YouTube Beauty Guru Dramz…

There’s always major drama in the beauty community, mostly backbiting and gossip. What you’d expect. There’s a new scandal that sorta makes me sad involving one guru I like, and one I can’t stand. 

Kathleenlights is a YouTube beauty guru from the Miami area-she’s young, 25 maybe? And really for the most part drama and scandal free.

Jaclyn Hill is also another YouTube guru, who is more famous because of her overhyped morphed palette-I am not a fan. I find her phony and disingenuous. 

So. The controversy. Kathleen went to Jaclyn’s house (they’re both in FL) to film a collab. Jaclyn was snap chatting Kathleen playing Jaclyn’s husbands VR game. During the snap, Kathleen busted out with the “N” word. Oh, Kathleen. Not you. 

That in and of itself is scandalous, but it gets worse. 

In the snap, right after Kathleen says the offensive word, her husband, Danny says “Don’t post that!” 2 or 3 times. Jaclyn claims she didn’t hear him and of course, posted it. The context in which it was said was “N—a don’t fuck with me!” While playing the video game. Jaclyn is all the while doing her hyperventilating cackle, laughing away. You CLEARLY hear Kathleen’s husband say “Don’t post that” but Jaclyn didn’t hear it. Allegedly.

I’m not a Jaclyn fan at all. I think she’s shady and will step on anyone and anything to further her career. I don’t think she’s above posting that knowing the implications and controversy it’s going to cause. She’s pulled some crappy crap in the past, and I just think she’s fake AF. When Jeffree Star was having his beef with Kat Von D, he allegedly called his friend Jaclyn, despairing over the fight and in tears. She allegedly comforted him, then promptly ran to the YouTube drama channels (Karina Kaboom, Rich Lux, John Kuckian for example), mocked Jeffree and spilled all. I know there aren’t a ton of Jeffree fans and I get why, but that’s messed up.

Jaclyn has pretty much given up with YouTube-she posts crap content once or twice a month, and is more interested in drunken snapchats-and she seems drunk quite frequently. Just sayin. She speaks SO fast, like a speed freak, and her voice is fingernails on a chalkboard. If I had a quarter for every time she said “literally”? I’d own my dream house on the seashore. Watch her Kim K YouTube collab. Cringeworthy. She’s constantly interrupting KKW, rambling, all about herself, and you can see KKW visibly over it. I’ll link it below, as well the video of the Kathleen incident.

I love Kathleen. While she definitely plays it safe with her content, she’s personable, and she’s cute. She can poke fun at herself. I like her presentation. I hope she can come back from this, and while it was a bad idea to bust out with that word, it was probably a worse decision to trust Jaclyn to snap her. Jaclyn took like 15-20 snaps of the same thing. I don’t know. I just feel like something is off. 
Obnoxious KKW/JH video:

Kathleenlights/Jaclyn snap snafu:


Talk soon Lovelies 



21 thoughts on “YouTube Beauty Guru Dramz…

  1. She shouldn’t have used such a disgusting word.
    I don’t tolerate that word in my home. I kicked out one of my husband’s relatives for using it. I don’t give a damn how cute a racist is on the outside; the racism makes her ugly.

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  2. I watch few of these channels and everyone is just dragging Jaclyn anything for views Hill for posting that. I don’t trust her at all.. Anyway have you seen the new Fenty beauty make up by Rihanna? I actually think she and her team took the time to make great products! I want to try the foundation and that gold highlighter just for fun! It’s also not priced to high! Man I’m really starting to have fun with make up!!! 👄👄

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  3. Let’s do a thought exercise. If this was said, in the same way under the same circumstances, by someone like James Woods, or by RHOC Peggy, or Trump, or Jaclyn, or someone else who you don’t like, would be as sympathetic? Would you be making the excuse that s/he asked for it not to be posted? Or would you be calling for her head and banning and fired?

    Wrong is wrong no matter how much you like someone.

    Even the worst fascist are “personable and cute”, this doesn’t excuse the fact that she is a racist. Her big mistake was not, in fact, trusting Jaclyn, but BEING A RACIST! I commend Jaclyn for outting her, it was the right thing to do.

    Just my opinion.

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    • Oh-make no mistake-I don’t think she ever ever should have said it, and the fact it just fell so freely from her vocabulary says something, nothing good. I’m disappointed in her. Bigly. And I see her way differently now.

      If anyone else had posted it? I’d probably be like GOOD. But JH’s hands are far from clean.

