Law and Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders


Is anyone watching this? I caught up on the three aired episodes over the weekend.

So, I remember when this happened. I was in the 8th grade. I remember hearing about the two boys who killed their parents in Beverly Hills and then a few months later hearing they were convicted.

Coincidentally, 10 years later, I interned with the California Department of Corrections and we would get tons of questions about them. As of now, the Menedez brothers are in two different prisons here in Northern California. One is at “New Folsom” (not the famous Folsom Prison, the one right next door) and the other is about 30 miles away. Both are within 30 minutes of my house.

The first three episodes focus on the murders and the investigation up to Lyle and Eric’s arrest and some pre-trail events. I think the show has, so far, done a good job at showing what happened in the days and months after Jose and Kitty were murdered.

I am looking forward to the rest of the series. Even though the outcome isn’t a surprise.


California is burning

You guys, my state is burning. It’s devastating to see all the burned areas.

Currently, Sonoma and Napa Counties are pretty much a wasteland. The city of Santa Rosa is almost gone, Calistoga (a super nice spa retreat town) is a ghost town, wineries are gone.

Orange County (Southern California) is burning, too, and it’s near Disneyland. Disneyland says they are monitoring and remain open, but the sky is apocalyptic… both there AND in Sacramento.

I returned from Wisconsin Tuesday night as as soon as I got off the plane, I could smell the smoke. It was 11pm and outside I could see the smoke in the air. Yesterday morning, the sky was smokey and the sun was bright orange through all the smoke.

One of the fires is along the main east/west highway in the state (Interstate 80) and I have friends who have been affected. The closest fire is about 45 miles away from my house and is along the route I take to get to my parents’ house (they are not threatened).

Please keep California in your prayers and if anyone is considering donating items, please donate to the local offices and not the Red Cross. I’m happy to provide information for donating if anyone wants it.

RHOD Ridiculousness

Quick recap of RHOD because I’m not in the mood to relive the ridiculousness of it all:

LeeAnne FINALLY gets the ring she so desperately wants. But she doesn’t want to tell anyone because she doesn’t want to answer any questions. Personally, I thought that Rich’s proposal was sweet. He did it at the Texas State Fair on the Midway, by popping one of the balloons in the balloon dart game and having the ring box behind it as a “special prize.” LeeAnne seemed genuinely surprised. I still hate her, though.

Cary is still struggling over being a working mom and just really wants to stay home with Zuri. Mark is horrified that Cary wants to stay home with their daughter. The Dubers host Kameron and her Hobbit of a husband, and Cary makes the decision to include Zuri in the dinner. Mark is beyond pissed off about it and keeps making snide comments about it. I hate him so much.

D’Andra decides to host an “HonesTEA” where the ladies show up and hash it all out over tea, sandwiches, and champagne. Yeah, that’s going to go over well. At the tea, Brandi tries to again apologize to Kam and gives her a bottle of Jack Daniels. Kam just won’t let the fact that Brandi invited Cary and Stephanie to TN in front of her. GTF over it. LeeAnne calls Cary a “See You Next Tuesday” and starts crying over Brandi not inviting her to TN. I think D’Andra really regrets hosting this tea. Sidenote: I’m really sad we didn’t get a glimpse of D’Andra’s husband. He’s pretty hot.

Cary suggests a group trip (paid for by Bravo) to Mexico to drink margaritas and bond. Oh Lord, why do I feel like the shit is going to hit the fan over something stupid and insignificant?

I’m with D’Andra when she says that these grown women only want to fight and not resolve any of their issues. Kameron’s mouth bothers me to no end, but I can’t stop looking at it. It’s like the “Kim Richards eyebrows of the Dallas cast.” I still really like Cary and think she’s got a tough go at finding a balance because working mom and stay-at-home mom. I hope she figures it out. It would probably help if her husband was a little more supportive and not such an ass to her. Zuri is a real cutie. Stephanie seems so honest and sincere. I hope it’s not an act, because I really like her, too. Brandi is growing on me. I didn’t like her last season because of all the immature poop talk, but she seems to have grown out of it and is more likeable this season.

What did those of you who watch think?

Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky

Okay, so I’m three episodes into this shit show spin-off and I pretty much hate Brittany’s family and friends.

Let me clarify. I think they are assholes who look down on Jax for being from Los Angeles, for drinking, for not marrying and knocking up Brittany within the first six months of their relationship. Also, defending Jax Taylor is not something I ever thought I would do, but to be fair, he hasn’t done anything wrong…yet

Jax and Brittany arrive in Kentucky and Brittany’s mom in all her frosted lipstick glory (hereafter known as frosty lips) picks them up. Brittany is excited to see her family, it’s been about a year since she’s been back. They arrive in Winchester, a pretty small town, and go straight to the Farm. Brittany’s grandfather, PaPaw, started the farm and when he passed away a year ago, he left it to MaMaw, Brittany’s grandmother. On this 400-ish acre farm lives MaMaw in one house, Brittany’s mom and stepdad in another house, and Brittany’s sister and nephews in another. It really is a lovely farm.

When Brittany’s brother and his wife, Melisha (really??) arrive, they sit down to dinner and MaMaw asks Jax to say the benediction. Jax has no idea what that word means and when told it’s the blessing, he passes it off to Brittany’s brother. MaMaw makes a snide comment about him getting out of it.

