In Not So Shocking News..

RHOC Kelly Dodd has filed for divorce from her husband of 11years, Michael. Her quote-“Our marriage is over-I’m outta there! We’ve had problems for years and I’ve had enough! I’m done with our marriage!” Well. That’s eloquent. None of that we respect each other and will remain friends and committed to raising our daughter crap. 

Apparently the police were called to the house 6 times in 3 days this July. Temper, temper.

Are we surprised though? 

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RHOC Star Kelly Dodd Divorcing Husband Michael Dodd: ‘Our Marriage Is Over’

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RHOC Thoughts?

Well. Just when I’m starting to hate Dodd less, she ruins it. She can be funny, supportive, all that good stuff but her temper, that temper and the evilness that comes out of her face-I can’t. 

Lydia is turning into quite the bitchy mean girl this season. I’m not sure I like this Lydia. And where are Dougs socks? He hasn’t worn socks once. Is it a Miami Vice tribute? If she cries and cackles about “cutting off his balls” one more time….She just sounds so stupid, I get she thinks it’s cute, but it’s completely inaccurate and I almost feel like she’s passive aggressively emasculating him. It’s just obnoxious because a vasectomy isn’t equal to castration. I don’t like her mean girl crap towards Shannon.

Ah-Shannon. When did she become so needy? Demanding Tamra drop her cake and come running because she beckoned? She never has been able to hide turmoil in her private life-she always acts out and I guess this is one way. I can’t dislike her though-she’s flawed and she knows it, she doesn’t try to hide it. As if she could.

Vicki. Is her time up yet? She’s all about angry indignation at being called a liar, she does not lie, people-she’s on an ETHICS committee, ok? But I do believe the entire reunion last season was Vicki admitting to “fabrication” and apologizing for, well, lying. She does this dumb damsel act where she pretends to not understand something and tries to get all cute and helpless about it-anyone notice? 

Peggy-I do not think we’ll see Peggy in another season. I don’t think she’s meshing with the other cast members and she has no real storyline. I think her husband is more excited to be on the show than she is. She’s just kind of boring-and clearly has no time for the nonsense which isn’t going to work. You have to have nothing BUT time for the nonsense.

I’ve always liked Meghan. Even her first season when a lot of ppl hated her, I liked her. I think she gets unfair crap for not spending every second with Aspen, but to be fair, we don’t know how many actual days she spent shooting and as far as her drinking, she pumps before, and pumps and dumps. A lot of women do that. She is kind of a shit stirrer.

Tamra hasn’t really been that obnoxious-it’s obvious that Shannon feels super threatened at the possibility of Tamra and Vicki making amends, and I feel like Tamra plays stupid about it-I don’t think that there’s a friendship to fix, personally. Vicki is going to keep gossiping, and Tamra is going to stay mad about it so just stop pretending there’s anything to mend. 


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TV Updates, This & That

Just watched RHOD, and the most real thing about LeeAnne Locken is how fake and transparent she is. Holding an HIV charity event, then right after a speech starts with the mean girl gossip. 

I am so over the obsession with “The Society World”. Who caaaares?  

Kelly Dodd was back to her vile, gross self-attacking Meghan’s mothering. She just goes SO low, it’s unnecessary and she’s vicious. Diko, Peggy’s husband is so obnoxious with his money obsession, price dropping everything, waving cash all over the place-I’m trying to give this couple a chance but it’s not working out for me.

Did anyone watch AHS: Cult? I recorded it on DVR but have t had s chance to watch it yet-the 18 yr old had an orthodontist appt so I spent most of the morning there, and I’m just catching up with the Housewives. 

Has anyone been watching “The Sinner” on USA with Jessica Biel? It’s pretty good I gotta say….

I’m trying to manage having no phone, poor hubs has lost full use of his since I tend to take it over here and there. Hey-I’ve got posts to make!!

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Hey Hey, Ho Ho, RHOC Peggy Has Got To Go


Not sure if y’all have heard the latest, but new RHOC housewife Peggy Sulahian is allegedly a raging homophobe.

According to reports, Peggy banned her brother, designer Pol’ Atteu, from their father’s funeral because he’s gay. She hasn’t had a relationship with her brother for 20 years because he’s homosexual.

