July Ipsy Glam Bag

It’s that time again-Ipsy Glam Bag reveal. Have the items they pick for me improved? The jury is still out.

This month’s bag is actually pretty cool. It’s an iridescent blue, and the texture is sort of…slippery? Not sure how else to describe it..

It’s cute! The lining is blue as well:

First thing we’ve got is a mask by Feel:

The Feel Restored Warming Clay Mask. The packaging is definitely cool-I like the pouch concept.

It’s got a light fragrance, nothing heavy-and the consistency isn’t super thick. I’ll definitely use this.


I also received an Elizabeth Mott tapered blending brush:

I am ALWAYS down for brushes. I have built my brush collection like you’d not believe-I’m very happy. This brush retails for 7$.


Next, an Ofra single shadow in the shade in Exquisite-

It’s obviously a black, it’s got silver glitter throughout-but the swatch is patchy and meh-

Just not the blackest of blacks. It would be good for the lower lashline, I think. This pan retails for 7$. Would I have ever purchased this? Nope. But I’ll try it out.


Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about Wander Beauty, I feel like they sort of came out of nowhere.

This is their Glowtion-it’s an illuminating lotion (the shade is called Celestial) that you can apparently use alone for an all over glow, or add to your foundation. It’s scented which I wasn’t expecting, but the scent isn’t heavy, it’s actually quite pleasant.


Last, Manna Kadar Cosmetics Flawless Finish Dual powder in Flawless Linen:

It’s fine-I mean, it’s a pressed finishing powder, what’s there to say? I’ll probably set it aside to give to my niece though-I have so many powders it’s not funny.

Seems a bit dark for the lightest shade? 🤷🏼‍♀️

And there it is, July’s Ipsy Glam Bag. They have not been wowing me these past few months. I’m not ready to cancel yet, though. I’m clinging to hope that the products they curate for me improve. It’s crazy, because when I see the products for the month in all Glam Bags, I get a little jealous-Huda, Laura Mercier, First Aid Beauty, Briogeo, Makeup Forever, Smashbox… none of that for me. Ever. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I think my favorites are the mask and the blending brush. The rest….meh.

Talk soon Lovelies



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