RHONY Post Mortem: Tequila-thon

Still in Mexico-

Dorinda is doing some pre breakfast yoga. Luann joins her, hung over. She joins in the yoga fun. Bethenny comes down but no yoga. Carole and Tinsley are having breakfast. Yoga is over. Luann is injury free from her drunken falls. Tinsley gets a buttload of flowers from Scott, the 5 day blind date-she’s happy. She calls him her new boyfriend.

Surfing is on the agenda-Ramona is late to the party telling everyone Luann fell-they already know. Bethenny asks to speak to Ramona alone-Ramona semi apologizes for her behavior the night before but it’s too little too late-Bethenny band Ramona from the tequila event, too much planning has gone into it, and Ramona can’t be trusted to behave herself. Ramona says ok but if Bethenny changes her mind she’d still like to go. Bethenny tells Ramona she’s never seen anything like her antics, Ramona blah blah blahs, and tells Bethenny she “doesn’t not not like her”. There’s a triple negative in there, so I’m lost. Awkward convo over.

Everyone is surfing except Sonja and Ramona. Sonja talks crap about Tinsley, jealous over Tinsley and Bethenny being friends. Sonja criticizes Tinsley for going on the 5 day date and says it’s “friend jumping”. Whaaaa? Ramona feels like she can’t win with Bethenny.

Tinsley joins Sonja and asks to talk to her. She confronts her about the Page Six story which Sonja still denies planting. Sonja refuses to squash it and tells Tinsley it’s her job. Plus it’s hard to squash a story you planted.

Luann is surfing her hangover away. They’re getting surf lessons on sand.

Sonja is mad that Tinsley brought up the story in front of everyone-she actually takes something that was said about her and puts it in Tinsley-“enabling behavior”. Wrong context but Sonja must’ve liked the sound of it.

Ladies hot the water. Dorinda isn’t bad, Bethenny is good, Carole at least can get up on the board, Luann is awful. They loved it though.

Sonja turns the entire thing on Tinsley. She’s gaslighting her and it’s almost working. Sonja is just not Tinsley’s friend.

Dorinda tells Bethenny that it hasn’t sunk in to Ramona’s head that she’s not invited to the tequila tasting. Ha. Wonder if her bff Sonja will stay back and keep her company? 😂 the ladies are off on a shopping excursion. Ramona’s strategy is to pretend everything with Ramona is excellent-Bethenny sees a dress she wants but her credit card is “blocked”, Ramona jumps in to buy the dress for her. Bethenny is all “really, NO”. She buys it anyway. Bethenny is changing her mind about excluding Ramona. Ramona buys everyone straw bags. She’s buying her way to the tequila trip and it’s working. But she forgot Dorinda.

Sonja joins Bethenny and Carole in the hot tub. Bethenny is still going on and on about the Tequila trip. But she’s on edge. Sonja says she’s trying. Sonja says that Ramona is miserable because she’s not “getting banged”. They see Ramona alone on the beach running-there must be a man at the end of the beach.

Sonja is talking to Ramona acting like she was her big advocate to Bethenny. Ramona finally acknowledges she hurt Bethenny’s feelings. But it wasn’t her intention, y’all.

It’s dinner time-they’re at a restaurant it looks like, they’ve got to go easy on the drinking. Tinsley is reading Page Six at the table. Tins. We get it. Enough. Bethenny says how amazing it would be if someone actually told the truth and confessed. Sonja acts like she has no idea, dismisses it as a “Tinsley Tantrum” and it’s being blown out of proportion. Carole puts Sonja in her place and says what’s ridiculous is calling her a bad houseguest, which YOU did. Sonja denies it. Carole says it’s part of her loop. Dorinda tells Sonja she hurt her feelings. Sonja is just being an asshole. She refuses to understand, and keeps saying that Tinsley is happy as a lark. Carole has to define a “circle jerk” to some of them and that brings Sonja to Ramona’s sex life. Ramona says she has every sex but conventional because she’s Catholic.

Dorinda hands out gag gifts-Ramona gets an apron because she’s always got her boobs out, Luann hit an I’m engaged/married mug, Sonja got “No One Cares” pills. It goes over Sonja’s head.

Before bed Bethenny goes over the trip for the morning, dress code, etc. She addresses Ramona and begs her, in tears, not to ruin the tequila trip. Ramona says she’d never do that, but Bethenny tells her yes you would and you have. They hug.

The big tequila trip day! Bethenny is super excited. They’re taking a helicopter to the place. Ramona has her face covered like some weird bandit, then cracks her head while getting into the helicopter. Ramona is happy she’s there. Bethenny is super proud and emotional. They land in an agave-bush-growing-place and are greeted by people in traditional Mexican garb playing drums and blowing on conch shells.

They all get straw hats and start the tour with Skinnygirl margaritas. They get a show with fire and headdresses-it’s cool. They show them agave, then into the distillery. I don’t drink (I just hate the taste of alcohol and it makes me instantly sleepy) but this looks like a tour I’d enjoy. Dorinda can’t stomach all of Ramona’s asskissing towards Bethenny.

