Yet another hour of RHOA

Sorry everyone.  I had really short weekend and completely didn’t notice it was 8pm so I missed episide 4,382 of this season. I’ll catch up on it tonight after I finish work and put something up…..I think it’s a deleted scenes thing…. thank God because this season was far too short #sarcasm. Luckily there will only be about 25 minutes of footage #commercial #money grab #Andy’s long voice overs #NoLifestillSalty

Video of Matt Jordan Attacking Peter Thomas

A little background:

They were both appearing on a local radio station. There had been past tensions between the 2, and it all came to a head at this radio interview. I wonder who the genius is that scheduled this?

Tmz link with video below:

The police were called and Peter ended up filing a complaint against Matt.


I think Matt has an issue or 900 and isn’t fit to be in any relationship with anyone. I don’t think it takes a whole lot to set him off, either-and glad Kenya got away.

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More Exploitation By Kim Zolciak

She’s showing photos of her son’s dog bite injuries-to his FACE and EYE.

On WWHL Andy tried to get more info out of her, like who’s dog bit her son, etc but she refuses to talk about it.

But please-by all means, share the photos of him in the hospital and if his injuries with MILLIONS of people. I can’t with her. She’s ruined her face, Brielle isn’t far behind her-I just can’t. Not a fan.

DM story below:

And oh yeah-here’s Kim’s tips for looking good. 😂😂😂 funny I don’t see collagen and plastic surgery listed. I will never, EVER buy from her skincare line for 2 reasons. 1) it’s hers, what does she know? 2) it’s KashmereKollection. Hell naw, nope, no way, no. With the Ks? Kome ON.

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New Hobby and Apology

Guys-I’m not going to have time to recap RHOA-I’ve got 50 things to do and I just don’t have time-I’m sorry.

I want to start collecting coffee table books-I found some that I can’t wait to get! There’s Chanel Collections and Creations, Face Paint, W: The Stories, In Vogue: An Illustrated History, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, Vogue: The Covers, The Complete Book of Shoes, 100 Years of Fashion, Kevyn Aucoin: Making Faces and that’s just the start. I’d like to put shelves around my makeup area and have them up there. Plus I really want to read them. 😊 they’re not expensive thru Amazon but holy crap Annie Leibovitz has one for 2,500$. It’s got Keith Haring art on the cover but still. No.

My Ipsy and Boxycharm are supposed to be here today so I’ll post reviews if and when they get here.

Talk soon Lovelies!


RHOA Recap: Maui Mayhem

Kandi is still going in on Porsha as Phaedra tries to somewhat defend Porsha. Kandi is flipping her shit. She says it’s taking everything in her not to choke Porsha and Porsha, unwisely, sort of taunts Kandi with “come choke me then”. Todd says he hasn’t seen Kandi this heated since pillow talk. Phaedra is still trying to calm the situation when Cynthia shuts it down and says she’s leaving. Kandi decides to go to but is yelling at Porsha the whole way out.

Everyone makes their various morning phone calls-Sheree checking on her housewarming and throwing in a jab at Kenya, Phaedra checking in on her boys, and Cynthia checking in with her Cargo business. 

Kandi isn’t sure what to wear on the boat but knows it has to be cute for social media. Todd asks her if she’s feeling better from last night-not really. In fact so much that Kandi calls Phaedra and asks her to disinvite Porsha from the afternoon activities. Phaedra agrees that it’s a good idea Porsha sit this one out.

Porsha and Todd are hanging around their room-apparently it was Todd’s birthday the night before so nice job, Porsha. Does he not see these red flags? Or does he not care? Porsha is pretty sure that the night before will be forgotten and it’ll be business as usual today. Think again, boo.

Phaedra comes a-knockin’ on Porsha’s hotel room door and she’s wearing her typical horrific swimwear-this one she claims she’s had since she was 18. Sideye. She keeps digging in her buttcrack tugging on her bathing suit and it’s gross. She came to tell Porsha that it’s best if she and Todd stay behind-Porsha says fine, she’s tired anyway so they’ll just get a couples massage. Phaedra is still digging at her ass to pluck out that poor swimsuit that she’s asking way too much of. The southern belle with the swimwear from hell.

