July Boxycharm Spoilers **UPDATE*


They’re already spilling the July Boxycharm Spoilers, and the first one is a beaut.

The first spoiler is:

Boxycharm x blinc Electric Eyes Eyeshadow Palette-retails for 45$.
I love it-and this alone more than pays for the monthly sub fee!
I will update this as more spoilers are revealed.

Thanks to DupeThat for the image/info.


We’ve got a second spoiler!
July’s Boxycharm will also have Bare Minerals Prep Step-a primer with 50 SPF, and retails for 30$.

Thanks to My Subscription Addiction for the info.

Keep checking-I’ll post as they come in.

Talk soon, Lovelies

June Boxycharm

My June Boxycharm FINALLY landed in my mailbox today-it shipped on like, June 7. I feel like it stopped every 100 feet! Anyway, it was worth the wait.

This month’s theme is “Downtown Charm”. Cute, right?

First-the Real Her Palette.

In the box



I received the nude collection. It swatches nicely, seems pretty pigmented. The lighter colors actually show up way better in person:

I think I’ll like playing with this palette and I wanted the nude one. So, that’s a win. This retails for 28$.
Next, the Luxie Rose Gold Pro Precision Tapered Face Brush

As usual, I love this brush. It’s great for highlighter or brushing away extra setting powder, and Luxie brushes are bomb. Retails for 24$.
Diamond Glow Powder by Artist Couture



This powder is SO PRETTY. It’s intense, so if you use it as highlight be aware if you tend to be heavy handed. You can brush this loose powder on your collarbone, shoulders, wherever you want a little shimmer. It’s beautiful-a gold tone, but not glitter.

This retails for 26.99$
Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Lipstick

I received the shade Santa Ana, which is the one I wanted, yay. It’s a berry-wine color, gorgeous.

This is probably one of the best liquid lip formulas out there. It’s not drying, it’s not thick, nor is it runny. It smells AWESOME, like a light vanilla scent. Not overpowering either. I absolutely love this formula. Retails for 19.90$.
Last, but not least! 3 Biobelle Cosmetics sheet masks.

There are 3 different types: one called “I Woke Up Like This” which has wild rose and vitamin C, and enhances skin’s natural glow. The next Mask has pomegranate and hyaluronic acid and is called “#1 Beauty Secret”. This one moisturizers and helps skin appear smooth and firm. The last one has tea tree oil, rosehip extract and vitamin C and is a primer for before you apply your makeup. Sounds neat-I’m definitely trying that. These 3 retail for 14.97$ total.


And there you have it, June’s Boxycharm! I’m happy with it, the Ofra lip is a great product, the palette and powder are promising. I always love me some Luxie brushes. The value of this box is 114$. That’s on the lower value end of what I’ve received but I’m fine with that-for 21$ a month? Can’t complain.

Talk Soon Lovelies

June Boxycharm Full Spoilers!

Don’t read if you want to be surprised-I ruin my surprise every month because I can’t stand the suspense.

You already know about the Real Her palettes and the Ofra liquid lipsticks.

All subscribers will also receive either a Luxie Rose Gold Pro Precision tapered face brush-retails at 24$


Aesthetica Pro Series Tapered Highlight and blending brush-retails at 21$.

These are awesome brushes for highlighting and under eye setting powder, FYI.

The rest of the spoilers are:

Artist Couture Diamond Powder in Illuminati-it looks to be a loose powder highlight. Not blinding though, something you can use for a body shimmer as well. Retails for 27$.

Biobelle Beauty Secret Mask-a sheet mask. Retails for 5$.

There may be variations in the last 2, but there you have it!

What are you looking forward to in your June Boxycharm?

Talk soon Lovelies

June Boxycharm Spoilers

I’ve only got 2 so far but I will post them as I get them. As usual, if you don’t want to know what you’re getting, stop reading now! 😘

The first spoiler is The Real Her Play Book Palette. There are 3 variations of this palette: Smokey Violet, Perfect Basics, and Nude Collection. There 9 shadows and they retail for 28$. The one pictured below is the smokey violet one.