Well, Andy wants to know what’s up, and has reportedly invited her to discuss her homophobia with him, which she has declined. Lisa Vanderpump and Vicki Gunvalson have spoken out in support of the LGBT community and against Peggy.

If Peggy was smart, which is completely debatable, she’d either own it or deny it, especially since a gay man is signing her pay checks. Hopefully not for long.

It makes me insane when people with racist/bigoted views stand down from them when confronted and won’t own it. It just adds to their cowardice.

Oh-and Peggy’s happy marriage is allegedly a farce-they’ve been divorced since 1996.


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Sidney Barney speaks

I’m reluctant to post this because Sidney really just wants to be left alone, but she posted it to SM, and People picked it up, so I’m posting it.

People Mag

I get family issues, I have plenty of them – and I would not want them told one-sided on a crappy reality show. But the way Tamra has been portraying Sidney on SM is wrong, and Sidney has now chosen to vent about it.

Mostly I’m posting this because of the last line of the story, which is Tamra’s SM response. SHAME ON YOU!!!

I know we are a good group, but, if at all possible, please refrain from bashing Sidney. She didn’t choose this life. We won’t delete your comment, but please remember this is a very damaged child.

RHOC Post Mortem: The Not So Quiet Woman

Vicki needs to retire that “whoooohooo” baying at the tequila moon crap. Enough.

Back to Lydia and Shannon having words-they go back and forth and Shannon storms off. I totally feel like Lydia came into meeting Shannon with a Vicki-placed chip on her shoulder.

Tamra defends Shannon to Lydia. David follows a squawking Shannon into the ridiculously unnecessary giant limo they took to a toddlers birthday party and he’s asking her what’s wrong. Oh, David. That’s a loaded question, my dear. Shannon tells David what Lydia said to her.

Tamra wisely advises Lydia to stay off the Vicki topic. Lydia doesn’t do bitchy Vicki henchman very well and should refrain from that role. Lydia is questioning why Tamra is friends with Shannon.

Peggy is still uncomfortable from her surgery. Her son Koko is playing basketball in the house. His eyebrows are EPIC. No shade to the kid, just, wowser. When she speaks Armenian, the kids know she means BIZ. Peggy and husband are off to her Dr appointment.

Vicki is checking on her new office progress. She’s boasting about custom made this, 10,000$ that, how everything is so expensive, but that’s Vicki! She wants surveillance cameras so she can log in from her desk and spy on people coming into the office and her employees. She accused a former employee of embezzlement so has zero trust. Poor martyr Vicki is too giving and trusting and been burned. No more! She’s building an EMPIRE!

Peggy is at the plastic surgeon’s office to have her expanders checked. She’s not sure if they’re big enough. Implants are the next step. It’s weird that her husband and doctor are having the conversation about size and not including her whatsoever. She looks sad, man. Really sad. Her husband lectures her on her breast size. She says that on the outside she’s got it all but in reality is struggling. She gives her Dr a thank you speech.

Lydia and Doug are doing magazine stuff. I wonder if Doug is wearing socks. Lydia is freaked out that the magazine isn’t ready. They have a trip, a party, a launch party to plan and complete before the magazine prints. Lydia thinks Doug is too nice. Tamra calls, and Lydia wants an explanation about Shannon. Tamra describes Shannon’s personality and thinks Lydia took her the wrong way. Lydia is bitchy and dismisses Shannon as “crazy”.

Tamra calls Shannon, and is playing with Charlie the Guinea Pig. I hate Guinea Pigs.

Shannon wants to know if dinner is still on-Tamra says she talked to Lydia-she tells Shannon that she told Lydia she shouldn’t have brought up Vicki. Shannon is willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and try again. Dinner is on! Charlie the GP poops on the floor and Tamra picks it up with her bare hands. Gross. Ugh.

Aspen has gas. Jim is cleaning and complaining. Meghan says the house is too big. Jim has the personality of a dry sponge. Not even wet. Meghan thinks babies can see ghosts.

