going to store it next to my Jeffree Star liquid lip 😳😛😱

So that’s it-the June Sephora Play-I’m happy with it, some things I would have normally never tried and some things I wanted to. All in all? Pretty decent!!

Talk soon Lovelies

June Ipsy Glam Bag!!

My June Ipsy bag came today, to be honest, I’m a little meh over it. Only 1 full size item (I got spoiled with 3 full sized items last month) and one of the items I’ve already received in a Sephora bag previously. But that’s the risk you take when you have 3 subs, right? 😁

So on with it.

The bag is cute this month, and the inside is nicely lined with black fabric. I like it more than I thought I would.


The first item is the hey honey Uncover Detoxifying Mud Mask (this was my requested item).

It’s not overly fragranced, in fact smells like every mud mask I’ve ever used. I’m looking forward to trying it-I’ll let y’all know the results.

Next up is the Makeup Forever Aqua XL Eye Pencil. It’s long-lasting and waterproof, I did get one in my Sephora Play in March. I liked it just fine, but I didn’t feel like it went on as smoothly as some others I have.

Peek Makeup Black Eye Primer

I cannot get the lid off of this to save my life. It’s supposed to be a black Primer for smoky Eye looks and dark eye looks, which is actually a really great idea. If I could open it, I’d tell you more. I’m gonna have to have hubs take care of it when he gets home.
Next, some pūr mascara.

It’s mascara. What can I say. I haven’t tried it yet, but when I do, you’ll know!
Last, but not least-the only full-size item-Margaret Dabbs London nail polish in Green DayLily.

I am ALWAYS down for some nail polish-one of my favorite things to get in subs-but this color isn’t my favorite. I feel like Ipsy is always sending me blues and greens. This particular brand retails for 14$, so already more than paid for the monthly subscription.

Oh, and this is the theme for the month:


So there you have it!! The mascara didn’t wow me, I already have the eyeliner, and the nail polish didn’t knock my socks off. But the black primer is neat, and I asked for the mask, so that’s that!

Talk soon Lovelies

Real Housewives of Potomac: Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle (Part Two)

Picking up from where I stopped last night… 

Robyn, Charrisse, and Ashley are off to the beach, while Karen, Gizelle and Monique are off to play sailor on team Japan’s Americas cup sailboat.

After the commercial break, Karen, Gizelle, and Monique are on the bus to the harbor. Karen is trying to get Monique and Gizelle to talk. Monique tries to engage Gizelle who responds with “without your husband and his money, you wouldn’t be here.” Monique is not okay with that. Monique says Gizelle is jealous, and in her talking head Gizelle says she’s not. Those green eyes of hers are the eyes of jealousy. That’s why her eyes are so green.

At the resort, Ashley, Robyn, and Charrisse meet up for the beach. Apparently, they didn’t know the others weren’t joining them. Charrisse snarkily explains that Karen planned an excursion for her, Monique and Gizelle because Monique and Gizelle needed to bond. Robyn, Ashley and Charrisse are not okay with it and decide to have more fun.

Karen, Monique and Gizelle arrive at the harbor and meet up with the American guy who is on Team Japan. Lol. They get on the boat, which means they are on the net on the side. So awesome. I’ve done that in Hawaii and it’s so relaxing. I can pretty much guarantee that it won’t be relaxing for them. Lol. Monique admits she’s afraid of water and doesn’t swim well.

Ashley, Charrisse, and Robyn go jet skiing. If you have never done it, I suggest you do. It’s hella fun.  We do it in Lake Tahoe all the time and that water is FREEZING COLD! Ashley and Robyn take off and Charrisse is tootling along with, as Robyn says, the emergency brake on.

Back with Team Japan, the ladies have changed into wetsuits and helmets and are on their way out to the main boat. Man, they are on for a surprise. That boat is going to fly across the water and I bet the skipper makes them work. It looks like fun, though. Monique says she’s scared and Gizelle is encouraging her and saying it’s okay. I think it’s getting a little cold in hell. It’s Monique’s turn and she’s so scared. She gets on and is moving across when in slow motion it shows her being pushed by the boom (I think that’s what it’s called).

Commercial break 4 — 19 minutes to go: mouse update, we are up to 6. No new bodies in the garage when I got home. So either there weren’t any today or they were already picked up. I also called the gardener and left a message. If he doesn’t call me back by tomorrow, I will call again.

Back in Bermuda, Monique gets hit with the boom and isn’t thrown off the boat. Nice recovery.  Karen and Gizelle are so proud of her.  Gizelle gives Monique a hug when she gets back on the pilot boat and Karen is over the moon about it. Don’t get too excited. I have a feeling it’s not going to last.

At the beach, Robyn, Ashley and Charrisse are chatting and Robyn asks Ashley about the restaurant and Michael. Ashley fills them about the fight before the dinner at the restaurant. Robyn is trying to get to the bottom of the issue. There’s actual serious talk about how strongly Ashley feels about staying with Michael. She says she doesn’t want kids right now. Sounds to me like there’s trouble in paradise.

