Another Custody Fight For Jenelle


Nathan’s mother has filed for emergency custody of Kaiser. Among her allegations:

•Jenelle cannot control her anger

•Jenelle’s daughter, Ensley, was born with marijuana in her system sparking a CPS investigation.

•Both David and Jenelle tested positive for marijuana 

•Jenelle locked Kaiser and Jace out of the house on a very hot day

•Kaiser has had unexplained bruises and marks in him.

•David disciplines Kaiser with corporal punishment, too hard spankings, etc 

•Jenelle needs a psychological evaluation.

Jenelle says that her mother, Barbara is behind many of those allegation and blames her for everything. As Jenelle usually does. 

No gratitude for raising her son so she could go out partying and dating and having more fiancés and kids. 

What do you think?

I can tell you this-no boyfriend of mine would be disciplining, spanking, or putting his hands on any of my children. The day that happens is the day I catch a charge for attempted murder. As it is, I found out my 18 yr olds stepmother put her hands on him-and I’m biding my time. I’m very patient, and I can wait. She will feel my wrath as soon as it’s possible. Not physically. But she’ll feel it. 

I feel like Jenelle is so lazy she just sort of gave up with Kaiser and just let David take over, and there’s nothing good about that whole situation. I’ve watched a few episodes of Teen Mom this season and Kaiser is not a happy kid. Could be the age, environment or both, but he’s always crying.

I believe the allegations mostly because it’s Jenelle’s MO. Kaiser would be safer and better off anywhere but with her.

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An oldie, but goodie.


Teen Mom’s Amber Needs Saving

According to sources, she met with Vivid productions, the same porn company that produced Farrah Abraham’s porn. Please-someone stop her. Don’t do it, Amber.

Her slimy boyfriend probably isn’t helping her state of mind-a woman has come forward saying he cheated with her in Vegas late last year.

We all know Amber doesn’t deal well with stress, and has invested a lot of time defending her creepy lying fiancé, when he really didn’t deserve it. I hope to GOD she’s got good people around her that will talk her out of the worst mistake of her life. DM story below:

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Jenelle And Babs Agree, Sort of

Jenelle Evans finally settled her custody battle with her mom, Barbara today. The pair settled out of court, there was supposed to be a trial-they avoided that with this agreement.

The prior arrangement said that Janelle could only see Jace at Barbara’s discretion-the new agreement gives her specific visitation. It’s not the full custody she wanted (and probably should never get) but she’s satisfied for now. I’m glad Jace still lives with Babs-that’s the only home he knows. DM story below:

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Some Fun Teen Mom Upates

A few Teen Mom updates for you-

It appears Amber Portwood may have called off her engagement to Matt Baier, at least we can hope. She had him take a lie detector test regarding cheating rumors, she says he failed, he says he passed-either way, MTV cameras were there so we shall see. Amber was on a podcast Thursday and said the engagement was off, and has been referring to herself and Matt in the past tense. The guy is a slimy lying opportunist who hit on multiple teen moms (Jenelle, Farrah) before settling for Amber, the only one who took the bait. He told Amber he knew nothing of the show, never watched-until his old tweets to the other cast members came to light. The internet is forever, MATT. He also lied about and denied several of his many children. He was looking for a come-up, and Amber walked in. Girl has defended him furiously, but hopefully she’s seeing the light. Links below:

Next on the hot mess express is Jenelle Evans. Oh, Jenelle. The perennial fuckup is now facing claims she was smoking weed throughout her pregnancy and feuding with creepy babydaddy David’s sister. Notice how all of her babydaddy’ families loathe her? Makes you wonder. Links below:

Kailyn Lowry, still married to Javi, but pregnant with her 3rd child is saying that the baby’s father, Chris Lopez, isn’t going to be involved with the baby-why, WHY does this girl continuously do shit to make things that much harder on herself? While she did finally graduate college this weekend with her Bachelors in mass communications (the 6 yr plan, but hey) good luck using it. It will give her more to bitch about, so that’s a plus for her-she loves her complaining. She just annoys me. She mind fucks her oldest kid, uses them both as bargaining tools and has a 3rd coming when she doesn’t have her shit together with the 2 she’s got. Total shitshow. Links below:

Yucky Farrah Abraham’s even yuckier boyfriend, Simon Saran, tries to stay relevant by attacking other cast members. Before it was Amber and Matt-that one almost got Farrah’s ass kicked-now it’s Kailyn Lowry. They’ve been on Twitter going back and forth, he called her “Shamu”, which is so not ok. He’s a tacky no name loser who’s claim to fame is being treated like crap by a low rent porn star. Aim high Simon. Link below:

These kids, I tell ya.

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More Awesome Life Choices

Oh, Kailyn Lowry. Kail, Kail, Kail.

