RHONY Recap: Regency Reunion

Tinsley is waiting for Carole at a little restaurant-Carole is really liking Tinsley so far. Tinsley reports that her mom and friend are coming to help her apartment hunt. Carole and Tinsley both attended the Winter Wonderland Ball at the NY Botanical Gardens (Carole slayed) a few weeks ago and Carole reads Tinsley a gossip blurb about her, that also mentioned Carole, from the NY Post. Tinsley is overwhelmed being back in NYC because of her past. Carole suggests reinvention, like cutting or coloring her hair but Tinsley gets panic stricken at the mere thought of not being blond, or not having her curls. Girl. Carole does have a point but Tinsley is not having it.

Sonja is having lunch served by Frenchy. He’s moved in and is extra. Frenchy predicts that they’ll be very happy and thinks Sonja should shut the door when she’s pooping. Sonja thinks he shouldn’t even be on the same floor if she’s going and should ask permission before climbing the stairs. She is cray. Sonja doesn’t think Tinsley should be in such a rush to leave. Now Sonja and Frenchy are chatting in bed about those “beechez” and how their relationship is no ones business. He mentions a text he got from a friend about Sonja and Rocco. Sonja lies.

Ramona Facetimes Avery to tell her the kitchen is finished. She wants to have a cocktail party to celebrate the completion of her renovations and is inviting Bethenny. She feels bad, wants to make amends and really has no idea how things got this far. Really?

Tinsley and her mother Dale are meeting with Chris, the friend/realtor to apt hunt. He tells her they’re in the “primest” neighborhood in the West Village. They look at a 4 bedroom ridiculously priced apartment with a tee-tiny master bedroom. It’s pretty, but for almost 9k a month? Tinsley says she can afford it but wants to keep looking.

Carole is having her interior designer over to finally refurbish the couch she inherited from her mother in law. It’s old, classic, has a lot of history but is beat to hell. She’s been collecting fabric swatches and the designer is like whoa. There’s a lot. There’s also a cat hanging from the curtains. Adam shows up bearing flowers and is picking up the last of his things. Carole is relieved for the space and knows their relationship will get much better. She wants his Buddha head though, and is willing to trade him-he wants her lamps. The designer says no way-Carole says they’ll talk later.

Back to the apt hunt with Tinsley and co-they look at another 9k apt but this one is WAY nicer and she’s dumb if she doesn’t take it. Tinsley hems and haws, she’s not sure if she’s “mature” enough for an apt and the responsibilities (wait what?) and starts to go in panic mode about renting. She’s kind of overthinking this and being a baby. Shit happens-she’s 39 or so? I kind of get it but come ON.

Bethenny has Fredrick over to declutter and simplify her apt for sale. He wants the bar out-she doesn’t think it can be moved. She did some furniture moving and Fredrick is happy with everything but the bar. Bethenny makes a call and finds out it’ll probably break if they try and move it, which Fredrick is fine with. Bethenny is not. She spent 40k in it (for WHAT?) and doesn’t want to break it.

Carole is packing for the D.C. women’s march. She and Dorinda are going together.

Sonja is in Hoboken NJ to meet Rocco for dinner-sort of out of the way, no? They’re so happy to see each other. Does he own this place? The restaurant is shut down just for them. She’s got to tell Rocco about Frenchy. She starts off telling him the Tom saga, and Rocco says some guys think the way Tom behaved is normal. Sonja says she doesn’t like it, she wants “normalty”. Now she’s got to explain Frenchy and is stumbling over her words, doing it very poorly. Said he’s a complete stranger she slept with and now he’s moved in and she doesn’t know how it happened (basically, that’s what I got anyway). What a liarface. She tells Rocco that there’s no other guy like him though. Lies. Rocco wants to know the status of their relationship.

In DC, Carole, Dorinda and Hannah are marching. Some of the chants are funny. There are so many people, they have an amazing day.

Ramona is prepping for her cocktail party to show off her apartment. Her hair looks awful and weird, in a tight high ponytail but it’s too severe and her ponytail hair is fried. Carole is the first to arrive and noticed Ramona’s weird hair. Tinsley and her mom arrive, she introduces Ramona to her mom-you can definitely see the 2 eyeing and sizing up each other. Dale comments in Ramona’s pony. Ramona thinks her pony is edgy. It’s not.

Tinsley is rehashing her apartment hunting drama to Carole and complaining about how overwhelming it is. Waaah. Dorinda walks in-I think she should trash a room. She’s too classy for that. I’m not. Oh look-Harry Dubin. I feel like when he’s on the show he tries extra hard to be schmexy and he just comes off as smarmy and gross. He says hello to Tinsley, she introduces him to her mom. Harry is openly staring at Tinsley’s chest, compliments her cross necklace then comments on her chest. Tinsley is grossed out. She drags her mom away, calling Harry an asshole, but he follows them because he’s gross and persistent.

Sonja’s here! Ramona calls her Sony. Sonja turns the corner and hears “hello, Sonja” in a Hannibal Lector-y voice but it’s Harry. Of course. She’s like really? Harry?

Harry like Sonja’s red lipstick. She tells him she’s turned over a new leaf, and he wants to see it. Ugh. Tom and Luann stroll in. Luann actually tears herself away from Tom’s side long enough to sit with Dorinda and Carole. She asks if Bethenny is coming-no way. She was invited but declined. Ramona and Bethenny still are not speaking.

Now Ramona has joined them and Dorinda asks what they have to do to get Bethenny and Ramona back together-Carole recommends a text and meeting in private. Ramona gets defensive and says that it wasn’t all her, why is she getting all the blame? Carole explains that Ramona went to unnecessary lengths to insult Bethenny, but Ramona says “hey, I was attacked!”. That didn’t happen but ok. Ramona says she doesn’t even remember what she said and blames the fact she was drinking on Bethenny-Ramona was “nervous”. Ramona says she really loves Bethenny and wants to reach out and make amends.

More Harry, yuck. A woman named Missy walks in, she used to date Tom. Harry orders her to “come here!”, she scoots away. Missy gets introduced to Luann, Tom is a bit red in the face-and he reminds the ladies they met once before at the Regency.