Back on the bus, Karen, Monique, and Gizelle are congratulating themselves for getting past the Gizelle and Monique issue. Gizelle says the next issue to tackle is the Karen and Charrisse issue. Gizelle makes some good points about Karen not letting Charrisse be a giver. Monique and Gizelle sort of gang up on Karen and mention all the things Charrisse is dealing with. Gizelle says Karen needs to be nice to Charrisse and let up a little.

In Charrisse’s room, she, Robyn and Ashley are with Gregory, Charrisse’s makeup artist. She’s left Karen, Monique and Gizelle notes inviting them on a sunset cruise, that is leaving in 30 minutes. Haha… That’s a little passive aggressive, making it a tough timeline for them. I think that’s mostly about Karen and not Gizelle or Monique. Charrisse, Robyn and Ashley talk about Karen’s boat party last year and Ashley calls it “janky.” Ha! It was kind of lame. Wow. They are totally talking behind Karen’s back and Ashley and Charrisse nominate Robyn to go talk to Karen and let her know that what she did was not okay.

Commercial 5 — 9 minutes to go: I’ve decided Sacramento is the outer ring of hell. It’s supposed to be 100 tomorrow and 107 by Sunday. That really sucks because for Father’s Day, we are going to the Sacramento River Cats (S.F. Giants’ AAA team) game. And of course it’s a 1pm game. I’m going prepared with sunscreen, hats, water, misters, and ice packs. We’re taking my parents and going as a family.  My electric bill is going to be so high from using the air conditioner!!

In Karen’s room, she’s getting ready and Robyn arrives. Robyn’s dress is gorgeous. Robyn immediately asks Karen why the eff she ditched her, Ashley and Charrisse. Karen is already annoyed and argumentative. Robyn isn’t letting her off the hook. Robyn is basically calling Karen fake. There’s a whole exchange where as Robyn leaves the room they are both blowing each other off with the fake niceties. Man, I can’t wait for next week when they show the boat trip!

The production crew leaves Karen’s room to let her get ready and Karen is still talking about how jealous Charrisee is. KAREN YOU ARE STILL MIC’D UP.

Oh man, the previews for next week are so good! The ladies are gunning for Karen. I love it!!!

Thanks again for indulging me with this spilt recap. I really appreciate it! See you next week!

RHONY Recap: A Countess No More

Yes, guys, I’m back on my game. Sorry about that last 2 weeks! Anyway-on with the show.

At Sonja’s townhouse we see Frenchy making some coffee. He’s YOUNG. Sonja comes downstairs, bedhead and all, to see he’s brought her a poinsettia and is making her eggs. He asks if Tinsley will want to eat, Sonja doesn’t seem thrilled with that so sort of blows it off. She thinks that Frenchy is taking the relationship too seriously. Tinsley comes in to join them for breakfast anyway. Tinsley lets us know that originally she was supposed to date Frenchy but Sonja kept him for herself. Sonja offers up a threesome, to which Tinsley declines. So weird. Tinsley asks the status of their relationship and Frenchy says it’s serious, they explain the weird rules they have. Tinsley asks about Rocco-who Frenchy apparently knows about-and the ladies shriek. Subject changed to eggs.

Bethenny is setting up for her holiday party (a white tree??? NOOO!!) and is setting up an alcohol luge which is pretty cool and will probably be very popular.

Dorinda is stuck in traffic and wrapping Bethenny’s gift.

Ramona is putting on makeup because she’s going out with Avery and her friends, since she’s not invited to Bethenny’s party. She’s only slightly upset about it.

Sonja’s packing, and she and Tinsley are deciding what to wear to Bethenny’s party. Conner and Tinsley made plans to hang out while Sonja is in Phuket, and Sonja doesn’t like that at all.

Back to Bethenny’s party-prep and guests are in full swing as Dorinda arrives. There’s little lobster rolls and caviar. Dorinda asks the chef to teach her how to open an oyster, which brings tons of innuendo from this hyper sexual bunch.

Ramona is going out drinking with her daughter and her daughter’s friends. Tackyyyy. Know your place, crazy eyes. Ramona is beyond thrilled that the girls are all into wine.

Carole and Tinsley arrive to Bethenny’s party-Carole looks amazing and takes a luge shot. Tinsley does as well, but not as gracefully.

Avery reveals that Pellegrino is “her water”, and that growing up that’s what she called it. The girls are all reminiscing about growing up hanging at Avery’s house, and Ramona tells them to come “hang” now-they can bring some of their friends, she’ll bring some of her friends-it wouldn’t be awkward at all. One of Avery’s friends piped up “maybe your friends have sons they could bring” which momentarily brought Ramona back to earth.

