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RHOC Kelly Dodd has filed for divorce from her husband of 11years, Michael. Her quote-“Our marriage is over-I’m outta there! We’ve had problems for years and I’ve had enough! I’m done with our marriage!” Well. That’s eloquent. None of that we respect each other and will remain friends and committed to raising our daughter crap. 

Apparently the police were called to the house 6 times in 3 days this July. Temper, temper.

Are we surprised though? 

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RHOC Star Kelly Dodd Divorcing Husband Michael Dodd: ‘Our Marriage Is Over’

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Birthday Schmirthday

I figured I’d share this, just because it’s not really a big deal, it’s part of who I am, I’m certainly not ashamed, and it just is.

I’m adopted-I was placed with my parents at 5 months old, and was in foster care from birth. I even had a different name-Katharine Heather Wood-until my parents changed it. I’ve always known, it was never a secret, and I was always told how special being adopted was, so it was a non issue. I have a sister (who is my parents biological child-she’s 2 years younger. It always seems to work that way, parents can’t get pregnant then boom-surprise!) and as kids, we’d argue and bicker like most siblings do. If she was either really pissed or really angry she’d bust out with “well at least I’m not ADOPTED!!!” That never bothered or hurt me, it was in fact, a gift because there was no quicker or deeper trouble for her by my mom than whipping out the adoption card. So I’d cash that gift in, tell on her, then be extremely satisfied that she was now grounded. She only used that one maybe twice. 

I’ve been asked often if I ever intend to look for my “birth mother”. The complete answer is no. My mother is my mother, period. The journey she took to get there doesn’t matter to me. We’ve had a complicated relationship as mothers and daughters do, but she’s my mom. She nursed me when I was sick, taught me many things, held me when I hurt, and was there my whole life. I don’t need to look any further. 

I didn’t discover the circumstances of my birth until I was 18. I was abandoned at birth-not born in a hospital, and left on the forest floor for hours until 2 young girls riding their bikes down a dirt path in a desolate part of town found me. According to newspaper reports I was wrapped in a bloodstained green sheet with my umbilical cord still attached. I was estimated to be 12 hours old. The responding police officer didn’t wait for an ambulance-he drove me to St Mary’s hospital in his patrol car. After a hospital stay I was placed with a foster family, and the rest is history.

For some reason that didn’t really bother me too much. Sure, I was angry-like, who does that?  It wasn’t until I had my first child that it hit me. Just looking at my helpless, vulnerable newborn I couldn’t help but think “what the actual fuck was wrong with her?” I’ve heard it all-she was probably young and scared, etc etc and I accepted that for a while, until I didn’t. I felt no matter how young and scared there were a million other options than the damn woods where I would have surely died had those girls not found me. 

Then came the birthday dread. I hated my birthday. Despised it. If I could ignore it, even better. It made me uncomfortable, it made me cringe, and I just wanted to skip it every year. I’m not sure why, even-because I’m here. I won. She didn’t erase me. Maybe because someone hated me that much at minutes old, that was her decision, to leave me in the dirt and cold? 

But I got over it-I don’t dread Sep 29 every year any more. I don’t exactly go all out-but I don’t want to stay in bed all day. I still don’t have much empathy for whoever she is, but I don’t actively care, either. So no, i don’t want to find my “birth mother”. I’d have nothing to say. Why doesn’t matter to me anymore. It’s not who or what I am, a foundling. It’s just a small slice of my history, kind of interesting even.

So there you have it. 

I did try and find the police officers that responded-the one who drove me to the hospital passed away in 2010, and the other? Still working on it. I have 2 newspaper articles about me being found. It’s at the very least, interesting. 😉

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Another Custody Fight For Jenelle


Nathan’s mother has filed for emergency custody of Kaiser. Among her allegations:

•Jenelle cannot control her anger

•Jenelle’s daughter, Ensley, was born with marijuana in her system sparking a CPS investigation.

•Both David and Jenelle tested positive for marijuana 

•Jenelle locked Kaiser and Jace out of the house on a very hot day

•Kaiser has had unexplained bruises and marks in him.

•David disciplines Kaiser with corporal punishment, too hard spankings, etc 

•Jenelle needs a psychological evaluation.

Jenelle says that her mother, Barbara is behind many of those allegation and blames her for everything. As Jenelle usually does. 

No gratitude for raising her son so she could go out partying and dating and having more fiancés and kids. 

What do you think?

I can tell you this-no boyfriend of mine would be disciplining, spanking, or putting his hands on any of my children. The day that happens is the day I catch a charge for attempted murder. As it is, I found out my 18 yr olds stepmother put her hands on him-and I’m biding my time. I’m very patient, and I can wait. She will feel my wrath as soon as it’s possible. Not physically. But she’ll feel it. 

I feel like Jenelle is so lazy she just sort of gave up with Kaiser and just let David take over, and there’s nothing good about that whole situation. I’ve watched a few episodes of Teen Mom this season and Kaiser is not a happy kid. Could be the age, environment or both, but he’s always crying.