They make it to the distillery and have to wear hard hats and safety vests. The quite explains the fermenting process and tells them the way to drink tequila in the old days was from a bull horn. They’re about to drink 130 proof tequila. Yowsa.

Luann hasn’t even had that much to drink and she’s already side eyeing the horn and thinking about taking it on a date with her lady parts later. They toast and chug. Now they see more locals, a dancing horse, and a cute little niño handing out flowers. They’ve got a table set up for more tequila. Bethenny hands out little plastic guys that go into your glass. It’s tequila numero tres. Oh wait, cinco. They’re tasting a lot, and there’s food. After 7 tequilas, don’t they all taste the same? Sonja has broken her sober streak. Time to leave.

Back to the villa-the drinking will continue. Bethenny is dancing on a table, Carole is swinging in a rope swing into the pool, Sonja is trying to make out with Luann.

Sonja is too much. Ramona says she knew her marriage was in trouble when Mario left his ring behind. Sonja tells Ramona she doesn’t believe she’s happy, keeps saying “getting BANGED-it’s haaaard, it’s haaaaard”. Sonja is crass, Bethenny tells Sonja to stop. She tells her to stop therapizing every one but drunk Sonja is relentless.

Next week: deep sea fishing. Luann is extra. Fireworks. Sonja is cut off, Bethenny skinny dips. Ramona V Bethenny part 56098. Sonja is still messy drunk. Dorinda slurs and bleeds.

Talk soon Lovelies



Shahs of Sunset Post Mortem

Asa tells GG that she’s pregnant in a super cute way-GG is so shocked she throws her silverware. She’s super happy for Asa.

MJ goes to Mikes house Post party-now, I KNOW Mike, Mr premarital sex cheating on his wife is NOT judging Asa for not being married. Seriously, bro? So you just pick and choose what parts of your culture you want to respect. MJ joins in-because she’s a bitter and jealous hag. It’s Asa’s business, you jerks.

Reza is having a party to celebrated his one yr wedding anniversary with Adam.

Shervin, his GF, MJ Asa, and Mike are on a party bus with Adam and Reza for the party. GG is uninvited. They’re all guessing Asa’s baby’s gender. It’s a boy. Adam is persistent about having a baby.

Can I tell you how completely tired I am of seeing MJ’s udders flopping around ALL THE TIME? Put them away, girl. Over it.

This just randomly posted without permission. Awesome.

They’re at a wildlife sanctuary for the Anniversary dinner. There’s a white tiger. MJ in all her genius, asks if the tiger would kill her if she went in the cage. Moron. Go pet the kitty, MJ. Go ahead.

Everyone keeps mentioning Thailand and it’s chapping Adams ass.

MJ keeps asking to go into the animal enclosures. What is wrong with her? She sees turtle sex. They’re making some strange grunting turtle sex noise. Just like home, right MJ?

Now there are shrieking monkeys. One of the monkeys squirts “water” on Mike. Oh yes, I’m SURE it’s water.

The dinner table is set beautifully. It’s actually a cool setting. Asa can’t touch the animals, can’t eat the dressing….Reza asks Shervin if he and Annalise are exclusive, even though he knows the true answer, not the Shervin answer.

Asa wants to know who there is next to have a baby. MJ grimaces. Adam pipes up, he and Reza bicker. Reza thanks everyone for their friendship, etc.

MJ comes up w a great game-go around the table and ask anyone anything. CoughSetUpCough. Asa is going to “of course” eat her placenta. MJ asks if Jermaine proposed-Asa says no but they discuss marriage. Asa says she doesn’t want to be married this second, and they’ll marry when they marry. MJ can’t believe that no everyone is as desperate as she is to lock a man down so calls bullshit. MJ goes on to interrogate Asa, with a little hostility I might add, about her living arrangements, where her parents will live, why she’s been w Jermaine for 6 years with no ring and having a baby-Asa shits her down. Mike jumps in with pointing out that Jermaine is black, not Persian. Whoa. Reza says it’s no big deal. MJ wants her to “be real”. Adam says “lets open presents”.

GG is meeting with Adam. They hug. First time they’ve met since she attacked him physically. He wants an apology. She confesses to lying about the video. He accepts her apology. He tells her that’s as far as they go out of respect for Reza.

Adam comes home, Reza asks how it went. He tells him all she apologized for, and wants to give her a second chance. He tries to convince Reza to give her one as well but Reza isn’t ready.

MJ is drinking! What a shock. Her new favorite word seems to be “libations”. Reza is at the door and she gives him a libation. They’re all going to Shervin’s beach house and GG will be there. They are stopping in to see her father on the way to the beach. While she does her hair Reza cleans her filthy apt.

Reza and MJ stop to see her dad who is recovering from a stroke. Reza has a hard time seeing him like that.

