90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

Anyone been watching this? We have Darcey, who runs around wearing a huge fake wedding set, and is already harassing boy toy Jesse to marry her haggard ass. Jesse’s father told her she was out of his league-doh.

Then we have Paul who has traveled to a remote village up the Amazon in Brazil to meet his love, Karine. He’s hadn’t bothered to learn a lick of Portuguese, and she speaks no English, so it’s already awkward. When he hugs her, he pat pat pats her back like he’s burping her. And he won’t have sex with her until she completes an STD and pregnancy screening. He doesn’t need to though. I just don’t believe his motive is safety. I think he’s a jerk who thinks she’s a dirty foreigner he has to screen before she can touch his pure American skin.

Aside from that-I get creepy weird vibes from him. And eureka, I know why.

Paulie Paul had been convicted of Felony 2nd degree Arson to defraud Insurance, he’s on probation til 2029 for that one-and if that’s not icky enough-he was convicted of violating an Emergency Protective Order and violating a Domestic Violence Order. Soooo there’s definitely more to Paul here than meets the eye. Good thing Karine’s Dad isa retired police officer. It also explains why he was wookin pa nub across borders. American women have his number. Enjoy his muggies. They say sooooo much.

Creepy creep.

Talk soon, Lovelies





14 thoughts on “90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

  1. It has been quite the season already. Paul kinda went from odd guy who seemed likely to end up missing a kidney & robbed in the Amazon to creepy weirdo who now would stuff her body in one of his trunks since it is empty from cereals, candy & animals he brought for her. Of course especially with her father being an ex-cop, it could still end up that way. Who knows what the mute wants – funniest line so far!!

    Darcey segment went from her “fairy tale” to reality really quick with one dinner with the folks. Hate to imagine what she hiding under those scarves/chokers given all her other questionable choices.( makeup, shoes, surgery, etc)

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  2. I live for this show!!!! It is everything. Courtney is the most idiotic ever, Darcy most desperate, Paul most creepy, old fart with the 20 year old most pedo. Now new ones showing up.

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  3. Loving this train wreck!!! The youngish blonde going to Spain should have been locked in her room at her parents house!!! Paul is the creepiest of them and not all bc of his arson charges!!!!

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      • I agree Sean is also creepy. I have found out some of them have been on other reality shows so they do know how to work crazy for the cameras. Darcey besides trying for twin show was on Million dollar matchmaker show previously – of course looking for younger hot guy. Naturally she did not listen to advice. Look up pics of her ex, he is odd looking & a wannabe rapper. The new young guy has been on 6 shows. Mostly dating or athletic competing shows since he was a MMA fighter so not much faith in how real his storyline will be.

        Even though this isn’t about this topic, Peter from rhoa is reopening Bar one again in Atl. It won’t be in same location though. I thought this was an interesting tidbit.


    • The young blond going to Spain-I want to shake her. She’s NEVER googled the guy? He says he’s a model and she was never curious enough to Google the guy? Seriously. And Paul is such a weird little dude. Scary weird.

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