Proudly cradling baby bump #3. Let’s see-teen mom, young wife. 2 sons, different dads, but young husband loves and treats son 1 like his own. She gets pregnant and has a miscarriage which is very sad. She uses hubby’s poor reaction (which he publicly apologized for) against him forever which is very bad. Decides to divorce, and interferes in estranged hubby’s relationship with eldest son, plays head games with eldest son as well regarding estranged hubby. She used the fact she didn’t want any more children as a reason to divorce hubby. But voila! Guess who’s pregnant! And the father is none of your business so don’t even. Has she graduated college yet? I don’t know but last year made a big hairy deal about her lipo and breast lift and butt lift and “mommy makeover” which is all for nothing now-because she’s having another baby dammit! All by her SELF. Because she didn’t bitch and whine and complain enough about how haaaard it is with twoooooo kidsss and cooooooollege, no-she needs ANOTHER baby with Nunya. You know that guy-Nunya? Nunya Bidness? Who probably hit the road hard if he’s got any brains because our girl Kail-she’s not all flowers and rosè.

And people come down on Janelle. At least Janelle doesn’t pretend to be anything other than the white trash fuck-up she knows she is. Kailyn actually thinks she’s above the fray.

Can you tell how over her I am?

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A Little Housewives Gossip and Miscellany 

So apparently it’s not only expensive to be Erika Jayne, it’s expensiveto book her. $125,000 to be exact, for her to march around the stage “singing”. Article below:

Also, it seems Kelly Dodd is having second thoughts about returning to RHOC-she’s “sick of the lies”. I guess someone started a parody Twitter account that looks an awful lot like hers, tweeting things like “Americans are more important than Canadians”. Uh-ok. 

Story below:

No more panic! RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga has reopened her (overpriced) boutique Envy! The grand reopening was this past Saturday, and Teresa Guidice along with Delores Catania were there to help celebrate. Story below:

Looks like Alexa Curtin, daughter of former RHOC cast member Lynne Curtin, isn’t doing so well. Her grandmother filed a restraining order against her, and has accused her of elder abuse. Sad story-Alexa has been through some tough stuff, she’s had a drug arrest, did porn, was allegedly sexually assaulted by a police officer-hopefully she gets some help and finds peace. Story below:
Looks like Danielle Staub isn’t having much luck with her mission to come back to RHONJ. Someone give her some water. She’s parched. Story below:

And in couldn’t-happen-to-a-nicer-guy news, Nathan Griffith of Teen Mom was hospitalized for food poisoning. Awww. See below:
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Why? My Eyes.

In looking up Chelsea’s story I found this gem. This gen that Ive never seen, and could have lived the rest of my life never seeing and been great.

Oh. Wrong Adam, Adam. Ew ew ew and there’s not enough money or Lysol in the world for those hands to be mine. That is all.

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Teen Mom

I can’t NOT recap this. I’m coming in a little late, but next week I’ll be on top of it. The beginning of this season snuck up on me, my bad. But I can’t keep my mouth shut about this show, so here we go!

Disclaimer: phrase I despise most of all? “at the end of the day”. Over used, stupid, sick of it. Just saying it because this show is one of the worst offenders LEAH. Also with Leah-“I feel like”. Gaaah!!!

Leah is skyping with Jeremy for Addie. Addie is super cute on the phone. She put in an offer on a new house and goes to see it. It’s definitely smaller than the current one but it’s one level which is good for the wheelchair. She “feels like” this is it. If she was prohibited from using “like” ever again I don’t think she could speak.

Babs is watching Jace ride his bike FAST. She wants him to slow down. Jenelle says Nathan still hasn’t “proved” he has all of the baby things she wants him to have. She’s so controlling and that’s the most ridiculous excuse for keeping a father from his son I’ve ever heard. He sent a few pictures of what he does have-not good enough for Jenelle though. Dustin the lawyer calls and encourages her to sign the custody agreement-she talks over him about baby items and wanting Nathan’s address. Dustin reassures her that they’ll get the address and tells her that signing it is in her best interest.

Javi is FaceTiming the boys. He says he will be back in 36 days-the boys are happy, Kail looks-unpleased. Their relationship is still in limbo.

The crew is at Chelsea’s house because she called them over for an announcement. She’s pregnant!! Baby is due in Valentine’s Day, and she bought Cole a “DILF” shirt. That damn pig is walking around the kitchen. Everyone’s happy about the baby. Aubree doesn’t know yet, but Chelsea made her a card and they’ll tell her when she gets home from school. 

I just love these 2-yes she has an annoying baby voice but out of all of them-she’s got her life together and hasn’t fucked it up with drugs, arrests, or bad choices. And she seems like such a good mother.

Ok, I digress-no more Chelsea fangirling. 

Jenelle and Nathan finally signed the custody papers. Now she wants to control what Nathan does in his own parenting time. She rehashes it to David, who needs to mind his own business. If I were Nathan and had to ask DAVID for permission to see my child? Aw hell no. They’re taking the older kids to Orlando on vacation so kaiser can stay with his father. Jenelle us excited that Babs isn’t going on the trip.

Leah got the house so she’s packing. It’s 8 miles from the girls’ school (seems to be a big deal-was it super far?)

