Lu’s Hamptons House For Sale

She put it on the market anyway, but it could be hard to sell with this lawsuit. If you’ve got an extra 5.75$ million, this 2500 sf, 4 bedroom 4 bathroom 19th Century Greek Revival built in 1835 can be allllll yours. It’s got a separate artists studio in the back, and is right in the waterfront, including a dock. You can use Luann’s toilet-cook in the kitchen where Carole met Adam-your own expensive piece of RHONY history. It was 6.25$ million, she lowered the price. A bargain. 🙄 Link below:

She did A LOT of work to the house-this is it, pre-countess:


4 thoughts on “Lu’s Hamptons House For Sale

  1. She did a good job on updating & decorating it. However it doesn’t look like double the price renovation. (3 million) Baths & kitchen & stuff behind the walls cost big bucks but she didn’t enlarge just brought it up to date. The estimate thru Zillow is half the sales price. Just guessing since she is in rehab plus lawsuit, the sale is temporarily suspended

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  2. Ot but Lu plea deal was revealed but judge decides on wed. whether to accept or not. 1 yr probation, no alcohol, attends 2 meeting a week, $2500 fine, 50 hours community service & attend MADD meeting. She did plea guilty to avoid jail time. Should be higher fee & more community service. Will be interesting to see if she can stop drinking.

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