Carole is luging it up! Bethenny and Tinsley are chatting about Ramona’s charity party the night before (Bethenny was invited but didn’t go, obvie). Showing scenes from the night before we catch a quick glimpse of a walking corpse-like vampire dude saying hello to Tinsley and Ramona. Whoa. Cue Ramona talking about Bethenny AGAIN. Tinsley asks Ramona if she’s coming “tomorrow night” (meaning Bethenny’s party). Oops. Ramona realizes she’s not invited.
Dorinda is still pretty upset at Ramona for trashing her house. Ramona remains unapologetic, as she often does. Tinsley tells Bethenny that Ramona says she regrets coming at Bethenny so hard.

Back to Ramona not acting her age-she starts telling Avery and her friends about her fight with Bethenny and says she lashed out, blacked out, and went on a rampage. One if the friends says “You shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells with a friend.” Ramona acts like that was the deepest philosophical awakening she’s ever heard, dramatically throws her body back against the booth and flings her napkin behind her (for someone else to pick up). She sings the praises of the super wicked wise 21 year old. The girl keeps going, seemingly on a roll, and Ramona is eye poppin’ shocked at her brilliance.She feels a “bond and synergy” with these kids, all the while flipping her hair like crazy.

Bethenny asks Dorinda if she went to Ramona’s party-Forinda says she did and said what she wanted to Ramona about the destruction of the room. Rewind to the night before, we see Dorinda confronting Ramona, who stands there smirking, and Sonja mocks Dorinda-those 2are the biggest assholes. Back to Bethenny’s, Sonja walks in as Dorinda is telling her story of Ramona’s history of disrespecting her home. Sonja’s talking head is complaining that Dorinda isn’t over it.

Dorinda tells the ladies that Ramona was minimizing her actions and just didn’t care-Sonja is rolling her eyes.

Ramona tells Avery and co how she destroyed Dorinda’s home, and thinks it’s super cute-she says “Dorinda is SO mad at me”. I’ve got a feeling that those kids know better than to do what Ramona did and think she’s an asshole.

Dorinda says Ramona just wants to ignore it-Carole thinks Ramona has been more aggressive. Dorinda doesn’t want this to be a Ramona bashing session. Sonja pipes in with saying how Ramona does that sort of thing all the time, that Ramona has trashed every single hotel bathroom she’s ever stayed in. So Ramona is a disrespectful pig. Got it.

Ramona is now making a drunken I love you toast to Avery and her friends-they’re ALL her daughters!

Back to Bethenny’s they’re drinking out of chocolate chip cookie cups, which is so cool.

Now we’re in Florida for Luann’s wedding. We see personal footage of her getting ready, her dress arriving-they show the actual wedding spot, which is quite beautiful.

Dorinda arrives for her wedding hair and makeup late-Luann thinks she was at the beach.Ky says she’s a hopeless romantic and she knew the first week she was with Tom she would marry him. Not sure HE knew that. We see Tom in his tux looking a little nervous. Lu’s talking head is gushing about her relationship with Tom-we see her in her dress and veil getting her makeup touched up.

Jill Zarin gets her 2 seconds of attention to wish the couple good luck. Tim is escorting his mom down the aisle, then Dorinda walks, looking beautiful.

***SIDE NOTE****
Wasn’t there some kind of stink where Luann refused to allow Bravo cameras in? Like at first she said yes, but right before she changed her mind? I thought I heard something about that. Which is pretty ungrateful since without Bravo no one would notice or care that she was getting married. Anyway…

Luann’s kids are walking, then Luann with her brother, Michael giving her away. The priest says a few words, then some sort of vows, then they’re married. They kiss, and she almost knocks him over. The kiss looks awkward to me. Her talking head then flashes her wedding rings “HA HA!!” Yes, Luann, you got the prize.

Tom and Luann exit a doorway into the reception with a really bad voiceover announcing them. We only see snippets of the reception, every guest’s face is blurred, and we see a Marilyn Monroe impersonator jump out of a fake cake. Lu is dancing with Tom and towering over him. The end.

2 weeks later in NYC Carole and Bethenny are in Chinatown for lunch. Bethenny is incredulous that Carole hasn’t been to a place like they’re at, and Carole just tells Bethenny to order for her. Tom and Luann are having a post wedding party for all of the uninvited, so there’s that, and Adam finally found an apartment, Carole is glad.

Dorinda and Ramona are having lunch at Dorinda’s. Ramona is getting all of the wedding details and actually being gracious. Dorinda is all set with Tom and Luann wedding parties-enough.

Bethenny and Carole are amazed at all of the different foods in ChinaTown. They go for ice cream, and despite all of the crazy flavors, Carole gets boring chocolate. Bethenny is unimpressed.

Sonja is ordering Conner to redecorate her bedroom to make room for Frenchy’s things since he’s sort of moved in. Tinsley discovers that tidbit and is pretty surprised. Sonja likes him but he wants to adopt kids.