Shannon is back at the gym and ready to work on losing the weight. Her Dr/Trainer asks why she gained the weight and why she let anything affect her that much to where it was detrimental to her health. He makes her get on the scale. The last weigh in she was 134. She’s 172. Dr Tims response? “wow”. I’d have punched him in the throat and walked out. I think she knows, TIM. Her body fat is 40%. She needs to start working hard. He takes before pics. She’s brave. He asks how David feels about it-she says she doesn’t want to tell him her weight because he might “be done”. Whaaaaat? Because she gained weight he’d leave? Wow. Dr Tim is going to help her.

Peggy is dribbling an Oreo Ferrari and picks Lydia up in it. That black/white color scheme is ugly AF. Peggy drives fast, I think Lydia likes it but all I see is hair and teeth. Turns out Lydia invited Dodd to dinner. Big mistake. Dodd calls Lydia, she’s allegedly not going to dinner.

Tamra picks Shannon up, (well, a driver does) and Shannon launches into a huge explanation of her weight issues. Tamra is frustrated by that.

Lydia and Peggy are waiting for Shannon and Tamra who are late. Lydia’s goal is to leave being friends. Shannon says how it took 6 yrs to build her house-Peggy dismisses it.

Lydia wants to clear the air. Shannon is open after a speech. Lydia apologizes as does Shannon. Tamra cheerleads. Peggy is over it. Shannon announces her weight issues again. Peggy pipes in with an inappropriate anecdote about joking that every Fri her husband beats her. “It’s a joke, who cares”. Shannon looks for Ashton Kutcher. Even Lydia wants to hide under a napkin. Note to Peggy: Donestic Violence isn’t funny. Peggy just doesn’t get it. Shannon is shouting about food. Tamra is trying to help her choose a healthy option but….nope. Lydia invites Shannon to Stirling’s party but warns her that Vicki and Dodd will be there. That’s a hard pass for Shannon.

Shannon is off to the bathroom, Lydia says she likes Shannon (don’t believe it) and in walks Dodd. Tamra is all “OMG Kelly Dodd just walked in” and Lydia just makes a noise and excuses herself to pee. They all collide in the ladies room-Shannon, Dodd, and Lydia. First thing Shannon does is tell Dodd how much weight she’s gained. Omg enough, Shannon. I get she’s trying to address it so people don’t talk shit but gah. Dodd says Shannon looks like a completely different person.

Dodd is making faces behind Shannon’s back to Lydia. She’s still the same immature POS. Dodd loves to push Shannon’s buttons. It works, because Shannon is going off. I mean OFF. Is Shannon drunk? She keeps repeating herself how she confided in Dodd the second she walked in. Lydia pushes them to hug it out but neither wants to. Dodd is hostile. She says this place is “her jam” and Shannon knows it’s “her jam” and she’s got the East Coast in the house. Dodd leaves.

Shannon starts crying, Lydia tries to comfort her and prays over her. An exorcism?

Dodd slides in to the booth next to Tamra, mocking Shannon. She tells Peggy that Shannon is psycho, Tamra tries to temper it. Tamra isn’t into fighting with her-she tries to reason with Dodd but it’s not going to work. Peggy is enjoying her brussel sprouts.

Shannon returns to the table and Dodd is still there. Lydia wants it squashed. Shannon tells Dodd she was just surprised to see her there, Dodds response is that she lives right down the street. Shannon is using her mother tone to explain to the child (Dodd) why her reaction was what it was. Can they all get over it? Dodd doesn’t think so. Shannon tries to drag Peggy into it but Peggy is wisely uninterested. Dodd keeps pick pick picking at Shannon because she loves to see Shannon freak out. She even has a smirk. Shannon kicks her out of the table, and Dodd makes a wise crack about Shannon’s body. I hate Dodd. Like, haaaaaate her. She looks like shite too. She gets the reaction she wanted, and Shannon flips out. Tells her to fuck off, flips her off, calls her a fucking bitch. Dodd tells her to keep eating-Shannon tosses a plate of food at her.

Again: Shannon is done, she’s done, she’s done. Lydia and Peggy are dying of embarrassment. As Shannon is leaving, Dodd is cackling like a 12 year old.

Lydia and Peggy are so embarrassed. Lydia keeps apologizing.

