The Murder of Laci Peterson

A&E is airing a six episode documentary about her murder and conviction of her husband, Scott. This will be the first time Scott has spoken publicly about the case. It also is airing quite a bit of evidence that has not really been known about.

Apparently, around the same time Laci disappeared, there was a robbery at the house right across the street. Police at the time announced to the press that they had investigated it, and the robbery actually happened on December 26, not the 24th – the day Laci disappeared. A news reporter on the show last night stated that he was literally in front of the neighbors house, broadcasting (of which they showed the footage showing the house), on the 26th and there was definitely no robbery on that day. Interesting. There are also people who saw Laci after Scott was verifiably at the Marina….if she was alive after he was there, he could not have killed her and dumped her body while out on the boat.

Disclaimer: I’ve never really believed that Scott did it. I actually think the side-piece Amber Frey had something to do with it. Yeah, he was a POS that cheated on his wife, but I don’t think he’s a POS that killed his wife.

That being said, it will be interesting to see how the arrest near the Mexican boarder with dyed hair and cash will be explained.

Are you watching? Do you remember the case? Do you think he did it? It will be interesting to me so see if this series changes my mind.


8 thoughts on “The Murder of Laci Peterson

  1. I started to watch this (it was on after the return of my Leah Remini’s show, my personal obsession!) but tuned out, I think it was Nancy Grace’s mug in the first few minutes that got to me! It is interesting, I remember the case but wasn’t heavily invested but I did question his guilt – you’re right, POS cheater doesn’t always = POS wife killer and he’d have to be some kind of monster to have her killed 8 months pregnant. It just didn’t jibe for me. And yes, Amber always seemed shady.

    I hope you’ll be post-morteming? It looks to be really interesting.

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  2. I’m pretty convinced he did it. I don’t think Amber Frey is smart enough to murder her lover’s wife and get away with it. She was just some dumb girl looking for a man to ease her financial situation.
    Scott had top notch representation, if there is anyone who can plant reasonable doubt, it’s Mark Geragos. It was a level playing field, he wasn’t being defended by some green public defender that had never done a high-profile case before.
    I watch a lot of real-life mystery shows, and one thing is certain. Eye witness’s are vastly unreliable. They get times and dates wrong, their memories play tricks on them, and it’s proven that they can be swayed by police questioning. They want to help so badly that they don’t purposefully lie, but they are usually wrong.
    The fact that the bodies washed up where he was “fishing” sealed his fate. The bay was so far away from their house for it to be believable that someone else did it and just happened to drive to the exact same place where her husband was fishing and dumped her body.

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    • And you have expressed every reason why I’m totally drawn into this case….I can’t wait to see how it all falls together. I’m completely prepared to come away from this convinced of his guilt.

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  3. this story even made the news over here in the tabloids – it had everything our disgusting gutter press thrive on. I remember it making me sad. Christmas and 8 months pregnant. Just so sad. We didn’t get all the details of the case, i just knew that the husband was the suspect so it may be interesting to see how someone who doesn’t know the details views it.

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