RHOA Kenya Is A Married Lady

Surprise! People magazine is exclusively confirming Kenya Moore married a mystery business man on St. Lucia-she’s not revealing his identity yet. Hmmm-very smart? Or very shady? Congrats to the couple!

People story below:


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A Cautionary Tale To House Lookie-Loos 

As some of you have seen on RHOA’s Kenya Moore’s IG, 3 idiots thought it would be a great idea to jump her fence and knock on her door. Oh, she answered alright-packing heat. 

Here’s the link to the story via DM


Maybe she can lend her weapon to Sheree. Or Sheree’s construction crew. Or even patrol for her. You know how those pesky picture poppin trespassers can be, but I bet THAT would discourage them. Just sayin’.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap:Model Behavior

Porsha comes to Phaedra’s to babysit Ayden and Dylan-this has got to be a set up because I know Phaedra has to have childcare help around the clock. Still, cute of Porsha. Dylan got huge-Ayden is still a pistol. Porsha bribes them with new toys (hey, whatever it takes) and when they start to squabble tells them “violence is not the answer”. Maybe there’s redemption in those anger management classes yet. One of the kids says he doesn’t trust her. Smart kid. She tells them a bed time story with of course, Porsha being the princess, and they’re out. Porsha tends to induce sleep, it seems. Phaedra and her new teeth come home, Porsha tells her she will babysit once a week so Phaedra can date. Phaedra is glad because both sets of lips needs attention. ::vomit splash::

Sheree, the momager, has set up a photo shoot for Kairo. He’s half naked, but she’s going to micromanage the crap out of his fledgling career. Let’s hope no wayward bloggers show up at his photo shoots. Or runway shows. Or his house. Just sayin. He’s all greased up and giving the camera face-in walks Sweaty Bob who is pretend-horrified at his near-nakedness and greased up bod. Sweaty Bob makes his Sweaty exit.

Kenya is at Moore Manor, on the phone with her Dad discussing the Matt unhinged temper situation-she tells him about the Great Window Incident, he says “fly me out there!” Daddy to the rescue. 

Cynthia and Noelle are walking the dog when Flavia the real estate agent calls to tell her that her offer on the lake house has been accepted, so the house and fabulous tub are hers! It’s a step in starting a Peter free life.

Kandi and company are at the Factory, rehashing the Drama drama, and say how Phaedra downplayed it but now has a bodyguard. They’re laughing at her ridiculousness. They don’t buy the story that dude just wanted to drop off a CD. 

Someone’s coming to visit Phaedra at her office-ooo it’s Hester, Drama’s Mama! She wants to help her bomb-toting friend and is so mad everyone is talking about it. That makes it harder to do her damage control, y’all. She’s still pissed at Mama Joyce for repeating the story in front of everyone-not the story she wanted repeated. 

Back at the Kandi Factory, Kandi is calling BS on Phaedra with her bodyguard, unless it’s really a boyfriend. All she wants is consistency from Phaedra but she’s bringing her BS detector to dinner. 

Porsha brings her new old boo Todd for an awkward family dinner, her mom has a horrific ratty wig on, yikes. Todd tries to be a gentleman a little too late and pushes moms chair in after she’s in it. Well, he tried. He declines saying the blessing so mom does, and talks about “our Porsha-poo” much to my dismay. He already has 2 teenage kids (he looks super young) and might be open to more if the situation is right.

Kenya flew her Dad in, he likes the driveway so far and hopes the house is in better shape than the last time he saw it. He sees the garage and acts like she never told him Matt broke it, he’s shocked and disturbed. Moore Manor looks great now and Kenya is going to cook him some fish. She keeps saying how Matt LOVES her but dad wisely says “love doesn’t break windows”. She’s still defending Matt but I don’t know, his rap sheet speaks volumes. Dad wants to have a sit down with Matt.

Sheree the momager and Kairo are meeting Cynthia for chai-Sheree is looking for career advice. Cynthia says her divorce may be over in 2 months-she’s ready. She checks out Kairo’s look book and abs-she says he comes across as a little shy but she sees potential. Sheree thinks he should be walking NYFW next year, Cynthia basically tells her she’s delusional. Kairo’s height might limit him-Sheree discounts that real quick, even though Cynthia is the one with the agency.

Kenya and Dad are at a cigar bar waiting for Matt-after 17 texts, 30 minutes and a phone call saying he isn’t coming, he waltzes in. He was late on purpose because he feels manipulated and disrespected. But he LOVES me, Kenya says. Dad points out to Matt that he wouldn’t want his female relatives treated the way he’s treating Kenya and he agrees. Dad is Dr Philling them to no avail-Kenya is over it. Dad tells Matt to just go if it isn’t real. He goes.

The showdown between Phaedra and Kandi is ON. Kandi has HAD it and not playing Phaedra’s games another day. Phaedra’s goal is to scold Kandi for Mama Joyce’s behavior but Kandi doesn’t care, she was just repeating what was on the news. Phaedra mentions her crusade for black men ( or women? Who knows). Kandi brings up the bodyguard for someone that says she wasn’t worried, but hello, Phaedra’s parents bought her security so there. Kandi lays it out, says “we aren’t friends, you’re fake, and stop taking jabs at my husband”. Phaedra says they weren’t jabs and avoids responsibility. As usual. Phaedra doesn’t know why Kandi is angry, since SHE should be since she’s the single divorced mom after all-but Kandi isn’t letting her have that pity party and reminds her she was counting down the days til Apollo was gone, and was talking to other dudes ANYWAY and planned on being remarried by  New Years! Kandi laughs in her face when Phaedra says maybe she loved Kandi more than she lived Apollo. Kandi is all “girl bye” and is outta there before food comes. Round 1-Kandi.

Next week: Cynthia’s boobs. Some Phaedra truth comes out. 

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Kenya’s Matt Is An Angry Beaver

Wowsers. I haven’t recapped RHOA yet, obvs, but TMZ is reporting that Kenya’s boo, Matt, has quite the rap sheet. I can’t keep track of their on/off status, but Kenya girl, twirl yo’ ass away from him. Unless he gets major help, I see bright red flags. I love Kenya! I want her to have babies and happiness and BABIES! I was hoping that Matt would be her happily ever after, but not so much.


I’m superwicked new at this so forgive me if the link doesn’t work. I’m learning, I promise.


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