Looking For A Southampton Rental?

If you’ve got no plans between August and Labor Day, has Ramona Singer got a deal for you. You can rent her 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom 7000 sf humble shack (not) in Southampton for 165,000$ for the month. If you only want a week, it’ll cost you 70,000$. It’s a mile from the ocean, however, so if I was going to shell out that kind of cash I’m going to insist on ocean real estate.

Link below:



4 thoughts on “Looking For A Southampton Rental?

  1. Very swanky! Just too white for me though. I would be constantly paranoid about leaving a mark or scuff bumping into something or spilling. Also seems quite pricey. Guess Sonja isn’t the only one with super high rental income dreams.
    Ot – Phaedra finally sold her other Atl. home. Got $100,000 over original purchase price but after closing costs, agent fees, no rental income for 8,9 mo at least, that number is much smaller. But at least she got a tiny profit & did not lose money. Wonder if ex Apollo gets a portion since he did work on the house & was bought while married.

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    • Hmm-good point about Apollo, she probably gave him a lump sum to get rid of him and bought him out. I can’t stand Phaekdra anyway-if I never see her again I’m happy.

      Ramona’s house is WAY too white and sterile. I wouldn’t want to touch a thing.


  2. Well, the sterile white is fitting for Ramona. It’s akin to a psych facility, where sometimes I think she belongs.
    I think she rents this place out every summer, I don’t know how much she raised the price since she did a reno, which that kitchen desperately needed. The master bath still needs done, the tile around the tub and on the counter tops is totally outdated. One would think the Maven of the Hamptons would know better.

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