Vacation Plans

I know summer is winding down (except here in Sacramento where we are in the midst of another 100+ for 10 days heatwave… at least this time we have air conditioning), but we are all adults and don’t have to take our vacations in the summer, even if we have children.

So, since it’s hotter than Satan’s balls out and I want to go somewhere cool and relaxing, what vacations (mini or otherwise) do you have planned?

We are going to Wisconsin in October for my cousin’s wedding. I’m looking forward to it, except for the drama that comes along with family. Not gonna lie, I’m super nervous about all the fighting that happens every time my grandmother and aunt are together. Luckily, we are renting our own car and staying in a hotel, so we can leave when it all starts. I have little patience for the way my aunt treats my mother (her sister) and after the way she acted when my grandfather passed away a few years ago, I’m done with her. So, it’s probably a good thing that we are staying at a hotel.

In January, my dad turns 70 and my mom turns 69 three weeks later, so they are going to Hawaii with their best friends. My mom called me and told me that they’d get us a room at the Hilton Vacation Resort, so guess who got her wish and is going to Hawaii!!! I am fully aware that this is only happening because my parents are using their owner points and we don’t have to pay for a hotel room. Only airfare and fun stuff. 10 days in Waikiki, beach, pool, books, and fruity drinks with umbrellas in them. Good thing is that we aren’t expected to hang around the “old people” if we don’t want to. Not to sound overly snobby or entitled, but I’ve been to Hawaii enough to where I’ve done all the touristy stuff and just want to do what I want to do. Hiking up to the top of Diamond Head, snorkeling (terribly, I might add), eating shave ice, and getting a winter tan is all I want to do.

I’m still hoping to be able to get up to the cabin for Labor Day weekend. It’s one of my most favorite relaxing places.

And OF COURSE — DISNEYLAND! I have to make use of those annual passes we bought when we were there in April. If I don’t, then I’m never going to hear the end of it. LOL

Let’s live vicariously though one another. What far off exotic places are you visiting?


What are you reading?

It’s been a while (I think), so let’s get an update, shall we?

What are you all reading?

I’m almost finished with Poirot Investigates, the third Hercule Poirot book in the Agatha Christie series. It’s a collection of short stories and it’s taken me FOREVER to get through it. Not because it’s a difficult read, but because I just haven’t been reading much.

I’m currently listening on Overdrive to Violets are Blue by James Patterson. It’s the seventh book in the Alex Cross series. I’ve read it before and needed something to block out the nonsense at work and didn’t want to have to really pay attention to a story I hadn’t read before, so I just continued on with the series.

I just finished listening to Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly. Love him or hate him (I am not a fan of his shows), he did a good job with this book. My BA is in History, so books like this are super interesting to me. I though he gave a great narrative and told a good story. It’s nothing we didn’t already know, but I liked how he wove the facts into more of a story rather than just a biography. I have his others on my TBR list.

Next up, after I finish the Agatha Christie book, is Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. The movie comes out in a week and I already have tickets. I am OBSESSED with Matthew McConaughey and am a big fan of Idris Elba (#pleasemakehimjamesbond) and have been waiting for the movie to be released for what seems like my whole life. As for the books, I read the first in the series again a few months ago, and actually read the first three books when I was in high school, but it’s been so long since I’ve read them one after another that I’m just going to read them all and finally finish the series. I was worried the movie would spoil the story, but it’s a continuation of the events from the final book, which has already been spoiled for me, so I’m not too concerned with spoilers.

The Dark Tower series has eight books in it and took King over 30 years to finish. I better not be let down.

So, that’s what I’m reading / listening to right now. How about you all?

Real Housewives of Potomac — Reunion, Part 2

Discuss! The husbands are on stage.

Chris and Monique are my favorites! Chris is so angry with his mother for what she said.

Andy calls out Juan for his hot mic moment. And asks about the cheating. Juan isn’t having it.

Ashley and Michael are separated. Michael is saying that Gizelle, Robyn, and Charrisse are partly responsible. Waaaat? He’s such a dick.

Karen and DBBG seem to have a solid marriage.

These bitches are just sniping at each other from the left and the right.

Karen is a liar liar pants on fire. After saying she didn’t lose her boobs, she finally admits she had her implants taken out.