At bed time, frosty lips puts them in the same bedroom, but in bunk beds because she doesn’t want them sleeping together. I get it… her house, her rules, but she did stay with them in LA. Did Jax sleep on the couch?

The next morning, Jax goes to do chores, while Brittany makes breakfast. Jax comes out in a ridiculous set of overalls with one strap hanging down and these even more ridiculous cowboy boots that have American flags on them. Jax, Brittany, and MaMaw finish the chores and Jax and Brittany go to Brittney’s dad’s house to see him. Her dad is kind of a dick to Jax, and piles on the “when are you going to get married” crap. He says that they’ve been together for two years and that in KY, they should already be married.

Later, there’s a big bonfire that’s going to happen on the farm. MaMaw lays down the law and says no alcohol, that she respects what PaPaw started and he didn’t like alcohol, so it’s not allowed on the farm. Enter Jax’s first asshole moment when he says that he’s not a child and can’t be told that he’s not allowed to drink. Jax and Brittany come up with a plan to sneak alcohol to the bonfire.

At the bonfire, all of Brittany’s friends are there, and they are all single moms. Jax is getting shit about not asking Brittany to marry him yet, so he takes MaMaw and frosty lips aside and tells them that he has a plan and a ring designer and shows them a ring on his phone. So, basically, now, it’s not a surprise for Brittany because you know they watch the show. Jax hopes that this will appease them and keep them from bugging him about getting married.

At the truck, Jax, Brittany and her friends are all pouring the booze into their cups and when MaMaw comes over, they head her off at the pass. After the “adults” leave, they start doing shorts right from the bottles. The next day, MaMaw confronts them about the alcohol and they lie their asses off and say that they didn’t know Brittany’s friends were going to bring it.

Later, Jax and Brittany meet up with her friends at a bar in Lexington, where Jax buys bottle service for them. He says that bottle service is soooo much cheaper in Kentucky than in Los Angeles, where a bottle might cost around $600. Everyone is drunk and squealing which makes my ears bleed and Jax gets into it with one of Brittany’s friends. Cara. I hate her. I can’t really even explain why. I just hate her.

The next morning, Jax and Brittany are hella hung over, but still have to do the chores, and also help set up for a fundraiser for Brittany’s brother and sister-in-law, who want to raise enough money for in-vitro. They are talking and Jax mentions how all of Brittany’s friends are single moms and it’s just weird because everyone is so religious. It is kind of hypocritical, but who am I to judge.

At the event, Brittney’s brother says they want to raise at least half of what it will cost for the procedure, so about $8,000. Jax, I think in a moment of “I really need to impress these people” says he will personally match whatever they raise. When all was said and done, they raised almost $12,000 (not including Jax’s matching donation). How does he even have that much money when he couldn’t bail himself out of jail in Hawaii ($10,000), or pay $500 for the Toms’ fundraiser last year. I have a feeling he’s going to finagle his way out of it, or con Ms. Vanderpump into paying for it.

I’m out of order here, but Jax also had a talk with Brittney’s dad and frosty lips telling them (separately) that in the last six months or so she has “lost her spark.” That he thinks she’s getting depressed, that she’s gained a lot of weight, that she’s just not happy. He immediately qualifies that with “but I still love her more than anything.” Sounds to me like he’s trying to find a reason to not marry her… something her father mentions to frosty lips when they sit down and talk.

I don’t know what’s yet to come, but between everyone looking down and Jax, and Jax looking down at all of them, I hate them all and can’t wait for this show to finish. I find Brittney to be super annoying, and her family just as petty and stupid. Jax has an “I’m better than you” attitude a lot of the time in his confessionals, and is super judgey about all her friends getting knocked up out-of-wedlock — he actually uses that phrase when asking her sister personal questions about being a single mom.

For those of you who have watched, what do you think?

The ongoing air conditioning saga

I’m really sorry to vent about it again, but I’m just so frustrated and annoyed. I’m hot, sweaty, and sticky (and not in a good way) and just over this air conditioning issue, this summer, and this year.

So, the tech came out yesterday, flipped the breaker and gave me some bullshit about how the unit wasn’t getting enough power to it. I told him that the fan wasn’t spinning but everything else was working fine and he said that it was the breaker. I also told him about the leak and he blew me off over that, too. He was at the house for 15 minutes, I paid him $75 and he flipped the effing breaker… which wasn’t off to begin with.
My dad drove all the way up here to help out (because, TBH, I am kind of a wussy girl when it comes to these types of things, and I’m home alone), and when we got back from dinner an hour later, it had stopped working again. I called immediately and left a voicemail asking for a call back first thing. Of course, they didn’t call me, so I called again and finally spoke to someone after being disconnected 3 times.

I told the woman who answered what happened yesterday about the guy blowing me off when I told him what wasn’t working and about the leak. I said he was there 15 minutes, flipped the breaker and said it was fine. Obviously, it wasn’t fine.

She was apologetic about how sucky the first guy was and said they are sending out a different guy between 12 and 6 to look at it again. I told her that if he gets it working, he’s waiting an hour for it to stop working again. And I’m making him find the leak that I know is there and that two other companies have told me is there.

You know I’m not a Yelper. I think Yelp is stupid, but I was looking at some of the reviews and the majority of the ones I read are bad.
I hate that I can’t just use whatever company I want to fix it, then have the home warranty company be billed. Oh, or that I had $10,000 to just replace the whole thing myself.