RHNJ “Flying Cakes and Flighty Friends”—And—“The Apology”

So sorry I didn’t get to this last week. I had good intentions but a hectic schedule and after a few days it seemed like a moot point.

Since the night of the premier, Instagram has been flooded with Siggy Flickerisms’ and her sage advice and of course, how we should know our worth. I really liked Siggy last year. This year—not so much! Her whole superior attitude and self-righteousness is revolting. I would have been mortified if I was having dinner with her at Prime. I don’t care if she did know everyone at the restaurant. It was so stupid and over the top. There was nobody at Shooters when the cake was thrown—so throw it overboard and let it go. Yes, most people wouldn’t throw a cake—but really, how long are you going to drag this out? We’ve all done stupid things when we drink! Hopefully, our friends didn’t hold a grudge. The part about Boca being ‘her town’ makes me sick. I never want to go to Boca! And does anyone else find it really creepy that this doctor has his head in her coochie and is thinking, “I really want to introduce her to my wife—we can all hang out together. “ His wife didn’t find that odd? Just walking in her condo and seeing the pictures of herself shows she holds herself in the highest esteem, as do her claims that she looks like a sex goddess and she’s the smartest person in the world. Siggy may be trying to land herself the gig of head housewife. Don’t waste your time, Siggy. Melissa and Kathy tried but it ain’t never gonna happen. And don’t whine about missing out on events the next day and blame the others. It was your choice not to respond to texts that day. Choices have consequences. Buck up!

I thought the memorial that Margaret orchestrated was one of the most beautiful and heartfelt things I had ever seen. It made me want to write letters to my parents and do the same thing. Maybe that’s why I never finished my article last week….I bawled through that whole part. My parents have been gone a long time, but I always say my mom is on vacation in Florida because I still can’t believe she left me! (It only sounds crazy if you don’t know me!)

Time for the new episode and we open with Margaret busy at work launching a new cosmetic bag at her home while it’s under construction, and all in a couple of days’ time. I think I really like her! Cut to Siggy being taught to make meatballs by Michael. Ooh—the meatballs are all squishy! —what kind of Jersey girl doesn’t know how to make a meatball? What else would you put in the gravy? Cut to Delores and her Neanderthal cheating old husband. He’s going to teach her how to fold laundry! How on earth did she survive all these years without you, Frank? Maybe she and the kids wore old wet wrinkled clothing? Good thing you’re back now, Frank. But I’m not convinced that Delores put that beautiful lace dress in the washer that she has hanging on her kitchen cabinet.

Several short clips: Teresa, Melissa and Joe Moving her dads furniture into Teresa’s home to make him feel more comfortable. Margaret visits Envy and likes what she sees. She is willing to teach Melissa a few things about the business. Danielle comes in and it’s back to Boca talk. Siggy has blocked Margaret on social media. What is she, 12? She calls her anyway to invite her to the party, which Siggy respectfully declines because she was so hurt and doesn’t want to be a phony.

Now out to dinner with Delores, Frank & Frankie where they discuss potential colleges. Not sure how he’s ready to apply since he was nowhere near that stage last week. Dad thinks he should break up with his girl first. I believe Frankie tells his father it won’t be a problem staying with her, as he’s a one-woman guy! Ha! Take that, Frank Sr.!

Siggy invites Teresa for a drink to go over things. It sounds like she is willing to make up with Teresa after a bit, but definitely not Margaret. ”She called me Soggy” and now she’s 8. She feels completely betrayed by Margaret and goes off on a litany of things she would like to do to her. I’m telling you, a little Elavil should straighten her right out! Joe takes Melissa to a restaurant that he bought….who does that? Stores, restaurants, construction….did we ever hear about the waste management business more than that initial time? Teresa meets with her publisher regarding her new book. They feel she should go a little deeper and it will be a #1 bestseller.

Margarets getting ready for her party and she is alerted that her stove is broken. Her husband tells her it’s because she never uses it, but she did once…to cook French fries, remember? She has a neighbor ready and willing to help out. Teresa, Melissa and Joe are at the party. Here comes Danielle. Where’s Delores? Why she’s with Siggy doing charcoal face masks and dancing in pigtails to the new dance, “duck the flying cakes”. Margaret texts Siggy, who agrees to meet her the next day to iron things out.
Over breakfast, Siggy keeps her feet firmly planted in the sand with the line drawn. It takes a while for Margaret to present her point, but finally Siggy starts crying again. Now she is 8. Siggy will give her another chance but will hold her at arms length.

Next week, Siggy gets back on the soapbox or the cake box (I forget which) and transfers a little more of her special kind of crazy to Delores…

Tonight, Siggy and Valerie Bertinelli will be on Watch What Happens Live, but I don’t think I’ll be awake that long. Thankfully, I can replay it at my leisure. I’m kind of interested in what she will say.

–xo Red


5 thoughts on “RHNJ “Flying Cakes and Flighty Friends”—And—“The Apology”

  1. Thanks RIRed, I love a recap! I don’t know what it is, maybe cause I have no one who watches to dish about the show with!

    I can’t stand Siggy, if she would have just stopped talking for 2 minutes maybe she wouldn’t have been so butt hurt! Dolores and her can go!

    I agree that Margaret’s memorial idea was really a beautiful thing, who cares if she did it to cozy up to Teresa, it’s what Siggy doesn’t understand – a gift is something for the person you are giving it to, you think of something personal to them and give it to them without expectation. Siggy’s gift was all about her.

    I’m loving Margaret, I love how snarky and how upfront she is; she is right Siggy is not about empowering women. I still love Teresa,I’ll never understand all the hate she gets but whatevs. I like that her and Melissa are getting along though Melissa is not my fave. The whole thing with the death of Mrs. Gorga hits too close to home.

    I think Jersey is so good this season! As long as cakegate ends this week but the show keeps up, it might be on par with RHONY’s season (which was the best of all of them)!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m with you on SO many points. I love Margaret, can’t take Siggy this season and Melissa is not my fave either. I’ll never forgive her for going after Teresa–who of course, I still love, love, love! I don’t think she and Joe were the only ones with dirty hands…


  2. Haven’t seen this week’s episode yet, but as for last week’s:
    That Siggy is such a hypocrite: just before the cake was thrown she was being loud and obnoxious herself and she emptied her full wineglass on the table, how’s that for being classy in your hometown?
    And I don’t consider Margaret a flipflop-friend at all, if Siggy had told me to fuck off, i would run to the other side as well.

    By the way, is anybody watching the Dallas housewives? Those ladies kick ASS this season!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Siggy IS so obnoxious–and totally classless for her wineglass and her superior attitude. I love Margaret and her sass! You’re right about Dallas–it’s really good this season. I’m so glad they got another chance.


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