RHOC Season 13 Premiere

Season 13 is upon us! Shannon and Kelly are divorced, Vicki is still going strong with the cop, and Tamra/Eddie just bought a new unfinished house.

Shannon is complaining that her life is sooo different because she had to go from a 14,000 sf home to a 4000 sf home-cry me a damn river. That’s still a big ass house, lady. Kelly went from a big ole house she sold for 5$ million to a 2 bedroom townhouse, but she’s got a way better attitude about it.

Vicki looks weird. I know she’s had a lot of work done, obvie, but her mouth-something is way off with her mouth. It looks like the relationships between Vicki and Tamra/Shannon have improved, but let’s see if Vicki can keep her weird mouth shut.

David has a new girlfriend that’s 20 years younger, are we surprised? We saw this coming since the vow renewal, even if Shannon didn’t. She either had to forgive the affair or not, but trying to get her pound of flesh every day was never going to end well. Shannon is trying to be positive though. I like Shannon-I want to see her happy and at peace.

Eddie has A-Fib, a super fun cardiac condition that’s actually pretty common. He’s having “heart surgery” but I’m not sure if it’s a maze procedure or what. It’s funny-not too many people are happy for the Tamra/Vicki reunion. Vicki calls Tamra to find out about Eddie’s surgery and Ryan makes the best stinkface I’ve seen in a while. I’m on Ryan’s dude, honestly. Vicki is Vicki and she can’t help herself. She can’t not gossip, she can’t not spread rumors-so we’ll see how long this lasts.

We see a lot of Kelly’s daughter Jolie this season, we’ve never seen much of her in the past. She’s 11 and is the spitting image of her mom. Kelly looks really good-I think divorce served her well. Maybe she’ll unblock me on Twitter 🤭🤗

We are meeting one of the new housewives, Emily-she’s Tamras friend and everyone in her family drives Tesla’s. She’s an attorney/party planner! Tamra and Emily haven’t hung out in a while because Emily was hanging out with Tamra archenemies Ricky and Gretchen. But Emily went to therapy and wants to fix the friendship. Ricky is Tamras exfriend who helped spread the Gay Eddie rumors, and Gretchen is, well, Gretchen.

Emily has 3 little kids-a 5 year old daughter and 3 year old twin boys. She’s from Ohio and needed free lunches at school when she was a child. Her husband Shane is an attorney as well. They didn’t date, the just got married. Her 3 year old boys are still in cribs. 🤔 Maybe to confine them? Hmm.

Shannon has to clean up dog poo. Archie is a big dog too. She’s renting but not going to stay in the rental. She’s still wearing her wedding rings-Tamra is all, no, honey-just, no. Shannon is having difficulty with David moving on so fast. He had been communicating with the new girlfriend while still married. Omg, I can’t believe he’d do that! Kidding. He was a dirty dog.

Shannon will feel naked without her rings-but all of a sudden needs to take them off. They’re stuck-bring out the soap! It’s really jammed on there. Success!! It’s off. Good riddance.

Everyone is doing a rope course, it’s a trust building exercise. Yawn. So far the highlight is Vicki falling on her ass. The ladies climb, scream, whine, encourage-what you’d expect from drama queens on a rope course.

Is this a kinder, gentler Kelly Dodd? Has Vicki learned her big-mouth lesson? Will Shannon move on and be ok? Is the friendship between Vicki-Tamra-Shannon mended? I guess we have to find out, y’all.

Talk soon Lovelies



Did Luann Steal From Her Kids?!?

RHONY’s Luann De Lesseps just can’t catch a break. Her ex husband Alexandre De Lesseps and her 2 children Victoria and Noel have filed a lawsuit against her for breaking the terms of her divorce judgement and failing to set up a trust for the 2 kids.

Apparently in the divorce decree, Luann got the Bridgehampton, NY home, and was supposed to set up a trust for the children from the interest in the home. Instead, she sold it for 8 million dollars, and bought a 3.1 million dollar home in Sag Harbor with the proceeds.

According to the lawsuit, she’s threatening to heavily mortgage or sell the Sag Harbor home in order to purchase another home in upstate NY. The lawsuit seeks to prevent her from mortgaging or selling the Sag Harbor home.

Luuuu!? What the heck?? Not cool-hopefully they can resolve this and move on, but it’s never a good sign when your kids have to resort to suing you.

Talk soon Lovelies


Colourpop No Filter Foundation

You all know how I feel about Colourpop-absolutely adore them. I’m a huge fan of the No Filter Concealer, so when the No Filter Foundation was released, well. You already know.