Tom and Luann’s post wedding party for the uninvited (aka get more presents) is starting-Bethenny gets there 15 minutes late but is still the first one there. Since she’s the only one there she makes a crack that it’s a party for the only people that haven’t slept with Tom. Ha. Dorinda arrives, she and Bethenny agree that it’s enough with the Tom and Luann wedding parties. The bride and groom arrive, Carole does too shortly after. Ramona gets there with Avery, and complains about the venue.

Bethenny and Avery exchange pleasantries but Ramona and Bethenny ignore each other. Tinsley is there-with a date!! It’s 23 year old Chad! Ramona complains about his age. Avery is a very poised, gracious and lovely young lady. Is that despite Ramona?

I find it really strange how Lu hovers over Tom during group conversations. It’s needy, clingy, and weird. Tom is showing off his wedding ring and making jokes about it. He says he didn’t want to wear one, but Luann insisted. I bet. Sonja and Frenchy arrive, Ramona shrieks at their arrival, and Sonja introduces him to all of the ladies. Has anyone noticed the strange high pitched giggle/cackle that Ramona develops around testosterone? Watch-you’ll notice it. Tinsley tells Bethenny that Frenchy moved in. Sonja actually looks really happy. Ramona is cackling.

Dorinda and Bethenny are chatting and ignoring John, who I didn’t see either until Carole says hello to him. Tinsley comes over to talk to Carole and can’t wait to tell her she’s got a 23 year old with her. Carole is all like, well, that’s cool and all-but if you’re looking for a husband and children….

Ramona calls her “friend” Jim over and introduces him to Sonja. I think she just didn’t want to look man-less especially since Tinsley and Sonja both have dates.

Frenchy is entertaining Sonja and Ramona (cackle cackle)-she’s awkwardly acknowledging Jim-they’re dating but that’s all she’s saying. Sonja and Ramona mock Tinsley’s date saying he looks 12, which is ironic coming from Sonja.

Sonja introduces Frenchy to Tom and Luann, they talk wedding, and are all very pleasant. Tom then aggressively grabs Luann by the thrust sort of in a chokehold and kisses her. SO. WEIRD. There’s been a lot of weird this episode.

Dorinda makes a speech to make up for her first one in the boat where she drunkenly slurred her way through. Lu is hovering. Tom takes over the toast and talks about the wedding, making a jab about “true friends and family” being there. The comment does not get past Bethenny and Tinsley, who laugh it off.

Next week: Frenchy and Sonja talk their relationship and “those beeshes”, Sonja isn’t very honest with Rocco, Tinsley gets advice from Carole, Bethenny renovates to sell, Ramona defends her behavior.

Yay! I did it!

Talk soon Lovelies

The Real Housewives of Potomac: Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle (Part One)

Once again, I apologize for my lack of recapping last week. It was such a hectic week. Also, please forgive me for splitting the recap in two. There were a few reasons: 1) It took me an hour and a hlaf to get through 30 minutes of this shit show, 2) I couldn’t take it anymore, and 3) it’s 10:40 p.m. and I am tired. I’ll do part two tomorrow!

For those of you keeping up, last week on The Real Housewives of Potomac:

Karen brought Gizelle and Monique together at a lunch to talk things out. Monique brought Charrisse with her as back up.

Robyn started therapy.

Monique threw Milani a carnival party for her first birthday. This occurred at the Samuels’ lake house two hours out of town and everyone BUT Gizelle was invited

Ashley and Michael played Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze from Ghost and made clay pots. Michael made a sexual innuendo comment. He’s gross. Ashley doesn’t want a baby right now

Karen decided the ladies needed a trip, so asked Charrisse to help her plan a trip to Bermuda. Charrisse took that to mean “co-host” and was put in her place by Karen

Oh, and big news of the episode – The Hugers sold their house… but they have nowhere to live yet.

Now, let’s get to the Bermuda trip!

But first, Gizelle is cooking with her daughters. She does seem to be a good mom. Her mom is coming to stay with the girls while Gizelle is in Bermuda, so they are preparing for that. Gizelle’s mom grills her about her dating life. Gizelle has actually decided to break up with Kevin and doesn’t want to tell her mom since her mom loves him so much. Gizelle tells her mom and surprisingly, her mom is supportive of the decision.

As they eat dinner, Gizelle lays down the rules for while she’s gone. Rule number 1: Work on a book report. Rule number 2: Call her twice a day. Rule number 3: Remember to brush your teeth. The girls try to negotiate with her, but she’s not having it. Grandma says there are no rules and the girls are excited about that. Gizelle says she’ll run the house from Bermuda. Gizelle says she’s looking forward to the trip, except for Monique. Cue flashbacks to Monique’s game night. She says oh well, she’ll deal with it.

