Phaedra and Apollo Deeevorced For Reals

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida have reached a final divorce settlement, it appear, according to She waffled on was the divorce final, wasn’t it final, and a judge ultimately nullified the previous agreement after she intentionally misspelled their names and misled Apollo into thinking he’d be at hearings to finalize the divorce. She’s a shady snake, that Phaedra is. How hasn’t she been disbarred is what I want to know. Everything she’s pulled, from shenanigans with the divorce to the rumors she spread about Kandi go against professional ethics of the GA bar. Oh that’s right-snakes are slippery, that’s how she’s avoided sanction. At least she got fired from the show.

DM link below:

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RHOA Kenya Is A Married Lady

Surprise! People magazine is exclusively confirming Kenya Moore married a mystery business man on St. Lucia-she’s not revealing his identity yet. Hmmm-very smart? Or very shady? Congrats to the couple!

People story below:

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The Many Faces of Kim

Kim Biermann is another plastic surgery chameleon who denies her work. If I recall, she owns up to one nose job-but clearly that’s not the end.

She was cute! Clearly had already had her boobs done here but whatevs. Now let’s jump to 2016:

Granted she’s doing duck lips here (she and daughter Brielle are THE WORST duck lip offenders on the ‘gram about now) but like, everything on her face is new and improved. Andy Cohen gave her a superwicked hard time recently on WWHL about her noses and she still denied, denied, denied. I think it ages her, personally. 

Kim is from my neck of the woods. She went to a pricey Catholic High School that I used to live within walking distance of, actually. The tuition is the same price as a car. It’s insane. She’s from Windsor Locks-which is the home of our airport (if you fly to Hartford you’re really flying to Windsor Locks) and is a fairly typical CT suburb. She got her LPN at UConn, but not before a big ole scandal in her hometown when at 17, she had an affair with the married 44 year old police Sgt, John Macdougald. Allegedly that began when the then 16 or 17 year old Kim was a material witness in a criminal investigation led by Sgt Macdougald-it was a pretty big deal then. Here’s an article from like, 1999 about that shitshow:

Whew. Now, Brielle seems to be following in her mother’s plastic obsession. She was a pretty teenager. For real. I’d N.E.V.E.R let my teen daughter get breast/lip/etc work but that’s me. Here’s Brielle before:

Annnd now.

She looks 35. And what happens when she’s 35? I’m all for feeling good about yourself. It just seems a shame when such a naturally beautiful girl feels like that’s not enough.

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