Next spoiler-you’ll receive one of 2 Ofra liquid lips, either in the shade Tuscany or Santa Ana. These lippies retail for 19.90$. Swatches below.


Santa Ana
I’m kind of hoping for Santa Ana-I have at least 10 Tuscany type shades, but I’ll be happy with either.

I will keep posting spoilers as they come in, so check back!

Talk soon, Lovelies

My May Boxycharm

I was happier than I thought I would be-here we go!

The theme this month is “Makeup Is Art”. True story.

First, I’ve got a round contour paddle brush from Crown Pro. TBH I’ll be using this for foundation. It comes with a cover, which is nice. The bristles are SO SOFT. Totally can’t wait to try this. Retails for $24.99. Score!

Next, we have Convertible Brow by The Browgal-it’s a powder/pomade duo that dry is a powder, wet is a pomade. You can mix the colors to get a perfect match. I’m pretty dedicated to my brow pencil but I’ll give this a whirl. Retail price is $35.

It does come with a Brow Brush, also from The Browngal. It’s double ended with a spoolie on one end, angled brow brush on the other. Retails for $14.

I’ve got a Contour Palette from IBY Beauty-let me just say I’m so happy I got this-the other option that’s in some Boxycharms (you got either or) was a cream Contour palette which only retailed for $12. This one is $40, I’m greedy. It’s got 3 highlight and 3 contour shades. I didn’t really bother swatching because I feel like matte contour is matte contour. The highlights, however, are minimal with the shimmer and quite chalky. Not obsessed.

Last but in no way least, the product I’ve been coveting-Liquid Glow by Temptu. It’s a limited edition collab between Temptu and Boxycharm. I believe Temptu’s main focus is airbrushing, this is their first hand-applied product. WARNING-there’s a stopper type thing in the top so DONT squeeze hard or it’s going to explode. It’s really pretty, sort of a champagne rose-gold, you can add it to your foundation or moisturizer or use it on its own. It’s not blinding but more of a subtle glow. Retail is $29.50.


So there you have it, May Boxycharm. The total retail value for this box is $143.49. Dayum-that’s amazing, Boxycharm!!! I don’t know how they do it but keep on.

Talk soon Lovelies


May Boxycharm Spoilers UPDATED

✨✨Do not read if you want your May Boxycharm to be a surprise✨✨

My subscription addiction (www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com ) posts monthly spoilers and I’m a person that can’t wait. I’m a peeker, yes I am. That said, here are some spoilers for May’s Boxycharm that I’m so excited about:

A large Paddle Brush from Crown:


It’s SO funny because my daughter and I were just talking about how we wanted to try one of these. Thanks, BC!

The Convertible Brow from The Brow Gal


This looks really interesting and I’ll absolutely try it. Hopefully it comes in my shade. 🤞🏻

Each box will have one or the other of these:

IBY Contour and Highlight Palette:

Highlight & Contour Palette


Beauty Creations Cosmetics Cream Contour Palette:


I’d prefer the IBY, if you’re listening, Boxycharm 😘

So that’s what’s out there so far-there was a hint for spoiler #4 which looks like a highlighter or some kind of illuminating cream something.

And here’s spoiler #4, which I’m so excited for:


A liquid glow Highlighter in the shade Cosmos, which is described as a rose-gold hue. You can add this to your foundation, use it alone-reminds me of the Cover FX stuff. Yay!!! Another score-

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for y’all 💜

Talk soon Lovelies


April Boxycharm

My Boxycharm finally made it into my life on Tuesday. Oh Boxycharm, how I love thee. Never ever disappointed. This month’s theme is Boho Glow. So let’s talk about this month’s goodies, shall we?

First up-3 piece PÜR Contour Blending Sponges. These are even more awesome 1) because I really needed new ones, and 2) they have a slanted side which makes application of foundation/concealer that much easier. I’m thrilled. They retail for 36$.

