Coming Soon To A Sephora, Ulta, or Walgreens Near You

This fall is bringing a TON of new brands to various stores, and they are mighty exciting, Lovelies.

First, new at Sephora this fall you will see:

Tom Ford Beauty
Moon Juice

And the highly anticipated makeup line from Rihanna, Fenty Beauty, hits Sephora shelves Sept. 18.

I am THRILLED to see ColourPop in Sephora. Y’all know how I feel about ColourPop.

Ulta will be bringing you:

Frank Body
Dose of Colors

And Memebox, makers of Disco Kitten Diamond Peel-off Mask, which is so sold out, its nearly impossible to get. They have several other must have products, but Disco Kitten is probably the most recognized.

And lastly, the brands you’ll be seeing on Walgreens shelves this fall:

Sleek MakeUP-usually found in the U.K., this affordable and pretty awesome brand has been slowly creeping over to our shores. They have to die for highlighting palettes.

NYX- I thought NYX was at Walgreens but it’s definitely not. But not for long!

There you have it, Lovelies. It’s going to be an amazing fall.

Talk soon, Lovelies



NYX Epic Ink & L’Oreal Lash Paradise: Go or No

I recently picked up a liquid eyeliner pen on my Ulta Haul last weekend and just tried it a few days ago. Holy Cats. SO MUCH EASIER than a wand. It’s more accurate, the line is much finer, and way easier to use. I grabbed the NYX Epic Ink Liner-its supposedly a dupe for Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner.

The different thicknesses you get
It was 7.99$ (after my discounts 5.08$-even better) and this is what the tip looks like:

And the packaging:

It’s really, really worth trying. Absolutely a GO. 👍🏻

The next thing I bought is the new L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara-YouTube gurus are going sick for this mascara (so of course, yours truly had to check it out)


Aside from the coloring, I’d say this is the best dupe so far for Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. Listen, I have the shittiest, puniest, shortest and thinnest lashes on the planet. They’re just basically non existent. I don’t even have bottom lashes I can coat with mascara. So whenever I hear about a great mascara that everyone is raving about, I’m going for it. This is good. This is really good. Super similar to the Too Faced formula-the L’Oréal Voluminous is my favorite Drugstore mascara anyway-so this makes me happy.
Oh-here’s the wand (different from the Too Faced)


I’ll be perfectly honest, the only mascara that really gave my short, thin lashes any type of length and volume was the Physician’s Formula Lash Extension Kit. It was mascara and a separate tube of fibers that you apply alternately, one on top of the other. It was a bitch to apply and and a bitch to remove but I had lashes. I finally did cave and buy false lashes. Several pairs. But I digress.

Bottom line? The L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara is absolutely a GO. 👍🏻

4th of July Ulta Haul

As if I need an excuse to go to Ulta. 4th of July weekend? Let’s go makeup shopping!!

I did damn good-


I bought:
Tarte Shape Tape
Urban Decay Shadowbox Palette
Catrice MultiTalent Fixing Spray
NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray
Philosophy Purity Makeup Remover Wipes
NYX Epic Ink Liquid Liner Pen
Benefit Roller Lash (travel size)
LA Girl Pro Concealer

The total came to 131$-but I had a 20% off everything coupon and points worth 17.50$ soooo it came to 72$. So. Worth. It.

I watched one of Tati’s videos this morning on Best Drugstore Under 10$ Buys, and she raved about the Catrice Spray. After all if the discounts it came to 5.08$, so why not?

You can use it as Setting Spray, primer, fix plus-so I wanted to give it a try.

I’ve been hearing RAVES about the LA Girl Pro Concealer-

And again, after discounts it was 3.16$. I mean, come on.

The NYX Epic Ink Liner-

It’s supposedly a dupe for the Kat Von D tattoo liquid eyeliner or whatever it’s called-I wanted an eyeliner pen anyway, so here it is.

The UD Shadowbox palette is one I did a giveaway for a few months back-

However-it was on sale for 18$ from 34$.