There are a ton of shades. A TON. While I love the inclusivity and think it’s way overdue, it makes it so hard to choose a shade. In my experience the concealer is lighter in person than the pictures online-not knowing if the foundation would be the same, I tried to shade match as best I could, and went with Fair 15. Now that I have it, I could have gone with 20 or even 25, but the 15 will do.

The consistency is way thinner than I expected, but when I tell you a little goes a long way? I cannot stress just how true that is-this isn’t a full pump, it’s less than less of a half pump:

And once you spread it:

The coverage is insane. It’s definitely medium to full-an entire pump will probably cover your whole face.

It’s good stuff-and for 12$, can’t go wrong.

I also got the translucent setting powder:

It’s small-here it is next to my Laura Mercier for reference:

That doesn’t bother me though. It comes in Transluscent, Banana, and Transluscent Deep, and costs 9$.

It’s pretty finely milled-I’m impressed.

To complete the set, I also ordered the No Filter Sheer Matte Pressed Powder in the shade Fair.

The pressed powder comes in 6 shades, and costs 9$.

If you haven’t at least tried the No Filter Concealer, I recommend it-it’s a good dupe for Tarte Shape Tape in my opinion.

I’ll keep y’all posted on the No Filter performance…

Talk soon Lovelies


July Ipsy Glam Bag

It’s that time again-Ipsy Glam Bag reveal. Have the items they pick for me improved? The jury is still out.

This month’s bag is actually pretty cool. It’s an iridescent blue, and the texture is sort of…slippery? Not sure how else to describe it..

It’s cute! The lining is blue as well:

First thing we’ve got is a mask by Feel:

The Feel Restored Warming Clay Mask. The packaging is definitely cool-I like the pouch concept.

It’s got a light fragrance, nothing heavy-and the consistency isn’t super thick. I’ll definitely use this.


I also received an Elizabeth Mott tapered blending brush:

I am ALWAYS down for brushes. I have built my brush collection like you’d not believe-I’m very happy. This brush retails for 7$.


Next, an Ofra single shadow in the shade in Exquisite-

It’s obviously a black, it’s got silver glitter throughout-but the swatch is patchy and meh-

Just not the blackest of blacks. It would be good for the lower lashline, I think. This pan retails for 7$. Would I have ever purchased this? Nope. But I’ll try it out.


Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about Wander Beauty, I feel like they sort of came out of nowhere.

This is their Glowtion-it’s an illuminating lotion (the shade is called Celestial) that you can apparently use alone for an all over glow, or add to your foundation. It’s scented which I wasn’t expecting, but the scent isn’t heavy, it’s actually quite pleasant.


Last, Manna Kadar Cosmetics Flawless Finish Dual powder in Flawless Linen:

It’s fine-I mean, it’s a pressed finishing powder, what’s there to say? I’ll probably set it aside to give to my niece though-I have so many powders it’s not funny.

Seems a bit dark for the lightest shade? 🤷🏼‍♀️

And there it is, July’s Ipsy Glam Bag. They have not been wowing me these past few months. I’m not ready to cancel yet, though. I’m clinging to hope that the products they curate for me improve. It’s crazy, because when I see the products for the month in all Glam Bags, I get a little jealous-Huda, Laura Mercier, First Aid Beauty, Briogeo, Makeup Forever, Smashbox… none of that for me. Ever. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I think my favorites are the mask and the blending brush. The rest….meh.

Talk soon Lovelies


Well, I Caved. Jeffree Star Made Me Do It.

I’ve been eyeing this palette since it’s February release-I’ve even put it in my shopping cart but chickened out. I went back and forth- it’s so pretty, the shades are crazy, it’s going to be such great quality, it’s expensive Allie, I can do a ton of different looks, how are you going to do something tame enough for daytime? A friend of mine bought it a few weeks ago, I saw some of the looks she created and that did it for me, the day finally came where I could deny it no more:

The Jeffrey Star Blood Sugar Palette.

First, the packaging. Holy cats. I think it’s probably the nicest, fanciest packaging I’ve seen yet and that I own. It’s stunning-it’s solid but not too heavy, the clasps are great, keeps it tightly closed, and it also came very well padded:

There was pink (of course) bubble wrap under the tissue paper.

And here are a few photos of the packaging:

It’s heavy, sturdy and really really well made. I love the clasps, the whole thing is bomb AF.

Now for the innards:

Gorgeous. I’m in love. This is a REALLY NICE palette, and I gotta hand it to Jeffree Star Cosmetics. ::golf clap::

Time for swatches…they’ll go from the top row, left to right and up my arm from elbow to wrist.