Next, Ofra Highlighter in Rodeo Drive. Yessssss. This is their most popular shade and I see why. It’s a champagne-y color and blinding. Y’all KNOW how I feel about highlighters. It’s gorgeous and retails for 35$. Swatched below.

I’m kind of bummed about this next one-most everyone got this Hairgurt Strawberry Banana shampoo that I REALLLLLLY was looking forward to trying, but alas, ”tis not to be. Instead I’ve got the Farmacy Brightening Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask. There are 3 masks, and it retails for 24$.

I got me a lip gloss by Noya in the shade Malbec-it’s a sheer berry gloss, it’s pretty and will look nice alone or over another color. Swatched below and retails for 16$.

Last, but certainly not least, Measurable Difference Concealer Palette. There are 16 shades, and I’m gonn be perfectly honest? I’m not quite sure WTF to do with this. Do you mix the colors? Only use the ones that are your tone? Use the darker ones as contour? I just don’t get it, tbh. It retails for 19.99$.

So this month’s Boxycharm has a value of 131.00$ which never stops blowing my mind for 22$ a month. Why wouldn’t you Boxycharm? My hits are the sponges and the highlighter.

What was in your Boxycharm for April?

Talk soon Lovelies












Boxycharm March 2017

Finally it got here!!! This is the latest it’s ever been delivered. I don’t like that-I’m impatient as hell 😊 ok, on with it.

This month’s theme is Creepy Cute. First we’ve got a Crown Kabuki Fan Brush. Soft bristles, it’s nice. Retails for $18.99


Next some Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I’ve got so much of this stuff between samples, etc. It comes in plastic for anyone who trades, so you can tell if it’s ever been opened. Not full size, it’s 15 mls and retails for $16.00. Damn, for this tiny thing? Ok.


We’ve got a 3 shadow palette from naked cosmetics, called the Urban Rustic Palette.

It’s got a mirror, which is nice-the colors are bright and pigmented. You’d have to use them with colors from another palette, but they’re cool. Different.

That’s all just one swipe, so holy pigment. This retails for $39.99.


Now a matte liquid lipstick by Real Her. It’s officially called Real Her in Ladylove Matte Liquid Lipstick.

All of the colors are named for female empowerment and the company donates 20% of all proceeds to AAUW, “a non-profit advancing equity for women and girls thru scholarship, leadership, advocacy, education and research”. Nice!

The actual products have positive affirmations printed on them, as you can see.

There’s the swatch, and you can see the color through the writing on the packaging. Retails for $15.00. Side note-this lipstick is smudge, soap, scrub, all of it proof. 


Lastly, a lip liner from the same company. It’s in the color I Am Unstoppable.

It’s really close to the lipstick as far as color, and super creamy. Really nice!! Retails for $12.50.

So the value of this month’s Boxycharm is $102.50. Not as much as previous month’s but still damn good for 22$ a month, seriously.

I love Boxycharm. I do I do I do.

Talk soon Lovelies


Boxycharm Un-boxing

Ugh-FINALLY it came!  I feel like it took forever. It’s a pretty decent one! Let’s begin, shall we?

The Reflecting Gloss from Juice Beauty retails for 15$ It’s organic, has acai and goji berries, also minerals and sweet agave.


It’s your typical gloss-nothing mind-blowing but not horrible either.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow pans (2) retails for 12$ cruelty free, 6$ each. The colors are Prom Night and Cherry Cola


Prom Night

Cherry Cola

Small Z Palette retails for 14$

This was made exclusively for Boxycharm- it’s got an open-faced magnetic base so you can add as many as 9 pans, including the 2 Makeup Geek pans included in this box.

Omnia Eye Kit retails for 29.98$ gold and rose gold natural hair brushes-this set has a shader brush and a detail brush. These are actually really nice brushes.

Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion Retails for 79$

I can’t wait to try this shit-for 80$? It’s gotta be good, right?

The total value of this box is 150$. That’s pretty damn good for a 20$ box-Boxycharm hasn’t let me down yet. I’m pretty impressed!

Talk soon, Lovelies