On to the Malibu Party House. GG doesn’t drink hard alcohol anymore. Reza thinks MJ is in denial over her father’s condition. She wants to bring her dad to Vegas, Reza is like oooookay. But!! MJ says they’re going to Malibu!!! Get it together!!

MJ and Reza get there, GG comes to say hello and Reza makes himself scarce. GG feels the tension and it’s awkward.

Reza tells everyone what poor condition MJ’s dad is in and they agree she’s in denial.

There are a crap ton of people at this party. Even belly dancers. GG’s boobs are OUT. She has brought her new boyfriend, Shalom. GG is loading up on wine and avoiding Reza. Reza is rethinking his fight with GG after seeing MJs dad and calls her over to sit with him. He’s got a new perspective on life and wants to squash the beef.

He starts off by telling GG that he just wants the fight to be done. GG has a gift for everyone. She apologizes to Reza. He accepts it and it’s done.

Next week: Reza’s Halloween party. MJ wants to get pregnant. GG walks a runway. Group trip to Israel!

RHONY Post Mortem: Three Tequila…Floor!

I can’t wait to see this episode-I’m dying to see if Ramona has the sheer balls to pull her “best room” shit even though she’s on this trip by a hair.


I need to create my own watermark so I can claim other people’s pictures as my own. 😜😱 snark, people. 😂😂 Anyway, let’s get into this episode.

I guess we’re already in Mexico, no one feels well especially Bethenny who has the flu. Ramona had some sort of skin cosmetic procedures done and it didn’t end well. They’re talking about Simon in the game “Marry, Fuck or Kill” and Sonja claims she’d kill Tinsley because she’s “unfuckable” and “unmarryable”. Daaayum-that’s harsh! Ramona wants to kill Tinsley as well because she doesn’t see Tinsley as sexual. Poor Tinsley. Dorinda ain’t playin.

Carole and Tinsley tell Luann about the date that Carole set Tinsley up on-it went well seeing as it lasted 5 days and ended up in Miami. Sonja got a wrong number dick pic.

The villa is obviously huge and amazing. They’ve got margaritas waiting, and into the villa. Awwwww shit, Ramona is already making a play for the best room-I KNEW IT! Something is wrong with Ramona. Deeply, inherently wrong. They have ocean views, the pool is beautiful-it’s perfect. Dorinda doesn’t care what room she get. Bethenny thinks there’s no way that Ramona and Sonja are going to be room whores, but Ramona is already plotting with Sonja on how to claim “the best” room. They need to reverse psychology Ramona-everyone needs to act like there’s one room they ALL want, and that’s the one she’ll try and grab. Then they get the ones they really want. I think Ramona is that simple.

Ramona and Sonja are already picking rooms, the rest have just made their way into the kitchen where there’s a bunch of food prepared. The group has just realized the 2 twits are gone, and Bethenny doesn’t want to believe that they’re room hunting. Bethenny isn’t allowing it regardless.

They saunter into the kitchen, Ramona makes Sonja do the dirty work but B shuts it down. Says no way, no how, not happening, and Ramona is a disgusting grabby twat. 😂😂😂

Bethenny says they’re grabbing numbers out of a bowl. Sonja protests that they had the “worst” room last time and since there are 2 of them…Bethenny tells Ramona to stop being a vile human being and to get it together. Finally!! The ladies draw numbers for rooms, (Sonja thinks its premeditated-no more so than the room grabbing) Tinsley gets the best room. Ramona and Sonja try and move in on her to share the room-Tinsley wants zero part of that and gives her room to Bethenny.

Everyone moves into their assigned rooms, Sonja and Ramona are STILL trying to scheme a better room. Ramona gets Sonja going by saying Tinsley has stayed with her for free blah blah the least Tinsley could have done was give Sonja the room. What a bunch of entities, childish bitches. Really. Sonja chastises Tinsley for giving the room to Bethenny-there’s more room talk, Sonja and Ramona are stupid. I can’t. All of the rooms are gorgeous! Give them bunk beds. Jerks.

Ramona is still pissy. Sonja wants to take a room in the first floor because stairs aren’t good, her mom fell on some once. Is she for real? How does someone this stupid function? Ramona is on the attack-she’s trying to convince Dorinda to let her stay in the room with her since Dorinda has 2 beds. Nope. She turns on Tinsley yelling because Tinsley’s stayed at Sonja’s for free so shouldn’t have given that room to Bethenny. Dorinda asks Bethenny to come mediate-Bethenny comes in and goes IN on Ramona. I’d literally kick those 2 bitches out.

Ramona and Sonja finally settle into their room (which is beautiful) and Ramona is complaining already-no surprise. She’s bossing the staff around and treating them like servants. She’s disgusting.

Bethenny is laying in her bed and really looks like crap-sorry Bethenny. Carole is hanging out with her and decides to change into her bathing suit.

