Another Custody Fight For Jenelle


Nathan’s mother has filed for emergency custody of Kaiser. Among her allegations:

•Jenelle cannot control her anger

•Jenelle’s daughter, Ensley, was born with marijuana in her system sparking a CPS investigation.

•Both David and Jenelle tested positive for marijuana 

•Jenelle locked Kaiser and Jace out of the house on a very hot day

•Kaiser has had unexplained bruises and marks in him.

•David disciplines Kaiser with corporal punishment, too hard spankings, etc 

•Jenelle needs a psychological evaluation.

Jenelle says that her mother, Barbara is behind many of those allegation and blames her for everything. As Jenelle usually does. 

No gratitude for raising her son so she could go out partying and dating and having more fiancés and kids. 

What do you think?

I can tell you this-no boyfriend of mine would be disciplining, spanking, or putting his hands on any of my children. The day that happens is the day I catch a charge for attempted murder. As it is, I found out my 18 yr olds stepmother put her hands on him-and I’m biding my time. I’m very patient, and I can wait. She will feel my wrath as soon as it’s possible. Not physically. But she’ll feel it. 

I feel like Jenelle is so lazy she just sort of gave up with Kaiser and just let David take over, and there’s nothing good about that whole situation. I’ve watched a few episodes of Teen Mom this season and Kaiser is not a happy kid. Could be the age, environment or both, but he’s always crying.

I believe the allegations mostly because it’s Jenelle’s MO. Kaiser would be safer and better off anywhere but with her.

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An oldie, but goodie.


Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle “Wrote” a Book. Yawn.

I’m putting “wrote” in quotations because I’m not so sure Jenelle has ever even read a book, and you know someone ghost wrote this POS. It’s an autobiography-she’s 25-but I suppose it could be said she’s lived a lot of life in these 25 years. I mean, 6 or 7 arrests, 3 kids with 3 baby daddys (she always ends up hating the BD, just sayin) a big huge “custody battle) with Babs that she lost THANK GOD, a mystery illness that was brought on by her birth control, come to find out (she didn’t like that discovery-she was thinking more along the lines of MS, Lyme-nope, just hormonal).

I won’t be reading this garbage. I saw a snippet in DM glamourizing the father that abandoned her and to this day wants nothing to do with her-Babs did all the hard work AND raises her son, but the ungrateful little simp still shits all over her mother-the one who was THERE.

I’m not a Jenelle fan and never will be. She continues to act like a selfish entitled brat with zero insight and is one of the most immature, neglectful, ignorant mothers on the show.

How do I really feel? 😂
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Jenelle And Babs Agree, Sort of

Jenelle Evans finally settled her custody battle with her mom, Barbara today. The pair settled out of court, there was supposed to be a trial-they avoided that with this agreement.

The prior arrangement said that Janelle could only see Jace at Barbara’s discretion-the new agreement gives her specific visitation. It’s not the full custody she wanted (and probably should never get) but she’s satisfied for now. I’m glad Jace still lives with Babs-that’s the only home he knows. DM story below:

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Some Fun Teen Mom Upates

A few Teen Mom updates for you-

It appears Amber Portwood may have called off her engagement to Matt Baier, at least we can hope. She had him take a lie detector test regarding cheating rumors, she says he failed, he says he passed-either way, MTV cameras were there so we shall see. Amber was on a podcast Thursday and said the engagement was off, and has been referring to herself and Matt in the past tense. The guy is a slimy lying opportunist who hit on multiple teen moms (Jenelle, Farrah) before settling for Amber, the only one who took the bait. He told Amber he knew nothing of the show, never watched-until his old tweets to the other cast members came to light. The internet is forever, MATT. He also lied about and denied several of his many children. He was looking for a come-up, and Amber walked in. Girl has defended him furiously, but hopefully she’s seeing the light. Links below:

Next on the hot mess express is Jenelle Evans. Oh, Jenelle. The perennial fuckup is now facing claims she was smoking weed throughout her pregnancy and feuding with creepy babydaddy David’s sister. Notice how all of her babydaddy’ families loathe her? Makes you wonder. Links below:

Kailyn Lowry, still married to Javi, but pregnant with her 3rd child is saying that the baby’s father, Chris Lopez, isn’t going to be involved with the baby-why, WHY does this girl continuously do shit to make things that much harder on herself? While she did finally graduate college this weekend with her Bachelors in mass communications (the 6 yr plan, but hey) good luck using it. It will give her more to bitch about, so that’s a plus for her-she loves her complaining. She just annoys me. She mind fucks her oldest kid, uses them both as bargaining tools and has a 3rd coming when she doesn’t have her shit together with the 2 she’s got. Total shitshow. Links below:

Yucky Farrah Abraham’s even yuckier boyfriend, Simon Saran, tries to stay relevant by attacking other cast members. Before it was Amber and Matt-that one almost got Farrah’s ass kicked-now it’s Kailyn Lowry. They’ve been on Twitter going back and forth, he called her “Shamu”, which is so not ok. He’s a tacky no name loser who’s claim to fame is being treated like crap by a low rent porn star. Aim high Simon. Link below:

These kids, I tell ya.

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