Dr Phil Today?

Did anyone watch? I know a lot of people think he’s a buffoon but I watch every damn day. Today he had a 22year old girl on named Emily who’s a cutter. She claims to have cut herself 500,000 times (sorry-that’s an exaggeration. No way has she cut and counted half a MILLION times).

The big to do is that she’s on social media saying she’s “not ashamed of her scars and is trying to erase the stigma of self harm and mental illness”. Ooookay.

She’s had a history of abuse and suffers from depression, PTSD, anxiety-huge pet peeve alert (because she did this) is when people say MY depression, MY PTSD, in a way that implies ownership and it’s like, their pet. I just got the feeling she’s pretty proud of herself.

There’s a petition to ban her from the internet. Saying she’s irresponsible and promoting self harm, and I can see why people would think that. She’s not a professional, self harm is a complex issue and she’s not qualified to counsel or advise other youngsters just because she still actively cuts.

It was actually pretty interesting-did anyone see it?

Talk soon lovelies



25 thoughts on “Dr Phil Today?

  1. I saw it, too. I have a love/hate thing with Dr. Phil. I watch, but hate myself for doing so. Sometimes, he surprises me by actually saying something worthwhile. This happened twice today: the first was when he quizzed her as to why she cut herself and she stammered on the answer. He then stated if her motivation was truly to be an advocate, then she would have done some research into why people cut themselves. The second time he made perfect sense was when he asked “why not make your page private so that you don’t trigger anyone with your posts”? When she hemmed and hawed as to why that wouldn’t work, he then observed that she was being entirely inflexible for someone who holds herself out as an advocate for cutters. I’m disappointed that the chick who organized the petition to get her off of FB put it out there that she was drinking alcohol in the one video (“shot? You want me to do a shot? Ok : cue the big glug off a bottle of vodka”) and Dr. Phil didn’t even comment on it! That right there told me she was all about seeking attention in a very sick way. She needs to get off social media.

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    • I completely agree. She’s ALL about attention and has absolutely no CLUE as to what she’s doing or how to really help ppl. And a half million cuts. A half MILLLLLIOOONN. Doubtful. And why be proud of that? Cuz she is. I have a love/hate with him too. Yawn-yes you’re a mandated reporter. Yes you testified in trials. Yawn.

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      • Yeah did this girl actually count each and every cut on her body? Her Facebook page draws attention to her and she likes being a virtual celebrity. It’s not about helping others. Drinking shots and cyber bullying those who disagree with her proves that. When Dr. Phil asked her if she had researched the issue and gotten information on how to explain it and what to say to help others with it, she stammered out an answer that she had not done that. She was only explaining her situation and trying to take the shame out of mental illness.

        The only positive thing that I noticed was when Dr. Phil told her that he would set her up with a professional to give her the correct information about the disorder. She agreed to that. She isn’t going to take the Facebook page down because it makes her feel good that so many people are following her even if it triggers some of them to self harm.

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      • I just felt like what could have started out as a positive thing crossed the line into self gratifying and egotistical with this girl. Her scars don’t offend me-they make me sad-but don’t offend me. Her poor judgement, irresponsibility, methods, and selfishness offend me.

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  2. Darn!
    No, I did not watch today but wish I had. Sometimes he has some good stuff. Sometimes.
    I will see what’s happening with him tomorrow. You never know.

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  3. Is she trying to normalize cutting? I thought cutting was a cry for help, someone in severe emotional pain cutting themselves to focus their attention on the pain from the cutting not their emotional pain. This is disturbing.

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  4. I dvr him every day and sometimes I will watch him and sometimes not -yesterday I did and I was really disappointed he did not call her out more

    To me she is totally hooked on the attention aspect now I would not be surprised if she cuts now to keep her “followers”

    It is one thing to not be ashamed that you suffer from a mental illness such as self harm- what she is doing did not feel like that – what she is doing felt more like she is celebrating it and it made me angry to see it

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    • I agree HappyGal, why is she trying to celebrate this? I worry about young girls who see her and think this is cool.
      When Dr Phil first started on Oprah, I really liked him. I even like his show at first. He has to know this cutting is dangerous. Why would he encourage it?

