In Not So Shocking News..

RHOC Kelly Dodd has filed for divorce from her husband of 11years, Michael. Her quote-“Our marriage is over-I’m outta there! We’ve had problems for years and I’ve had enough! I’m done with our marriage!” Well. That’s eloquent. None of that we respect each other and will remain friends and committed to raising our daughter crap. 

Apparently the police were called to the house 6 times in 3 days this July. Temper, temper.

Are we surprised though? 

Links below:

RHOC Star Kelly Dodd Divorcing Husband Michael Dodd: ‘Our Marriage Is Over’

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RHONY Engagement Update

Anna Rothschild is denying reports that she’s engaged to prolific dater Tom D’Agostino….yet.  She says the ring was a “gift” but hasn’t said from whom-and get this-she’s friends with Luann. Well, was. I can’t see them friends now.
Anna Rothschild is a PR exec, and is not descended from the banking Rothschild family-but she’s got a colorful past. In 2014 she was dating a 30 year old Princeton grad (she was 49) and he murdered his father.


I feel like she might be a mess. 

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RHOC Thoughts?

Well. Just when I’m starting to hate Dodd less, she ruins it. She can be funny, supportive, all that good stuff but her temper, that temper and the evilness that comes out of her face-I can’t. 

Lydia is turning into quite the bitchy mean girl this season. I’m not sure I like this Lydia. And where are Dougs socks? He hasn’t worn socks once. Is it a Miami Vice tribute? If she cries and cackles about “cutting off his balls” one more time….She just sounds so stupid, I get she thinks it’s cute, but it’s completely inaccurate and I almost feel like she’s passive aggressively emasculating him. It’s just obnoxious because a vasectomy isn’t equal to castration. I don’t like her mean girl crap towards Shannon.

Ah-Shannon. When did she become so needy? Demanding Tamra drop her cake and come running because she beckoned? She never has been able to hide turmoil in her private life-she always acts out and I guess this is one way. I can’t dislike her though-she’s flawed and she knows it, she doesn’t try to hide it. As if she could.

Vicki. Is her time up yet? She’s all about angry indignation at being called a liar, she does not lie, people-she’s on an ETHICS committee, ok? But I do believe the entire reunion last season was Vicki admitting to “fabrication” and apologizing for, well, lying. She does this dumb damsel act where she pretends to not understand something and tries to get all cute and helpless about it-anyone notice? 

Peggy-I do not think we’ll see Peggy in another season. I don’t think she’s meshing with the other cast members and she has no real storyline. I think her husband is more excited to be on the show than she is. She’s just kind of boring-and clearly has no time for the nonsense which isn’t going to work. You have to have nothing BUT time for the nonsense.

I’ve always liked Meghan. Even her first season when a lot of ppl hated her, I liked her. I think she gets unfair crap for not spending every second with Aspen, but to be fair, we don’t know how many actual days she spent shooting and as far as her drinking, she pumps before, and pumps and dumps. A lot of women do that. She is kind of a shit stirrer.

Tamra hasn’t really been that obnoxious-it’s obvious that Shannon feels super threatened at the possibility of Tamra and Vicki making amends, and I feel like Tamra plays stupid about it-I don’t think that there’s a friendship to fix, personally. Vicki is going to keep gossiping, and Tamra is going to stay mad about it so just stop pretending there’s anything to mend. 


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TV Updates, This & That

Just watched RHOD, and the most real thing about LeeAnne Locken is how fake and transparent she is. Holding an HIV charity event, then right after a speech starts with the mean girl gossip. 

I am so over the obsession with “The Society World”. Who caaaares?  

Kelly Dodd was back to her vile, gross self-attacking Meghan’s mothering. She just goes SO low, it’s unnecessary and she’s vicious. Diko, Peggy’s husband is so obnoxious with his money obsession, price dropping everything, waving cash all over the place-I’m trying to give this couple a chance but it’s not working out for me.

Did anyone watch AHS: Cult? I recorded it on DVR but have t had s chance to watch it yet-the 18 yr old had an orthodontist appt so I spent most of the morning there, and I’m just catching up with the Housewives. 

Has anyone been watching “The Sinner” on USA with Jessica Biel? It’s pretty good I gotta say….

I’m trying to manage having no phone, poor hubs has lost full use of his since I tend to take it over here and there. Hey-I’ve got posts to make!!