Tom and Missy awkwardly conversate-like, they’re talking without trying to look like they’re talking-she comments on his wedding ring and Tom compares it to being a dog with a collar. Excellent. Great pick, Luann. Lu whispers to Tom asking if that’s the woman from the Regency, she’s got that fake nervous smile plastered on her face-he says “it’s Missy”. Lu prods a bit more and he admits they dated. She’s still wearing the fake, forced, nervous smile and is totally crowding him. I’m waiting for her to lift her leg and mark her territory. I don’t buy for one SECOND that she’s secure in all this.

Harry is now honing in on Missy. He’s trying to get the details of the Regency hookup with Tim in the bathroom (that place needs a serious bleaching) but she’s not going there. Lu and her freaky forced smile scare her, and she doesn’t need that mess coming for her. Harry tells her that she’s the full package, and she says “you snooze, you lose”. I think Lu did her a favor. If I owned or managed the Regency I’d be pissed-the image Tom gives it isn’t a good one-a sleazy, skeezy pick up/cheating bar where middle aged bald men bang chicks in the bathroom. Not a good look. For either. It’s Toms personal bachelor pad. He’s gross too. Anyway-

Dorinda is doing the robot dance in the corner. Sonja thinks that Ramona invited Missy on purpose, starting drama.

Next week: Bethenny plans a Vermont trip. Tinsley can’t sleep. Sonja offends Luann. Tinsley melts down.

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RHONY Recap: A Countess No More

Yes, guys, I’m back on my game. Sorry about that last 2 weeks! Anyway-on with the show.

At Sonja’s townhouse we see Frenchy making some coffee. He’s YOUNG. Sonja comes downstairs, bedhead and all, to see he’s brought her a poinsettia and is making her eggs. He asks if Tinsley will want to eat, Sonja doesn’t seem thrilled with that so sort of blows it off. She thinks that Frenchy is taking the relationship too seriously. Tinsley comes in to join them for breakfast anyway. Tinsley lets us know that originally she was supposed to date Frenchy but Sonja kept him for herself. Sonja offers up a threesome, to which Tinsley declines. So weird. Tinsley asks the status of their relationship and Frenchy says it’s serious, they explain the weird rules they have. Tinsley asks about Rocco-who Frenchy apparently knows about-and the ladies shriek. Subject changed to eggs.

Bethenny is setting up for her holiday party (a white tree??? NOOO!!) and is setting up an alcohol luge which is pretty cool and will probably be very popular.

Dorinda is stuck in traffic and wrapping Bethenny’s gift.

Ramona is putting on makeup because she’s going out with Avery and her friends, since she’s not invited to Bethenny’s party. She’s only slightly upset about it.

Sonja’s packing, and she and Tinsley are deciding what to wear to Bethenny’s party. Conner and Tinsley made plans to hang out while Sonja is in Phuket, and Sonja doesn’t like that at all.

Back to Bethenny’s party-prep and guests are in full swing as Dorinda arrives. There’s little lobster rolls and caviar. Dorinda asks the chef to teach her how to open an oyster, which brings tons of innuendo from this hyper sexual bunch.

Ramona is going out drinking with her daughter and her daughter’s friends. Tackyyyy. Know your place, crazy eyes. Ramona is beyond thrilled that the girls are all into wine.

Carole and Tinsley arrive to Bethenny’s party-Carole looks amazing and takes a luge shot. Tinsley does as well, but not as gracefully.

Avery reveals that Pellegrino is “her water”, and that growing up that’s what she called it. The girls are all reminiscing about growing up hanging at Avery’s house, and Ramona tells them to come “hang” now-they can bring some of their friends, she’ll bring some of her friends-it wouldn’t be awkward at all. One of Avery’s friends piped up “maybe your friends have sons they could bring” which momentarily brought Ramona back to earth.

Carole is luging it up! Bethenny and Tinsley are chatting about Ramona’s charity party the night before (Bethenny was invited but didn’t go, obvie). Showing scenes from the night before we catch a quick glimpse of a walking corpse-like vampire dude saying hello to Tinsley and Ramona. Whoa. Cue Ramona talking about Bethenny AGAIN. Tinsley asks Ramona if she’s coming “tomorrow night” (meaning Bethenny’s party). Oops. Ramona realizes she’s not invited.
Dorinda is still pretty upset at Ramona for trashing her house. Ramona remains unapologetic, as she often does. Tinsley tells Bethenny that Ramona says she regrets coming at Bethenny so hard.

Back to Ramona not acting her age-she starts telling Avery and her friends about her fight with Bethenny and says she lashed out, blacked out, and went on a rampage. One if the friends says “You shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells with a friend.” Ramona acts like that was the deepest philosophical awakening she’s ever heard, dramatically throws her body back against the booth and flings her napkin behind her (for someone else to pick up). She sings the praises of the super wicked wise 21 year old. The girl keeps going, seemingly on a roll, and Ramona is eye poppin’ shocked at her brilliance.She feels a “bond and synergy” with these kids, all the while flipping her hair like crazy.

Bethenny asks Dorinda if she went to Ramona’s party-Forinda says she did and said what she wanted to Ramona about the destruction of the room. Rewind to the night before, we see Dorinda confronting Ramona, who stands there smirking, and Sonja mocks Dorinda-those 2are the biggest assholes. Back to Bethenny’s, Sonja walks in as Dorinda is telling her story of Ramona’s history of disrespecting her home. Sonja’s talking head is complaining that Dorinda isn’t over it.

Dorinda tells the ladies that Ramona was minimizing her actions and just didn’t care-Sonja is rolling her eyes.

Ramona tells Avery and co how she destroyed Dorinda’s home, and thinks it’s super cute-she says “Dorinda is SO mad at me”. I’ve got a feeling that those kids know better than to do what Ramona did and think she’s an asshole.