Carole and Dorinda are unpacking, Dorinda suggests the balloon game for later, Carole is like wtf-so Dorinda demonstrates.

Everyone meets out by the pool, dinner is in a half hour and Dorinda is drunk and tired. Tinsley is soooooo worried that Sonja is mad at her. Ramona is making a dumb friendship speech to Sonja.

Bethenny roots for Sonja but thinks Ramona brings out the worst in her. Tinsley spots hand holding with Ramona and Sonja-Ramona is being mushy and lame but all Sonja sees is her glowing, red, post-peel gone wrong face.

Dinner is served-Bethenny is the first one there and is 90 minutes late. Tinsley goes to Carole because she received an email that Page Six is running a story about her lack of gratitude to Sonja. I wonder who planted that story? Tinsley is enraged-she’s blaming Ramona, she doesn’t think Sonja would do that to her but giiiirrrrl….think again. Sonja and Ramona are shit talking Tinsley saying how she’s intimidated by Bethenney but also is all over her-just assholes.

Bethenny goes looking for people to join her at dinner and comes upon Carole and Tinsley, Carole tells her about the Page Six story-Bethenny wants to talk about it at dinner. Tinsley blames Ramona, Bethenny says, he’ll no, it’s Sonja. Lu joins the table, and she’s buzzed. Dorinda is passed out. Sonja and Ramona are later than late because they’re doing their makeup, and everyone agrees that mayyybe Ramona should leave that raw hamburger meat face alone.

Carole tells Luann about the Page Six article, Luann is horrified. In walk the 2 village idiots. Luann tries to toast Bethenny and thank her for planning the trip, and Ramona busts out with “its s group trip, why are we thanking her” and that sets Bethenny OFF. She asks Ramona why she’s an asshole, and Ramona says that they all planned the trip (um, no? You were barely invited, dummy) and Bethenny tells her that she just cannot stand the fact that someone was thanking her for something. All true. Luann tries to make peace-Bethenny is over this bitch. Ramona’s talking head says she just says what everyone else is thinking-wrong.

Tinsley picks this moment to bring up the Page Six item. Sonja denies it, so Tinsley points at Ramona, who says (I think) “I avoid the press like a leak”. What? Tinsley reads aloud what the article says. Carole points out that it’s exactly what Ramona had said-Ramona half ass denies it. Sonja tells Tinsley she’s in the press because of her Palm Beach situation-that’s old news though? Tinsley should have left that hellhole a looking time ago. Sonja is known for planting stories in Page Six so it’s a toss up as to who planted the story-I think Ramona did it with Sonja’s blessing.

A drunken Luann tells Tinsley that Sonja doesn’t have her back, and tells Ramona to shut the fuck up. Sonja lectures Tinsley on being considerate, Tinsley snaps. She’s screeching and kinda jumping up and down. Yikes. “I’m not considerate!!!” (Forgot the in). Bethenny believes Sonja planted it. Yeah, I can see that-she repeated what Ramona said and went ahead. She’s got a direct line to Page Six for crying out loud.

Luann has had it, she’s off to bed. Tinsley comes back and is hysterical, crying. Bethenny tells Sonja that Ramona brings out the worst in her, and Sonja doesn’t disagree. Bethenny basically tells her she’s an ingrate and her room grabbing and behavior is disgusting. She’s right.

Ramona and Luann are sitting outside talking, Ramona doesn’t believe Sonja planted the story. Please. Luann is SMASHED. Ramona claims to be naive. Luann takes a drunken digger into the bushes. Oh wow. People come to rescue her-she’s like reallllly in those bushes.

Luann can barely stand up-oh wow, fell again. Go to bed, Lu.

Bethenny is trying to get thru to Sonja but it’s not working. Carole walks by Tinsley and ruffles her hair-if looks could kill Carole would be a goner. She tells Tinsley and Sonja to kiss and make up but no.

Next week: surfing, shopping, and tequila tasting. Tinsley and Sonja go at it again. Ramona and Bethenny again. Is Sonja giving Luann a hickey?

RHOC Post Mortem: Its Either My Way or the Feng Shui

Well-THAT’S a long title.

Shannon is getting ready to Feng Shui the place-my dog is going apeshit barking at Archie. He thinks that dogs on TV can hear him and are afeared. Not. Elaine, the Feng Shui expert, tells Shannon she needs all new things. Shannon says that things with David are stressed. There’s a toilet in her “relationship corner” and that’s gotta be fixed.

Vicki is talking about packing the office to move to a new space, her assistant tells her to calm down but that’s not in Vicki’s DNA. She makes a federal case over everything. Meeting with the interior designer is a treat-Vicki says Shannon’s Feng Shui is a crock.

I’m beginning to agree when Feng Shui lady starts saying the sink is female, the stove is male-come on. This is too much.

Aspen is fussy-Jim tries to intervene. Aspen has the farts. They’re packing to go home. The dog, named Girly Girl, has clearly been demoted to licking spit up off the floor and being threatened by Jim to be tied to the bumper by her leash. Babies. Hmph. Meghan feels like she’s in the middle of 2 warring factions between friends but Jim is more concerned with what’s for dinner.

