RHONY Engagement?

Word on the street is that Tom D’Agostino wasted no time in getting back on the horse-he’s supposedly engaged to socialite Anna Rothschild. She’s wearing a canary diamond ring suspiciously similar to Lu’s. 


Talk soon, Lovelies



90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

Anyone been watching this? We have Darcey, who runs around wearing a huge fake wedding set, and is already harassing boy toy Jesse to marry her haggard ass. Jesse’s father told her she was out of his league-doh.

Then we have Paul who has traveled to a remote village up the Amazon in Brazil to meet his love, Karine. He’s hadn’t bothered to learn a lick of Portuguese, and she speaks no English, so it’s already awkward. When he hugs her, he pat pat pats her back like he’s burping her. And he won’t have sex with her until she completes an STD and pregnancy screening. He doesn’t need to though. I just don’t believe his motive is safety. I think he’s a jerk who thinks she’s a dirty foreigner he has to screen before she can touch his pure American skin.

Aside from that-I get creepy weird vibes from him. And eureka, I know why.

Paulie Paul had been convicted of Felony 2nd degree Arson to defraud Insurance, he’s on probation til 2029 for that one-and if that’s not icky enough-he was convicted of violating an Emergency Protective Order and violating a Domestic Violence Order. Soooo there’s definitely more to Paul here than meets the eye. Good thing Karine’s Dad isa retired police officer. It also explains why he was wookin pa nub across borders. American women have his number. Enjoy his muggies. They say sooooo much.

Creepy creep.

Talk soon, Lovelies




American Horror Story: Cult

Has anyone seen the previews for AHS: Cult? It looks fantastically creepy, and if clowns aren’t your thing, don’t watch. It has to do with the election in some way-Trump sends in the clown cult? I dunno. But it looks GOOD.

In other random news I dropped my phone for the 408525477 time and I think it might have been the drop of death. The colors are all weird and grayscale and the keyboard is visible on every page and screen. My birthday is next month, when asked by the fam what I wanted I already told them Sephora gift cards so begging for a phone might not be in the cards. I mean, I HAVE been needing a newer iPhone model….but I can buy one thru my cell provider and make monthly payments so that’s probably my option.

The humidity that’s been killing me all summer is gone for now-I feel like this summer has been oppressively more humid than most-or maybe I’m just a bigger baby. Either way I’m ready for fall and date I say it winter. I don’t mind snow! When there’s a big storm I like to get all cozy, bake and cook for the family-I turn into super domestic woman.

Hope all is well with everyone!

Talk soon Lovelies

Something Spooky

I don’t watch a lot of paranormal shows, only because there are SO many, some more authentic than others, some are recreations and I hate recreations-but the ones I do love are the creepier the better and one of my new guilty pleasures had a marathon today that I DVR’d, and that is “The Dead Files”.

If you aren’t familiar, “The Dead Files” is a paranormal show on The Travel Channel that pairs a medium up with a retired NYPD homicide detective . The medium’s name is Amy Allan-and the way they start off is she walks the house at night with the homeowners gone-as her ex husband films her talking about what creepy ass dead people or demons or poltergeists or thingies are there and what they want. The walks are awesome. “What does it want, Amy?” “It wants DEATH!!!” After the walk she sits down with a sketch artist and describes the dead stuff she’s seen. “Is this what you saw, Amy?” Looks intently-“Yes. That is what I saw”. I’ve seen the show a few times. Ha.

In the meantime, her partner, retired detective Steve DiSchiavi,  interviews the residents about what they’ve seen, talks to town historians about the property, or local police about some dastardly deed that happened generations ago in the previous owners family or nearby. Also various people who’ve witnessed creepy shit go down in the dwelling get a sit-down with Steve.

At the end, Amy and Steve finally come together to sit down with the spooked out residents, each tells what they’ve found and compare to see how the stories fit, Steve whips out the sketch artist photo (he always peeks first and has some shocked/appalled/aghast comment before he shows it) the family gets freaked out, then Amy tells them how to get rid of whatever is stubborn and not leaving.

I admit I have had to turn the lights on while watching this. Dumb, right? Right?

More later, lovelies