Dorinda says Ramona just wants to ignore it-Carole thinks Ramona has been more aggressive. Dorinda doesn’t want this to be a Ramona bashing session. Sonja pipes in with saying how Ramona does that sort of thing all the time, that Ramona has trashed every single hotel bathroom she’s ever stayed in. So Ramona is a disrespectful pig. Got it.

Ramona is now making a drunken I love you toast to Avery and her friends-they’re ALL her daughters!

Back to Bethenny’s they’re drinking out of chocolate chip cookie cups, which is so cool.

Now we’re in Florida for Luann’s wedding. We see personal footage of her getting ready, her dress arriving-they show the actual wedding spot, which is quite beautiful.

Dorinda arrives for her wedding hair and makeup late-Luann thinks she was at the beach.Ky says she’s a hopeless romantic and she knew the first week she was with Tom she would marry him. Not sure HE knew that. We see Tom in his tux looking a little nervous. Lu’s talking head is gushing about her relationship with Tom-we see her in her dress and veil getting her makeup touched up.

Jill Zarin gets her 2 seconds of attention to wish the couple good luck. Tim is escorting his mom down the aisle, then Dorinda walks, looking beautiful.

***SIDE NOTE****
Wasn’t there some kind of stink where Luann refused to allow Bravo cameras in? Like at first she said yes, but right before she changed her mind? I thought I heard something about that. Which is pretty ungrateful since without Bravo no one would notice or care that she was getting married. Anyway…

Luann’s kids are walking, then Luann with her brother, Michael giving her away. The priest says a few words, then some sort of vows, then they’re married. They kiss, and she almost knocks him over. The kiss looks awkward to me. Her talking head then flashes her wedding rings “HA HA!!” Yes, Luann, you got the prize.

Tom and Luann exit a doorway into the reception with a really bad voiceover announcing them. We only see snippets of the reception, every guest’s face is blurred, and we see a Marilyn Monroe impersonator jump out of a fake cake. Lu is dancing with Tom and towering over him. The end.

2 weeks later in NYC Carole and Bethenny are in Chinatown for lunch. Bethenny is incredulous that Carole hasn’t been to a place like they’re at, and Carole just tells Bethenny to order for her. Tom and Luann are having a post wedding party for all of the uninvited, so there’s that, and Adam finally found an apartment, Carole is glad.

Dorinda and Ramona are having lunch at Dorinda’s. Ramona is getting all of the wedding details and actually being gracious. Dorinda is all set with Tom and Luann wedding parties-enough.

Bethenny and Carole are amazed at all of the different foods in ChinaTown. They go for ice cream, and despite all of the crazy flavors, Carole gets boring chocolate. Bethenny is unimpressed.

Sonja is ordering Conner to redecorate her bedroom to make room for Frenchy’s things since he’s sort of moved in. Tinsley discovers that tidbit and is pretty surprised. Sonja likes him but he wants to adopt kids.

Tom and Luann’s post wedding party for the uninvited (aka get more presents) is starting-Bethenny gets there 15 minutes late but is still the first one there. Since she’s the only one there she makes a crack that it’s a party for the only people that haven’t slept with Tom. Ha. Dorinda arrives, she and Bethenny agree that it’s enough with the Tom and Luann wedding parties. The bride and groom arrive, Carole does too shortly after. Ramona gets there with Avery, and complains about the venue.

Bethenny and Avery exchange pleasantries but Ramona and Bethenny ignore each other. Tinsley is there-with a date!! It’s 23 year old Chad! Ramona complains about his age. Avery is a very poised, gracious and lovely young lady. Is that despite Ramona?

I find it really strange how Lu hovers over Tom during group conversations. It’s needy, clingy, and weird. Tom is showing off his wedding ring and making jokes about it. He says he didn’t want to wear one, but Luann insisted. I bet. Sonja and Frenchy arrive, Ramona shrieks at their arrival, and Sonja introduces him to all of the ladies. Has anyone noticed the strange high pitched giggle/cackle that Ramona develops around testosterone? Watch-you’ll notice it. Tinsley tells Bethenny that Frenchy moved in. Sonja actually looks really happy. Ramona is cackling.

Dorinda and Bethenny are chatting and ignoring John, who I didn’t see either until Carole says hello to him. Tinsley comes over to talk to Carole and can’t wait to tell her she’s got a 23 year old with her. Carole is all like, well, that’s cool and all-but if you’re looking for a husband and children….

Ramona calls her “friend” Jim over and introduces him to Sonja. I think she just didn’t want to look man-less especially since Tinsley and Sonja both have dates.

Frenchy is entertaining Sonja and Ramona (cackle cackle)-she’s awkwardly acknowledging Jim-they’re dating but that’s all she’s saying. Sonja and Ramona mock Tinsley’s date saying he looks 12, which is ironic coming from Sonja.

Sonja introduces Frenchy to Tom and Luann, they talk wedding, and are all very pleasant. Tom then aggressively grabs Luann by the thrust sort of in a chokehold and kisses her. SO. WEIRD. There’s been a lot of weird this episode.

Dorinda makes a speech to make up for her first one in the boat where she drunkenly slurred her way through. Lu is hovering. Tom takes over the toast and talks about the wedding, making a jab about “true friends and family” being there. The comment does not get past Bethenny and Tinsley, who laugh it off.

Next week: Frenchy and Sonja talk their relationship and “those beeshes”, Sonja isn’t very honest with Rocco, Tinsley gets advice from Carole, Bethenny renovates to sell, Ramona defends her behavior.

Yay! I did it!

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RHONY Former Cast Member Jules’ Divorce Just Nastier

The divorce between Jules Wainstein and her estranged husband Michael has not gotten any friendlier. Her soon to be ex is headed into a Contempt hearing because he’s allegedly refused to pay almost 135,000$ in child support, rent, and other expenses. He claims to be unable to afford it, but doesn’t seem to have too much difficulty spending money on himself. He could face jail time. Watch this space….

DM story below:


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Guys-I’m not going to be able to recap this episode because I’m a nerd and going to be watching Comey testify. But we can use this as a discussion thread-because I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say about the episode once I do watch it.