Charrisse says she and Eddie are in the process of getting divorced and Eddie has a girlfriend. She’s ready to date.

Viewers give Monique shit about the party for her daughter. Who the eff cares! Happy birthday, baby!

Recapping the Bermuda trip and the battle for host supremacy. I still believe that Karen was out of line. She won’t let it go and keeps trying to explain in circles.

Damn… Charrisse just threw down. Brought up a blue-eyed boyfriend of Karen’s. The ladies are shocked.

I can’t even with these women. I can’t tell who is saying what because they are all talking over each other. For those who say Monique won’t shut up, she’s talked the least. Karen is the one who won’t shut up. Somehow Gizelle is brought into the argument.

Karen is deflecting deflecting deflecting. She won’t let anyone finish a thought… She who protests too much…

Ugh, thank God this is over. One year until season 3. I need this break. Lol!

Thank you to Allie for allowing me to recap this trainwreck, and thank you all for reading and commenting!!

Real Housewives of Potomac — Reunion Part 1

Image result for real housewives of potomac reunion

Hi Lovelies,

Here’s where we can discuss part 1 of the RHOP reunion. I can’t even begin to try to recap it, but I watched it last night (IN MY AIR CONDITIONED HOUSE!!!) and I just can’t with these women.

My thoughts:

I thought Monique looked the best. I love her pretty ball gown; When she’s sitting, Ashley’s boobs look like they are falling out of the dress, but her hair and make up looked great; Karen looked like an old matron; Gizelle looked good in red with gold jewelry; Robyn’s dress would have been better if it was long. Not the (what I call) mullet dress where it’s short in the front and long in the back; and Charrisse looked too severe. Her Cleopatra hair was too much.

All the ladies called out Gizelle for being a bitch to Monique and they all really got on Karen for moving so abruptly and calling it shady. Once again, Ashley started harping on Robyn about her “situation” and frankly, Robyn is sick and tired of it. Ashley also commented about Charrisse’s situation with Eddie.

I really liked the side conversations that went on. The captions were gold!

Part 2 next week: the husbands join the ladies.


Day 25 — No Air Conditioning

I’m going to melt. Seriously, it’s 10:30am and it is 90 degrees in the house. I’ve moved me and the dog back to my brother’s and came home today to get some stuff done around the house thinking it would be cooler in the morning. I left my brother’s at 8am and it was already 80 degrees outside.

The a/c tech is coming Monday. Hopefully, it’s an easy fix and I will have air conditioning again.

Last night I went to the movies and it was so hot outside that when I got in the theater, I couldn’t cool down and ended up having a slight anxiety attack.

I guess my backyard landscaping is getting put on hold and I’m using that money to buy a new air conditioning. Because so help me God, if I have to go through this again, I will die.

Happy Independence Day!

imagesHappy Independence Day, Lovelies! I hope you all have a safe 4th of July.

The jerks in the neighborhood were setting off fireworks last night, keeping everyone awake. Even though I fell asleep late, my internal alarm clock still woke me up at 6:30. Ugh!

BFF and I are going to play bingo and then meet up with everyone at other BFF’s house for a barbeque.

What are your plans for the day?

download (1)P.S. To our British lovelies: we’re sorry we ran away from home and declared our independence (kind of). With the way things are going, can we come back? Haha

Real Housewives of Potomac Season Finale — Home Is Where the Truth Is

I would first like to apologize for my disappearance the last couple of weeks. I still have no air conditioning and likely won’t until at least July 10. I am hot, I am miserable, and because of that, everything and everyone annoys me. 

So, my deepest apologies for missing the recap of the last episode. I’ve been living in the bedroom in front of a fan (which is the coolest room in the house) watching Netflix on my laptop… I really need to get a television in the bedroom.

Anyway, on to the recap of the season finale. 

Last time, the ladies finished up their trip to Bermuda by going and watching a Cricket match, Charrisse introduced herself as Sha Sha, Robyn didn’t go out on a date like her therapist suggested, Ashley just existed, Monique and Gizelle are still being nice to each other, and after some super snarky comments, Karen and Charrisse talked it out.