And after the discounts, 11.44$.

I got the philosophy Purity Makeup Wipes because I love the cleanser-I got it in a Sephora Play box and it’s awesome. I thought the Wipes would be good to try.

Hubs went with me, and he’s the best sport. I usually try to hurry because I’m sure being dragged thru Ulta with his wife on a Saturday is one of the circles of hell for him, but he kept telling me to take my time, he carried the shopping bag, asked questions, made suggestions-so patient, AND paid. I know I got lucky AF.

Hope everyone is having a great, safe, cool holiday weekend 🏖🗽🎆🎇

Talk soon Lovelies

Massive Ricky’s NYC Sale!!

I gotta share with you guys-Ricky’s NYC is having a huge 4th of July sale in products including Dose Of Colors, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Gerard Cosmetics, LA Girl, NYX, Coloured Raine, and more. I’m talking huge. Also, Kristen Taekman’s Pop Of Color nail polish is on sale for 2$. Two. Dollars. Regularly 8$. I’d be going ham but I don’t get paid til Mon.

Here’s the link:

I love Ricky’s-Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has gorgeous loose colors and their Lip Tar is amazeballs. Happy shopping!

Talk soon Lovelies


NYX Angel Veil Primer-Finally

I finally got this dumb primer-it became a mission. Hubs got it for me at Ulta yesterday, he got the right stuff and even used the coupon I gave him. I haven’t used it yet, but can I just talk about what shook me?

It is SO SMALL. From what I’d seen in pictures, it looked decent sized-but guys, it’s palm size and only 1.02 ounces. For 15.99$. I get it’s a perfect dupe for the Hourglass Primer so NYX is probably capitalizing on that, and it’s supposed to be bomb Primer. But that’s pricey for NYX. I don’t know-we shall see.

Talk soon Lovelies


On A Mission

I’ve been trying to pick up the NYX Angel Veil Primer-I sent hubs to Target, no dice. I checked CVS and Walmart, no dice. I know it’s at Ulta but I’ve been lazy, guys. No other excuse. He’s got an appointment today right down the street from Ulta-he’s going in, unaccompanied, with a written description, to get my primer and some tarte Shape Tape. That’s a keeper, guys. I haven’t met many men that would go into Ulta without their wives/girlfriends and buy makeup. Not because it’s not masculine or because it’s homophobic (truth be told there are probs a few that would see it that way) but because they’ve got zero interest, have no desire to ask where anything is or wander the aisles and see it as the 8th ring of hell.

I’m definitely keeping him around.

Talk soon Lovelies


Big Fantastic Sale Alert!!!

There’s a place in NYC called Ricky’s NYC-I love them, I’ve ordered from them a few times-anyway, they sell their own brands, some lesser known, and bigger brands but the POINT is, HUGE SALE! Like Essie and OPI nail polishes usually 10$, on sale for 2$-4.99$, NYX lip butter 1.50$, NYX tinted moisturizer 10$ on sale for 2$, OCC lip tars usually 16$ on sale for 4$.

Massive and worth checking out! Link below:

Talk soon, Lovelies 


Ulta Haul First Impressions 

I bought this Carli Bybel for BH Cosmetics palette because it got really great reviews and the price was right at $14.50. I am pleasantly surprised! There are 10 shadows and 4 highlighters all nicely pigmented and cohesive. Palettes that have random colors that don’t really go together, I do not understand. CoughJeffreeStarCough (his palettes are pretty, don’t get me wrong-I just don’t get them).

These are the highlighters swatched with one swipe.

A few of the shadows, again one swipe.

It’s a GORGEOUS, well pigmented palette with 5 mattes and 5 shimmers. And under $15? Yesss.

Next I picked up an NYX HD blush in Rose Gold

It’s pretty but a little shimmery for a blush, at least it swatched that way.

