Phaedra Is Selling

I wonder if getting fired from RHOA has hit poor Phaedra where it hurts? She’s listed her house for sale at 1.5$ million.

She’s also put another home up for rent. Hmmmm.

Here’s the actual listing of her home, with photos. Enjoy the decor, y’all.

Talk soon Lovelies



Chateau Sheree: Vacant?

Word on the street in the A is that not only is Sheree not living in the Chateau, she’s been returning all of the appliances and fixtures to wherever they came from. I guess times are tough. Her faboo novel must not have done that well. Ha.

Straight From The A link below:

Are any of you surprised? Do you think she’ll sell it, or will someone have to pry it from her fingertips?

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Phaedra and Apollo Deeevorced For Reals

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida have reached a final divorce settlement, it appear, according to She waffled on was the divorce final, wasn’t it final, and a judge ultimately nullified the previous agreement after she intentionally misspelled their names and misled Apollo into thinking he’d be at hearings to finalize the divorce. She’s a shady snake, that Phaedra is. How hasn’t she been disbarred is what I want to know. Everything she’s pulled, from shenanigans with the divorce to the rumors she spread about Kandi go against professional ethics of the GA bar. Oh that’s right-snakes are slippery, that’s how she’s avoided sanction. At least she got fired from the show.

DM link below:

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Yet another hour of RHOA

Sorry everyone.  I had really short weekend and completely didn’t notice it was 8pm so I missed episide 4,382 of this season. I’ll catch up on it tonight after I finish work and put something up…..I think it’s a deleted scenes thing…. thank God because this season was far too short #sarcasm. Luckily there will only be about 25 minutes of footage #commercial #money grab #Andy’s long voice overs #NoLifestillSalty

Video of Matt Jordan Attacking Peter Thomas

A little background:

They were both appearing on a local radio station. There had been past tensions between the 2, and it all came to a head at this radio interview. I wonder who the genius is that scheduled this?

Tmz link with video below:

The police were called and Peter ended up filing a complaint against Matt.


I think Matt has an issue or 900 and isn’t fit to be in any relationship with anyone. I don’t think it takes a whole lot to set him off, either-and glad Kenya got away.

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More Exploitation By Kim Zolciak

She’s showing photos of her son’s dog bite injuries-to his FACE and EYE.

On WWHL Andy tried to get more info out of her, like who’s dog bit her son, etc but she refuses to talk about it.

But please-by all means, share the photos of him in the hospital and if his injuries with MILLIONS of people. I can’t with her. She’s ruined her face, Brielle isn’t far behind her-I just can’t. Not a fan.

DM story below:

And oh yeah-here’s Kim’s tips for looking good. 😂😂😂 funny I don’t see collagen and plastic surgery listed. I will never, EVER buy from her skincare line for 2 reasons. 1) it’s hers, what does she know? 2) it’s KashmereKollection. Hell naw, nope, no way, no. With the Ks? Kome ON.

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