We start up back at the unveiling of Charrisse’s champagne room with the ladies still jumping on Karen about this whole “Grand Dame” nonsense. Karen is trying to defend herself and calls Ashley an idiot. Turns out, Karen and DBBG sold their Potomac house and are RENTING the new one. After she drops that bomb, everyone thinks something more is going on with Karen and DBBG. Robyn, in her very cute dress, is just sitting there taking it all in. AAAAAND there it is. Ashley mentions ETIQUETTE! If this were a drinking game, I’d say Drink!! That said, Ashley is not wrong with her comments. Karen remains being secretive and when asked when they can see the house, Karen says “soon.” Which we all know really means “the 12th of never.” When pushed, she says she was thinking of having her 20th anniversary party there, but might not invite everyone. She’s awful. Lord, there’s so much tension. It’s awkward.

After a quick montage of the ladies, we stop at Robyn’s who is cleaning and when Juan comes in she decides to talk to him about her therapy. Juan tells her about a coaching opportunity and there’s a quick discussion about it. Robyn tells him that she was hit on in Bermuda and Juan looks so pissed. Robyn tells him about her therapy dating assignment and he looks upset.

Commercial 1: I baked cupcakes for work tomorrow and made Swiss Meringue buttercream, but it was so hot in the house, it wouldn’t set. I had to put it in the fridge. I’ll be getting up earlier tomorrow to decorate cupcakes. No one is happy about the cupcakes because they are not plain chocolate or vanilla. I made raspberry thyme cupcakes with lemon buttercream. I was told that I was too fancy. Lol… what no one seems to get is that I didn’t make the cupcakes for them. I made them for my coworkers… also, there are plain vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing in an opaque container in the fridge. Mama ain’t stupid. 

One of the commercials shown is for a new Southern Charm… in New Orleans.

Back at Robyn and Juan’s. He seems upset and Robyn confesses that she wants to spend more time with him. He tells her to do what she wants to do. But he doesn’t look too convinced. It’s a heavy discussion for them. One that’s long overdue. I love them.

In Great Falls, VA, Karen and DBBG are unpacking. The house is nice, but I like Monique’s new house more. They are discussing the party and she suggests a Bollywood party. DBBG suggests an African themed party. Karen says they will compromise and maybe do both. To me, it seems a little much and inappropriate.

Gizelle meeting Kevin for lunch to break up with him. After some small talk, she does it. She breaks up with him. She puts him back in the friend zone. Poor Kevin. He’s really not getting it.

Commercial 2: I EFFING hate this time of year. The neighborhood aholes start setting off fireworks which scare the dogs and makes me nervous about fires. 

It’s amazing how much cooler 7 degrees is. It went from 96 to 89 on the house and is almost bearable.

At the Samuels’ new house, the family is exploring it and Chris says it’s really hot in the house. I feel you, man. Monique has invited the ladies over to see the house and she gives them a tour. Karen has her judgey face on.  Charrisse sages the house to rid it of the bad juju. Karen throws shade about the house and discusses the anniversary party and invites Ashley, but acts like it’s an afterthought.

Charrisse goes to an Indian boutique and asks for Bollywood clothing. She meets Robyn and Ashley. Ashley asks about Karen and DBBG relationship and the ladies start gossiping.

Commercial 3: There are 23 minutes left.  I just realized that my dvr is set to only keep 20 episodes of a show at a time,  which means the last 2 days of Game of Thrones was erased. BALLS!!! Good thing I can access HBOGO on my laptop. 

It’s party time and the ladies are arriving.  Unfortunately for her,  Monique dresses like a Native American Indian, and it becomes awkward!  Robyn looks great in purple, and Gizelle is wearing a gold and red sari.  Love it! Ashley arrives with Michael and her sari is pretty,  but her hair is not. Michael looks like he’s starring in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  If you haven’t seen that movie,  watch it.  It’s fabulous.  So is the sequel.  Anyway, ugh… Michael.

So far,  there’s no Karen, no DBBG, no food, no valet, no drinks. Gizelle is not pleased.

Commercial 4: 14 minutes to go.  Lord am I glad this is the season finale.  I don’t think I have it in me for any more episodes. I’m also all out of Mike’s Hard Lemonades.  Man have those been great over the last couple of weeks in this heat. So refreshing. 

