RHONY Engagement Update

Anna Rothschild is denying reports that she’s engaged to prolific dater Tom D’Agostino….yet.  She says the ring was a “gift” but hasn’t said from whom-and get this-she’s friends with Luann. Well, was. I can’t see them friends now.

Anna Rothschild is a PR exec, and is not descended from the banking Rothschild family-but she’s got a colorful past. In 2014 she was dating a 30 year old Princeton grad (she was 49) and he murdered his father.



I feel like she might be a mess. 

Talk soon, Lovelies 



Magic # 20 And Recycled Housewive

Danielle Staub is engaged again, and the proposal was caught by Bravo cameras. I guess it’s true that she’s coming back.
Side note: what is it with all of these housewives coming back? Please, keep Brandi away.
DM story below:



I’m not sure how I feel about Danielle coming back. I think she played perpetual victim, exposed her daughters to way too intensely adult situations and treated them as friends and potential allies instead of children. She might be a different Danielle now that she’s friends with Teresa again. I just remember the all-male sycophantic entourage she carted around, and that one guy with the dark feathered princess Diana haircut. We’ll see how this plays out. She’s been begging Andy to come back since she left, so…

What do you think of all these past housewives coming back, like Kim, Danielle, Lydia….I’m sure somewhere Jill Zaria has a voodoo doll and magic spells working on her return….

Talk soon Lovelies