Who Wants To Win The May Giveaway?

Hmmmm? You know….the 30$ gift card to Ulta or Sephora, your choice?

I bet Dee199 would like to win-good thing, cuz I just picked her name out of a hat, literally.

Congrats Dee!!! Let me know which gift card you want, Ulta or Sephora and it’ll be on its way.

Thank you to everyone who entered-keep trying because June will bring another new giveaway with another fun prize! Thank you guys for all of your support. ❤️

Talk soon Lovelies



24 thoughts on “Who Wants To Win The May Giveaway?

  1. Congratulations Dee!
    Thanks for cool giveaways Allie…even though I’ve never really entered these things I have with you and just know one day I will be the lucky one 😉

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  2. Ok, back down to earth. What would you recommend? I’ve never been to either store.
    I guess I could take a look, see what is around her or order on line, wow! I am blown away!!
    Thank you!!

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  3. Hey there, Allie, you are amazing! I got a new perfume, Flower Bomb and Sephora sent me 4 samples!! I got two foundation samples from Lancome, it’s a powder to foundation, can’t wait to try it. Then the Smasbox primer and another primer/veil from Hourglass. I have gone from no primers to 4! I didn’t like the ELF, too greasy for me. I love the Urban Decay eye primer that JaneyMae suggested.
    I can’t believe how fast it arrived!
    I am sticking with Sephora! I even earned some points. Not sure how to use them but I’ll figure it out. This is so fun!!

    Thank you thank you! I love this!!!

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    • You can get deluxe samples with the points, and they have some bomb ass products. High end, and great. Damn-they love that Smashbox primer I swear to GOD! The Hourglass you got is high end and one of the best primers out there. Let me know how you like the Lancôme! You’re so welcome-it’s truly my pleasure ❤️

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      • I am so grateful. I just gave you credit for referring me to Sephora. I don’t know if helps you or not but I’m trying. Gosh, I tried Bare Mineral new foundation. It made my skin so greasy, I hated it threw it out. I probably should have checked to see if you or anyone else would have liked it. It’s in a tube so no contamination.
        Thanks again!

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      • SEPHORA has excellent samples! Somehow I got 4.
        Nice samples. Thanks again!
        I’ve been using Bare Minerals for years. I didn’t start using the Smashbox til someone gave it to me as a gift and my sister said I needed to stop the powder. Yeah, she has beautiful skin, I don’t LOL

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      • They do have nice samples. Way better than Ulta samples, I hate to say. That’s the standard I think, 4 samples? I get 4 when I order online. Or is it 3-either way, their samples are bomb quality.

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  4. I had to come back, the Smashbox primer is called radiance, it has a slight highlight effect, I think it would look great with a tan. Then the Lancome Dual Finish Powder and Foundation is great.
    I haven’t checked to see how much it is but I have to say. I have caught the Allie makeup bug!! haha Much better than other things My husband loves it, he said, you’re wearing makeup again!! Woo hoo!

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