At the Dixon house, Robyn is cooking and the boys are punching each other. What is it about boys that they have to punch each other all the time? Lordy! Haha! One has more eggs than the other. Robyn has decided not to tell Juan about the assignment her therapist gave her – go out on three dates. She thinks Juan won’t want to hear about it and wouldn’t want her to go. OMG! The older boy just told her to get her hairline fixed and that her wig looks ugly. LOL! Robyn goes to lie down as her son says “girl, bye!”

At the Huger home, it’s 5:30 a.m., and Karen is just getting ready to leave for Bermuda. DBBG asks her if she’s got everything and if she has a couple credit cards. She says yes, his. LOL. In the car, she thinks it’s the last time she’ll see the house and DBBG says she’s escaping all the work. Karen says she packed one crystal cabinet. They’ve found a house in Great Falls, Virginia. Sidenote: WHY DON’T THESE PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIVE IN POTOMAC???? CALL IT DC, FFS. OR, YOU KNOW… LIVE IN THE TOWN IN THE TITLE! Sorry. Moving on… she hasn’t told the girls yet. Question – now that I’m watching, how is it 5:30 a.m.? It’s pitch black. Here, at 5:30 a.m., there’s some light as the sun comes up. Is it that dark at 5:30 a.m. where you all are? Well, except for the Arizona and Hawaii people, who don’t observe DST… and people outside of the U.S.

Karen is taking about Charrisse thinking she’s a co-host and how Charrisse is wrong. LOL. Oh, it’s getting a little light. But still though…

The ladies arrive at the airport. Charrisse takes a Lyft and looks in her wallet for cash for a tip, but #richpeopleproblems, she only has 50s. So she gives one to the driver. She meets up with Karen for fake hellos. Oh Lord, she mentioned Sha Sha.

The ladies all arrive and board the plane. Monique plans on getting wasted. They arrive in Bermuda to a sign that says “Huger and guests.” Charrisse snarks that is should say “Jordan” and Ashley is “utterly confused” as to who is hosting this event. Bermuda is gorgeous!!! On the bus, they mention that it’s Charrisse’s birthday, but Charrisse mentions that the day before was her and Eddie’s anniversary and she texted him. Haha

At the resort, the ladies check in and Karen says she’s planned a dinner for them. They all go to their rooms. Karen has welcome baskets in the rooms with a note signed by her only. The ladies are confused as to why Charrisse isn’t included and discuss it amongst themselves. Ashley and Monique press Charrisse for info, and Charrisse wonders if there’s a basket in her room. She’s annoyed that Karen is actively excluding her and playing games.

OMG, FINALLY!!!! A commercial. Good Lord, I feel like this show should be almost over. LONGEST. INTRO. EVER. 51 minutes to go.

You guys… I’m in the middle of a war. We have MICE! They have eaten through two, TWO!!!, plastic bins of dog food, so I had to buy a metal kitchen trash can to put the food in. We got a couple of those traps where the mice can crawl in and get the poison and can’t crawl out. However, these effing mice are getting out. Fine, at least they are eating the poison. The downside to that is that I’ve now found 5 mice barely alive on the garage floor. They have been scooped up, put in paper bags, and thrown in the trash. The bad thing is trash day isn’t until Monday, so I really hope they don’t start to smell once they die. Also, I can’t clean this house enough. I feel like they are here because the house is dirty. I know that’s not the case (it’s because of the overgrown backyard), but still. I made a joke about wanting to leave the tiny carcasses where they lay as a message to the other mice. Because of that, I was compared to the Lannisters in Game of Thrones. LOL. I am now Mad Queen Cersei. Haha…. My family thinks they are comedians.

Anyway, back to the shit show going on in Bermuda.

Back in Bermuda, Charrisse opens the door to her room and holy crap, it’s a loft suite! It’s gorgeous and amazing and I want to live there. There is a basket for Charrisse.

Robyn and Gizelle are talking and the conversation leads to Monique. Robyn says (in her talking head) that it’s stupid. Grow up, ladies. Karen is flirting with the bellhop. The ladies head down to dinner. WTF is Gizelle wearing? Hot pink shorts, a black top and knee high boots? WTF? Karen arrives in a horrible dress/moomoo. OMG, she’s hired a dance troop. Charrisse arrives as the dancers are there and dances in with them. LOL. At least she’s having fun. This brings all the other ladies out to dance. They sit down and order drinks and appetizers. Karen mentions it would be nicer if there was a fan above them and Charrisse snarks that if Karen had worked with her, there would have been a fan. Karen’s eyes are rolling so far back in her head. Monique mentions that she was surprised that the gift wasn’t from both Karen and Charrisse and Karen says that it’s only from her because it’s what she does as the host. Good Lord, these women. Karen climbs up to her ivory tower and looks down at the ladies. Ashley throws out my favorite quote of the episode (and we haven’t even had two commercial breaks yet): “Girl, you sure are sweatin a little bit… like a ho in church.”

