August Boxycharm Full Spoilers


It a good one, guys.

I’ll rehash the ones you know about:

The tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow palette. This one will be in all boxes, retail value 36$.


Royal and Langnickel brush set. Also in all boxes. I *believe this is the actual set. If it is, it retails for 19.99$.


Pūr Cosmetics eyelashes. There are 2 variations (no idea if these are them-this is just for examples sake) and will be in all boxes. Retail price 14$.


Aloette Face Paint Lip and Cheek Tint. This is a possible variant item and retails for 35$.


Last but not least, Adesse New York nail polish in Suzannemi. This is also a possible variant item-I’ve received this brand a few times in boxes and it’s GREAT. Retails for 18$.


So that’s that, y’all. I’m excited about the palette and the brushes.


Talk Soon Lovelies

ColourPop Is Stepping It UP


Now anyone who knows me or has read here for a second knows that ColourPop is one of my all-time favorite makeup brands, and they’ve endeared themselves to me even more, if possible. This week, they announced their first ever first into the face makeup game with the launch of a concealer:


It’s called the No Filter Concealer, and I believe will be priced at 6$. SIX DOLLARS. No word on a release date, but you know I’ll be watching.

They’ve also started their first ever nail polish line:



The polishes were released back in late Jun/early July, and sell for 6$ a bottle. I’m dying to try them out, y’all know me and my nail polish.

ColourPop for me, is such a fantastic brand because it is SO affordable but not garbage. Yes-some of the Ultra Matte lippies are really drying, I admit. Not all though, but the Ultra Satin and Ultra Gloss are some bomb formulas. My first ever highlighter was Flexitarian from them and it’s still a favorite.

Another exciting release is a highlighter palette:


It’s their first pressed powder highlighting palette-it comes with 6 shades, and retails for 18$.

Swatches from


So there you go, some kinda neat news from all that glitters-

Talk soon Lovelies


What Are You Reading? And Other Misc.

I figured I’d do a new “What Are You Reading” post since I’m sure y’all are onto new books since the last post.

I’m reading “Idaho” by Emily Ruskovich. I’m about 1/3 of the way through-I’m really enjoying it. I actually won a book on Goodreads this week- they email me and let me know when there is a giveaway for a book on my to-read list, and I won “Breakdown” by B.A. Paris. I believe out comes out in June but don’t quote me on that. 

In other news I tried that nail polish that came in my Ipsy bag-it was from LAW in the color Peri Or Whatever and it’s realllllly nice. It’s got one of the rounded brushes which I like a lot, and you really just need one coat. It retails for like 18$ so it better just need one coat. 

I’m probably going to use a matte topcoat-I’m all about the matte topcoats nowadays.

Finished product with the matte topcoat-I likey!

Anyhoo-my cable is spazzing the F out-since like 2am Fri night it freezes, gets all pixelated, randomly changes itself to one channel and won’t let you change it….I called the cable company 8 times yesterday. Each time they had a new solution. But I think they’re just throwing guesses out there and hoping something sticks because it’s all of our TVs, the internet is being wonky too, my kid is losing his shit at his PS4 because the wifi will freeze up or drop right at an apparently VERY critical time in his game….so they need to figure it out. Hello, I have recaps to do. I think it’s the router. We shall see. I know we’ll be talking more throughout the day-I love you all, and you know why. ❤️

Talk soon, Lovelies