Tamra is trying to comfort Shannon. Hairy sweaty balls for Kelly Dodd.

Next week: Dodd gets her snatch tightened. Sophie has a driving lesson. Ryan breaks down over the past.

Talk soon, Lovelies

RHOC Post Mortem: Its Either My Way or the Feng Shui

Well-THAT’S a long title.

Shannon is getting ready to Feng Shui the place-my dog is going apeshit barking at Archie. He thinks that dogs on TV can hear him and are afeared. Not. Elaine, the Feng Shui expert, tells Shannon she needs all new things. Shannon says that things with David are stressed. There’s a toilet in her “relationship corner” and that’s gotta be fixed.

Vicki is talking about packing the office to move to a new space, her assistant tells her to calm down but that’s not in Vicki’s DNA. She makes a federal case over everything. Meeting with the interior designer is a treat-Vicki says Shannon’s Feng Shui is a crock.

I’m beginning to agree when Feng Shui lady starts saying the sink is female, the stove is male-come on. This is too much.

Aspen is fussy-Jim tries to intervene. Aspen has the farts. They’re packing to go home. The dog, named Girly Girl, has clearly been demoted to licking spit up off the floor and being threatened by Jim to be tied to the bumper by her leash. Babies. Hmph. Meghan feels like she’s in the middle of 2 warring factions between friends but Jim is more concerned with what’s for dinner.

Lydia and her husband are on location for a photo shoot. Hubs says if he met Lydia he’d approach her with a lump of sugar in his palm, fingers out of the way. Ouch. But pretty funny. They have a new magazine called Nobleman. Yawn. I don’t think Doug is wearing socks again. So an Oreo colored Rolls pulls up, I think this is when we meet Peggy. She’s with her husband Diko. Peggy just had some kind of surgery so Doug warns Lydia not to hug. Diko and Peggy are the subjects of the article and shoot. Peggy has sort of teased hair a la Melania Trump. Apparently Peggy just had a double mastectomy for preventative reasons.

Tamra is with Ryan, Sarah (they’re still together?) and Ava at a ranch in the rain. It’s Ava’s birthday so I predict some sort of pony rides. Oh wait-it’s just party planning for her birthday. It’s only the kids 2nd birthday and they’re having a tiger, zebras, and other exotic animals that should be frolicking in Africa or wherever, not gawked at by overindulged toddlers. I digress. Sarah and Ryan are irritated with each other and Sarah wants beer. Tamra and Sarah discuss the guest list for Ava’s party, and much to Tamra’s dismay, Briana is invited. Tamra says she’s cut ties with Briana as well. (It’s a kids party-Briana has kids, big deal!). Tamra is afraid it’ll be awkward. She unfriended Briana on social media without an explanation which she admits was immature.

Ugh, here comes Dodd. She’s going to work out with Michael. She says things are better with them. While driving Michael almost gets into an accident. They make it to the gym alive and get to working out with their personal trainer. She says she can relate to Shannon as far as working on her marriage.

Shannon is baking cookies and Sophie is getting her makeup done. I wonder how long before we see the Beador girls “modeling”? Sophie and her friend are getting ready for winter formal. Shannon reminds Sophie to cross her legs when sitting, because “that is a flippin’ short dress”. David hasn’t seen it yet. Shannon is crying thinking where has the time gone, her babies are all grown up…she burned the bread/cookies or whatever. Sophie makes her entrance and she looks pretty. David, as expected thinks the dress is too short. It’s actually tasteful, I think. Other parents and kids arrive for pics. Shannon is embarrassing shrieking at the kids to mingle. The limo takes off for formal. I’m sure the kids are relieved.

We get a mini tour of Peggy’s house. It’s big, the typical southern CA Mediterranean looking big house. Peggy is Armenian, born in Kuwait, and lived in SoCal for 10 years. She’s been married for 21 years and has 3 kids. Her husband has a luxury car empire. Peggy is having a luncheon for the family, she has had some health issues-she had breast cancer and instead of messing around just had the double mastectomy since her mother died from breast cancer. At the luncheon, her husband gives her an 85k diamond necklace and a 70k diamond bracelet. Niiiice. She totally looks like Melania Trump to me.

