Who’s Pregnant? What? No.

TMZ, Daily Mail, People, and other news outlets are reporting that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her 25 year old rapper boyfriend Travis Scott’s baby. Seriously.

She’s reportedly 4 months pregnant. 

Congrats, I guess? 20 years old. At least she can afford it. 

Talk soon Lovelies 



New Kylie Product Alert

She’s coming out with “Kylighters” which is obvie a highlighter. I have used the lip kits-they smell very vanilla-y and like candy, the formula I used was drying as hell and it flaked off after an hour. I sort of think her stuff is overpriced but that’s just my opinion. I haven’t tried her Kyshadow palettes-they’ve gotten mixed reviews-because for the price, I’d rather go Too Faced or Urban Decay. Back to the Kylighters. This is what I know-the names are: Banana Split, French Vanilla,  Salted Caramel, Cotton Candy Cream, Strawberry Shortcake, and Chocolate Cherry.  Great-now I’m hungry. They launch February 28 at 3pm pacific. Here’s a glimpse:


The huge mystery?  The price. My guess…..$35. Her price points are….well. Plus highlighters are superwicked in demand. Kylie could crap in an eyeshadow pan, call it Kypoo and it’d sell out in 30 seconds, let’s be honest here.

Definitely more makeup talk on the way!

Talk soon Lovelies 


Kylie, the Klan, and D.C. 

A&E has a new reality show coming out called “Generation KKK”. I thought about watching, trying to have an open mind blah blah blah-but I can’t. Just-no. I can’t support hate and bigotry by giving that show 20 seconds of my time. So no recaps of it from me. 

While I get what A&E is trying to do, but mmmmm no. Given the current environment I find it interesting, the timing? But regardless, I’ll pass. I won’t support bigotry and the klan defines that. 

I’m going to D.C. on January 21 for the March for Women-hubs is coming too, as are all of my Lovelies since I’ll be blogging, snapchatting and vlogging my trip back and forth as well as the days events. It’s going to be an experience for sure.

I’m NOT a Kardashian/Jenner fan by any stretch of the imagination. I’m actually repulsed, repelled, and sick of all of them, Kendall and Kylie included-but Kylie. Oh, Ky. Please, baby girl, please, I’m begging you. STOP with the plastic surgery!!! First you denied the lips. Said it was lip liner. 😳. Then you denied the butt/hips. Said you grew up. 😳. Now you’re denying the breasts. Which are HUGE. You blame your cycle. GURL.

Nope-no surgical enhancements! I believe her!! 

Do your thing. Implant everything,  lips, butt boobs-do you, boo. Just don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. I actually respect her hustle-she’s built herself a nice little empire with her cosmetics. She’s rocking an unrealistic standard for looks, etc, and it’s not fair to the teens/teens and young adults that look up to her. She’s selling herself as “natural” when it’s clear she’s had help. And she’s mighty young for all of that work. But she’s not my kid, so.

Rant over 💜

Talk soon Lovelies