RHOC Season 13 Premiere

Season 13 is upon us! Shannon and Kelly are divorced, Vicki is still going strong with the cop, and Tamra/Eddie just bought a new unfinished house.

Shannon is complaining that her life is sooo different because she had to go from a 14,000 sf home to a 4000 sf home-cry me a damn river. That’s still a big ass house, lady. Kelly went from a big ole house she sold for 5$ million to a 2 bedroom townhouse, but she’s got a way better attitude about it.

Vicki looks weird. I know she’s had a lot of work done, obvie, but her mouth-something is way off with her mouth. It looks like the relationships between Vicki and Tamra/Shannon have improved, but let’s see if Vicki can keep her weird mouth shut.

David has a new girlfriend that’s 20 years younger, are we surprised? We saw this coming since the vow renewal, even if Shannon didn’t. She either had to forgive the affair or not, but trying to get her pound of flesh every day was never going to end well. Shannon is trying to be positive though. I like Shannon-I want to see her happy and at peace.

Eddie has A-Fib, a super fun cardiac condition that’s actually pretty common. He’s having “heart surgery” but I’m not sure if it’s a maze procedure or what. It’s funny-not too many people are happy for the Tamra/Vicki reunion. Vicki calls Tamra to find out about Eddie’s surgery and Ryan makes the best stinkface I’ve seen in a while. I’m on Ryan’s dude, honestly. Vicki is Vicki and she can’t help herself. She can’t not gossip, she can’t not spread rumors-so we’ll see how long this lasts.

We see a lot of Kelly’s daughter Jolie this season, we’ve never seen much of her in the past. She’s 11 and is the spitting image of her mom. Kelly looks really good-I think divorce served her well. Maybe she’ll unblock me on Twitter 🤭🤗

We are meeting one of the new housewives, Emily-she’s Tamras friend and everyone in her family drives Tesla’s. She’s an attorney/party planner! Tamra and Emily haven’t hung out in a while because Emily was hanging out with Tamra archenemies Ricky and Gretchen. But Emily went to therapy and wants to fix the friendship. Ricky is Tamras exfriend who helped spread the Gay Eddie rumors, and Gretchen is, well, Gretchen.

Emily has 3 little kids-a 5 year old daughter and 3 year old twin boys. She’s from Ohio and needed free lunches at school when she was a child. Her husband Shane is an attorney as well. They didn’t date, the just got married. Her 3 year old boys are still in cribs. 🤔 Maybe to confine them? Hmm.

Shannon has to clean up dog poo. Archie is a big dog too. She’s renting but not going to stay in the rental. She’s still wearing her wedding rings-Tamra is all, no, honey-just, no. Shannon is having difficulty with David moving on so fast. He had been communicating with the new girlfriend while still married. Omg, I can’t believe he’d do that! Kidding. He was a dirty dog.

Shannon will feel naked without her rings-but all of a sudden needs to take them off. They’re stuck-bring out the soap! It’s really jammed on there. Success!! It’s off. Good riddance.

Everyone is doing a rope course, it’s a trust building exercise. Yawn. So far the highlight is Vicki falling on her ass. The ladies climb, scream, whine, encourage-what you’d expect from drama queens on a rope course.

Is this a kinder, gentler Kelly Dodd? Has Vicki learned her big-mouth lesson? Will Shannon move on and be ok? Is the friendship between Vicki-Tamra-Shannon mended? I guess we have to find out, y’all.

Talk soon Lovelies



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