Karen’s insistent that it’s “their trip” and throws enough attitude to make it awkward. Charrisse says she’s excited they are all together, and that hasn’t happened since Milani’s party. And now the discussion about why Gizelle wasn’t invited. Monique says it was Milani’s birthday and christening and she didn’t want it to be weird. Gizelle says she wouldn’t have come anyway. So much attitude from Gizelle.

The ladies chat and Robyn tells them about the therapist’s dating assignment. Karen snarks in her talking head about it. Monique tells the ladies the Potomac house closes the next day and she’s got to start packing. Karen finally tells the ladies the house sold and….

Commercial 2 – 39 minutes to go: During the cleaning frenzy, I moved the furniture around in the living room. There are two couches. The old red one from my old house and the nice, new La-Z-Boy couch purchased a year ago. I hate the red couch and want to get rid of it. But am afraid there won’t be enough places to sit. So, it stays until the love seat that matches the new couch can be purchased. I also doused the living room carpet with Arm and Hammer pet cleaner powder and vacuumed it all up. The living room smells fresh, but man, it is strong. I’ve sneezed about a half dozen times. Hopefully, it fades a bit. It did get my carpet really clean. Got all the dog hair up… just in time for the shedding to begin.

Meanwhile, back in Bermuda…

Karen is still waffling on telling the ladies she’s moving out of Potomac and is beating around the bush. So, she declines to answer the question as to where she’s moving. Monique says they need to go to Charrisse’s room because it’s two floors and Karen. Is. Pissed!! She snarks about thinking that Eddie cut her off and Charrisse blows off the comment like it was nothing. The ladies go up to Charrisse’s room and are all amazed at the room. Karen is livid. She pulls Gizelle aside and says that as a surprise for the ladies, she’s arranged for them to sail with the “American Cup.” Okay, so, if I’d have recapped last week, you would have known that during Karen and Charrisse’s “planning” session, Charrisse said she wanted to host a boating trip for the ladies while in Bermuda. So, holy bitch move, Karen. Also, Karen, Honey… it’s AMERICA’S Cup. And they aren’t even sailing with the U.S. team. They are going with Team Japan. Thanks to DBBG pulling some strings. But, the caveat is that she can only take two people. Of course, since she’s telling Gizelle, she’s one. Gizelle nominates Robyn to be the other. Karen decides no, and invites Monique without Gizelle knowing. Also, STOP CALLING IT THE AMERCAN CUP. Anyway, she’s meddling and this isn’t going to go well… Monique calls it shady. She doesn’t know it’s with Gizelle.

Charrisse says she’s hired a makeup artist to do everyone’s makeup. Not to be outdone, Karen says she’s got the hair dresser. Who says hair dresser these days? Except my 94 year old grandmother. Charrisse is so annoyed. Charrisse says she has to go to bed and kicks the ladies out of her room. LOL. She’s so over it.

The next morning, the ladies get ready for the beach and Charrisse arrives at Robyn’s room. They chat about dating and the conversation moves to Charrisse and Eddie’s divorce.

Karen and Gizelle are on the bus waiting for the “surprise guest” to go sailing with Team Japan (FYI, they can only do that because they lost and are out of the competition… I looked it up. It’s a rematch between team Oracle (USA) and team Australia) when oh, look who arrives… Monique! Gizelle is shocked and says nothing to Monique. Karen is trying to be peacemaker. Not surprisingly, in a split screen of Gizelle and Monique, they are both rolling their eyes and heads. Karen needs to stop meddling. Gizelle doesn’t even want to go anymore.

Commercial 3 – 29 minutes to go: Brief comment about the America’s Cup. I watched the races when the competition was in San Francisco 4 years ago. It was amazing and fun. We could see team Oracle’s boat from ATT Park while at San Francisco Giants games. I always poo pooed sailing because it seemed like an uppity hobby, but I took a lesson and it was so much fun and now I want a sail boat. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with any boat. Sail boats wouldn’t be the smartest on the river here in Sacramento. But up in Lake Tahoe? Or out on San Francisco Bay? Man, I wish money grew on trees!

Again, thanks for reading this first half, and I will finish the second half tomorrow!

Night, night, Lovelies!



Southern Charm: Boys Gone Wild

First off – love the new name!! It’s pretty perfect.

We see Shep cleaning his frat house and whining, Craig sleeping while Naomi goes to work, Kathryn at a spa, Landon walking her dog and back to a clean house with Shep!

Cameran calls Chelsea to get together and turns out that Kathryn and Chelsea are going shopping for clothes for the photo shoot. Cam is joining in because she’s all impressed with the new Kathryn.

Thomas shows up at JD’s restaurant and it’s a nice place. He orders Thomas a Gentry and coke. Still not available near me so I don’t believe it is legit personally!! Has anyone tried or even seen this?  We flash back to Kathryn on the phone asking Thomas to let her do the shoot but dang if her voice didn’t sound messed up. I judge not (LIE!).  Thomas mentions he’s into Landon. JD isn’t a fan of Landon and Thomas.

