Little Sephora Haul ❤️


For my birthday, I was generously given some Sephora gift cards (thank you-you know who you are❤️) and did me a little shoppin’. I actually had the Fenty Beauty Foundation in my cart, and by the time I went to check out and put the gift card info in? Sold out. Wtf. S’ok. Next time.

Even better, it was delivered on a Sunday-it came vis LaserShip, and I’ve heard horror stories about them, but no issues yesterday. On with the makeup!

The other foundation I wanted to try was the stuff from the new peach line from Too Faced-

D173FFA0-B202-427F-B55E-C711D4BE9604It has a pump, and I was expecting a stronger fragrance from it, but it’s a very light, sort of sweet smell-more sweet fig, less peach. This foundation retails for 32$.

It’s probably in the thinner side consistency wise, but not watery at all. I’m in the shade Porcelain, and it seems to be a good match.

Next, since this is literally all over IG and the internet, I really wanted to try the Huda Beauty Lip Strobes-

7320D05B-3D5A-4EB8-B031-7486805E52DEI LOVE the packaging. The gloss itself is thick but not goopy, and it’s not sticky when applied. This is the shade Angelic.

The doe foot applicator is cool-angled and really makes for accurate application. The formula is gorgeous-you can wear it alone or as a topper as well. These retail for 18$. She’s got a ton of shades too-all really pretty.

Last, I’ve been really really REALLY wanting to try the Farsali Unicirn Essence and the Rose Gold Elixir but for 54$?? That was just an awful lot of money to try something. Luckily for me Sephora started selling minis of both! You get 0.34 ounces for 20$, which for me was far easier to swallow than 54$.

1B4EA599-499B-4979-A05C-7580B235E60DIt smells GOOD, not heavy or overpowering though which is nice. You can use it as a primer (which seemingly all the you tubers and IG chicks seem to do, letting it run down their faces like purple tears. You won’t see me doing that. Dumb.) or you can use it as a night time serum, or to enhance your highlighter.

Here are the drops alone, then rubbed into the skin. There are little flecks if gold, and when rubbed in there’s a slight luminosity. I like it, actually, it’s not glitter and not like, gleaming to outer space.

Now for the freebies!

My birthday gift-

336D7549-0D73-4242-B68B-617D85071D5CYou all know how much I love Caudalie, and I’m excited to try the serum. It’s funny, I just got into serums a month or 2 ago and now I have like, 5.

I used some of my points for this-Urban Decay Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid-E5796D20-B71E-4DBA-B8B8-6E4F5406ACFD.jpegIt’s pretty tiny, but whatevs. It was only 100 points. I haven’t had much luck with UD highlighting products-I had one of the powder highlight palettes and hated it, pure glitter, zero pigment. I gave it away. So I’m hoping this is better.

8B073500-7815-4162-85A5-98881EA12452The swatch looks promising-we’ll see how it performs on the face.

Thats all for Sephora!

Talk soon Lovelies



Mini Ulta Haul

I hit Ulta yesterday because they’re having their big 21 day sale, and the item on sale for the 3rd couldn’t be passed up!

If you’re unfamiliar with the sale, each day for 21 days certain items are on sale, usually at a 50% discount. The first thing that caught my eye when I walked in was NOT what I came for, but whatever. It’s Ulta. I grabbed the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette for 27$-usual price is 54$. How could I have NOT grabbed that? Exactly.


I need another palette like I need a hole in my head but whatever.

I got some unexpected Urban Decay freebies with my purchase:

IMG_3514.JPGSome primer prep spray and the Shadow primer. People swear by the shadow primer, so excited to try it.

Ive been eyeballing this product for a while:

IMG_3515The I Dew Care Disco Kitten Illumination Diamond Peel Off Mask. It’s a metallic white, smells incredible and has rave reviews. I can’t wait to try it! This was 23$.

Finally, the item I came for.

IMG_3516Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum. It’s normally priced at 88$, but was on sale for 44$, plus I had 17.50$ off from my points-so all of this came to 81$, and I saved 88$. I also moved into the Platinum level for money spent there, so win win. Not the biggest haul, but I saved so much money and got some high priced stuff for not so high price. Then we went to Warwick RI for school shopping for my 16 year old and it was a horrific zoo.

Hope everyone’s having a fun and safe holiday weekend!

Talk soon, Lovelies


Stila Haul

I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow in Ballet Baby to be back in stock-it’s been sold out in Sephora and Stila foreverrrrrr. Last night was my lucky night because Lovelies-it’s back in stock and on its way to my makeup collection. Same deal with the Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Duochrome in Sea Siren. So there was some happiness here at 2am.

Here it is in Ballet Baby-it’s a soft pink with lots of shimmer and shine.

These are the 3 Duochrome shades-they’re all gorge but I picked Sea Siren for now, Into The Blue may be my next.

I saw a Laura Lee video on the Stila putty highlighters (also known as the Heaven’s Hue Highlighter) and aside from it looking so fun to play in, the highlight is stunning. It comes in 3 shades: Kitten, Transcendence, and Bronze. I honestly could not decide which one to get-they’re all beautiful. Lucky me, I found that Stila offers all 3 in 1 highlight palette. Problem solved!

It doesn’t have the prettiest name when you buy the Trio-Putty Palette? Mmmkay.

Here’s Laura’s first impression video for them:

I love her.

Talk soon, Lovelies!