Happy Blogiversary

It’s been a year, guys!!! And what a year it’s been-we’ve had some come, some go-we’ve had drama, but now calm (thank GOD) we’ve watched a lot of TV together and gone thru a ton of makeup together, and I’ve loved each and every second of it.


Thank you all for your support, love, comments, and for sticking with me. 2018 is going to be a great year-I can feel it ❤️


Talk soon, Lovelies



47 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary

  1. Hello Sweet Allie… I rarely comment but still check in to read everything. Congrats on the One Year Anniversary! Just wanted to ket you know that I’m still around and appreciate your hard work and dedication. Keep on blogging.

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  2. Congratulations to you and all of your readers that have stayed for the ride. You had one hell of a beginning.
    I compare Allie’s blog to the neighborhood pub. A safe place to go & just be you. Or me.
    Hugs and love to all y’all.

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  3. Congrats to making it thru the first year. 🥂🍾🍻. Here’s to an awesome “sophomore” year.
    I enjoy the easy vibe of your blog. It is a nice escape from the stress of living in these crazy times

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  4. ahhhhhhhhhhh the memories………..

    Congrats Love a whole year – i missed a few months whilst my head went doolally but have loved the blog and friendships made and will say its never occurred to me to go to any other blog……

    in the beginning It was nuts for a while; the sicko in me kinds of misses it but I’m not gonna throw a bomb lol 🙂

    Love you lots x x x

    p.s. please put a New jersey post up so I can vent arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    • New Jersey post comin’ up today just for you ❤️ the craziness was….crazy but when I look back on it, I sometimes take a teeny bit of petty smug satisfaction in knowing I win, and the high road was pretty comfy ❤️ still waiting on that law suit though-unless the team of lawyers is still working in the copious amount of law sewage? (Sue-age..get it? Oy) 😂😒 ok, pettiness over. 😘

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      • I loved being a snowflake and getting all riled up – am clearly twisted

        I saw that Ilana angel has stopped blogging, does anyone know why?

        I met her once in London ( I was the show off and one upper in that other place when I said that 😂😂😂) but she was really nice and her son was lovely

        You don’t have to write about NJ I just need to let rip somewhere lol

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  5. Congrats!! It was hard enough to read thru that other place before all the craziness of this year. Cannot imagine trying to slog thru now – way too much negative energy with all that is going on. Just as well it ended then though some got hurt badly. Now we have a better light hearted option. Well done!

    PS – did you ever finish your story?

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  6. *just peeking* Happy anniversary sweet Allie! Seasons blessings everyone! I can still hear echoes of a year ago in these hallowed halls. Makes me smile. I’m glad to see ads Allie; I’m guessing your hit count will be skyrocketing for a few days at least. Which makes me giggle. Maybe even a first reunion of sorts!

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    • Shoot. Never mind the skyrocketing part of the comment. See…somebody’s been messing with our old friend and infected her with malware. Readers have been complaining while she worked on fixing things. Today she announced that she found the culprits and a lawsuit will be filed at which time she will announce ‘who it I’d. Frigging hysterical because several commenters meowed or wondered about the deplorable. Eventually though, she shoots them down and said she doesn’t believe the cat ladies are involved with the group’s responsible. Soooo…Might not get the traffic I after all. Still famous though!!!

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    • Yawn. That’s so old. It must be that time of year, bored, in need of traffic, who knows. It’s funny, because none of that has crossed my mind for months. There’s probably nothing on earth I care less about-the only thing that offends me in the tiniest way about “deplorable” is that it was once a trump thing-which I am NOT. Aside from that I’ve been called much worse by far better so it rolls off my back. #unbothered


  7. Happy Blogiversary, Everyone!! I’ve been thinking it’s “about that time” of year. It’s so wonderful to see old friends on here (so happy to hear from Drac!) I, too, always lurk here, even if I don’t comment. (I’m too busy screaming at all the insanity over on Twitter that my voice is gone 😁 I was never on Twitter before this blog so I had no idea what a delightful shit-show I was missing! I’m still so very disappointed that we never made it on Dr. Phil or onto Court TV for the massive libel & slander suit that her “team” of “lawyers” were filing…I had my good outfit dry cleaned & pressed!
    As Romeniel posted, the yearly lawsuit threats are now going to whomever infected her site with malware. She has a whole new group of ass-kissers & suckups, who were desperately hoping that we were responsible for the malware. So, I want to be the one to tell everyone here that it was me…I did it! I’ve been keeping this from all of you but I’m really a Deep State Dark Web Hacker and instead of using my powers for something truly worthwhile (like the Equifax database or perhaps General Kelly’s cell phone) I decided to go after the one person who is truly making a difference in our lives with her God-given talent in writing about stupid reality shows and growing tomatoes and how all things Southern are far superior to anything Yankee (The South Shall Rise Again, ya’ll!) But, let’s just keep this between us, Lovelies. I wouldn’t want my dastardly deeds to found out…

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    • Bethany-you just won the Internet with that post. Best. Comment. Everrrrr. I think my favorite? Not using your powers for Gen Kelly’s cell phone 😂😂😂

      You almost had me convinced of your devilish side job. Almost. The one thing? Is when people either 1) infect their own shit either by visiting questionable content (hey, who’s judging? Not me. Porn doesn’t make you pitiful) or 2) have a sort of internet/virtual munchausen’s that doesn’t manifest medically but more in the drama/self induced/imaginary controversy realm. Also known as Dire Need Of Attentionitis.

      Girl, I was SO ready for Phil. And a trip down south. Maybe the legal papers got lost in the mail. Or the carrier pigeon flock took a wrong turn. We’ll never know. Hella disappointing. 😉🤔😘

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  8. Lol the comments crack me up!! Happy anniversary and glad to be laughing here any day of the week😋😋😆 Bring on 2018! Except I’ll be a year older as the clock strikes midnight and how I no longer look forward to that! 🖕

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  9. Man… I haven’t logged into WordPress in forever. I don’t know if I remember my login stuff. Oh well!
    Your comments are killing me! Missed you guys- just busy trudging along- work, family, friends… you know.
    Great to read all of you again! I have not been reading or active on any blogs/ sites for several months.
    It’s very strange that all of that happened a year ago… so much drama!! Kind of makes me chuckle now.
    Happy Holidays guys!

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