Lydia and her husband are on location for a photo shoot. Hubs says if he met Lydia he’d approach her with a lump of sugar in his palm, fingers out of the way. Ouch. But pretty funny. They have a new magazine called Nobleman. Yawn. I don’t think Doug is wearing socks again. So an Oreo colored Rolls pulls up, I think this is when we meet Peggy. She’s with her husband Diko. Peggy just had some kind of surgery so Doug warns Lydia not to hug. Diko and Peggy are the subjects of the article and shoot. Peggy has sort of teased hair a la Melania Trump. Apparently Peggy just had a double mastectomy for preventative reasons.

Tamra is with Ryan, Sarah (they’re still together?) and Ava at a ranch in the rain. It’s Ava’s birthday so I predict some sort of pony rides. Oh wait-it’s just party planning for her birthday. It’s only the kids 2nd birthday and they’re having a tiger, zebras, and other exotic animals that should be frolicking in Africa or wherever, not gawked at by overindulged toddlers. I digress. Sarah and Ryan are irritated with each other and Sarah wants beer. Tamra and Sarah discuss the guest list for Ava’s party, and much to Tamra’s dismay, Briana is invited. Tamra says she’s cut ties with Briana as well. (It’s a kids party-Briana has kids, big deal!). Tamra is afraid it’ll be awkward. She unfriended Briana on social media without an explanation which she admits was immature.

Ugh, here comes Dodd. She’s going to work out with Michael. She says things are better with them. While driving Michael almost gets into an accident. They make it to the gym alive and get to working out with their personal trainer. She says she can relate to Shannon as far as working on her marriage.

Shannon is baking cookies and Sophie is getting her makeup done. I wonder how long before we see the Beador girls “modeling”? Sophie and her friend are getting ready for winter formal. Shannon reminds Sophie to cross her legs when sitting, because “that is a flippin’ short dress”. David hasn’t seen it yet. Shannon is crying thinking where has the time gone, her babies are all grown up…she burned the bread/cookies or whatever. Sophie makes her entrance and she looks pretty. David, as expected thinks the dress is too short. It’s actually tasteful, I think. Other parents and kids arrive for pics. Shannon is embarrassing shrieking at the kids to mingle. The limo takes off for formal. I’m sure the kids are relieved.

We get a mini tour of Peggy’s house. It’s big, the typical southern CA Mediterranean looking big house. Peggy is Armenian, born in Kuwait, and lived in SoCal for 10 years. She’s been married for 21 years and has 3 kids. Her husband has a luxury car empire. Peggy is having a luncheon for the family, she has had some health issues-she had breast cancer and instead of messing around just had the double mastectomy since her mother died from breast cancer. At the luncheon, her husband gives her an 85k diamond necklace and a 70k diamond bracelet. Niiiice. She totally looks like Melania Trump to me.

Vicki is at Briana’s visiting, and Briana breaks the news to Vicki that they’re going to Ava’s birthday party. Vicki looks not happy. Briana doesn’t want to hear any anti-Vicki sentiments, she hasn’t seen Tamra in a year. Vicki tells her to just leave if she’s uncomfortable.

The party for Ava is underway-its a little girls dream party with unicorns and cakes and cookies everywhere. Lydia is there with her mother, then Briana arrives. Sarah and Eddie greet her warmly-where’s Tamra? I guess they’re just going to avoid each other. Lydia’s mother is still fairy dusting people-good thing Ryan is still in OK. Briana leaves because it’s just too weird. Come on, Tamra. That was classless.

Shannon and crew arrive, Shannon and Lydia meet. Lydia is fake AF to me, she starts bringing up Vicki right away. Lydia introduces Shannon to Judy-Shannon isn’t about having fairy dust or confetti or anything thrown on her. Judy loves Shannons energy and throws confetti at her.

Everyone sings Happy Bday to Ava, who could not care about this huge party, give her some cake and a bib, and it’s probably all the same to her. She’s 2. Lydia brings Vicki up to Shannon and Tamra again, Shannon tries to warn Lydia about the allegations that Vicki made. Lydia tells them they’re behaving just like Vicki. Shannon stomps the brakes on that. Lydia needs to mind her own business, really.

Lydia wasn’t involved, she doesn’t know what happened, she needs to shut her mouth. Shannon is not feeling Lydia. She’s yelling at you, Lydia, because you’re so out of line. Doug shoes up and Lydia is relieved. Shannon calls David over to meet Lydia and Doug. Tamra realizes it isn’t going well. Lydia tells her mother that Shannon “screamed” at her for no reason-exaggerate much? Just decides Shannon is a lost soul. Shannon apologizes to Tamra for possibly offending Lydia, and Lydia rounds up her crew to leave. As she’s saying goodbye, Tamra tells Lydia why Shannon got upset, as Shannon eats. Lydia wants to talk to Shannon, and she exaggerates again about screaming and yelling. Tamra tries to intervene but Lydia is being an asshole. Lydia just gets more rude, and decides they aren’t going to get along or go to dinner or anything. Tamra tries to intervene again, but it’s hopeless as Shannon storms off saying “I’m done”. Well.

