Sephora/Ulta Haul Oct

I got these things a few weeks ago but I’m just getting to posting it now-sorry y’all. It’s been a busy few weeks. So here we go!

I sorta don’t love Morphe, I’ll be totally honest. I made an exception, however.

The Morphe Setting Spray is really, really good. The spray is perfect-not aggressive and not super perfume-y. I’m a fan, despite it being Morphe. I mean, if it’s good, it’s good.

I had never seen or heard of these until that day in Ulta. The Metallic Heat Metallic Eyeshadow is a limited edition, holiday 2018 release which explains that-

These absolutely knocked my socks off. The pigmentation is absolutely stunning-one swipe and they’re opaque, blinding, and beautiful. They’re reasonably priced-12$ for the 3.

The copper is called Fuego, the champagne is Flare, and the olive green is Ignite. I’m seriously thrilled with these and glad I discovered them.

We hit Sephora next-and that was a success as well.

I’ve been hearing rave after rave about the new Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb in How Many Carats? and really had to investigate. The Sephora employee did her job well, because she added to the FOMO factor so I HAD to get it. But look at the packaging, even:

I mean…

The actual product packaging is to die for as well:’

Fenty Beauty knows what’s up. I gotta give them that.

I had the Killawatt Highlighter in Trophy Wife (I say had because I gave it away-I hadn’t used it in months, and I wanted her to go to a good home where she’d get some use) and that formula is very, very different from this one-this one being better in my opinion. Trophy Wife is more chunky glitter, and has a little drier texture. The Diamond Bomb is softer, less chunkiness.

The application is a bit more sheer than I expected-it can be used alone or as a topper (I put it on top of Colourpop’s Flexatarian and holy cat’s). Alone it’s buildable yet a beautiful, shiny, shimmery sheen with even light application.

If you’re looking for opacity this is not your girl. If you’re looking for a versatile, ethereal, shimmery look? Look no further.

Huda Beauty Obsessions Precious Stone Collection: Ruby

This one was kind of neat-it wasn’t part of the Huda display at Sephora. They had Topaz, Emerald and Amethyst out-Sapphire and Ruby were in the back and were sort of a secret, I guess? The saleswoman said they had them in the back but weren’t supposed to (whatever that means) so she brought out Ruby and Sapphire. They were both STUNNING, but Ruby spoke to me louder. I didn’t have anything like Sapphire in my collection so I was torn-but it worked out since Colourpop came out with a collab with Bretman Rock that’s a blue palette. And pretty. And coming to my house. 😜

Huda has really nice shadows-if you’ve never tried them, they’re high quality for the most part and this little guy is no exception. They’re soft and buttery, pigment is great, and they’re easy to work with.


None of the shades have names-nothing I could find anyway. So I’m starting with the top row.

The last shade in the middle row is a black-ish shade with gold shimmer in it-it almost looks dark green but it’s not. The first shade in the bottom row is a satin formula-it’s very different from the mattes and shimmers.


A New Pretty

Morphe launched a new palette today, the 35R, Ready, Set, Gold. Guys-it’s soooo pretty. Retails for $22.99-link below:
Oh. And Kylie launches new blush palettes Friday-I saw them. Yuck. I don’t know what they look like on but in the pan they’re garish. I hate her packaging anyway. So that’s a pile of nope.

I started watching The Arrangement on E!. I’m halfway through the second episode and I’m definitely intrigued!

Talk soon, Lovelies!


Makeup Score

I’ve been wanting to buy from Beauty Bakerie for months and finally bit the bullet. Well-hubs did. This is what’s coming:

I had a coupon code so that eased the pain a tiny bit-plus Valentines Day is upon us so hubs told me to shop. Far be it for me to refuse.

I hit Morphe again as well:

I’ve been wanting to try Jeffree Star’s lipstick for a while as well, I’ve heard good things. Y’all know I’ll let you know.

I’ve hidden my shoe addiction from you guys fairly well-I’ve mentioned it here and there but for the most part kept it close to the vest. Not anymore!

I’m happy Valentines Day is soon and happy that hubs loves me-for way more reasons than he buys me makeup and shoes.

I’ll review all of the makeup when it gets here, and Hannah is going to send pics of her Colourpop prizes when they find their way into her mailbox 😘

Talk soon, Lovelies 


Retail Therapy and Some Good Sh*t Coming Soon!