Now we see Landon and her dad. He is a real estate developer and she knows she has to have tangible plans with him. Pops has a proposal for Landon, oh shit girl may have to actually work!!!! Pops and his partner need to be in ATL and wants her to be on the property every day and her commission would be $400k! He, Mr Landon’s dad… I can be free!!!! She says she was hoping to make a living thru the website lol. He says some stuff and all I took away was that hope doesn’t pay the bills.  She is whining and crying about how she doesn’t want to give up her loser website that doesn’t do much of anything. Girl, dry your tears and get a real job! Daddy is about to cut the purse strings if you don’t! It isn’t about “betting” on you, it’s about being in your mid-30s with no real job.

Cameran shows up to Shep’s house where he is reading in his clean house and awake at noon. He looks like hell!!! So bad! Pale, wrinkled, under eye circles and bags, very bad.  Ugh, I am tuning out Cam’s lecture about getting in a relationship to Shep. I just can’t. I am beginning to feel that this entire season is just one big set up for his new show.

Kathryn, Chelsea and Cameran are shopping. She wants to look somewhere between party girl and fun mom and market herself as a “J Crew Bitch” – I don’t like her. Cameran is running up and hugging her calling her sister. Oh, I am not the only one who thinks it is weird, Kathryn’s candid had her saying just that. Cam and Chelsea have wine and Cam actually asks Chelsea if they should offer Kathryn some alcohol (REALLY?????) and Chelsea doesn’t think they should even drink in front of her. Cam is gonna live her life! I actually love the striped short suit Kathryn is wearing. Chelsea tells Cameran her body is going to shit after the babies and should do a sexy photo shoot. The first outfit is ugly in my opinion! Now Cameran is inviting them all to Key West…. Thomas is invited too and so is Landon. Now Cameran is telling Chelsea all about Shep being passed out at 1. UGH! Next outfit is hideous too. The little skater dress is ok I guess.  None say between party girl and fun mom to me!

Austen is picking up Chelsea and she looks super cute. I really don’t care for this storyline. Now they are meeting the parents. Now she’s telling Austen all about how Shep tried to kiss her 2 or 3 times while Austen was right in the bar. Supposedly he said that she and Shep have all this chemistry and she and Austen are a joke and Austen is into Landon instead. She asks him if something is going on with him and Landon but he stumbles his way through his denial. He doesn’t want to do the drinks with the guys now. Why did we not see this on camera?

Guys night out with Shep, Austen, Craig and Whitney. Austen can’t believe that Shep isn’t embarrassed with his behavior towards Chelsea.  Naturally, Shep knows some of the girls in the bar. Austen says Chelsea regaled him with a tale of Shep about him trying to kiss her. Shep smilingly says it was a test to see if he was true. Craig chimes in that he tried to get with Naomi the 1st time he brought her around and he’d probably try to have sex with whomever he marries. Whitney says in his defense Austen and Chelsea aren’t even going out and it is pointed out that neither of them will admit they are in a relationship. Bunch of arguing between Shep and Austen about who had dibs on her first. This is so ridiculous. Then Austen saying they aren’t dating. Have I mentioned how ridiculous this entire storyline is? I believe it to be a storyline vs a reality. Now Shep has said there is no way he would make Chelsea go anywhere with him and he doesn’t force women. Craig says Austen is shoving a mirror in Shep’s face and Shep doesn’t like who he sees. Next bar and some guy named Beau is there. Shep sits on Craig’s lap – I am so over the entire scene. WTF!!! Whitney is doing a candid in a freaking black satin 3 piece suit!!!!! Beau says he’s trying to defend Shep but what happened. Now something about money coming up – I guess Shep alluded to Austen not having enough money for Chelsea while in Charlotte. It is about to come to blows and Shep is walking away.  Whitney is sitting like an old lady eyeing up the whole thing.

Kathryn is at the photographer’s place. Amy, the photographer has no voice. Chelsea comes in to do hair and makeup I guess.  The pants she bought for Kenzie are huge! Thomas is dropping Kenzie off for the shoot. She is thankful that Thomas is allowing this. OMG Thomas looks like hell too. It’s amazing how different Kathryn looks with hair and makeup done. Kanzie is having a blast! It’s an adorable shoot to be honest. Kenzie runs up to Thomas more than once. Oh good grief, Kathryn is talking about how nice it is that they are together as a family. Oh, Kenzie grabs on to Kathryn and says mommy’s car and runs to Kathryn’s. She doesn’t want to leave her. This is breaking my heart. She is in the car and refusing to come out. Thomas has to forcibly put her in his car and talking to her the entire time. Kathryn keeps hovering. That was bad. So much for those who say the kids didn’t bond with Kathryn. That looks pretty bonded to me. Kathryn is crying and she tells Chelsea what happened. She’s crying about how she took responsibility and paid her price for what she did and wants her kids back. I get it. I can’t imagine not having my daughter with me all the time. But we know she relapsed. I wonder how much of that was because of filming this show.