Next week: Peggy speeds, Shannon hits the gym, Shannon V Lydia V Dodd, Dodd is up to her rude self, Shannon loses it.

RHONY Post Mortem: Oil and Vinegar

Ramona looks like crap. She’s puffy and bloated. Too much booze?

Bethenny needs to set up the Mexico trip. Better be perfect. They’re going to Tequila.

Luann meets Ramona and Ramona orders eXpresso. That makes me so crazy. Say it right.

Carole went to court for Adam and got his security deposit back. The management co didn’t show so it was by default. But still. Bethenny can tell she had sex. Ramona texted Bethenny about the Jason crap but Bethenny doesn’t care. I don’t blame her.

Ramona admits she was drunk during their fight but still wants to make up. I honestly think Ramona just doesn’t want to lose the “celebrity in”. She’s a climber like that.

Bethenny will invite Ramona but she can’t be there for the whole trip. That’s a good compromise.

Sonja is getting her pubic hair lasered off and announces all of the other cast members that have bald beavers. Way TMI. I don’t need to be in the room when she has this done, and don’t need a description of her bush. She’s so gross.

Looks like they’re all meeting for dinner. Tinsley wears tights and Mary Janes. There’s got to be a fetish for that. Carole wants to set Tinsley up on a date. He has a promo code website. Bethenny ignores Ramona. Good. Ramona is sitting there, awfully quiet and demure. Won’t last. Luann just ruined Bethenny’s plan to have Ramona there a shorter time. Everyone’s talking about the trip and Ramona’s all like, um, well…Luann finally brings it up to Bethenny-is Ramona invited or not? This is a little awkward and mean girl-ish. I almost feel sorry for Ramona-almost. Bethenny really doesn’t want her there, especially for the whole trip-I get it. Especially after how horrible Ramona was to her in the Berks.

Tinsley is moving to a hotel. That’s so stupid. Sonja’s brows look ridiculous. They’re far too dark. Oops-Sonja doesn’t know that Tinsley is moving. Sonja doesn’t like that. Tinsley is a big baby about moving.

Bethenny decides to talk to Ramona. She says she won’t exclude her from the trip but isn’t comfortable because of how Ramona’s treated her and she doesn’t know how to move on from that. Ramona has a blank stare but I can smell the short circuiting in her brain. Bethenny yells at Tinsley to stop listening and tells her she’s rude (maybe they should have gone somewhere alone-human nature is to effin listen, especially when you know it might get juicy). Bethenny doesn’t believe in Ramona’s attempts to reach out. Ramona defends herself. Oh shit-Ramona says she’s not going tit for tat but does. Ramona is doing the talking with her eyes closed-now has switched to crazy eyes popping out. I give Bethenny credit-she doesn’t even flinch. Itd be difficult for me not to react to Ramona’s crazy eyes, hair flying, teeth gnashing to be perfectly honest. (With punch and dramatic hair flips) “My heart was cut out-and my LEGS and my ARMS.” Oh Ramona.

Bethenny doesn’t even flinch or blink an eye-she just rescinds her invitation. Wisely. Ramona blew it. If she could have just stepped over her ego and listened-but it’s Ramona. Ramona says it’s a group trip and she’s coming anyway. Psycho.

Bethenny is completely calm. And she calls it-Ramona goes from nice to bitch to ass kisser. And back and forth. Ramona retracts the comment that Bethenny slept her way to the top. She doesn’t remember it either. Ramona says she doesn’t lie. That’s a lie. The whole table just wants Ramona to shut up and be nice. Ramona decides they’re just oil and vinegar. Bethenny says they go together, you mean water.

Ramona is still insisting she’s going on the trip. Ramona argues that she’s not nasty and never been. Bethenny just can’t. Ramona leaves. Bethenny apologizes to Tinsley for snapping at her.

Ramona is with her trainer so she can get ready for the trip she invited herself on. She’s never giving up wine. We know.

Now for the double date with Carole, Adam, Scott, and Tinsley. Scott looks nervous. He’s red. They all seem to getting along. Tinsley is wearing her slutty tights. They’re all Leo’s except for Adam. Tinsley tells the story of her teen wedding.

Tins and Scott seem to have more and more in common the more they drink. She admits alcohol makes her more herself. Carole takes her to the ladies room for a time out. Scott likes her, but not sure about the wedding ring she still wears. Tinsley is drunk and loud. The wedding ring comes off. Scott hugs Tinsley and she makes out with him. He’s beet red now.