Back at the party,  the ladies and other guests are still waiting on Karen and DBBG to make their entrance.  FINALLY!!! They appear on the balcony like the effing Queen of England and Prince Phillip.  Oh wow… there are Bollywood dancers.  Everyone goes outside where there’s more dancers,  food, and drinks.  They even have henna tattoo artists.

Ashley and Monique are talking about Karen renting the house.  Monique says it’s like rent-to-own. The rent they are paying will go toward the purchase is they decide to buy it.  Ashley is appropriately confused saying that if Karen is married to the Black Bill Gates, then they shouldn’t need to rent to own.

Everyone (Michael and Chris) is talking about how there is nothing in the house and there’s no furniture.

It’s seems like everyone is having a good time.  There’s no fighting, no snarking, just a nice night. DBBG makes a speech and then Karen has to speak. And then they eat each other’s faces. Seriously, ew.

Ashley apologizes to Robyn about pushing her to date and they seem to bury the hatchet. For now.

Rayvin , sanding with her brother, whose name I don’t remember, tells Karen and DBBG that she has a special message for them.  And cut to commercial.

Commercial 4: 7 minutes left.  My nose has been itching all day. That is all.

When we get back,  the message is from Karen’s mother who is not there due to her Alzheimer’s.  Karen breaks down.  It’s very sweet and brought a tear to my eye.

Final thoughts by way of title cards:

Charrisse: Inspired by her champagne room,  Charrisse had renovated her entire home.  She no longer communicates with Eddie. But still hasn’t received divorce papers.

Robyn: Robyn and Juan are finally making time for each other.  She quit therapy.  Still no word if the cheating rumors were true.

Gizelle: Gizelle and Kevin remain friends… without benefits.  She’s now dating a retired basketball player she met at the gym.  “Word on the street” is her mom approves.

Monique: Monique and Chris recently celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary in Dubai and Thailand.  She’s slowly perfecting her Potomac house but has yet to move in. A shark tank has already been installed in the new kitchen.

Ashley: Ashley and Michael’s relationship is still rocky.  The restaurant has yet to break even.  Emu remains on the menu.

Karen: Karen and Ray are enjoying their next chapter together. She’s working on becoming the new Grand Dame of Great Falls… but still considers herself the Grand Dame of Potomac.

Next week is the reunion.  Not sure how many parts it is. I will put up a discussion thread,  but will not recap. 

Now, I want to know when the Dallas version is coming back…. that is an even bigger shit show than Potomac. 

Thanks for reading!

What’s annoying you?

Let’s use this thread to post about what’s really pissing you off and annoying you.

I’ll start:

  1. This effing heatwave. It’s been 105+ every day since Saturday and tomorrow is supposed to be 110+.
  2. While I think I killed all the mice, last Friday night, I found a dead rat under the dishwasher and totally freaked out. Of course, I was the only one home and had to deal with it.
  3. MY AIR CONDITIONING WENT OUT LAST NIGHT and the home warranty people have no idea when they can send someone out to fix it because all their contractors are booked solid BECAUSE OF THIS DAMN HEATWAVE.

I’m over being responsible. Can I just pack up my family and find a deserted island and live in a hut on the beach?

P.S. We are out of the house until the a/c is fixed. I will try to log into my DVR to watch RHOP and recap, but I can’t make any promises.


Real Housewives of Potomac: Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle (Part Two)

Picking up from where I stopped last night… 

Robyn, Charrisse, and Ashley are off to the beach, while Karen, Gizelle and Monique are off to play sailor on team Japan’s Americas cup sailboat.

After the commercial break, Karen, Gizelle, and Monique are on the bus to the harbor. Karen is trying to get Monique and Gizelle to talk. Monique tries to engage Gizelle who responds with “without your husband and his money, you wouldn’t be here.” Monique is not okay with that. Monique says Gizelle is jealous, and in her talking head Gizelle says she’s not. Those green eyes of hers are the eyes of jealousy. That’s why her eyes are so green.

At the resort, Ashley, Robyn, and Charrisse meet up for the beach. Apparently, they didn’t know the others weren’t joining them. Charrisse snarkily explains that Karen planned an excursion for her, Monique and Gizelle because Monique and Gizelle needed to bond. Robyn, Ashley and Charrisse are not okay with it and decide to have more fun.

