Another Custody Fight For Jenelle


Nathan’s mother has filed for emergency custody of Kaiser. Among her allegations:

•Jenelle cannot control her anger

•Jenelle’s daughter, Ensley, was born with marijuana in her system sparking a CPS investigation.

•Both David and Jenelle tested positive for marijuana 

•Jenelle locked Kaiser and Jace out of the house on a very hot day

•Kaiser has had unexplained bruises and marks in him.

•David disciplines Kaiser with corporal punishment, too hard spankings, etc 

•Jenelle needs a psychological evaluation.

Jenelle says that her mother, Barbara is behind many of those allegation and blames her for everything. As Jenelle usually does. 

No gratitude for raising her son so she could go out partying and dating and having more fiancés and kids. 

What do you think?

I can tell you this-no boyfriend of mine would be disciplining, spanking, or putting his hands on any of my children. The day that happens is the day I catch a charge for attempted murder. As it is, I found out my 18 yr olds stepmother put her hands on him-and I’m biding my time. I’m very patient, and I can wait. She will feel my wrath as soon as it’s possible. Not physically. But she’ll feel it. 

I feel like Jenelle is so lazy she just sort of gave up with Kaiser and just let David take over, and there’s nothing good about that whole situation. I’ve watched a few episodes of Teen Mom this season and Kaiser is not a happy kid. Could be the age, environment or both, but he’s always crying.

I believe the allegations mostly because it’s Jenelle’s MO. Kaiser would be safer and better off anywhere but with her.

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Talk soon, Lovelies 


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7 thoughts on “Another Custody Fight For Jenelle

    • Totally agree. She needs to stop having kids. She’s supposedly getting married to Uncle Creepy sep 23-it’s a shame that these grandmothers can’t live their lives as grandmothers and have to raise Jenelle’s children but thank god they do.

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  1. What is even scarier is that I read a TM thread on Reddit where there was a group of moms taking up for this pile of shit. They were saying that their kid’s that age always have bruises all over them, it’s totally normal and that Jenelle has come such a long way. What kind of world do we live in where people think Jenelle Evans is a good mom?? One said that her kid won’t stay off the table, so when he fell off and got hurt, he got what he deserved for not listening. What in the actual fuck? Put your phone down, get off your lazy ass and be a parent. It was a highly disturbing thread to read, the level of neglect that these losers were admitting to was astounding.

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    • Holy shit. What is wrong with that generation of parents? Anyone-anyone that thinks Jenelle Evans has “come a long way” should probably be investigated themselves. My toddlers weren’t “covered in bruises”-sure, they tripped, fell down-but I never had a boyfriend smacking the shit out of them either. The thought makes my blood boil.

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