Y’all like the new blog name? 😁

So feel free to discuss-

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RHONY Recap: Return of the Berzerkshires

So Frederik, our Million Dollar Listing friend, is Bethenny’s real estate agent and he’s come to her apartment to list it and give her advice about getting it sold. She’s selling it even though it’s a sentimental place for her. As they look in her closet Frederik picks up one of Bethenny’s glittery “hooker” Louboutin’s smells it, and kisses it. He loves shoes, he says. 😳

She hands Frederik a piece of chalk, and wants him to put on a chalkboard a list of all the things she needs to do to make the apartment more sellable. He tells her she has too much clutter, which is a dirty word to her. He hates her chandelier and the bar, he says the bar makes her apartment look “fratty”. Now they talk prices-they both write what they think and want and show each other at the same time-they agree!! They both say 5.25$ million.

Ramona visits Carole at Carole’s apartment. Carole is fixated on whether or not the apartment smells like kitty litter. I don’t blame her-that is a horrible smell. Nothing worse than walking into someone’s house and the smell of cat punching you in the face. Carole has a whole bunch of eyeglasses and Ramona is picking through them. They have drinks and chat about Dorinda’s charity event the previous evening-Carole says that Tom and Luann seem happy and Ramona smirks. Carole says that Tom was talking about the wedding and was giddier than the bride. Ramona still smirks.

Tom and Luann are walking the dog, it’s a little rainy our, and they are dressed in running gear, also a little too matchy matchy. They aren’t running either. Luann is excited to be back in Oalm Beach, they’re going at 130pm that day. Luann asks Tom what he’s thinking for the honeymoon and he says South Africa or someplace warm. Lu gushes about how she loves being on relationships and married, and how in sync she is with Tom. I don’t know guys-I feel like she oversells him and their relationships. It doesn’t feel authentic to me at ALL.

Carole tells Ramona that she’s heard from some of Luann’s friends that she may be having second thoughts-she’s referring to the random suer from last week named Barbara I’m sure-Ramona digs a little deeper wanting to know if someone specific, Carole says yes and she thinks that a conversation needs to happen with Luann because there’s too much going on as far as chatter about Tom and his loyalty.

Tom makes a dumb joke about giving Luann another foot of chain that keeps her on the kitchen. He tells her that she spoils him and he’s gaining weight from all of her cooking. Just watching them I don’t feel any chemistry at all. It just feels forced.

Ramona tells Carole about her friend “Ann”- apparently “Ann” dated Tom once upon a time and it was a fairly intense relationship (according to Ramona) and last week “Ann” ran into Tom and he tried kissing her and groping her. Ramona uses the word “attack” (which I think is reckless and irresponsible given what it implies). Carole asks ” what do you mean attack? Like Trump attack?” Ramona gets annoyed and says she doesn’t believe Trump would do that since he’s a germophobe and she knows him anyway. Mmhmm. She goes on to read a text from “Ann” talking about the kissing incident, “Ann” thinks that Tom and Luann were in a fight and since he’s an insecure dirty dog he needs a lot of attention. “Ann” says Tom is up to his old tricks. Carole and Ramona aren’t so sure that Luann really cares.

Luann picks up dog poop and is calling herself “mommy”. So strange. Tom and Luann continue their walk.

Carole and Ramona debate over telling Luann about Ann and Tom, and wonder if they’re bad friends if they don’t. Carole reminds Ramona that the last time Lu was told she shot the messenger and didn’t take it very well. Ramona thinks they should tell her because there are multiple women and incidents. They decide to bring it to Dorinda.

Dorinda is in the Berkshires decorating and waiting for the ladies to arrive. In order to avoid the disaster that was last year, she has them arriving in groups staggered over the weekend. Sonja and Ramona are first tongwt there, Sonja is glad she was invited but it still doesn’t fix last yet. Get over it lady. Ramona tells Dorinda that she brought Cocoa, her carpet pooping dog-Dorinda is less than happy but Ramona is just kidding. Ha.

Tinsley’s coming as well but is meeting her mom for lunch first.mom brought Tinsley’s Dad along who happens to be ashes in a box. Tinsley’s parents were divorced but it seems that her mother brings his ashes everywhere. Tinsley needs a drink. She reminisces about when she would come back from camp-if she came back thin, her mom was overjoyed to see her. If she came back a little chubbier, her mom was less than thrilled. Tinsley says her mom was a “good southern mom” who was critical of To always appearance so that Tinsley wore blush to school in 4th grade.

Sonja is sort of complaining about Tinsley-says that Tinsley “doesn’t have a bad bone in her body”but she needs “rules”. Sonja is upset that Tinsley isn’t being a good guest by making Sonja a cup of coffee, and not happy that Tinsley isn’t inviting her bar hopping.

Tinsley tells he Mom that she adores Sonja and loving with her, her mom tells her that she hopes she is being appreciative. Tinsley says that she has-originally she had true to give Sonja her space by not inviting her everywhere she went. Mom asks Tinsley if she’s been bringing Sonja treats.

Dorinda say she doesn’t know exactly who Tinsley is yet. She thinks it’s a trust thing, and hopes that eventually Tinsley feels comfortable enough to open up.

Tinsley’s Mom tells her she needs to move out of Sonja’s, that So ha needs her space and Tinsley needs hers. Her mom wants her to have babies and tells her she needs a 50 year old man with no kids. Really weird.

Dorinda gets everyone to decorate her tree but she’s super picky about what goes where and is bossy with the ladies. She also has those big ass bulbs on her tree that I hate.

Carole is hanging out and Christmas shopping with Adams parents. Carole says she always likes meeting her boyfriend’s parents and Adams were no different. Adam wants kids, but it’s not happening with Carole. She’s not sure what that means for their relationship.

Next to arrive at Dorinda’s is Tinsley. Dorinda is happy to see her and gives her a warm welcome. She shows Tinsley to her room-there are weird fake stuffed fish mounted on the walls. Tinsley has a TV in this room, unlike at Sonja’s house. Sonja comes in to the bedroom and makes a crack about it being deja vu having Tinsley there. Sonja asks Tinsley about her lunch but is low key bitchy about it.