Vicki is at Briana’s visiting, and Briana breaks the news to Vicki that they’re going to Ava’s birthday party. Vicki looks not happy. Briana doesn’t want to hear any anti-Vicki sentiments, she hasn’t seen Tamra in a year. Vicki tells her to just leave if she’s uncomfortable.

The party for Ava is underway-its a little girls dream party with unicorns and cakes and cookies everywhere. Lydia is there with her mother, then Briana arrives. Sarah and Eddie greet her warmly-where’s Tamra? I guess they’re just going to avoid each other. Lydia’s mother is still fairy dusting people-good thing Ryan is still in OK. Briana leaves because it’s just too weird. Come on, Tamra. That was classless.

Shannon and crew arrive, Shannon and Lydia meet. Lydia is fake AF to me, she starts bringing up Vicki right away. Lydia introduces Shannon to Judy-Shannon isn’t about having fairy dust or confetti or anything thrown on her. Judy loves Shannons energy and throws confetti at her.

Everyone sings Happy Bday to Ava, who could not care about this huge party, give her some cake and a bib, and it’s probably all the same to her. She’s 2. Lydia brings Vicki up to Shannon and Tamra again, Shannon tries to warn Lydia about the allegations that Vicki made. Lydia tells them they’re behaving just like Vicki. Shannon stomps the brakes on that. Lydia needs to mind her own business, really.

Lydia wasn’t involved, she doesn’t know what happened, she needs to shut her mouth. Shannon is not feeling Lydia. She’s yelling at you, Lydia, because you’re so out of line. Doug shoes up and Lydia is relieved. Shannon calls David over to meet Lydia and Doug. Tamra realizes it isn’t going well. Lydia tells her mother that Shannon “screamed” at her for no reason-exaggerate much? Just decides Shannon is a lost soul. Shannon apologizes to Tamra for possibly offending Lydia, and Lydia rounds up her crew to leave. As she’s saying goodbye, Tamra tells Lydia why Shannon got upset, as Shannon eats. Lydia wants to talk to Shannon, and she exaggerates again about screaming and yelling. Tamra tries to intervene but Lydia is being an asshole. Lydia just gets more rude, and decides they aren’t going to get along or go to dinner or anything. Tamra tries to intervene again, but it’s hopeless as Shannon storms off saying “I’m done”. Well.

Next week: Peggy speeds, Shannon hits the gym, Shannon V Lydia V Dodd, Dodd is up to her rude self, Shannon loses it.

RHOC Post Mortem: The Great Divide

I think what I’m going to do from now on is a “Post Mortem” discussion type recap for the housewives shows? Let me know what you think.


Shannon is discussing her weight gain and the struggles that come with it. I give her credit-she must be self conscious but addressing it is the best way to go. She’s blaming Vicki and stress. Vicki? No. Anyway you should never give someone that kind of power to affect your life.

The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 12
She still looks fabulous. Anyhoo-

Dodd and Vicki are still the delusional, mean girl, petty, jealous assholes they were last season. They’re making fun of Tamra and her fitness competition-Vicki says “get a job” (that’s her go-to). Tamra literally worked her ass off for that competition-the only workout Dodd gets is her arm bringing vodka to her mouth, and Vicki’s jaw blabbing what a lying con she isn’t and gossiping. Girls bye.


Tamra is off to bible study which is a segue to reintroduce Lydia and her teef. Yawn. She was just…boring. Let’s see how she does. I wonder if she and Dodd will get along. Lydia and her teef wanna take everyone to lunch. Ha. Ha.

The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 12

Meghan looks great and OMG that baby is ADORABLE. Meghan rehashes the journey she took to get pregnant, but how worth it. Aspen is delicious. It looks like Jim is a little more plugged in than he was. Good.

The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 12
Tamra is at bible study at Lydia’s with a whole bunch of women. I would honestly rather watch grass grow. No offense to Jesus or God. Tamra is talking about her daughter again and mayyyybe shouldn’t-they’re on good terms now. And I’m so happy for both of them. No mother should go through that, or child. Just sad.

