Bless Her Heart

I wasn’t sure who this was when I saw the picture-I mean I had a feeling, but I did a double take because from then to now? What a massive difference and not in a good way. What a difference a few years with Jax makes.

Just some before Jax and after Jax photos. I kind of want to shake her. She’s a beautiful girl but I think maybe better off without. Ya feel me?






Talk soon Lovelies



20 thoughts on “Bless Her Heart

  1. She is still beautiful but she has gained weight. She’s not the only one on the cast. While there’s nothing wrong with that, and none of them are overweight, I think it’s because they live unhealthy lives. They probably drink way too much and don’t keep regular schedules to allow them to plan, cook, exercise, and sleep.

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  2. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I don’t blame Jax for this. My impression of her is that even though she puts on that sweet, country bumpkin persona, I think she’s fame hungry. She knew what was getting herself into with VPR and that lot. This new re-imaging of herself is just to become famous. Nothing more, nothing less.

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  3. I think it’s the drinking that packed her pounds on plus she’s short and those boobs make her look bigger than she likely is. Maybe?? In college I rarely ate but I sure did drink and man did I pack on the freshman 20 plus!!! I think she’s after fame, wasn’t it supposedly her mom who watched the show and she’s the one who pointed Jax out to Brittany? I could be wrong but I thought I read/heard that some where and that’s when Brittany sought out Jax IG. I do wonder why Jax even went for her as I didn’t think she “fit his past types” but then again anyone willing is his type!! I also don’t buy his sudden wanting to settle down and marry unless he’s feeling his age?? Not that I consider mid 30’s old but I wish these over grown “kids” would try to act their ages.

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    • I’m sure it’s the drinking, lots of new restaurants and parties. She still looks good-it’s nice to see a girl in LA that’s not a stick figure. But even her makeup has gotten frumpy.


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