Stunning Colourpop Haul!

I just got my Colourpop order and I’m so pleasantly surprised and happy with the products-Colourpop never disappoints but these are amazing.

I got 3 items from the Laura Lee x NKLA collab (all proceeds go to the LA No Kill Shelter) and I am shooketh. 2 Super Shock Shadows and an Ultra Satin Lip-the colors are STUNNING.

First Laura Lee x NKLA Super Shock Shadow: Ritz

All of the LL x NKLA packaging has the little paw on it-here is Ritz swatched:

This is different than anything I have, and the photo does it no justice. It’s almost got a wet effect, it’s hard to explain but it’s gorgeous. All of these Super Shock Shadows are 5$.


Next in the collab is Hiney:

This is almost a rose gold with flecks of red and gold in it, almost giving it a duo chrome effect:

Again, photo does it no justice. These are creamy, pigmented AF, and just beautiful. I have to give Laura Lee gigantic credit because it’s obvious she worked so hard on this, and made it gorgeous.


This is not part of the collab-it’s a Super Shock Shadow in the shade Lightning Bug:

I read something somewhere about this being one of the highest rated, or all time favorites-something that said it was good:

And it is. Creamy, super shimmer without chunky glitter. So beautiful.


I got one of the new Supernova liquid shadows as well-the shade I REALLY wanted was sold out, so this was the next one on my list. Seeing how amazing they are, I’ll be getting more.

They retail for 7$, and are the same size as the concealers. This is the shade Walk Of Fame:

Not patchy at all, it’s a great consistency as well. Dries down FAST.


And the last thing I ordered was from the Laura Lee x NKLA collab as well, an Ultra Satin Liquid Lip in the shade “Bam”.

I wanted a good holiday red that wasn’t matte, and this is it. It’s got berry tones so it’s not a true red, but it’s just perfect for the holidays. The liquid lip retails for 6$.

There it is. I cannot day enough about the Laura Lee collab-there are 2 other shades in the collection that I didn’t buy because I have similar shades already, but I might go back and get them anyway. There are also 2 other lippies in the collection-and 100% of the proceeds go to the No Kill Shelter-it’s a win win. In photos the shades all look similar but they really aren’t at all-check them out if you can at because it’s so worth it.


Talk soon, Lovelies



6 thoughts on “Stunning Colourpop Haul!

  1. I certainly do not need any more makeup, but I’ll go order some stuff since the proceeds go to a wonderful cause. I just don’t know why anyone would let Laura Lee name colors, she’s not so good at it. Hiney? Hold on here, I gotta rub some ass all over my eye. She’s so dumb.
    You’ve got to tell me where you got your Lucite organizer, I like that. I have a lipstick caddy and a round caddy, but I need some of the big square ones like you have.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know!! Her names leave a lot to be desired 😉 hiney. I cringed typing that. But they’re gawjus. I believe the square lucite organizers were bought at the dollar store and one on amazon 😘


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