Coming Soon To A Sephora, Ulta, or Walgreens Near You

This fall is bringing a TON of new brands to various stores, and they are mighty exciting, Lovelies.

First, new at Sephora this fall you will see:

Tom Ford Beauty
Moon Juice

And the highly anticipated makeup line from Rihanna, Fenty Beauty, hits Sephora shelves Sept. 18.

I am THRILLED to see ColourPop in Sephora. Y’all know how I feel about ColourPop.

Ulta will be bringing you:

Frank Body
Dose of Colors

And Memebox, makers of Disco Kitten Diamond Peel-off Mask, which is so sold out, its nearly impossible to get. They have several other must have products, but Disco Kitten is probably the most recognized.

And lastly, the brands you’ll be seeing on Walgreens shelves this fall:

Sleek MakeUP-usually found in the U.K., this affordable and pretty awesome brand has been slowly creeping over to our shores. They have to die for highlighting palettes.

NYX- I thought NYX was at Walgreens but it’s definitely not. But not for long!

There you have it, Lovelies. It’s going to be an amazing fall.

Talk soon, Lovelies



Makeup News-Wonder Woman, Wonka, and More…

Some pretty exciting developments, y’all-
First, Storybook Cosmetics, the company that just released the Harry Potter inspired palette and brushes, has a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory palette coming this summer. They were able to get a licensing agreement for it-the actual Harry Potter eye shadow is getting rave reviews for its quality, so there’s that. Photo of the packaging for the Willie Wonka inspired palette below:

Photo courtesy of trendmood IG

Also, British beauty brand Sleek Cosmetics is finalllllly available at Ulta! I’m so excited. It’s an affordable and popular brand, I’ve heard a lot of good things. Ulta link below:

Finally, Luxie has put out a set of Wonder Woman brushes-I absolutely LOVE them, and would give my left…..foot for a set. But, they’re a pricey 95$. Which isn’t bad for the brand-you get 5 brushes, and a single brush runs you 20-25$, but still. They ARE a great brush brand.




I mean, come on. Those are beautifully badass. Just like Wonder Woman-who incidentally I worshipped when I was like, 6, 7 and 8.

So there you have it!

Talk soon Lovelies