The next day is Dorinda’s birthday! Tinsley says good
morning and happy birthday-Tinsley has a bad cold and doesn’t feel well. Dorinda wants to show Tinsley her birthday cake-uh oh! It’s sideways in the box. Not a good sign. Sonja comes in wearing a lacy black lingerie and rolls her eyes at the sideways cake. Dorinda isn’t going to sweat it, she just rolls with it and is going to make the best of it.

Carole and Bethenny are next to arrive, it’s their 3rd trip to the Berks for Dorinda’s birthday and hopefully the 3rd time is the charm. Dorinda got a flower delivery that she thought was for her but it was actually Dennis sending Bethenny flowers. Bethenny is hoping that Ramona just leaves her alone. Bethenny and Carole are in their bedroom whispering about Tom and Luann-they’re worried about Luann and wonder if there’s a way to get her out of this.

Bethenny says it looks like Tom is still cheating and feels like she needs to warn Luann. She thinks that where there’s smoke there’s fire-Carole doesn’t think Bethenny should say anything. Bethenny doesn’t want to be the main person telling her since it worked out so poorly last time, so they agree to put Dorinda up to it. It’s almost an intervention.

Ramona. Tinsley and Sonja are trying to light a fire in the fireplace. They forget to open the flue so smoke pours into the living room. Eventually they work it out. All of the ladies start grilling Dorinda about Luann and where her head is at with Tom. Dorinda says she’s super excited to marry him, not having any sort of second thoughts and the wedding WILL happen. The gossip is repeated, but Dorinda says she hasn’t heard anything at all. Ramona tells Dorinda she’s got it on good authority that Tom is still cheating so she’s bringing it to Dorinda like they had agreed to do. Dorinda hopes that maybe everyone is taking the gossip the wrong way. Luann is so in love with the idea of getting married that she just is not listening. Dorinda doesn’t know when Tom would have the time to cheat and insinuates that Luann is on him 24/7. The rest of the group thinks that Tom is just not a good guy.

Lu arrives-Dorinda tells Ramona she wants her there when she talks to Luann about Tom-Dorinda feels obligated to tell Luann what she’s heard now.

Everyone is decorating Christmas cookies as Luann comes in. She’s talking about her wedding and thinks that everyone’s finally happy for her.

While cleaning up after cookie decorating, Tinsley tells Luann she wants to be out of Sonja’s by February so Sonja will stop picking on her. Luann asks if they aren’t getting along any more as Sonja walks in-Sonja interjects that she’s just “razzing” Tinsley, who overhears that and says no-you talk shit behind my back to everyone. Luann welcomes Tinsley to the club. Tinsley tells Luann that Sonja is constantly making up stories , being rude, and thinks she’s really funny. Sonja busts out with “ask Connor”. Connor is Sonja’s assistant and Tinsley isn’t allowed to speak to him. Sonja says that’s because Tinsley will “make him busy” so he’s not there when Sonja snaps her fingers. Apparently Tinsley asked Connor to answer the door and take a delivery for her if it came. Sonja lost her mind about that and said that Tinsley is “taking advantage of her kindness” and should know better than to ask Sonja’s assistant to do anything. She keeps mentioning that Tinsley grew up wealthy. Sonja is still discussing the situation as Tomsk walks out of the room, Tinsley overhears and comes back to clarify. Sonja starts screaming at Tinsley to take care of her own hats-Ramona says “you can’t do anything right, face it” but I don’t know if that’s directed at Sonja or Tinsley. Sonja is an asshole and I can’t fathom anyone wanting to stay with her. Passive aggressive, bossy and nasty.

Carole asks Bethenny if she plans on talking to Ramona-Bethenny says no, and she’s fine with that. Bethenny thinks Ramona is behaving well not because she thinks she did anything wrong but because she knows she looked bad.

Dorinda pulls Luann aside and says how she promised Luann she would always come direct with her about Tom, and tells her there’s still talk about Tom’s behavior-she asks Luann if she trusts Tom. Luann says of course she does! Big mistake. Dorinda says ok, that’s all she needed-Luann doesn’t care what anyone says, she trusts him and is marrying him. Luann complains about Ramona calling Toms friends in CA, waking them up to grill them for info. Ramona then walks in….to be continued.

Next week: Is Luann in denial? Bethenny is in tears, a toast that Bethenny is all set with, Bethenny and Ramona have a talk, Ramona isn’t a good friend, says Bethenny-Ramona doesn’t take that well.

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Worst Mother Award..

Bethenny Frankel’s mother gave an interview where she called her daughter things such as “moron” and “liar”. Bernadette Birk, Bethenny’s mom, also called the successful businesswoman a “shark” and says her success is the result of “luck”.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like if that interview is any indication, Bethenny would have been better off raised by wolves. What mother gives an interview like that? Ok, they’re estranged-have some class, lady.
It explains A LOT. I’m sure you’ll hear low blows like “even her own mother hates her” but that’s effed up-Bernadette Birk is no kind of mother and I hope Bethenny keeps Brynn far, far away.

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RHONY Recap: Bidding In Love

So this is the episode the random was suing over, loose lips must have sunk some friend-ships. We shall see.

Ramona and Avery are shopping-Ramona is pestering Avery to take her coat off.

Sonja and Lu meet for lunch.

Dorinda and Bethenny are shopping. Dorinda is stressed about her upcoming charity event that’s in a few days. Also, Hannah is moving out and Dorinda wants to redo her floors. She’s going to stay in her Upper East Side apartment. Speaking of apartments, Bethenny bought another one in Soho, and it’s gigantic. She’s not sure if she’s going to flip it, or live in it.

Avery tries on Ramona’s sunglasses and deems them “too cool” for Ramona so thinks she should have them. Ramona is all, “What, I can’t be hip?” Saying “hip” right there says no. Avery tells Ramona that she looks like she’s trying too hard. Ramona starts asking advice about Bethenny and Avery says she doesn’t understand the fight. She advises Ramona to talk to Bethenny-Ramona said she did and repeats what she said, a wise Avery says that was a “side attack”. Ramona doesn’t know how-Avery basically tells Ramona that her delivery sucks.

