Glam Masters: New TV Show!

Set your DVRs, Lovelies-Lifetime is bringing us some glam, makeup, and competition.


Starting Feb 28, Lifetime will be running Glam Masters-a reality/competition show like Top Chef/Project Runway but for beauty blogger-makeup artists.


Kim Kardashian West is an executive producer, and judges are: Mario Dedivanovic (KKW makeup artist), Kandee Johnson (youtube beauty guru) Laverne Cox, and Zanna Roberts Rassi (senior fashion editor for Marie Claire).


Each episode features 4 beauty bloggers competing against each other, and are critiqued by the judges. One winner heads to the semi finals, where the top 3 battle it out in the Tournament of Masters competition portion. One winner earns the title of “Glam Master”.


On a side note, Yolanda Hadid is supposedly hosting a similar competition show called “Model Moms”. She’s gonna squeeze out all she can from Gigi and Bella, isn’t she.


I hope Glam Masters doesn’t suck. It’s got potential.


Talk soon, Lovelies



7 thoughts on “Glam Masters: New TV Show!

  1. I would probably watch the makeup competition show, so long as we’re not forced to watch Kim K. I am always interested in learning new techniques and application tips.
    The Yolanda show, no way. I didn’t like her smug ass on HW’s, I sure as hell don’t want to see her encourage young ladies to eat 4 almonds a day in order to book jobs.

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  2. I’ll watch at least one episode. KKW is a producer, blech. Saw enough of Yolanda with needles in her arms during her illness, that was miraculously cured when she divorced David.

    I do like the premise of beauty bloggers competing.

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