There’s a convoy to the speedboat with Cynthia, Peter, Todd and Kandi in one SUV and Kenya, Phaedra, Sheree and SweatyBob in the other. Cynthia wants to make sure Kenya won’t be operating the boat this time so her hat and boobs can stay where they belong.

Sheree asks Phaedra where Porsha is and Phaedra explains that Kandi thought it best that Porsha sit this one out. Kenya mentions that Porsha and boats aren’t a great mix anyway and we flashback to the Cynthia/Porsha altercation on Kenya’s boat trip. In the other car Peter reveals that Porsha said that she’s being bullied. Cynthia calls BS on that but would like to see Porsha and Kandi make amends on this trip.

Phaedra asks Kenya what she did after dinner and Kenya says she went and tried to calm Kandi down. Phaedra then again tries to defend Porsha by saying that they’ve all told a lie and “who’s to say what’s made up and what’s not?”😳. She’s an attorney. Kenya claps back with if there’s no proof then it’s made up. Duh. Sheree thinks it’s pointless because Phaedra excuses every single thing that Porsha does.

Cynthia doesn’t believe a word that Porsha says and surprisingly doesn’t feel weird at all with Peter there, she’s actually happy to have him there. Ooooo girl be careful!!!! You’ll fall back in to the trap!

Kenya remarks that Peter and Cynthia’s divorce is almost final. Sheree says that she and SweatyBob would never have gotten along that well or gone on a trip when they split. SweatyBob says they did go away on a trip to Vegas when they split, and that when Sheree fell asleep in the car he wished he had unbelted her and slammed on the brakes so she went through the windshield. Aw, SweatyBob-you are such a teddy bear. SweatyBob then says “but I never hit her” and Sheree whips her head around to give him a look like “oh really”. Kenya says “that’s not what the look she’s giving you says”. SweatyBob asks her if he’s ever physically touched her-smacked or choked-because he can’t remember. Sheree quietly says “you choked me”. He asks her if she could  breathe, sort of apologizes then negates it all by saying that maybe he didn’t choke her hard enough. The tension in the car is palpable and SweatyBob is a total asshole. Sheree says that SweatyBob does have a dark, frightening side and he’s not the changed man she had hoped he was. He’s trying to hold her hand but she’s pulling away, and Kenya comforts her. Phaedra is making stupid faces at him telling him to apologize as he’s laughing. Finally SweatyBob apologizes, but it’s lame and he sucks.

Porsha and Todd get beachside massages. Porsha refuses to wear the lei because it will block Todd’s view of her fake cleavage. She wants to give their relationship a renewed effort. 

The speedboat is smaller than they all expected. Cynthia wore a long gown because it would be appropriate for a yacht but what part of “speedboat” sounds like “yacht”? SweatyBob has all but ruined Sheree’s day but she doesn’t want the others to know and is trying to keep her game face on.

Porsha and Todd are so happy they stayed for massages instead of going with the others. On cue, their umbrella blows over and away.

The boat is speeding along, not fast enough for Kenya though who keeps yelling “faster!!”. The speedboat driver is spinning the boat and doing tricks-everyone is soaking wet but happy.

Porsha and Todd are walking on the beach and see a couple getting married-Porsha gets rings in her eyes and thoughts of skeezy wedding dresses. Todd gets in the water and with Porsha’s encouragement takes his shorts off in the water. She takes pics for social media. He gets out of the ocean (dressed) puts Porsha on his SHOULDERS, and they head back to the hotel. He must have wanted to cry but had to save face in front of the cameras.

The gang minus Porsha and Todd meet for dinner. Peter and Cynthia are late and it’s something that makes you go hmm. But Peter is deee-runk so not sure if that was possible. Peter asks Todd how it was when Porsha “went in” (he’s slurring his speech like crazy) and Todd says as a matter of fact he’s got video! Just kidding. Phaedra decides to ruin the good time by pointing out Porsha’s absence and saying she’d like to have a restoration ceremony that includes Porsha. Kenya can’t control her snicker. Phaedra doesn’t think that this should wait until they get back to Atlanta because “they” need Jesus NOW. Kandi isn’t into it and has nothing to say. Cynthia is open minded but is going to leave if it gets messy. Kenya pipes in that you can’t forgive someone who won’t admit they did wrong but Phaedra cuts her off and gets snappy.