Packing for Mexico! Tinsley buys Sonja a poncho beach cover up, Luann packs her big tacky necklaces, and Dorinda almost forgets to pack her bathing suits! Omg!! As if she couldn’t buy any at the beach. In Mexico.

Next week: Mexico trip. Bethenny is not playing the “best room” game. Ramona doesn’t like that. Ramona wants to live in the moment, but Sonja can’t stop staring at her bright red face. Sonja and Tinsley fight. Skinny dipping. Dorinda slurs. Luann takes a digger. Bethenney v Ramona part 35.

RHONY Discussion Thread 7/5

Oh, Ramona. Is it your mission to become as unlikable, unrelatable, and snobby as possible? All of the ranting about Aspen? Girl bye. And treating that ski instructor like a servant while flirting-it was the strangest combo I’ve seen, and oogy AF.

What did you think of Luann and her “I’m sooooo glad I’m married” comment at dinner? I found it pretentious and condescending-she’s been married 30 seconds and not only wants special treatment from the women that weren’t good enough to invite, but come ON. Yeah, you’re married. Congrats blah blah. Tom is loyal and faithful too. Mmhmm. Stop trying so hard, Luann-it might be more believable.

Jason-what’s going on with his court case, anyone know? Last I heard he was offered a deal that included anger management and he refused it. He doesn’t need AM, he says? Sure about that, Hoppy? You seem pretty miffed and since he seemingly can’t control himself, I dunno. Should be interesting.

I feel like it’s almost a kinder, gentler Bethenny. She’s been apologizing left and right when she messes up, and she seems less in the fray. I don’t blame her for 86ing Ramona, I really don’t.

Thoughts on this weeks episode?

Talk soon Lovelies

RHONY discussion thread

Once again, I’m not going to have time to recap-I’ve got appointments and won’t have time. I watched a little of it though-

Omg Dorinda yelling at Sonja gave me life this morning. That was HILARIOUS. Clip….clip….clip 😂😂😂

Tinsley. Sigh. Come on, girl. You are OK NOW.

Ramona and Sonja’s vacation room selecting behavior is so old and played out. Come ON.

Luann needs to stop thinking she’s the only person that’s ever gotten married and deserves special treatment. I think she’s been on enough trips with these women to know how room selection goes-Ramona and Sonja act like idiotic 12 years olds that’ll cut you for a double sink, and it’s first come first serve. Drop it already.

Tinsley needs to GTFO of Sonja’s townhouse. While I think Sonja’s treatment of Tinsley is controlling, demeaning, and disrespectful it is HER home HER rules, as lame as they are. Tinsley is a grown up and needs to buck up and get an apartment. I totally understand what she went thru was traumatic. I’ve been there. But you HAVE to pick yourself up and move on. Getting stuck in it, like it seems Tinsley is, will just keep you in a bad place and stagnant, and at Sonja’s. Girl, you gotta move.

Ramona. What can I say that hasn’t been said? Yuck. She’s turned into an awful, awful version of herself.


Talk soon Lovelies



Is anyone willing to recap Southern Charm? Pip had to step away for a bit to take care of real life, and I don’t watch the show so I’d be a recrapper. Email me at tellmemore2017@yahoo.com and we’ll work it out. I know there are readers that enjoy the show and like the recaps so I’d like to keep it going and not miss a week. Thank you guys!

Talk soon Lovelies


Southern Charm

RHOBH recap:Backed Into A Corner

Rinna is just arriving in Mexico and having no idea what she’s about to walk into. RUN! While you still can! She gets a rather icy reception from Kyle and co, either doesn’t get it or ignores it. Rinna goes off to find a room. At this point she’s lucky it’s even on the property.

It’s the big event for the Agency opening. Rinna’s screech makes its entrance before she does, Kyle fakes it til she makes it. Off they go to the party location in a fancy golf cart. Side note: Kyle’s dress is beautiful but she’s wearing a plain old barrette in her hair. Anyway. 

Mauricio makes a speech, Dorit looks extremely ALERT, Ken is dancing (watch that hip!) and next, Mauricio is doing some version of a Mexican Hat Dance on the bar. It’s a party. Rinna, Eileen and Erika are sitting at a table and Rinna is talking about Delilah’s walk for Tommy “Hilferger”, and gushes about the IRONY of Gigi showing her Tommy collection at the same time. Wouldn’t that be the time to do it though? She seems extra phony.

Dorit and LVP wonder if Kyle will confront Rinna-LVP thinks Rinna needs to stay in her lane.

Eileen is telling Rinna and Erika about her vitamin drip day with Eden and saying that Eden is “complicated”. Flashback to Eden obsessing once again over the Richards sisters-it may be restraining order time, good God. Erika busts out with “You really need to talk to Kyle.” Rinna is all shocked with “Why?!? Kyle?! What!!? What did I doooo???” Erika explains that Eden sort of dragged Rinna under the running bus, so Rinna marches off to find Kyle. Kyle lays it all out and tells Rinna what Eden reported that Rinna told her. That damn amnesia comes back, and Rinna doesn’t remember.