Luann and Sonja are discussing the Bethenny/Ramona tiff. Sonja completely gets why Bethenny was upset because she knows Bethenny well enough to know you don’t come for her business or her child, Ramona went right in for the kid.

Bethenny and Dorinda are discussing Ramona as well-Dorinda says she really wants them to make up but Bethenny has had it with Ramona. She says that Ramona is trying hard to make this all her fault so fine, she’ll be cordial when she sees Ramona, she’s just had enough.

Avery tells Ramona that someone needs to step up and make things less awkward. Ramona thinks she’s ALWAYS the one that has to do that.

Tinsley, Ramona and Sonja are at a bar on the hunt for men. Ramona has invented herself a new drink that is picky and complicated with straws, limes, and a specific glass. She gives Tinsley advice on where to meet men and says the gym and steakhouses are the best places. She sucks on her straw to show Tinsley proper flirting. Gross. As they head over to their table Ramona swings by the kitchen to tell “smells good, guys” then waggles her tongue. Why. They get to the table and Ramona doesn’t have 3 limes, so asks the waitress for more. 3 limes. They begin blatantly ogling men.

Tinsley is making the meat market rounds. Sonja has a plan for Tinsley man-wise but Tinsley isn’t sticking to it-the guy she’s talking to is too young. That’s not in the plan. All 3 women begin to talk about the guy right in front of him. Ramona starts to demonstrate her flirting technique on the guy Tinsley was talking to, then hangs all over him, and Tinsley is embarrassed. Now Sonja sidles up. This is so desperate and needy. Sonja decides she wants to leave but Tinsley wants to stay, so Sonja tells “big mistake” at Tinsley as she’s leaving. Tinsley doesn’t care. His name is Chad, he’s 23, and they’re making out in the bar.

The next morning Tinsley is making coffee and in search of sweetener. Sonja walks into the kitchen instantly shrieking that Tinsley turned on the heat (she didn’t) and killed a big palm leaf. Sonja has no sweetener and tells Tinsley she needs to steal the packets from a restaurant. Sonja is giving Tinsley grief because she has already gotten her hair done at the salon that morning but hasn’t acquired Splenda in the 3 weeks she’s been there. Did Tinsley even come home last night? Sonja doesn’t think so but Tinsley says she did. Sonja is rambling about the list-Tinsley is outta there.

Bethenny is at the Rainbow Room for the Dress For Success annual breakfast. We meet Dennis! He’s tall, bald, and way more handsome than the photos I’ve seen. Bethenny has known him for 30 years, and when he separated from his wife asked Bethenny out. Carole is on her way to the breakfast as well, and she’s on time which is a gift in itself. Bethenny gets a nice intro before her speech and she gets a little reset and emotional during the speech she gives. Carole knows things have been really difficult and emotional after the divorce.

Carole, Adam and friends are going indoor rock climbing. Carole is a scaredy cat, kind of. Adam climbs to the top no problem. Carole isn’t athletic and has no desire to be. She’s giving it a try though and makes it to the top-she does NOT want to rappel down though, so starts to climb. Eventually she’s convinced to let go and just glide down.

After the climb, Carole is hanging out with one of Adam’s friends girlfriends who literally looks 15. They talk about Carole’s apartment and Adam’s apartment hunting which isn’t going well. What I get from the conversation Carole is having with the 15 year old is that she sort of wants to let Adam down but not while he’s living with her. She says it’s “not that relationship” as far as building a life together. Ouch. Expect an announcement.

Tinsley and Chad are on a bowling date. She could not care less about Sonja’s list right now. Chad orders a beer and gets carded. Tinsley does not get carded. You know she felt that. She’s beating him at bowling though and shrieks with every strike. So Chad just moved to NYC, Tinsley says she lives with Sonja so Chad asks how that’s going. Tinsley says she’s not allowed to bring dates home, now Chad’s plans are foiled. Tinsley’s not above sneaking him in though. They start making out. She’s totally sneaking him in.

Ramona is out with her friends Missy and Kathleen. They’re at a bar on a manhunt, because why else? Someone from the bar sends over a round of drinks. Ramona is so obvious on her mission to find a man that she looks pitiful and desperate. Ramona tells her friends how nice it is to be with them and then begins to list the cons of hanging out with the other ladies. So apparently Kathleen dated Tom too-oooo the inevitable Tom tea. So it seems that Kathleen found out that she and Tom broke up when she ran into him and Luann at a bar. No one in NYC seems to have much hope for this marriage. Missy puts a nice spin on Lu’s ostriching by saying she admires Lu for going all in.

Luann is doing a practice run for her wedding makeup. She finally feels like she can enjoy her fiancé and being engaged. Victoria gets her makeup done too (Girl. Those BROWS. They could be fab. Come on). Lu talks about her “flat” in Palm Beach-hello pretension, there aren’t flats here, especially in FL. But go on with your Euro-Connecticut self.

Dorinda and John are going to her holiday charity auction party. The auction includes Carole’s books, a big ole pile of Too Faced makeup, jewelry, etc. Dorinda is donating drinks with Luann, a piece of Sonja’s clothing ( hope she didn’t wash it in the toilet) and a day in the Berkshires with her. Carole has some Charlotte Tilbury products that I would die for, worth $425. Carole greets Dorinda and John-John goes in for the kiss hello but Carole does the artful dodge and kisses Dorinda hello instead. Well played, Radziwill. Dorinda is worried that no one is bidding. Tinsley and Bethenny walk in-Tinsley feels that Bethenny runs hot and cold. Sonja tells “Don’t we live together?” when she sees Tinsley, who asks Sonja why she left without her. Sonja tells her they don’t always have to ride in the same vehicle together. Make up your mind, Needy McClinger. You get mad if Tinsley averts her attention for one second, but treat her like she’s annoying in front of others.