Peter takes the guys to the bar to clear the hell out of there. Phaedra is still pushing Porsha and Kenya is crying fake tears.

Phaedra’s Bad Idea aka restoration service is getting underway and Porsha is first to arrive. She asks Phaedra what it’s all about-Porsha agrees to play along but doesn’t think it’ll work.

The guys are all sitting at the bar and Peter asks Porsha’s Todd how his birthday was-Kandi’s Todd says that the night before must have felt crazy. Porsha’s Todd says he just hopes everything gets worked out and he just stays out of the ladies stuff.

Sheree arrives at the Bad Idea, after they all exchange hellos, Porsha asks her what’s up with SweatyBob and her? Sheree says that after the car ride today, not much. She feels he’s still immature and not owning up to his wrongs.

Back at the bar SweatyBob is trying to scope out women, Kandi’s Todd tells him that’s not cool but SweatyBob says he’s technically single, so hey. Peter starts slurring about Cynthia and how important friendship and respect are. Go to bed, Peter. SweatyBob says his relationship with Sheree is like ice skating uphill.

Kandi is next to show up at the Bad Idea. It’s painfully awkward, she looks like she’d rather not be there. Phaedra starts to explain what happened with Sheree and SweatyBob in the car. Of course Porsha has to light a fire between Sheree and Kenya, reminding Sheree to bring up an old argument, and now that Sheree thinks about it she’s not over it.

Cynthia and Kenya are last to arrive, and once they get settled Phaedra starts preaching. Kandi can’t stifle a laugh. Phaedra AGAIN brings up the car thing for Sheree saying that it was an emotional moment for her. Phaedra uses that to segue into Kenya and Sheree’s argument when Sheree told Kenya she provoked Matt-then Kenya said that Sheree has had someone jump on her-Phaedra uses it as an example of low blows. Sheree confronts Kenya saying that she mocked Sheree for being a victim of domestic violence, but Kenya doesn’t remember it that way and neither does Cynthia-Sheree is playing the victim when she’s the one who hit low first. Kenya reminds Sheree she was comforting her in the car-argument ensues.

Kenya goes on to say that she was “educating” Sheree because you never blame a woman for being hit by a man. Phaedra ends that back and forth and moves on to the next.

Porsha announces that last night was crazy and basically tells Kandi that her tears might have been fake and over the truth hurting. Kandi tells Porsha to not take her tears and being upset to mean that she cares about Porsha. Kandi says that she can’t even believe that they’re in the place because she has supported and promoted Porsha more than anyone. Porsha says that like any good junior high girl, if you talk about me, I talk about you. She says she essentially made things up because she didn’t like the truth.

Next Porsha decides Kandi owes Phaedra an apology for saying that Phaedra was unfaithful in her marriage. Kandi clarifies what she did say, and that was that Phaedra was talking to someone else before Apollo went to jail. Phaedra stumbles over her words then sort of admits it but not really but then isn’t going to talk about it. Phaedra does, however want an apology for being accused of calling the Feds on Todd and Kandi. Kandi says the timing was suspicious and she’s sorry. Cynthia tells Phaedra that she should have made sure everyone was on the same page, and she’s outta here. It was a waste of time. No one thinks it went the way Phaedra wanted.

SweatyBob is waiting in a jewelry store for Sheree. When she arrives she sits down and asks what this is all about, he gives her some lame speil about her and diamonds and how important she is to him. Sheree has a problem with SweatyBob joking and making light of the painful things he put her through. He’s extremely insincere and still sort of laughing-Sheree gets upset and storms out of the jewelry store in tears. SweatyBob is left sitting at the jewelry counter, laughing as he says he’s not laughing. Sheree feels like she dodged a bullet-she’s glad he came on this trip so  she could see his true self. The trip was a test and SweatyBob failed.

Next week: Cynthia gives Peter a gift. Phaedra is sick. SweatyBob gets mad. Kenya and Phaedra argue about the past.

Talk soon, Lovelies