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Gettin’ Some Dallas Love

I finally watched this weeks episode of Real Housewives of Dallas, and good OLD LeeAnn Locken never disappoints-if you’re expecting mean girl bullying behavior.

this week she showed up at Stephanie’s Halloween party, at Stephanie’s house, by Stephanie’s invitation-dressed as 2 Face/Stephanie. It was an immature stunt by a desperate OLD woman.

LeeAnn is clearly threatened by Brandi and Stephanie’s rekindled friendship. Stephanie’s husband wanted to kick her out, but Stephanie said no, and handled LeeAnn with class and graciousness-I can’t say I’d have been that composed. She just irritates me to no end, she’s so insecure it’s palpable, and the charities she endlessly boasts about aren’t going to want someone with her level of immaturity and unpredictability representing them. LeeAnn should take heed and take the mean girl act down a few notches.

Anyway-more Twitter activity-


And Stephanie’s reply:

IMG_3489.PNGI just thought it was so sweet of her to take some time out to acknowledge my tweet. Yanno?

Thoughts on LeeAnn’s behavior? This weeks episode?

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Shahs Of Sunset’s Trickery

WordPress is really really trying me.

Ok. Trying again for the 5th time..

This week on Shahs, we meet Tara, who Shervin has allegedly been cheating on Annalise with for 5 months. Tara is married to Rob, who has thrown her out upon finding out.

I’m looking at Tara and having a Destiney moment-I’ve seen her before in another show but can’t remember which? In Destineys case it was “People’s Couch”. Then I placed her-she and Rob were on “Newlyweds: The First Year”. Rob was controlling AF, and was a recovering addict that rebuilt his life from nothing into a successful and lucrative career. Tara was a seemingly neurotic, spoiled, high maintenance chick, I believe Rob was her second marriage and her parents were none too pleased. I * think infidelity was an issue in her first marriage as well but it’s been a while, I’m not sure. They had a weird dynamic mainly based on money, and she ruined their very expensive, luxury honeymoon by refusing to get on the plane. She was scared to fly over the water, or fly period-can’t remember.

So who do you believe? Shervin or Tara? Did he have an affair?

I think he did. Why would she make that up and have her husband find out? Shervy has everything to lose by admitting it. Come on Sherv-we all KNOW.

Some photos to refresh your memories 😉

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Oooo Someone’s Mad At Me!


So I watched this weeks episode of RHOD today and was so annoyed by LeeAnn Locken and her mean girl, bullying behavior towards Stephanie (her latest victim) that I tweeted that she was a bully. Well. She didn’t like THAT and responded with a somewhat incoherent tweet, addressing things I never said and just making no sense.

I’m actually surprised she has time to respond to little ole me, what with all that massive fundraising she’s doing. She even called me “sugarplum”. I’ll sleep well tonight, lemme tell ya.

Especially because I’m 2000 miles away, and she has an affinity for knives. ALLEGEDLY. 😉

In next weeks preview, there’s some sort of costume thing, and she’s dressed like “Two Face” telling people she’s Stephanie. If that’s not a mature, non-bullying nice (mean) girl-I don’t know what is.




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Hey Hey, Ho Ho, RHOC Peggy Has Got To Go


Not sure if y’all have heard the latest, but new RHOC housewife Peggy Sulahian is allegedly a raging homophobe.

According to reports, Peggy banned her brother, designer Pol’ Atteu, from their father’s funeral because he’s gay. She hasn’t had a relationship with her brother for 20 years because he’s homosexual.

Well, Andy wants to know what’s up, and has reportedly invited her to discuss her homophobia with him, which she has declined. Lisa Vanderpump and Vicki Gunvalson have spoken out in support of the LGBT community and against Peggy.

If Peggy was smart, which is completely debatable, she’d either own it or deny it, especially since a gay man is signing her pay checks. Hopefully not for long.

It makes me insane when people with racist/bigoted views stand down from them when confronted and won’t own it. It just adds to their cowardice.

Oh-and Peggy’s happy marriage is allegedly a farce-they’ve been divorced since 1996.


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Some VPR Karma For Stassi?

Awww. Poor Stassi was unceremoniously dumped by what has to be a long-suffering Patrick on their 4 yr anniversary. Sorry if my sympathy isn’t free-flowing.

She’s been, well, an asshole to many on the show so I don’t know how he put up with her anyway. He wisely refused to film too.

Sad, sad DM story below:

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