Fixing Broken Shadows-It Works!

Like I mentioned in my July Boxycharm post, the last 2 months I’ve received damaged palettes, each with a broken shadow. They send replacements, but then I have a palette that’s perfectly fine, except for one shadow. I’d heard about re-potting using rubbing alcohol and I figured why not? Much to my surprise, it works!

The victim of shipping:

Rubbing alcohol and a dropper-I poured some alcohol into the cap:

Put enough drops of alcohol into the pan to moisten the shadow:

Mix it so the liquid is spread evenly through the powder, then I sort of spread the wet powder to flatten it:

Let it sit for a few hours to dry-I left mine overnight just to be sure.

It doesn’t look too gorgeous, but once it’s dry, you can put a piece of toilet paper or tissue over the new shadow, then take a coin and press gently.

And you’ve fixed your broken shadow. It’s not going to look perfect obviously, but it’s it will just as usable as the others.

I’m going to try to fix a Makeup Geek highlighter that came shattered-we’ll see….

Now I can give these extra palettes away and they won’t be short a shade! 👍🏻

Talk soon, Lovelies



8 thoughts on “Fixing Broken Shadows-It Works!

  1. Did you get a new mail person or something? I dropped my box onto the hardwood floor when I was brining it into the house, first thing I thought of was yours coming broken. I held by breath when I opened the palette, but I got lucky and it was intact. Boxy does such a good job with their packaging for shipping. The same can’t be said for Ulta, Ricky’s, and especially Amazon. Amazon has to be the worst for shipping beauty products, they just throw that shit in there with no protection other than those stupid air bubbles they have. Morphe is pretty good, they do bubble wrap around the palette.

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    • I didn’t-but the last 2 months shipping seemed to take extra long. You’re right, Boxy does do a good job of packing, the Crown palette was wrapped in bubble wrap plus that egg crate foam stuff they use. And it’s only one shadow that’s broken in each-I wonder if those pans weren’t pressed as well? I’m just glad I tried the fix-I did it on my shattered Makeup Geek highlighter and worked like a charm. I don’t think I’ve gotten makeup from Amazon that I can remember-but you’re right about Morphe doing a good job, so does Jeffree Star.


  2. Why not press some plastic wrap over the shadow while it is still wet and press down over it to smooth it? (Cut a piece of cardboard or something to act as a pusher)

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  3. Hey Allie cat! lol Just wanted to say I love reading what you get in your makeup boxes. Your blog is SUCH a pleasant place to be.
    PS – never could stand Luann and screwing over your own children is about the lowest thing a mom can do. She disgusts me and I feel awful for her kids.
    tah tah for now *waves* 🙂

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