Boxycharm Brand Spoilers!

Here are some brands that will be in Boxycharm subscriptions in September thru December 2017!!




-more tarte

-Dr Brandt

The last Dr Brandt was the microdermabrasion that retails for 80$-I love it and use it 3x a week, faithfully.

CoverFX is one of my favorite brands, they have the most amazing setting powder.

What do you think about these brands being in your Boxycharm?

Talk soon Lovelies



11 thoughts on “Boxycharm Brand Spoilers!

  1. BoxyCharm has lifted its wait list. Everyone can sign up! I can’t wait for my August box. Allie I usually get mine the week after you do. Are you going to show August? Thanks again, I may be determined but boy am I getting tired LOL

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  2. I don’t know what the deal is with FedEx. A few companies I order from use them as their shipper. Every damn time I check the status on their page, there is some kind of disclaimer about “We are keeping a close eye on……” fill in the blank. The list includes – snow storms, the Atlanta freeway fire, CA wildfires, flooding, and a Raccoon being loose in one of their distribution centers. I’m joking about the last one, but it’s always something as an excuse they can use when people complain about the amount of time it take’s for a package to arrive. I especially do not like their practice of delivering it to the Post Office, then it coming in my regular mail. UPS does that too. I don’t like paying shipping to begin with, but when I pay for FedEx or UPS, I expect it go be delivered to my door. My mailbox isn’t close to my house, I either have to get in the truck and drive to it, or walk a half mile round trip. I know that sounds petty, but I am petty when it’s either hot as hell or bitterly cold and I have to walk up hill in the heat to get to my makeup. I receive orders much quicker that use the plain old USPS, isn’t that defeating the purpose of using FedEx and UPS??

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    • I absolutely agree-that smart post crap sucks. If they sent it USPS to begin with it’d get here a hell of a lot faster. But then UPS and FedEx farm shipments out to usps, and it adds days to shipping. Annoying AF.

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  3. When boxy sends the email saying it’s been shipped, the tracking link sends me to FedEx, and it’s telling me that a shipping label has been created and they’re waiting for the package. Usually fedex gets the box within a few days of the email I get but in this case, it’s been over a week with the label waiting on the box.


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