Next I bought Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter (yes, like the Giveaway) in Peach Lights

Sorry, ran out of room on my wrist, had to go further up my arm-it’s subtle and nice. Not the MOST pigmented highlighter I’ve seen but that’s fine. You don’t necessarily want a stripe of shine.

Next the e.l.f. molten liquid eyeshadow in Rose Gold.

It’s creamy but a little thin-you might have to build on it depending on how much color you want.

I also got a few other things but I don’t think they’re interesting enough for first impressions (e.l.f. lid Primer, under eye powder, smashbox sample kit).

The samples Ulta sent were pretty weak, guys. ANOTHER Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer-no lie I have about 11 of them. And a Novex shampoo sample.

So that’s it for Ulta-I have a misc first impressions to put up tomorrow.

Talk soon Lovelies 


Some Schtuff

What a crazy 24 hours. We broke the internet. Not really, but I like saying it. Anyway…

I received an Ulta shipment for Christmas with some pretty prettiness in it-I’ll be posting and reviewing that shortly, at least part of it. That, my lovelies, is excitement around these parts.

I’m going to order 2 beauty box subscriptions-any suggestions as to which 2 are the best? I can’t wait, and I’m highly disappointed in myself for not knowing about these things of genius sooner. 

I have really tried to make this blog welcoming to everyone, to make it multi dimensional-and inclusive. I wanted it to be a place where you guys could have a kinder, gentler place of refuge. You had formed relationships with each other and needed to get away from that dark, dark place ruled with an iron fist and countless commenting rules. The only rules I have are simple. I will tolerate absolutely zero racism. None. Instant ban forever. It’s never been an issue and I don’t foresee it becoming one but it’s gotta be said. I also don’t love bullying-there’s a difference between disagreeing/debating and bullying-don’t come here flaming and when you get it handed back cry “bullies”. Not gonna work. We are all adults and functioning quite well without strict laws and a dictatorship ordering us to behave, I think we can all tell the difference. That’s it. Post links, name YouTube vids, recipes, books, movies, celebrities, non bravo celebrities-there’s no such thing as OT. This is your forum.  Thank you, lovelies, for your amazing-ness. I’m lucky to be amongst you. 

Talk soon, lovelies 


The Day After

I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday full of love and laughter-and y’all got some cool loot.

Butter London lippies, the Philosophy Gingerbread House, also Urban Decay Naked Illuminating Trio and like 7 NYX lipsticks. I’m so thankful and thrilled-😃

Also, I’ve got either bronchitis or pneumonia, not sure which the winner is, but when I go to the Dr later I’m sure to find out. Gah! I haven’t been sick in like, literally YEARS. So it had to happen eventually. 

Hubs is bringing 3rd son to Boston Logan this morning, son 3 is off to St Louis to visit his girlfriend. He’s never flown before so despite him being 18, the mommy in me wants to walk him to the gate and put him in his seat but I know I can’t, he’s got to be a big boy. Sigh.

The ridiculousness of yesterday seems to have died down-it’s funny because every time the pot gets stirred by the other side I get a bunch of emails chock full of-err-interesting info, my traffic spikes, and new commenters show up. So I guess I should say thanks. We’ve been called a “hate site” which we are far from, but if we were I guess now she’d know how Bethenney, Meghan, Yolanda, Amber, etc etc all feel. No one gets told to die, gets terminal cancer wished on them, no one gets their personal information posted, and superwicked sorry but no one cares about the dead sister or her obituary. 

This is what it looks like when pots get stirred and traffic increases. I will NEVER have a “donate” or “Happy Pill Fund” button. EVER. While the traffic spike looks neat, I don’t have ads, don’t make money off of this, and I won’t solicit funds shamelessly or otherwise. I’m doing this because I enjoy it, I love my readers, and maybe, just maybe, I can put something halfway good and decent out there. 

So enough with that malarkey. 

What’s the plan for New Years Eve for everyone? VPR recap tonite, keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you, Lovelies-for everything. You’re all amazing and I’m grateful for every one of you.

Talk soon, Lovelies