Cameran is stopping by Chelsea’s house. Talk of the trip to Key West. Chelsea is telling Cam about Shep’s behavior at the Commodore and trying to kiss her. Cameran still thinks that Shep likes Chelsea. I am not sure about this at all. I believe this to be 100% storyline and nothing more. Something about Shep, entitlement, facing consequences, growing up, etc.

Craig and Naomi at the therapist. She asks if he just woke up and he, in a very gravelly voice, says kind of a low blow right off the bat. He sounds like he literally crawled out of bed. OMG so they were at Patricia’s and she is telling a joke about Craig (which he says is  a lie for laughs at his expense). She told him she wanted to become a pescatarian. He said he didn’t think they were that religious. He was thinking God and she just wanted to stop eating meat and poultry. So cute! He goes on again about how she is constantly on everyone else’s side other than his. OK, so I have never heard someone go on so much about not being on their side! Flashbacks to all her issues with him. OMG He was trading in the off shore market until 4am because he didn’t have to get up for anything. Um, what about being awake for her? He is calling her constantly negative. She says he thinks he’s the most amazing person. He starts yelling at her in therapy.  Oh good Dr Not Phil tells him to stop yelling. He is carrying on about how she’s putting him down all the time. She says, if this is who you are then go be yourself but not with me because I don’t like who you are.

Shep and Cameran meet on some deck. He admits to trying to kiss her. He doesn’t remember this. Dude, you may have a drinking problem if you have black outs. Shep’s face when Cameran asks if he is jealous of Austen and he totally loses it. And………. scene.

Previews show him talking and apologizing to Chelsea, Craig and Naomi arguing, Austen ranting about Shep again to Chelsea, Kathryn and Cameran talking about how Thomas took Landon on a 3 day trip and Cam totally gets why Kathryn is pissed. At some dinner Craig says in Naomi’s ear that if she continues to correct him they need to separate tonight (DO IT!!! I AM OVER THIS) and then Kathryn and Landon talking and Thomas’ face when Landon says he uses her as a weapon against Kathryn was epic.

I refuse to get my hopes up that next week will be better. I think I end every single recap with how I can’t wait for the following week because it is finally going to get good but then it doesn’t.  It’s so boring right now.  A bunch of manufactured drama. Just this week Naomi has posted 4 photos of her and Craig on instagram, so I am guessing this is all just acting.

What did everyone else think?


Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle “Wrote” a Book. Yawn.

I’m putting “wrote” in quotations because I’m not so sure Jenelle has ever even read a book, and you know someone ghost wrote this POS. It’s an autobiography-she’s 25-but I suppose it could be said she’s lived a lot of life in these 25 years. I mean, 6 or 7 arrests, 3 kids with 3 baby daddys (she always ends up hating the BD, just sayin) a big huge “custody battle) with Babs that she lost THANK GOD, a mystery illness that was brought on by her birth control, come to find out (she didn’t like that discovery-she was thinking more along the lines of MS, Lyme-nope, just hormonal).

I won’t be reading this garbage. I saw a snippet in DM glamourizing the father that abandoned her and to this day wants nothing to do with her-Babs did all the hard work AND raises her son, but the ungrateful little simp still shits all over her mother-the one who was THERE.

I’m not a Jenelle fan and never will be. She continues to act like a selfish entitled brat with zero insight and is one of the most immature, neglectful, ignorant mothers on the show.

How do I really feel? 😂
DM link below:

Talk soon Lovelies

New Cover FX Awesomeness!

After much hemming and hawing, I finally decided to just take the plunge and get the Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation. I got the shade N20 because I’m never completely positive of my undertones (warm? Cool? Who knows?) so I went with neutral. It has a medium to full buildable coverage, blendable as heck, and leaves such a beautiful finish-it was worth all 40$.

It’s a squeeze top rather than a pump-I have no preference myself. It’s thick, but not too thick. Runny foundation makes me nervous, this consistency is perfect.

I’m really happy with this foundation, overall.

Next-I have been eyeballing this product for literally months, and gone back and forth because it’s not cheap (I really love it-but it’s 42$-but you can use it in so many ways-but it’s only a half ounce-Allie, a little hoes a loooong what, it’ll last forever$ so FINE!!

The Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops have found a place in my collection.

And I don’t regret it. Highlighter and related products are my faaaaavorite, you can wear this alone, add it to foundation-and it is stunning. I got it in Moonlight-and a tiny drop takes you FAR.

That’s actually kind of a big drop-but here’s the payoff:

So gorgeous. I haven’t tried it in my foundation yet but you know I will.
So those were my only makeup purchases for this month. What is wrong with me? 😜

Talk soon Lovelies