Bethenny has never met opportunist Tom, but she will tonite. Dorinda gets on the mic and makes an announcement about the auction reminding people to bid. Carole and Bethenny are talking about Ramona’s behavior the last time they were all together-speak of the devil, there’s Ramona. Bethenny does an imitation of Ramona that’s pretty hilarious.

Sonja and Ramona are scoping out men as usual. Bethenny thinks she found a man for Sonja but he already knows Sonja. Of course. Bethenny says a super quick hello to Ramona who has a plastic look on her face (Bethenny’s words) and goes on to tell Sonja about Milos, the guy she found for her. Ramona overheard and is now moving in on him. Ruthless, hungry, and thirsty, man. She comes back and Sonja complains that Ramona was flirting with “her guy”. Ramona says she was practicing. Luann and Tom walk over to the group-Tom acts like he doesn’t know Sonja thinking he’s being funny. Way to make awkward more awkward. Luann thanks Bethenny for sticking up for her the other night. Bethenny introduces herself to Tom, right away apologizing for any drama she caused. Luann appreciates that. Tom asks Bethenny what she’s doing for the holidays and she makes a joke about going to their wedding.

Oh oh oh!! Here comes the convo that random lady is suing over! Dorinda threatens to cut off drinks until people bid. Bethenny is selling her donation to Milos so he will bid on it. I bids on the Givenchy bag, more bids are finally coming on. Carole is chatting with Barbara, Luann’s friend aka random suer. As they’re chatting and looking at items on the table, it looks to me like Barbara motions Carole tonthe wns of the table so they’re away from the crowd. Lu’s friend says she is going to the wedding-she’s not excited and feels like Luann has “something to prove”. She says that Luann would rather go through with the wedding and divorce than call it off. Carole says “wow-but what about him?” Barbara the “friend” says that there are still many cheating rumors and that he’s still hanging out at the Regency. She did tell Luann, but, ostriching. Carole says Luann could be making the biggest mistake of her life, and is the great pretender. She says Luann will never let on that there may be trouble.

So that’s why this random was suing. She’s embarrassed and trying to save face. But bullshit. She obviously knew she was being filmed. Tough crapola lady!

Next week: Bethenny and Fredrick make lists. Luann and Tom walk the dog who marks his territory. Christmas at Dorinda’s-a mushed cake, and is Dorinda having second thoughts?

Dumbest Lawsuit Ever

A woman is suing RHONY’s Carole Radziwill for “secretly recording” a conversation they had.

Apparently this woman was at a function/party and Bravo was filming. She had what she claims was a “private” conversation with Carole, but Carole was wearing her mic pack so it was recorded.

Nice try lady. She would have had to sign a release to be on the premise when filming, most likely. She’s making it seem like Carole was all CIA agent and recording all of her convos.

DM story below:


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RHONY Recap: Wishful Invitation

This weeks episode starts with some quick clips of various housewives with their pets. Tinsley is picking up poop, Carole babies her Babys, etc.

Bethenny is at a restaurant waiting for Sonja who is late despite living literally right around the corner. Sonja’s reason is that she was early so went for a manicure. The waiter gives Bethenny a blank menu accidentally and she and Sonja both have a laugh. Sonja says she’s still purging her house and her mind, and it’s going well. Bethenny asks how Ramona’s surprise party went. Sonja reports that it was “so very nice, lots of food, so very nice”. She mentions how nice Dorinda is being to her. Sonja tells Bethenny about the conversation she had with Ramona out on the balcony, and says that Ramona is incapable of an emotionally mature conversation and won’t admit wrongdoing. Holy insight, Sonja-not drinking is doing her brain function good. Sonja tells Bethenny that she completely understands why Bethenny was upset. Bethenny says that Ramona didn’t care about Brynn, she was just trying to shame Bethenny. Sonja says how Ramona is dating a lot of random guys, then complains how all of the girls date “her men” and lists men she and the other women have dated: Harry, Pirate, Tom. Bethenny calls her a “curator of cock”.

Dorinda is in the Berkshires to have a memorial service for Richard, it’s the 5 year anniversary of his passing. She’s at the cemetery with her family-she says she didn’t invite John because the people there are the family that was, and he understands. Except that Carole is there. Laryngitis and all. Dorinda introduces her to her family-Richard’s 2 oldest children aren’t there though. Hannah reads some words she wrote about Richard while she was doing her contour. She says how devastating it was to lose him and that he made her who she is today. Dorinda is impressed, and says something as well-she still loves him and misses him every day. Everyone says their goodbyes and heads back to Dorinda’s for lunch.

Bethenny is sitting and organizing Brynn’s room. She thinks Brynn may be a glittery girly hoarder. She’s looking for a space for all of Brynn’s American Girl dolls, she’s thinking of buying a bigger apartment. Not for the dolls, just in general.

At Dorinda’s the family has gathered for a post memorial lunch. Carole is chatting with Dorinda’s parents who have been married for 57 years. Hannah tells a story about Richard-when she was young she said she was going to the bodega for a pack of gum and Richard gave her 100$ bill. They all laugh and say that’s typical Richard-always giving his money away. Homeless people used to wait for him outside of church and the deli because they knew he’d be throwing cash around. Dorinda said she had to give him a “fake ATM card” or else he’d give everything away. He was generous. Got it. Dorinda then gives Carole a tour of the property.

Sonja is giving Tinsley kitchen rules. Tinsley is so over this-she’s really not sure what the rules are. Sonja thinks that Tinsley is “clueless” about things because she grew up with hired help. Tinsley doesn’t want to wear out her welcome and feels like it might be time to move out. Sonja has brown ice in her freezer-eww-and says it used to be yellow til Tinsley moved in. Apparently Sonja blames everything on Tinsley. They start throwing ice at each other playfully-ice fight!

Lu is having Dorinda and the rest of her bridal party get together to try on their wedding attire. Lu hasn’t ever worn a wedding dress and she says she’s got a right to. I agree-let her wear whatever she feels beautiful in. Out Lu comes in her wedding gown-it’s simple, classy, and pretty. She looks so happy and glowy. Dorinda tries her bridesmaid dress on-it’s a blush pink and very flattering. Lu’s got her sisters there as well as the dress designer.