Glucose, Sugarcane, Cake Mix, Ouch, Donor, Intravenous


Candy Floss, Tongue Pop, Sweetener, Cavity, O Positive, Root Canal


Prick, Cherry Soda, Fresh Meat, Blood Sugar, Extraction, Coma


This palette is mostly mattes with 14, 2 shimmers and 2 hybrid shimmer/satins. The foil shimmers are Donor and Sweetener, the hybrids are Candy Floss and Blood Sugar.

I’m super happy with this-high quality shadows, beautifully blendable and just so well done. It’s not cheap-52$ off of Jeffree Star Cosmetics website, with shipping it was almost 58$. It’s available on the morphe site as well, and I believe you can use one of the zillion influencers codes to get 10% off. It’s worth every single penny.

Talk soon Lovelies


Best Drugstore Palette So Far

My best friend often sends me little care packages (she lives 1300 miles away) and in the one I got yesterday was a little gem I never would have bought on my own, and I would have been missing OUT. I generally don’t buy drug store eyeshadow palettes-I’m not sure why I have the aversion, maybe because back in the day they all usually sucked so that’s what I expect? I’m wrong.

I give you the The L’Oréal Paradise Enchanted palette.

It’s peach scented, similar to the Too Faced Peach stuff-but the scent is sweeter I would say, and not unpleasant at all.

When I dipped my finger in to swatch I was shocked at how soft the shadows are-even, dare I say-buttery?

Here are the swatches top row to bottom, from elbow to wrist direction. The shades don’t have names, just numbers.

1, 2, 3


4, 5, 6


7, 8, 9

10, 11, 12


Really-I highly recommend this if you need a good peachy/neutral palette. The shadows are really soft so expect some fallout, but not Subculture level.

This palette retails for 14.99$ at drugstores, Walmart, etc. It’s definitely not hard to find. It’s a leeeeetle bit pricey for a drugstore palette, I feel like, but the quality is there.

Talk soon, Lovelies


August Boxycharm Update *Brand Spoiler*!! (and a little about July)

I’m kinda excited about August’s Boxy confirmed spoilers. These 2 brands will be in every August box:


I’m not sure what Laura Lee will be doling out-it can’t be a palette, I’d fall over in shock-my guess is a liquid lip from her collection. I’m drowning in liquid lipsticks, but I’ll try it. Smashbox could be anything-primer, the primerizer spray stuff-but you know when I know, you’ll know.

July’s box. Sigh. It’s not that great in my opinion, guys. You get EITHER the crown brush palette OR the tarte spray, and EITHER the Farmacy mask OR the Dr Brandt under eye depuffer. I’m not excited about any of those. The rest of the items are a blush from a company I’ve never heard of, a mascara from Wander Cosmetics (who I’ve never heard of) and a brow cream from Chella (which I’ve gotten before in Ipsy or Boxy). I didn’t mind the brow cream, but a lot of people did not love it. So I’m not feeling July. Hopefully August makes up for it-so far, so good.

Talk soon Lovelies


Happy 4th of July!

I hope y’all have a safe and happy holiday, and enjoy whatever it is you’re doing-cookout, swimming, fireworks, or just plain relaxing. It’s way too hot out for me, so I’m staying in the air conditioned house and reading. Big partier, I know. I just can’t get down with the 95 degree heat index 116 crap. I’m not tolerant enough.

Every 4th of July that’s passed, never really made me pause and think about what the day really means. The current atmosphere in this country definitely made me think for a change. I will not get political, I just won’t do it. However, I don’t believe that the way things are going is what the Committee Of Five had in mind when they drafted the Declaration of Independence.

I’m tired, y’all. I’m so tired of how divided we all are, I’m tired of the nastiness, I’m tired of the cruelty, all of which are seemingly common everyday regular way of life now. Racism is seemingly emboldened like never before, with very little measurable or worthy consequence. This isn’t who we are supposed to be-yet line after line keeps getting crossed, things I never thought I would ever see. And I don’t see it getting better.

I don’t know what the answer is, or what the fix is-or if any of it is even fixable in my lifetime. I do know we can’t go on like this much longer. I love my country and I’ve always been proud to be an American-but I can’t stand watching what’s becoming of us. I still have some hope, however, that the common thread and fiber that links us all together and keeps us strong is still there, buried. We’ve survived a lot over the past 242 years, and we’ve still got some fight in us.

