Met Gala 2017, Final Part

I had to do one more, y’all-enjoy!!

The Olsen Twins wearing a bunch of ugly fuckery. You know what I see?

This. Maybe this was their inspiration. No other explanation.

Caroline Kennedy looking absurd in Commes des Garçons. Vogue named her their best dressed woman of all time, too. Uhhhh-ok. Her arms. She’s got no arms. How functional can that be?

Celine Dion in Versace. It’s ok. She looks happy.

Brie Larson in Chanel. This dress looks SO HEAVY, and bulky, and just….no.

Lily-Rose Depp in Chanel. Such a pretty color, totally age-appropriate as well. Amber Heard was there-wonder how THAT was.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein. I hate the length, and she’s channeling the pink Oscar dress.

Jessica Chastain in Prada-people were raving about this look but I just see Belle. Am I crazy?

I couldn’t pass this one up-Allison Williams in DVF. I love the corseted look-hair and makeup yassss.

Kate Hudson in Stella McCartney. I love the white hair with the white dress-and the dress is gorj.

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did-you always know if there’s an event involving fashion, I’ll be writing about it!

Talk soon Lovelies



33 thoughts on “Met Gala 2017, Final Part

  1. Dying over the comparison to ET. You hit the nail on that one. Those girls are just creepy, the way they always pose with their heads together and the same somber look. Smile…you’re fucking billionaires for Christ’s sake. And what’s the deal with the makeup, it looks like the MUA actually contoured smile lines. They can’t be real, these girls don’t smile.

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  2. I think a smile would have gone a long way for both of the Olsen twins. Since we haven’t seen them smile in ages we could have attributed their looks to that. I came back here to ask you about them, imagine my surprise when they were the first picture I saw. I have been trying to find out what is wrong. From what I have gleaned, Ashley Olsen has lyme disease. On top of that, a few years back she had a liquid face lift and it cause necrosis of the facial skin. I’ve read that they chain smoke.
    Mary Kate suffers from anorexia. I felt bad for them as they really did not look well at all.
    If I was that sick I would have stayed home. People on twitter are cruel.

    Thanks for all the gorgeous photos and commentary!

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    • Ok? The designer is crap. No arms in her clothes, not wearable AT ALL, not even art. I’m not going to feel stupid because I “don’t get it”. I get it. Her stuff is ugly. I’d be goddamned if I was going to wear anything by her, I’d find something appropriate with armholes thankyouverymuch.

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      • I mean what do you do if you have an itch on your forehead??? Ask some random person to scratch it? I’m all for art and expression but you have to wear it for hours!

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  3. I’m so not getting the Commes des Garçons designs. Are they supposed to be actually worn?
    I know I’ll be over here in the uncool section just looking at the pretty or wearable designs.

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    • Well Sammie, if what some of these people are wearing is considered cool…..I’ll be sitting right next to you in the uncool section. I’d rather be uncool than wear some of this hideous shit.

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    • I’m sitting right next to you. I hate the Commes des Garçons designs. Horrible. Bit they’ve kissed the designers ass for so long and hard that she thinks every thing she does is edgy and meaningful and avant garde. No.

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  4. OMG I just went to Daily Mail and clicked on Piers Morgan’s article about Met Ball.
    Kinda wished I hadn’t. My eyes, my eyes! 👀👀
    Wait til you get a load of the Madonna pics close up.
    I just loved Madonna at the height of her career. I love fun Pop music and she was one of the best.
    But in these photos she now looks ridiculous. Kinda like a hybrid of Sally Kirkland/ Shelly Winters/Hot Lips Houlihan going gangsta in camouflage.
    What a combination.
    Oh….and her teef!

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  5. So Vogue gave Caroline Kennedy Best dressed of All Time.
    In related news Washington Post awarded Porsha Journalist of the Year.
    AARP gave Madonna the prestigious “Aging Gracefully” Award.
    Did I miss any awards?

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  6. Zendaya spayed the theme without being Caroline Kennedy over the top. I like avant-garde fashion for this gala. Enjoyed your reviews of the celebrity fashion at this crazy event!! Spot on and fun not mean. Jennifer Lopez fashion is becoming boring when she used to be daring. She needs to tell Versace to do it like he did it with Puffy 🙂 cause we are tired of the leg pose.

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  7. OMG! Allie, the ET comparison was genius! We have the same taste! agree with all of your critiques! As I was scrolling down G. Paltrow, first thing that came to mind was the length! That is what you wrote!!! Lilly Depp looked amazing!

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  8. I did laugh when I read your comment on the Olsen twins. I can’t help but love them though! Gwyneth’s dress was so blah! To finally go back to this event, you would think she would have made more effort! Lily-Rose was one of my favourites. The pink really worked.

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