Tinsley is walking with her friend and her friends dog-the dog is on a remote control power wheels jeep type thing because it’s obviously cooler than pushing the dog in a stroller. Duh. The jeep keeps crashing. Tinsley tells her friend (who’s name I didn’t get, but I don’t care because she was so extra and trying way too hard)that she needs to find an apartment like, now. Friend goes on a tangent against the Upper East Side like it’s a 3rd world country. She has Tinsley drive the dog. This scene is so dumb.

Bethenny is hanging out at Carole’s and the shredded couch is even worse. Lawdy. Carole covers it and Bethenny asks how Thanksgiving was-Carole and Adam were on each other’s nerves so they really need space and separate apartments. She’s been encouraging Adam to find his own place. It’s kind of like they’re having a 2 year itch. Bethenny had a stressful holiday-Carole asks about the Jason situation. Bethenny says she’s tired but has got to deal with it. Things are escalating-Carole says she’s witnessed some beyond bizarre behavior on his end and she’s concerned. Dorinda is trying to get everyone together for drinks-Bethenny is in.

Ramona is alone in her apartment singing “I had a birthday, I had a party” and tells her dog it can’t come with her to Vegas. She calls Dorinda to thank her for throwing her the surprise party. Ramona doesn’t understand why Bethenny didn’t show up. She says Bethenny isn’t a true friend and that it’s sad Bethenny didn’t call or drop by.

Bethenny tells Carole that she’s got zero to say regarding the Ramona situation. Carole says that Ramona knows Bethenny was upset with her. Bethenny just wants Ramona to leave her alone.

Dorinda’s get together is happening-she and Luann meet up with Carole who’s already ordered food. Ramona knows that Bethenny will be there and she plans on using a less confrontational approach with her. Lu is glad that the tension with her and Carole is gone. Bethenny arrives and is in a good mood. Dorinda is talking about Luann’s wedding and how she tried on her bridesmaid dress but no one took pics. Ramona starts messing with Luann over not being invited to her wedding in typical selfish, mannerless rude Ramona style. She’s going on and on asking where her invitation is and why wasn’t she sent one even though she wasn’t going to go. Bethenny calls it a mind game-“I don’t want to go but I want you to invite me”, says it’s manipulative and childish (which it is). But Rudemona isn’t done, no-she tells Lu that people are still placing bets on whether the wedding will happen or not. She claims that people are calling her asking if they should go through with their
travel plans for the wedding. Luann has no words, Bethenny tells Ramona that she’s not being nice. Bethenny says Ramona is an asshole, and that was an asshole thing to say. Truth. Ramona then toasts to the wedding and tells Lu how happy she is for her.

Tinsley and Sonja arrive and Sonja immediately makes things weird by announcing that she isn’t with Tinsley and Tinsley is on her own with her own friends. She passive aggressively says she doesn’t want to be a tag along. Carole asks Tinsley if she plans in staying in NYC which she is, and asks how it is living with Sonja. Tinsley diplomatically says good, but they had a little fight that morning. Carole reveals that the reason she’s asking is because she’s on the board at her apartment building and there are 2 empty apartments.Tinsley’ eyes light up and she’s very interested. Sonja, Luann, Ramona and Dorinda are in a group by the bar, when Sonja lets out a silent but deadly fart. Wait what? I guess that’s a thing she does.

Carole is showing cat videos that Adam took of Baby. Tinsley said she tattooed her pets name on her wrist-Carole says at least it wasn’t her husband’s name! Tinsley says that oh, she did that too-his initials are on her hip. Carole asks about Tinsley’s history with Topper-they were high school sweethearts that eloped because Andrea on 90210 did, but they had it annulled and got really married years later.

Ramona is off with Luann shit talking Bethenny-Ramona still doesn’t get it and asks “what did I do?”-she really has zero insight. She calls Bethenny a loose cannon. Luann makes her exit to go meet Tom. Bethenny says she’s going to leave, but Ramona slides into the seat next to her.

Ramona tries this weird, lecture-y, talking down to Bethenny approach, it’s not working. She’s talking to Bethenny like Bethenny is really slow-I’m not even sure what she’s trying to say-something about being concerned friends. Bethenny tells Ramona she doesn’t like the way Rudemona is speaking to her, Ramona doesn’t know what that means, so Bethenny elaborates and says she doesn’t want to be schooled by Ramona and doesn’t like the way she’s being spoken to. Ramona starts with the eyes closed while speaking crap and says “you’re really weird”. Ramona continues to defend her shaming Bethenny by saying she spoke to her out of concern (bullshit, already) and says she was SHOCKED-Bethenny says she’s just gonna go now but Ramona keeps going. Bethenny tells Ramona that she is not very self aware (truth) and Ramona says “waaaaoooooowwwwwww”. Ramona won’t let it go and is practically holding Bethenny hostage by not moving so Bethenny can get up. Bethenny is actually being very patient and polite, Ramona looks crazy. She continues to berate Bethenny who has finally had it, gets up and squeezes by Ramona to leave. Ramona stands up and caws like a crow to Bethenny’s back-she’s got to be off her meds.

Ramona sits down next to Carole and starts rubbing her face on Carole’s saying in a sing song voice “I don’t talk well! I have a bad way of talking!” and Carole is just like-help. Ramona starts badmouthing Bethenny and Carole tries to shut it down. Rudemona keeps going, says that Bethenny is like a wild dog-Tinsley sticks up for Bethenny and tells Ramona “um, so are you!” Ramona goes on to heap praise on herself and how she’s got no stinger. She’s got a huge heart, she’s the most amazing friend, and goes on to take a poll over whether or not she’s got the biggest heart in the world. Tinsley is forced into agreeing-everyone bails. Dorinda thinks something is up with Ramona. Ya think?

Next week: Bethenny has had it with Ramona, Avery gives a close-eyed Ramona advice on awkwardness, Tinsley makes out, we meet Dennis, Carole climbs the walls.

Talk soon, Lovelies