Joe and Vee are sharing concerns about Javi coming back. They’re hoping it doesn’t change Kail-everyone is getting along and they’re hoping Javi’s reappearance doesn’t alter that. Jo is hoping that Javi maintains his relationship with Isaac if he and Kail divorce. Jo and Vee’s baby is so cute-he’s matured A LOT.

Jenelle and David are leaving with Jace and Marissa to Orlando, Jenelle can’t shut up about Babs not being there, nor can she resist asking Jace an inappropriate question (“are you happy meme’s not here?”). Nathan meets David’s mother to pick up Kaiser for the time that Jenelle is away.

Aubree comes home from school (the damn pig is still in the kitchen) and Chelsea gives her the baby card. She needs a little help reading it but is so cute and happy once she figures it out.

Leah and her brother are watching the girls play on a backyard slip n slide/inflatable playset. Ali doesn’t want to wear her helmet, Leah says it embarrasses her. Leah got SKINNY. “I feel like” she needs to eat a burger because “at the end of the day” she’s way too thin.

Javi calls but Kail won’t answer. She says she’s done filming because she doesn’t want to talk to him on camera. He keeps calling back and she’s kind of having a tantrum. Javi calls his friend and tells him that he and Kail have decided to divorce. He’s already found a house. It seems like he’s accepted the divorce but also that he’s backing off of Isaac.

Jenelle and David are at a drive thru and he’s doing a horrific British accent. Sorry, mousie. 

Chelsea and Cole are watching Aubree water the yard and are talking about wedding prep. He thinks there’s not much more left to do, she thinks he’s smoking crack cocaine. They’re worried about Aubree feeling left out when the baby comes but are going to do their best to not let that happen.

Jenelle and David are in FL being critical of what Nathan is doing during his time with Kaiser. Apparently Nathan’s mom sent video of Kaiser at the park and that somehow translates into Nathan hasn’t spent one minute with him. Jenelle says she’s going to “violate” Nathan (so dramatic like her custody BATTLES) for not spending time with Kaiser during his time because she thinks it’s a serious thing. She says she’s been giving him “leeway” (with his OWN CHILD?) and no more Mrs. nice guy. I can’t with her. And David-please butt out.

Leah is taking the girlses for pictures then meets Cory in that same old parking lot for the hand off. She tells him she bought a new house, its nearer to the girlses school, but the porch needs a ramp. She tells him that Ali doesn’t like wearing her helmet-he prefers to focus on the positive like her pedaling on her bike.

Kail’s friend Sterling is visiting-she tells Sterling she wants to remain civil with Javi-a crew member asks if there are lawyers involved and Kail says “no comment”. She’s worried about her image. She doesn’t want to bash him (then don’t). She hopes he still wants to be involved with Isaac. That’s so weird to me, he’s a huge part of isaacs life, it shouldn’t be conditional on their marriage. I hope they quit that.

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Teen Mom Updates

I figured I’d put some Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2 updates up. There’s been a little of this and a little of that going on. 

Chelsea and Cole Deboer are having a boy. I love them together-Adam is a self absorbed permanent victim crybaby tool. I’m so glad she ditched him for good. He’s all ‘roided out now, good for him-but he still plays the blame game and refuses to take responsibility for his shitty fathering.

Amber Portwood made a dramatic exit from the show-after a volatile reunion where she charged Farrah Abraham, swung and missed-she’s outta here. Farrah and her stooge, Simon Saran, have been waging a Twitter assault on both Amber and her fiancé Matt, with some really low blows and rude comments. I’m softening towards Matt. I was superwicked suspicious of him-he seemed like a predator (hitting on several cast members via social media, Amber bit) and an opportunist. He allegedly had 5,6, 11 kids, was a deadbeat, but Amber stood by her man and he seems protective and supportive of her, so I’ll chill with the anti-Matt sentiments but I’m watching you, bucko. What they were both subjected to from Farrah and her relevance seeking bitch-boy Simon was awful.

Nathan Griffith, baby daddy numero dos for Jenelle Evans, was arrested again, this time for domestic violence (allegedly choking his girlfriend) in addition to giving false info to law enforcement and having an open container of alcohol. It seems he was even somewhat on the run-but someone called the police and snitched on his whereabouts. Did he think he’d just blend in? Man, these people. I hate his little ponytail too, for the record. That should be arrestable in and of itself. If you ever get a chance, Jenelle’s mom, Barbara, is hilarious on her twitter.

Farrah. Oh, Farrah. I think she’s one of the most vile, useless, horrible human beings on the planet. The way she treats people is atrocious and embarrassing-no one will call her out (hello Dr.Jen and Dr. Drew, I mean you guys) and it does her no favors. Anyhoo-she’s trying to stay relevant by discussing Amber’s exit-sayingits staged, blah blah. Chelsea got dragggrd into the Farrah shitstorm after Farrah accused her and Kailyn Lowry for getting pregnant with their second children for “fame”. Farrah, much like Trump, shouldn’t be allowed to tweet. Ever.

In sad news, Teen Mom Valerie Fairman died this week of a suspected drug overdose. She had some troubles-several arrests including one for prostitution, and battled addiction. Truly sad end. She was 23.

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