It was a dismal, dreary day here yesterday-quite perfect for online shopping, actually. Plus my email inbox was being flooded with “LAST CHANCE!!!!” sale emails-what’s a girl to do? Besides buy into the hype that it’s really my LAST CHANCE.

I hit Colourpop and walked away 

with these:

I have the Flexitarian highlighter and LOVE it. So I got a backup, and decided to try “Over the Moon”. I’m excited about the matte liquid lipstick in “Ribbon”-it looks like the red I’ve been searching for. The others are some metallics that I’m looking forward to. 


Morphe 35F palette. It’s got 7 matte colors and the rest are shimmers. It’ll be my 3rd Morphe palette and I still can’t get enough. I also sent one to my daughter. Sharing the joy, yanno? 

Next, the gifts that keep in giving, and I owe this one to you Lovelies for filling me in on subscription boxes:


I also ordered my daughter the Ipsy monthly subscription. She’s my inspiration for all that’s good, y’all.

Someone had mentioned possibly setting up a makeup swap/subscription box swap. I think it’s a great idea-not sure how to facilitate that, if anyone has ideas then message me. 

Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart for all of your kindness, support, and having my back. I can’t express my gratitude enough. 

BUT! Next month, how about I start doing some giveaways?? No purchase necessary, HATERS- but I’ve got some things in the works and you will all benefit. It’ll be nice to have some makeup giveaways (that means free, it means I get nothing out of it but the excitement of giving away some free shit) and keep building, moving forward! ❤💜❤

Talk soon, Lovelies


Shall We Makeup?

It’s time for a makeup post-I think we are all overdue in a big huge way!

There are a few products that I covet, yearn for, gaze at, dream about, and really want, goddamn it. Will I ever get them? Who knows. If I’m lucky. Let’s start with the first item on my makeup bucket list:

The Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold. The highlighter of my dreams. This….gorgeous, beautiful…..sigh. I want this SO MUCH. But alas-it’s like 100$ IF you can get it, it’s been sold out. So I dream. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild GlowKit

Another highlighter I’ve been crying for-it retails for about 40$-45$ so it’s not unattainable-I just haven’t been able to attain it. 

Too-Faced Chocolate Bar

This eyeshadow palette from Too Faced is part of a whole line of sweets-based cosmetics. They include the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Bon-Bon, you get the picture. I’m in love with the shades, I can never have too many good browns/neutrals. The other one I want to get is the Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly palette:

This beauty is around 36$, and it’s Chocolate cousin around 50$.

Next up is the red lipstick of red lipsticks-oh, how I covet thee:

Ruby Woo by MAC. Classic blue-based red, and there’s a reason it’s one of the most popular shades. I actually prefer liquid lipsticks, but I can overlook that preference for this perfect shade. Someday. It retails for approximately 17$ at MAC.

Morphe, as you all know is my favorite, I’ll sing their praises to anyone that will listen-has a new copper palette line.  There’s a 25 shadow palette called copper spice:

And another called Bronzed Mocha:

They are gorgeous. And sold out. But I’m broke right now so if I can’t have any, no one can, but they may restock when my wallet is restocked. Think that’ll fly? Yeah, neither do I. Sigh. They retail for 17.99$ each at morphe. 

Now that I’ve tortured myself with all the pretty, shiny things not within my reach-I’m going to eat some soup. 

Talk later, Lovelies


Eye See!

​What kinds of eyeliner/eyeshadow do you prefer? I like to put a little black along the inner rim of my lower lid then a shadow under, a glitter/sparkly look is my favorite. Im not that picky about my eye pencil, as long as it goes on smoothly and evenly I’m a happy girl. Totes obsessed with the Morphe palettes as I’ve mentioned-pigmented like CRAZY and like 20$ for 35 colors. I have 2, 35OS and 35N, I loooove, and am crying in the corner for more. 

I’m hoping Santa brings me the Too Faced Peach, or any Urban Decay Naked. Mmmkay Santa? Ya HEAR?

The morphe shadows blend nicely-I would be lost without my brushes. I bet the Naked ones do too. Hopefully I can let you know 😉.

I do have some liquid eyeliner but I don’t use it that often-usually if I’m doing a cat eye or wings. I have yet to try gel liners and I’m not too familiar with the draw of them. Haha-the draw. See what I did there?

What’s your poison?

Talk soon, Lovelies