LVP must have smelled blood in the water, because she’s made her way over to the Rinna mess. Rinna is claiming she doesn’t remember and LVP says that Eden came to her and told her what Rinna said about Kim’s imminent death. Rinna admits to a “deep conversation” with Eden about Eden but that’s it. Kyle is still questioning her, Rinna is waffling-there’s a lot of back and forth til finally Rinna declares this all bullshit and she’s not taking it. LVP is still circling and not letting Rinna off the hook that easily. Rinna is given a few opportunities to fess up but doesn’t take them. She feels she misjudged Eden and trusted her too quickly.

Eileen tries to defend Rinna but LVP isn’t having it. Rinna vanishes, Dorit finds her outside, crying. Eileen joins them, and Rinna is crying hard and wants to go home.

Rinna is outside crying to Eileen and Dorit because she feels backstabbed, blindsided, hates to cry and hates Eden. Inside, LVP and Kyle are dancing-LVP is loving this-and they waltz on the ruins of Rinna’s reputation. On the patio, Rinna is angry that no one gave her the benefit of the doubt and Eileen agrees. She’s also feeling sick so is going back to the house. Rinna decides to accompany her. LVP wants to know why Rinna is crying, but could really not care less. Erika follows them out to check on Rinna-back inside LVP makes fun of them. Erika decides to go back to the house with Eileen and Rinna-she knocks on Rinnas door so she can talk. She advises Rinna to be honest because what she’s being accused of saying is a big deal. Rinna is waffling again, this time Erika begs her to be honest, but you know, amnesia.

The rest of the group decide to call it a night, on the shuttle back LVZp suggests a wife swap. PK makes gross underwear jokes, he’s so vile, and LVP shows her underwear. Sounds like an awesome time. I noticed PK was wearing skinny jeans and cool kicks-he looks RIDICULOUS. Humpty pervo dumpty stuffed in tight white jeans trying to dress like the cool kids when he’s on the verge of elderly. What a look.

The next morning LVP comes down for breakfast in her robe-she may or may not still be drunk as she’s doing some type of weird shampoo commercial in Spanish act. I don’t get it.

Rinna is still in her room and calls Harry for advice about the previous night. It’s funny-she’s got all these people sticking up for her saying that they’ve never heard her say Kim was near death-but she did say it. Harry basically tells her to let it go and get a tan.

In LA, Eden is having her mother over. Beverly Sassoon looks amaze. Eden tells her mom how the Richards sisters are back in her life, and how seeing them together reminded her of her and her sister, Catya, who passed away in 2002 ( I really thought it was more recent based on Eden’s behavior but I get that grief has no time limit). Mom reminds her that they were kids then and are adults now-it’s a different space and not Eden’s life, and that you can’t change other people. Eden says she’s not a troublemaker, just overwhelmed. She’s now realizing she needs to back off. Eden gives her mom a hug that mom has to eventually extricate herself from.

Dorit and PK are calling home to speak to the kids-Dorit is in tears but the nanny reassures her that the kids don’t have poopy pants. At breakfast, LVP is looking to say goodbye to everyone because she has to leave early for D.C. Rinna comes down to breakfast-Kyle is uncomfortable but glad everything is out. They’re all going out on a catamaran for the day so head to the marina. The catamaran is of course, huge and beautiful. PK is so delicious in his shirtless physique and luscious man boobs. Rinna tells Eileen she has an emotional hangover, and they both talk about the glee they know LVP is taking in this whole thing. Rinna makes a joke and we get a seal clap.

PK comments on Rinna and Eileen isolating themselves. Erika shuts it down by saying that they have a bond and who cares? She wonders why PK cares. PK then joins Tinna where he’s sunbathing-Erika shows up as well, I’m sure to rescue Rinna. Erika asks Rinna how she’s doing, Rinna says she’s really good, and PK compliments Rinna in her quick recovery. Some of the group decide to jump into the water to swim (did I hear someone ask if it was cold??) and PK offers Dorit a Birkin if she jumps. Once everyone is back on the boat they decide to put on music and Rinna says she’ll get on the table if Erika’s song “Painkillr” comes on. I bet she didn’t expect someone to have it, but duh. So she delivers on her promise and essentially re-enacts the video. Lots of writhing, humping, and self groping, and awkwardness.

Next week: Rinna gets an award. Erika, Dorit, and LVP cook. Kyle tells Kim on Rinna. Rinna confronts Eden.

Sunday etc

Hope you all are having a nice Sunday-mother nature is dumping snow on us again. There’s about 2 new inches so far, with 6 more expected. 

I’m going to do a RHOA recap, best and worst dressed Grammy edition, best and worst dressed BAFTA edition, and hope to get that interview up today. So I’m a busy bee today!

Hope everyone has a great remainder of the weekend!?)I can’t thank you guys enough for every drop of support y’all give me. Thank you, really.

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