Bethenny’s Ex’s Stalking Case Continues

Jason Hoppy appeared in court today to answer to stalking charges on Bethenny Frankel. Originally he was charged with 3 counts of stalking an harassment, but in June that was revised to 5 charges. Tsk tsk, Jason.

Now, he could have taken anger management and the worst of this would have gone away but he’s not having that. I guess he thinks his anger is manageable. 😳.

He had asked the court today to dismiss the charges, they said mmmmm-no. Back in March he was offered a deal: if he pled guilty to a lowered harassment charge and took AM classes thus have dropped the other 2 stalking charges. He shoulda taken it, since now it’s 5 counts from the 3. Arrogant dude who needs a leeeeeeetle humility, perhaps?

I’m sorta familiar with court procedure etc (ahem) and this is all normal par for the course happenings-and he should have taken the deal. She’s got evidence-enough to have him arrested and tack on more charges. But maybe he deserves to pay stiffer consequences. He was pretty vile from what I understand, and the divorce was final-there was no reason to behave that way. Not that there EVER is but I think it says a lot about him and the situation. She’s done her best to keep quiet about everything. He sounds like a raging angry douche. I have no sympathy. He even LOOKS mean nowadays. Anyway-

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Phaedra Is Selling

I wonder if getting fired from RHOA has hit poor Phaedra where it hurts? She’s listed her house for sale at 1.5$ million.

She’s also put another home up for rent. Hmmmm.

Here’s the actual listing of her home, with photos. Enjoy the decor, y’all.

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Tom v Lu: The Cad’s Camp Speaks

Tom’s side has spoken to the press on his behalf and it’s pretty shitty. Saying Ku just married him to stay relevant on the show, she was unfaithful, and had a habit of physically attacking him.

She was in blind obsessive love with him and no one can tell me any different. She protected and defended him often to her detriment, and if it was all for the show then why piss Bravo off by not letting them film the wedding? Bull. I don’t buy that she cheated either. As far as getting physical we know she publicly slapped him, so that said, who knows what happened privately. But portraying him as a poor, hapless, bamboozled victim is pitiful and less than believable. Shame on you, Tom.

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Well, Glory Hallelujah, the Glanville/Krupa Suit Is Done

I never thought we’d see the day.

Joanna Krupa has dropped her defamation lawsuit against Brandi Glanville 2 days before it was set to go to a jury trial.

Brandi had to issue a public apology, which I’m sure was part of the settlement terms, which are confidential. For now.

All that refusing to apologize, and standing by her stinky cooter story, and she had to say “sorry” anyway. All that money and time wasted, clogging up the judicial system, over nonsense and it ended with less than a bang.

So stupid.

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Is Anyone Else Watching This?

OJ. Oh, OJ.

He is rambling, not taking any responsibility, blaming everyone else, boasting, getting attitude with parole board members-this guy.

He hasn’t changed. He’s painting himself as a gang mediator, saying that that gangs came to him to work it out when they were going to fight.
He’s protesting wayyyy too much about not having an alcohol problem.

I can’t.

He won’t directly answer any questions.


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Chateau Sheree: Vacant?

Word on the street in the A is that not only is Sheree not living in the Chateau, she’s been returning all of the appliances and fixtures to wherever they came from. I guess times are tough. Her faboo novel must not have done that well. Ha.

Straight From The A link below:

Are any of you surprised? Do you think she’ll sell it, or will someone have to pry it from her fingertips?

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Phaedra and Apollo Deeevorced For Reals

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida have reached a final divorce settlement, it appear, according to She waffled on was the divorce final, wasn’t it final, and a judge ultimately nullified the previous agreement after she intentionally misspelled their names and misled Apollo into thinking he’d be at hearings to finalize the divorce. She’s a shady snake, that Phaedra is. How hasn’t she been disbarred is what I want to know. Everything she’s pulled, from shenanigans with the divorce to the rumors she spread about Kandi go against professional ethics of the GA bar. Oh that’s right-snakes are slippery, that’s how she’s avoided sanction. At least she got fired from the show.

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Missing Child

Actor Donal Logue, who you might know from Gotham, Sons of Anarchy,Grounded For Life, and Law and Order SVU is asking the public for help for the safe return of his missing daughter, Jade.

Jade has been missing in NYC since June 26, and her last known whereabouts were Brooklyn, NY at the Barclay Center meeting friends.

Not that it matters, but Jade is a transgender female formerly known as Arlo Logue. She’s 6’2, 180 lbs .

Article below:

Keep your eyes peeled, y’all.

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The Jenner Girls: A Whole New Low

So in case you haven’t heard the latest, Kylie and Kendall Jenner have a “clothing line” (never in my life) and they had the audacity, the spoiled entitlement, to produce t shirts with cultural icons such as Notorious BIG, Tupac, Ozzy Osborne, and the Doors-and slap their over-inflated lipped plasticized faces over the images of these artists. Without permission of course. With a price tag of 125$. Who thought that was a good idea?

The estate of Christopher Wallace (Biggie) and the Doors sent them cease and desists, and threatened them with legal action. They’ve since pulled the t shirts (125$) and issued a late apology.

I am so sick to death of these chicks, and it’s multi-layered. First, the obvious, stealing the images. But to shill their t shirts, plain cotton t shirts, for 125$ is criminal. Their market is what, pre-teens thru young 20s? What kid has 125$ for a t shirt? That’s just so greedy and shameful in my opinion, and just one more reason I will NEVER support Kylie Cosmetics. Never.

Sorry, rant over.


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Southern Charm Dramz

With who else? Kathryn and Thomas. These 2 need to get it together. They both have an agenda, and neither includes the best interest of their kids. He’s an immature, selfish, out of touch man child and she’s a selfish, damaged, sick addict. Clean up your acts, you two. Jeebus.

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