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    • I agree-I felt like she was glamorizing it and was less than encouraging to people wanting help. It sounds like she’s a cyber bully if you disagree with her (deja vu?) and sics her followers on you if you dare say something out of line with her agenda. I wish he had totally been more in her face.

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  5. Dang hate I missed that one. I also have a love/hate with Dr. Phil but as stated above he does at times seem truly interested in helping a guest. I had a coworker who was also an RN who constantly sought out attention during her 3rd pregnancy it was either terrible morning sickness or kidney stones she was admited for. We began to suspect something was up but docs didn’t agree. Baby arrives and suddenly he’s admited for “gastro” stuff all the time or fever of unknown origin. The peds finally began listening to us and she was caught giving the child syrup of ipecac and laxatives. So very sad of course she denied, denied, denied!! She got reported to BON but got a slap on the wrist. Oh and she was a peds nurse scary stuff!!!!

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  6. I saw the summary of the show on the cable channel guide and decided to pass on it. I was afraid that the show might sensationalize the problem in some way and give young women the idea to try it or something. It sounds like she is screaming for help.

    From what you guys posted, it sounds like she might have Munchausen. She needs professional help. I hope Dr. Phil offered her help, after the show. Otherwise what was the point of having her on, other than to take advantage of her.

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    • Totally agree. Asking for gifts but saying no ones ever sent her anything? Come ON. Slamming vodka? Almost teasing with her latest wound-like I’m not going to show you all but oops there’s a glimpse….. please.


  7. My daughter cuts has done for over 10 years, she would do it on the bottom of her feet when there was no room left on her arms, and when she got busted.

    Part of her therapy is not to feel she has to cover them. Boiling hot day, she doesn’t cover them. I have more of a problem with how they look than she does so I keep it zipped.

    I can believe the number of cuts. Hers started after a family trauma, it’s horrible and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    I am immensely proud of her particularly as I know it is a daily battle for her. BUT I do blame the internet and fucking tumblr who egged her on when she was too young to know better. By the time I found out ( her sister grassed her to me because yes it was all over bloody tumblr) it was too late.

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    • Oh wow, Mousie. I can’t even imagine how that is for you as a mum-as mother’s when our kids get hurt, we make it all better and it literally hurts us just as much if not more-I can’t imagine seeing your baby hurt herself on purpose. I’m sorry 😔 I’m glad that she’s fighting though-and the Internet, man-some ppl just don’t think.

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      • It was really hard as I did everything wrong at first; barged in thinking I could fix it, but after lots of reading the only thing I can do is not to do ‘the face’ and just patch her up and make sure she didn’t get infected etc.

        She’s doing brilliantly and mentors younger kids but I still think a lot of it is ‘fashionable’ – the school told me ( when she was still there) that it’s their generations ‘thing’. I still struggle to get my head round it.

        I will admit I thought it was for show at first then I would check her arms everyday and there was no new cuts so I was yay me, until one day I noticed she was walking funny so made her show me her feet and looked like she had walked through glass and that’s when I realised it was a real thing.

        I feel sorry for all kids growing up these days – social media and camera phones…. urgh.

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      • Omg I can’t FATHOM being a teenage girl (or teenager period) in this day and age with cell phones, social media, and the internet. It was excruciating without all of that mess, pressure and danger. I’m so happy that she’s doing well and mentoring others. That had to be an agonizing time for all of you 💜

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  8. As a self-harmer, I thought the cuts appeared to be too “planned”. What stood out to me was that the cuts almost like a lot of them were deliberately spaced evenly apart and same length, etc. I know that sounds horrible and every cutter has their “thing” but the cuts and showboating attitude just made me think that way. Most of us hide our self-harm, it’s private.

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