I believe the allegations mostly because it’s Jenelle’s MO. Kaiser would be safer and better off anywhere but with her.

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An oldie, but goodie.

90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

Anyone been watching this? We have Darcey, who runs around wearing a huge fake wedding set, and is already harassing boy toy Jesse to marry her haggard ass. Jesse’s father told her she was out of his league-doh.

Then we have Paul who has traveled to a remote village up the Amazon in Brazil to meet his love, Karine. He’s hadn’t bothered to learn a lick of Portuguese, and she speaks no English, so it’s already awkward. When he hugs her, he pat pat pats her back like he’s burping her. And he won’t have sex with her until she completes an STD and pregnancy screening. He doesn’t need to though. I just don’t believe his motive is safety. I think he’s a jerk who thinks she’s a dirty foreigner he has to screen before she can touch his pure American skin.

Aside from that-I get creepy weird vibes from him. And eureka, I know why.

Paulie Paul had been convicted of Felony 2nd degree Arson to defraud Insurance, he’s on probation til 2029 for that one-and if that’s not icky enough-he was convicted of violating an Emergency Protective Order and violating a Domestic Violence Order. Soooo there’s definitely more to Paul here than meets the eye. Good thing Karine’s Dad isa retired police officer. It also explains why he was wookin pa nub across borders. American women have his number. Enjoy his muggies. They say sooooo much.

Creepy creep.

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Bethenny’s Ex’s Stalking Case Continues

Jason Hoppy appeared in court today to answer to stalking charges on Bethenny Frankel. Originally he was charged with 3 counts of stalking an harassment, but in June that was revised to 5 charges. Tsk tsk, Jason.

Now, he could have taken anger management and the worst of this would have gone away but he’s not having that. I guess he thinks his anger is manageable. 😳.

He had asked the court today to dismiss the charges, they said mmmmm-no. Back in March he was offered a deal: if he pled guilty to a lowered harassment charge and took AM classes thus have dropped the other 2 stalking charges. He shoulda taken it, since now it’s 5 counts from the 3. Arrogant dude who needs a leeeeeeetle humility, perhaps?

I’m sorta familiar with court procedure etc (ahem) and this is all normal par for the course happenings-and he should have taken the deal. She’s got evidence-enough to have him arrested and tack on more charges. But maybe he deserves to pay stiffer consequences. He was pretty vile from what I understand, and the divorce was final-there was no reason to behave that way. Not that there EVER is but I think it says a lot about him and the situation. She’s done her best to keep quiet about everything. He sounds like a raging angry douche. I have no sympathy. He even LOOKS mean nowadays. Anyway-

DM story below:

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Phaedra Is Selling

I wonder if getting fired from RHOA has hit poor Phaedra where it hurts? She’s listed her house for sale at 1.5$ million.

She’s also put another home up for rent. Hmmmm.

Here’s the actual listing of her home, with photos. Enjoy the decor, y’all.

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Tom v Lu: The Cad’s Camp Speaks

Tom’s side has spoken to the press on his behalf and it’s pretty shitty. Saying Ku just married him to stay relevant on the show, she was unfaithful, and had a habit of physically attacking him.

She was in blind obsessive love with him and no one can tell me any different. She protected and defended him often to her detriment, and if it was all for the show then why piss Bravo off by not letting them film the wedding? Bull. I don’t buy that she cheated either. As far as getting physical we know she publicly slapped him, so that said, who knows what happened privately. But portraying him as a poor, hapless, bamboozled victim is pitiful and less than believable. Shame on you, Tom.

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Well, Glory Hallelujah, the Glanville/Krupa Suit Is Done

I never thought we’d see the day.

Joanna Krupa has dropped her defamation lawsuit against Brandi Glanville 2 days before it was set to go to a jury trial.

Brandi had to issue a public apology, which I’m sure was part of the settlement terms, which are confidential. For now.

All that refusing to apologize, and standing by her stinky cooter story, and she had to say “sorry” anyway. All that money and time wasted, clogging up the judicial system, over nonsense and it ended with less than a bang.

So stupid.

DM story below:

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Is Anyone Else Watching This?

OJ. Oh, OJ.

He is rambling, not taking any responsibility, blaming everyone else, boasting, getting attitude with parole board members-this guy.

He hasn’t changed. He’s painting himself as a gang mediator, saying that that gangs came to him to work it out when they were going to fight.
He’s protesting wayyyy too much about not having an alcohol problem.

I can’t.

He won’t directly answer any questions.


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Chateau Sheree: Vacant?

Word on the street in the A is that not only is Sheree not living in the Chateau, she’s been returning all of the appliances and fixtures to wherever they came from. I guess times are tough. Her faboo novel must not have done that well. Ha.

Straight From The A link below:

Are any of you surprised? Do you think she’ll sell it, or will someone have to pry it from her fingertips?

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