‘‘Tis The Season

Our tree 🎄


15 days, guys. 15 days until Christmas. For the first time in our entire lives together, hubs and I finished our Christmas shopping on Sunday. Every gift, stocking stuffer, package, EVERYTHING-done. I’ve even managed to start mailing packages out, my daughter already got her package with most of her gifts, with the next one set to go out Tues-just waiting for my internet orders to catch up with my speedy mailing skillz. For us to have completed our shopping on December 3 is unheard of-but shit, next year I might start in September.


Literally every year, hubs and I are panic-shopping at Walmart on 12/24 at oh shit o’clock, with zero clue of what to get anyone because the panic, anxiety and dread has disabled all normal thought process. But no way-not this year. I’m actually looking forward to Dec 25 with not an ounce of dread, anxiety, or disdain. It’s awesome.


Hows everyone else managing this holiday season? Oh-and we’re having our first “plowable” snow today. Whooohooo!


Talk soon, Lovelies

-Allie 🎄🎅🏻⛄️❄️


8 thoughts on “‘‘Tis The Season

  1. Our first snow is coming down in NJ as well. I always like the first one,but after that I have had enough.
    I told all of my adult kids and their spouses to send me lists with links so I am done shopping for them. Friends that I exchange with are done. Nieces and nephews in Mass get gift cards
    Office is done, except for 1 but that is just a rum to the liquor store. This is also the first year I am done early I hate the crowds of last minute shoppers in stores. I am always paranoid I will catch the flu from someone coughing on me

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  2. I always do my shopping thru the year especially for unique items on sale. Also easier on the pocketbook besides the stress. I go in the stores mainly to see displays & add to Xmas collection.
    We got like a foot of snow in Atlanta!! Majority did not stick where I live except in grass. It was gorgeous when huge flakes were falling & sticking but mostly it was fine flakes & rain mix. Nice to see my Xmas lights on shrubs under a thin layer of snow for once. We very rarely get snow in Dec. usually in Jan, Feb, march. Hope everyone stays safe & has power!

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  3. We’re on our second tree, and I still don’t have the damn thing decorated. My husband likes real trees, so we’ve been getting them for the past few years. This year we got a different type that had stronger limbs because I complain about them not being strong enough to handle some of the ornaments. I had an allergic reaction to it, so after being in the house for 5 days, he had to drag it back out and get our artificial one put up. It’s all lighted, I just haven’t found the motivation to decorate it yet. I usually love the Holiday Season, but I am just not into it this year. I think it’s because with the kids being grown, it’s just not as fun as it used to be. They open their package, look at it and go on to the next one. They appreciate what they get, it’s just not exciting like it was when they were little and would lose their shit over something. Next year, the baby will be around 8 months old, just old enough to be into the paper and boxes, so it will be fun and I’ll be very excited for that. He won’t care what’s in the boxes, but I’ll have a blast watching him tear stuff up.
    I did change my smell goods to Christmas scents in order to put a little spirit in me. It is snowing pretty good here too, I think we’re only supposed to get about 3 inches maybe. You never know…we live in some kind of weird weather border, I think it’s because of the mountains and valleys around us. It all depends on which direction the front comes in at, if it get’s around the mountain to us, then we can get a decent amount. We’ve had predictions for up to a foot or more and have barely had a dusting, but when we get the big ones….we get much more than they called for.
    I guess I should start decorating the tree. No motivation what so ever. 🙂

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  4. Love the tree! Nice & tall and good shape. 🙂
    I’m not finished shopping but if I am not done by the end of this week then it won’t happen. I’m past knocking myself out for odds & ends. I want to be able to sit back with my eggnog & enjoy these next few weeks.🤓

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