Trouble in RHONY Paradise?

Have Carole and Adam hit splitsville? She’s unfollowed him on Instagram (I can’t believe this is how people find out relationship status now-seriously) and reports are that they may be dunzo.

I like Carole-and if it’s true I hope Luann doesn’t make a gloating peep, under the circumstances. If you ask me, Lu getting all indignant and up in arms over Carole and Adam was a stretch, and not for a second do I buy that it was allegiance to her niece. I think Luann at the time was suffering from good old fashioned jealousy.

Anyhoo-DM link below:

Talk soon Lovelies


21 thoughts on “Trouble in RHONY Paradise?

  1. I think I read a tidbit about her unfollowing him a while ago. There’s a very good possibility I am wrong, but for some reason I remember a big deal being made about it then. It’s funny how something so benign can be turned into such a big deal. What is more shocking is that Adam has a ‘rep’.
    Luann acted like an asshole about them dating because just as the DM and Page Six article indicated, she lost her mind when she was demoted to friend, so she was doing anything she could to make herself seem interesting in order to keep that apple. She was actually fired, but Ramona stepped in and called Andy. She told him Lu wasn’t very bright when it came to business dealings. She went from trying to push Bravo into more money and refusing to sign, to be being fired, then accepting the friend role. Andy wrote about it in his last book, she was blowing up his phone questioning why she couldn’t be in the opening credits. He finally told her that she didn’t have anything going on in her life to warrant a full time position. Lu is a very thirsty woman, not to mention she needs that HW paycheck.

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  2. Hey Drankge & Mousie — I watch RHONY on Youtube on this channel — JTVCS (link below). It’s in a slightly annoying frame & the voices are slightly distorted (Lu sounds like a 5/pack a day drag queen 😀) but the episodes post usually a day behind. Just an fyi if you want to catch up — there’s RHOC & RHOD as well.

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