90 Day Fiance, the new crop of weirdos and freaks have arrived!

I watched the “Before the 90 Days” show last night and it looks AWWWWWWWESOME!

First up is some squirrelly, wicked weird, guy from KY, whose mother sent him off with a LOCK OF HER HAIR to a remote part of Brazil’s rainforest…..where they have internet good enough for video calls, but you have to take a boat for 2 days to get there. His on line girlfriend looks like she’s about 9. Oh, AND, he speaks no Portugese and she speaks no English….should be GOLD.

Next up is some 50ish unemployed guy….no, wait, he’s doing “renovations” for a living….for, like, his brother or something. I think he’s from Ohio. Read on another site that he’s also doing 10 years probation for arson…not sure how he can leave the country with that, but whatevs. His nearly betrothed is a 20 year Haitian chick, to whom he is bringing $2,500 worth of clothing, MOSTLY PANTIES, for her to “resell”. She’s also got another 70ish boyfriend….this should be PLATINUM.

Next up, one half of twinsies from CT. Now this is good…she’s 40ish and…….built like she’s 40ish. She admits the selfies she’s sent to her guy in Amsterdam is only from the chest up….and the top half appears to have been HEAVILY FILTERED…like she could teach Phaedra a thing or 2. Her future son is 20 something and appears to be a Calvin Klein model….seriously, this guy is smoking hot….like HOTTTTT.

Here’s another picture of the type she sent to him…see what she did there?…with another picture of him, because, he’s HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

This should be EPIC.

There’s also another couple who seem relatively normal…She’s Franch or something and has a “secret”. His mother is comic gold, seriously snarky and freaking him out before he left. How realtively normal are they? I can’t find a picture of them…not that I’m searching that hard, but still!

There are 2 or 3, I think, more couples coming up…..I cannot wait!

I can’t recap because it’s a Sunday show (and Monday’s are usually my travel days) but, OH BOY, we will be talking about this show!