Stay cool, y’all. Happy Independence Day. 🎇🎆

Talk soon Lovelies


Little Tiny Sephora Mini Haul

I got a 50$ gift card to Sephora last week, and since I’m not a gigantic fan of going to the mall, I figured I’d use it online. It was definitely going to take some shopping cart acrobatics to use as much of the 50$ as possible, but I did pretty darn good. I got up to 49.64$. Aw yeah 💪🏻

I’ve been hearing about the Bobbi Brown Face Base for months and months, people rave and love it, so of course I wanted to check it out. The regular size though? 60$. That’s an expensive try. Luckily Sephora sells minis of a lot of popular products, so I ordered just that:

It was 20$, which I can spend without cringing, and honestly if i like it, I’m just going to continue buying the 20$ size.

It’s not itty bitty, the packaging is NICE, it’s heavy and they didn’t skimp.

The consistency is the kind I really like, it’s not too thick and not too thin, and it feels slightly waxy/silicone-y like a primer does, but it feels more moisturizing if that makes sense. And the smell. Oh em gee. It smells like a light sweet lemon, like a lemon baked good, but it’s not pledge-y (sometimes lemon scented products can smell like cleaners to me). Definitely a good choice.


I’m always on the hunt for beauty sponges, and these are super cute. They tear in half for better application as well. I REFUSE to pay 20$ for one Beauty Blender, I’m not gonna do it, especially when I’ve found some awesome AF sponges for a buck or 2. But 20$? For the name? Nope. Not me.


I’ve been hearing so much about this stuff:

It’s a mini as well, with the same thought process of not wanting to pay full price just to try something. It’s got to be easier than having to wash brushes constantly to switch colors. I’ll give a report on how well it works!


Now for the samples, freebies, and point redemption goodies. And there are a few.

Yessss-a trial size of Fenty Pro Filter Foundation! There was a code to enter at checkout for this and I was all too eager-I’ve been wanting to try this but didn’t want to have to buy a full size-then I’m stuck with a 32$ foundation that doesn’t work for me. I’ve been in Sephora several times and swatched the Fenty, reswatched with different shades, put it in my shopping bag, put it back on the shelf, swatched it-you get the picture. This trial size saves the day. I squirted a drop on my wrist to see if the shade matched well (it did) and was surprised at how full coverage it seems. Very excited to try this out.

Next, got me a sample size of Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquid Lip-it’s in the shade Demi-Glace. It’s beautiful actually, a chocolate mauve I’d say?

It smells like chocolate mint. Really happy with this shade, and I’ve been wanting to try Bite Beauty, so win win.

I got a Barbie sized sample of Dior moisturizer-the full-size is something like 68$, a big no way. It’s tiny-

You know what? I’m unimpressed. It’s got a light, not overpowering perfume-like scent, the moisturizer itself is rather thin as well. I’ll take the Bum Bum cream or even Dove over this any day. No bueno.

I got one of these little Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serums last year as my “birthday gift” from Sephora and I LOVE it. I used every last drop. So, needless to say I was pretty happy to spend 100 points for it.

It’s a great little serum. I’m a fan of the Caudalie brand anyway, but this is truly nice. I’m not sure how much the full size is but I’m fairly certain I’m allergic to the price.

Lastly, I got some foundation samples from Makeup Forever and CoverFX (there’s a sample of IT cleanser in there too):

I own the CoverFX Natural Finish Foundation and I really do like it-so I’ve wanted to try the new Power Play so I lucked out, it appears.

I’ve heard good things about the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation as well-we shall see!

That’s my itty bitty mini haul-it’s mostly samples and trial sizes, funnily enough, and I’m ok with that because I love me some samples and trial sizes. On first pass it seems the only dud is the Dior Moisturizer, and I can honestly say I’m not surprised. The name on the product does NOT always mean quality. I’m just glad I didn’t have to pay 70$ in that case to find out!

Stay cool, y’all-it’s toasty out there.

Talk soon, Lovelies


How Did I Miss This???

Y’all didn’t tell me that Jesus Jugs got dumped! Last week, Jim Bellino filed for divorce from former RHOC cast member Alexis Bellino. Jim was an acquired taste. From what I recall, he was über controlling of Alexis, his finances were questionable, he was not a very nice guy, and he was a douchey tool.

What is interesting is that Jim wants Alexis to pay spousal support. I thought he was all about the wife submitting to the husband and the husband is the boss of everything-I guess he wants to boss a paycheck out of her too. I wonder how their trampoline business is doing?

He set up a website, http://www.jimbellino.com to “dispel common myths about my good name”. I’m not sure anyone cares anymore, Jim-the truth is, he was shady AF and a jerk to boot. Check out the website-it’s amusing. Desperate, but amusing. I think Alexis is so much better off, I really do.

Talk soon Lovelies