The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 12

Vicki has a new boyfriend. Yawn. She calls Brooks a “bad boy”. 😂😂😂😂 riggghhht. This new one is Steve who she claims to have known for a year. Is this the cop? Ah ha-yes. Retired. I wonder if her kids like him? She’s bringing up marriage.

Dodd is screaming for her mother, apparently needs advice on what to wear and ask her mom if she should get vaginal rejuvenation. And offering her mom the surgery. She calls her mom “frail” but she looks pretty hale to me. She says she and Michael are still trying to work on their marriage. Who cares.

Vicki goes to Briana’s house-the kids are getting so big. Ryan is STILL in OK. The kids beat the crap out of each other. That’s just boys though. Vicki says she’s Briana’s OC husband. Puke. She likes Vicki’s new man and is pushing marriage.

Tamra still works out like a maniac-she and Eddie have been together 7 years. Damn, already? She hates the 3k mural in the gym and wants to paint it over. Tamra tells Eddie that Lydia wants to do a lunch w Vicki and company-Eddie isn’t down with that. I don’t blame him. Vicki is poison.

Lydia is teaching her 5 year old to ride a bike. Her boys have gotten so big as well-the baby is 2 already. Her husband is wearing a weird Naugahyde looking jacket. And no socks. And highwaters. They moved to Newport Beach and don’t live across the street from her weed smoking, fairy glitter tossing hippie mom. Off to the park in a golf cart to bike ride. The kid takes a digger off his bike and cries but Lydia says “he’s a McLaughlin, we don’t give up” so he’s back on the bike. Way too deep for a two wheeler lesson.

Shannon takes Sophie shopping for a dress for formal, meets up with Tamra and Kasey, Tamra’s niece. Sophie is SO TALL and grown up. Every dress they pull out is “cute”. Except Sophie’s t shirt dress which is a no. Shannon won’t buy clothes in her size, she feels like if she does, she’s accepted it and has given up. I get it. Tamra doesn’t think the weight gain is Vicki, she thinks affair. Tamra doesn’t see motivation. I love that Shannon is picky about what Sophie picks out. Too many young girls dress WAY too grown.

Lydia meets Vicki for lunch and does that weird little dance she does. Flashback to Vicki comparing herself to Jesus Christ. Lydia thinks she can mend the friendship between Vicki and Tamra. Haha. So weird-they had to tell each other they follow each other on social media, clearly they don’t talk.

Lydia dives right in asking Vicki about the Gay Eddie comment which she denies because that’s what Vicki does. She plays the victim-she’s never conned anyone. Mhhmmm. Lydia lives in Rainbow and unicorn land-she tells Vicki that the reason she and Tamra hurt each other is that they love each other so much. Oh, Lydia. No, honey. She’s buying Vicki’s BS. Lydia is out of her mind.

Next week: Dodd has a close call, we meet new HW Peggy, Shannon has a toilet in the relationship area, Lydia doesn’t like Shannon. Shannon is DONE.

The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 12

RHOC Premiere Tonite!

I probably won’t be able to watch until tomorrow-but I’m looking forward to this season! Kelly Dodd and Vicki? Not so much. I loathe Kelly. Can’t stand her, despise her, I wish she’d go away-I think she’s a mean vicious alcoholic. Lydia was ho hum when she was on last time, let’s see what happens.

I can’t wait to see Meghan as a mom. I know she really wanted children, and that baby is CUTE.

Who’s watching too?

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RHOC’s Shannon Beador Blames Weight Gain On..

Vicki. And stress. Stress from Vicki.

The preview for the new season came out on Mon, showing Lydia’s return and new Housewife Peggy Sulahain-who has the distinction of being Bravo’s 100th Housewife. 100? Really? Hmm. I wonder how many I could name…

Anyhoo-Tamara and Shannon are over The Vickster this season, I’ve been over Vicki much longer than that, though-because they accuse Vickie of spreading rumors that David beats Shannon and that Eddie is gay. It’s probably true that Vicki spread those rumors, that’s what she does. Then acts clueless but whatevs. Both are unforgivable. Shannon and David have daughters, come on. Being gay isn’t a character flaw or “bad” but a lie is a lie and if it’s not true, yeah, they should be pissed. You’d think Vicki would’ve learned, maybe.

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