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  4. I have started to comment on this about 10 times, I know what I’m trying to convey – I just want it to come out right so I don’t sound like a backwards dumbass. I’ve been following this story since last week, I’ve read articles and comments on social media, reddit and YouTube. While we all know by now that we shouldn’t use that word, I feel like there is such a double standard – and it needs to stop. The comment I seemed to see the most is about how POC are the only one’s allowed to say it, and there was a good bit of how white people shouldn’t haven an opinion because the word doesn’t effect them. When it was pointed out that Kathleen herself is Cuban, I read comments about her ‘passing as white’. I don’t know what that is supposed to mean. My point is, it’s comments like those that not only keep the fire burning, it also put’s a divide between people of different ethnic backgrounds.
    I feel that if something is offensive and off-limits, it should be that way across the board. There shouldn’t be words that are OK for only certain groups to use. I’m sure that not all POC agree that it’s OK to say it, it’s offensive no matter who’s mouth it comes out of.
    I’m not excusing what KL said, it did come out of her mouth pretty smoothly…. she knew instantly she said ‘the n word’ – so maybe, just maybe she did get caught up in the moment. I am interested to know what game she was playing, and if that word was being thrown around, and that is what got her to that mindset. It’s no excuse, I know that – it shouldn’t be said, I’m just saying that when my son was younger I got him games and CD’s that my daughter who is 11 years older than him, would say to me that she can’t believe I got him that. I had no idea that video games had those kind of words in them, same thing with music. Just this morning there is uproar about a YouTube personality named “pewdiepie” using that word during a live stream while playing a video game, people get out of their minds while gaming.
    I feel like her apology was sincere, and that she truly would never use that word as a derogatory term to another person. It’s a word that should taken off the table for everyone, just totally eradicated from society all together. As long as we have this divide as to it being an acceptable term for some people to use versus others, we’re going to continue having racial tension on this matter. Same goes for all derogatory terms in reference to ethnicity, gender, lifestyle….there’s just so many words that we should all be evolved enough not to use.

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    • I absolutely and totally agree with everything you said. The nonsense over her “passing as white”-if you watch her content she’s extremely proud of her Cuban heritage, and it’s offensive to me that some ppl think everyone wants to be white. The word did flow easily from her, and her husband knew right away. I think she was into the game, I think caught up in the moment. I hate the word, and hate when anyone uses it, POC included. My stepfather, who raised me since I was 5, is African American so I experienced racism my whole life, and despise that word. I saw him as so strong and proud and indestructible-but a word like that cut to the quick. I have an African American sibling that I could not love any more if they were blood. I was raised to not see color, ever, and I am so thankful to my mom for that. So I hate it when anyone uses that word-POC as a whole are better than that and shouldn’t use it either. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

      My sons hated that I didn’t allow video games in the house above an E rating. They still talk about it 😂

      I blame Jaclyn Hill. Half because I can’t stand her, and half because I don’t think she cared who said don’t post it, she was posting.

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  5. As far as Jaclyn goes, Allie I agree with you – something is off with her. Same goes for her husband, he is looking more and more like Jared Leto…..and not in the good way.

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      • Ohhh juice on him?? I didn’t even realize she was married until a few weeks ago. I was clicking on the drama channels, but it’s too much. I can’t take the stupid shit they say, all the yassss honey’s and dragging for filth. I will click on “Here for the Tea” from time to time, I like how she get’s straight to the point without having the camera focused on her face while fanning herself and other dumb things the drama folks do.

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      • Totally agree. Rich Lux is toooo much and Karina Kaboom never just gets to the point. She likes to hear herself talk.

        Ok-this is all ALLEGED. Danny is like 7 years older than her, he was her best friends brother and he started showing interest in her when she was 13. They married when she was 19-20. He’s got a child and he’s always getting dragged into court for non-payment of support. When Kathleen’s YouTube channel started taking off he quit his job (or somehow started staying home more. He’s in the navy, or was-I don’t think he’s active duty anymore) and started “managing” her. He’s allegedly very controlling and at meet and greets insisted on being in all of the fan photos, hovered over her like a shadow, and generally ran things. He’s allegedly rude to fans, very demanding, and not well liked in the community. Alllll alleged.


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  7. Oh where do I start

    I cannot stand JH but I will kill for her palette 😌

    I like KL but the dropping of the word and then the ‘ don’t post it’ was just all kind of wrong. And the oh I was drunk excuse was lame.

    I am 50/50 on whether JH posted on purpose, it was hard to hear.

    I’m over all the drama channels kuckian is a weird little shit and no love, it ain’t British humour you are just a prick.

    Rich was funny for a minute. Never been able to get through a kaboom video. Sanders makes me despair, write a bloody script! Petty Paige again was ok for a minute, dragging kuckian but then she goes and gets all up herself and urgh.

    Can’t even be bothered with here for the tea – comes across all BBC investigative journalist. No love you are a girl with a phone who throws a fit when J* blocked you.

    Still love Peter monn but in small doses.

    My new fave YTer is emilynoel but that’s prob cos am old.

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