RHOC Thoughts?

Well. Just when I’m starting to hate Dodd less, she ruins it. She can be funny, supportive, all that good stuff but her temper, that temper and the evilness that comes out of her face-I can’t. 

Lydia is turning into quite the bitchy mean girl this season. I’m not sure I like this Lydia. And where are Dougs socks? He hasn’t worn socks once. Is it a Miami Vice tribute? If she cries and cackles about “cutting off his balls” one more time….She just sounds so stupid, I get she thinks it’s cute, but it’s completely inaccurate and I almost feel like she’s passive aggressively emasculating him. It’s just obnoxious because a vasectomy isn’t equal to castration. I don’t like her mean girl crap towards Shannon.

Ah-Shannon. When did she become so needy? Demanding Tamra drop her cake and come running because she beckoned? She never has been able to hide turmoil in her private life-she always acts out and I guess this is one way. I can’t dislike her though-she’s flawed and she knows it, she doesn’t try to hide it. As if she could.

Vicki. Is her time up yet? She’s all about angry indignation at being called a liar, she does not lie, people-she’s on an ETHICS committee, ok? But I do believe the entire reunion last season was Vicki admitting to “fabrication” and apologizing for, well, lying. She does this dumb damsel act where she pretends to not understand something and tries to get all cute and helpless about it-anyone notice? 

Peggy-I do not think we’ll see Peggy in another season. I don’t think she’s meshing with the other cast members and she has no real storyline. I think her husband is more excited to be on the show than she is. She’s just kind of boring-and clearly has no time for the nonsense which isn’t going to work. You have to have nothing BUT time for the nonsense.

I’ve always liked Meghan. Even her first season when a lot of ppl hated her, I liked her. I think she gets unfair crap for not spending every second with Aspen, but to be fair, we don’t know how many actual days she spent shooting and as far as her drinking, she pumps before, and pumps and dumps. A lot of women do that. She is kind of a shit stirrer.

Tamra hasn’t really been that obnoxious-it’s obvious that Shannon feels super threatened at the possibility of Tamra and Vicki making amends, and I feel like Tamra plays stupid about it-I don’t think that there’s a friendship to fix, personally. Vicki is going to keep gossiping, and Tamra is going to stay mad about it so just stop pretending there’s anything to mend. 


Talk soon Lovelies 



9 thoughts on “RHOC Thoughts?

  1. I’m watching now. Shannon is hilarious. I know no one likes her, but I love her. watching her play volleyball is cracking me up. And she is even making a little joke about how that shirt Kelly bought for her doesn’t fit. I’m glad she is getting to have a sense of humor again and especially about gaining weight. Weight gain is NOT the end of the world, even though we feel like it is.
    I think it sucks that Meghan wasn’t invited. I think Kelly is still an asshole. Now an even bigger one for making that comment about the drinking last week with a baby. This coming from Kelly…
    PUH-LEEZE, Motherfucker.

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  2. I’m officially over it with Lydia! She’s sneaky. She is just rubbing me the wrong way this season. Sadly, I feel that in the next couple of years we are gonna be sad for Shannon. I can totally feel the tension and bad vibes from David. I truly feel that they are heading for a divorce.
    Peggy makes my blood boil! She is so unnecessary in this group of ladies. She’s too dull and boring. And there’s clearly a language barrier. She just bugs me. At least her husband has a personality. Peggy need to stop by Walmart and pick herself up a personality.
    Ok I’ll stop ranting now.😊

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    • Hahaha!! I agree with you about Shannon. I wonder if they’re just forcing it at this point, beating a dead horse. Peggy hasn’t impressed me. Her storyline is blah, and she’s dead behind her eyes.


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