Hey Hey, Ho Ho, RHOC Peggy Has Got To Go


Not sure if y’all have heard the latest, but new RHOC housewife Peggy Sulahian is allegedly a raging homophobe.

According to reports, Peggy banned her brother, designer Pol’ Atteu, from their father’s funeral because he’s gay. She hasn’t had a relationship with her brother for 20 years because he’s homosexual.

Well, Andy wants to know what’s up, and has reportedly invited her to discuss her homophobia with him, which she has declined. Lisa Vanderpump and Vicki Gunvalson have spoken out in support of the LGBT community and against Peggy.

If Peggy was smart, which is completely debatable, she’d either own it or deny it, especially since a gay man is signing her pay checks. Hopefully not for long.

It makes me insane when people with racist/bigoted views stand down from them when confronted and won’t own it. It just adds to their cowardice.

Oh-and Peggy’s happy marriage is allegedly a farce-they’ve been divorced since 1996.


Talk soon Lovelies



9 thoughts on “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, RHOC Peggy Has Got To Go

  1. I feel like if you are on one of the Housewives shows, you almost have to be LGBTQ-supporting. The gay community is part of your viewership.

    The ONLY reason I can think that she was chosen was because they wanted more drama on the show.

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  2. I never thought that somebody other than Vicky Gunvalson or Kelly Dodd could be crowned King Idiot of Orange County but I guess Peggy can move into the palace!

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      • Then maybe someone can prepare a room over there for the new Dallas Housewive as well: she talks with this annoying Paris Hilton-like voice and thinks she’s really smart, calls herself a nerd who likes ‘to play the blonde-card sometimes’.

        She plans to start a business-empire by creating dogfood that is colored pink instead of brown, because ‘dogs must get bored from always having to eat brown food’.

        Meanwhile the fool fails to realize that dogs are partially colorblind and perceive the color pink as…. brown!

        Did I mention that she drives around in one of those oreo-lamborghini’s that Peggy sells?

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  3. This story is a prime example of someone sticking their nose in where it doesn’t belong. Estella is doing what can only be summed-up as a hateful smear campaign against Peggy, which is ironic considering she claims to have zero tolerance for hate. If Peggy cut her brother from her life because he’s gay, well that make’s her a piece of shit, but this is a 20 year estrangement and the father’s funeral was in December. This isn’t something that happened a day or two before Estella made her FB rant. I don’t watch OC, so I know nothing of Peggy. The brother and partner are a different story, as soon as I saw their pic, I knew exactly who they were. They are fame whores from way back, and I sense there may be way more to this story than homophobia. There is so much of this story that doesn’t make sense.
    Peggy kept the father’s condition from her brother. This man is grown, it’s his responsibility to see his father and know what his medical state is.
    The brother was ‘banned’ from the funeral. No he wasn’t. He was there, he wasn’t welcome to sit with Peggy, but he did attend.
    Security at a funeral??? It very well could be that Peggy and her non-husband are total assholes who had ‘thugs’ at the service to intimidate her brother and his partner, I’m guessing that there was a good bit of drama in the days prior to the service that made having security there a precaution to ensure it was a respectful event. It seems that the focus was on the partner and ‘his friends’ at the service from what Estella said. I’m going back to drama being the cause of them being closely watched at the service.
    The brother and partner had to host their friends at their house for a reception after the funeral. I see nothing wrong with that. Why make everyone even more uncomfortable with the tension of having a feuding family at a reception together. To me, this is another non-issue that Estella blew up to make more of it than it was. Estella has a real deep seeded hatred for Peggy. What she is saying about her may be true, she could be a horrible homophobe. That’s up to Peggy to deal with when the time comes, it’s not up to her brother’s friend (who btw, isn’t she some kind of therapist?? real professional behavior there, Estella!!) to call her out over a 20 year old fight and disrespect the father’s memory by using his funeral service as examples of Peggy’s awful behavior. Anyone who tells Estella that it isn’t her business, she than accuses them of bullying her, yet her social media is full of reposts of articles of Peggy’s gay-hate that she started with her initial FB rant.
    If Estella thought she was doing her friend’s a solid by outing his sister as a homophobe, she should have made sure that no skeletons were going to fall out of their closet when the story blew up. They aren’t pure as the driven snow either. I don’t care if they are gay, it doesn’t matter to me. It’s their fame-whoring, taking advantage of sad and pitiful situations to get their faces on tv that bother me. Then there are the charges that they are unethical ‘talent-agents’ that they are dealing with.
    Again, I’m not saying that Peggy isn’t a vapid, self-absorbed asshole homophobe. I’m just pointing out that there are 3 sides to every story, and based upon the past behavior of the “PP boys” I’m sure there was plenty of drama behind the scenes that attributed to their estrangement. I’m not taking up for anti-gay behavior, I find it disgusting that in this day and age that people are being mistreated for being who they are. I’m pointing out that this is a case of a woman of questionable belief’s herself is calling someone out over their behavior.

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