Karen, Monique and Gizelle arrive at the harbor and meet up with the American guy who is on Team Japan. Lol. They get on the boat, which means they are on the net on the side. So awesome. I’ve done that in Hawaii and it’s so relaxing. I can pretty much guarantee that it won’t be relaxing for them. Lol. Monique admits she’s afraid of water and doesn’t swim well.

Ashley, Charrisse, and Robyn go jet skiing. If you have never done it, I suggest you do. It’s hella fun.  We do it in Lake Tahoe all the time and that water is FREEZING COLD! Ashley and Robyn take off and Charrisse is tootling along with, as Robyn says, the emergency brake on.

Back with Team Japan, the ladies have changed into wetsuits and helmets and are on their way out to the main boat. Man, they are on for a surprise. That boat is going to fly across the water and I bet the skipper makes them work. It looks like fun, though. Monique says she’s scared and Gizelle is encouraging her and saying it’s okay. I think it’s getting a little cold in hell. It’s Monique’s turn and she’s so scared. She gets on and is moving across when in slow motion it shows her being pushed by the boom (I think that’s what it’s called).

Commercial break 4 — 19 minutes to go: mouse update, we are up to 6. No new bodies in the garage when I got home. So either there weren’t any today or they were already picked up. I also called the gardener and left a message. If he doesn’t call me back by tomorrow, I will call again.

Back in Bermuda, Monique gets hit with the boom and isn’t thrown off the boat. Nice recovery.  Karen and Gizelle are so proud of her.  Gizelle gives Monique a hug when she gets back on the pilot boat and Karen is over the moon about it. Don’t get too excited. I have a feeling it’s not going to last.

At the beach, Robyn, Ashley and Charrisse are chatting and Robyn asks Ashley about the restaurant and Michael. Ashley fills them about the fight before the dinner at the restaurant. Robyn is trying to get to the bottom of the issue. There’s actual serious talk about how strongly Ashley feels about staying with Michael. She says she doesn’t want kids right now. Sounds to me like there’s trouble in paradise.

Back on the bus, Karen, Monique, and Gizelle are congratulating themselves for getting past the Gizelle and Monique issue. Gizelle says the next issue to tackle is the Karen and Charrisse issue. Gizelle makes some good points about Karen not letting Charrisse be a giver. Monique and Gizelle sort of gang up on Karen and mention all the things Charrisse is dealing with. Gizelle says Karen needs to be nice to Charrisse and let up a little.

In Charrisse’s room, she, Robyn and Ashley are with Gregory, Charrisse’s makeup artist. She’s left Karen, Monique and Gizelle notes inviting them on a sunset cruise, that is leaving in 30 minutes. Haha… That’s a little passive aggressive, making it a tough timeline for them. I think that’s mostly about Karen and not Gizelle or Monique. Charrisse, Robyn and Ashley talk about Karen’s boat party last year and Ashley calls it “janky.” Ha! It was kind of lame. Wow. They are totally talking behind Karen’s back and Ashley and Charrisse nominate Robyn to go talk to Karen and let her know that what she did was not okay.

Commercial 5 — 9 minutes to go: I’ve decided Sacramento is the outer ring of hell. It’s supposed to be 100 tomorrow and 107 by Sunday. That really sucks because for Father’s Day, we are going to the Sacramento River Cats (S.F. Giants’ AAA team) game. And of course it’s a 1pm game. I’m going prepared with sunscreen, hats, water, misters, and ice packs. We’re taking my parents and going as a family.  My electric bill is going to be so high from using the air conditioner!!

In Karen’s room, she’s getting ready and Robyn arrives. Robyn’s dress is gorgeous. Robyn immediately asks Karen why the eff she ditched her, Ashley and Charrisse. Karen is already annoyed and argumentative. Robyn isn’t letting her off the hook. Robyn is basically calling Karen fake. There’s a whole exchange where as Robyn leaves the room they are both blowing each other off with the fake niceties. Man, I can’t wait for next week when they show the boat trip!

The production crew leaves Karen’s room to let her get ready and Karen is still talking about how jealous Charrisee is. KAREN YOU ARE STILL MIC’D UP.

Oh man, the previews for next week are so good! The ladies are gunning for Karen. I love it!!!

Thanks again for indulging me with this spilt recap. I really appreciate it! See you next week!